I'm Barbara Shack. I have a great many interests. I did a course with the Open University studying psychology and general social science at undergraduate level. I feel this helped me to understand the Scientific method better.

I do a bit of creative writing from time to time.
Here’s some of my poetry.
Here’s a short story.
The Fairies and Paddy of Rathmoor Farm

So far I haven’t managed to write any German poetry.

Currently I’m into Amateur astronomy. I 'm not the type of Amateur astronomer who points a home made telescope at the sky. Where I live there is too much light pollution for that. I read up about astronomy and edit astronomy articles. I would very much welcome comments or critical review of my edits of these scientific articles by qualified physical scientists. Anyone who can improve the articles is welcome.

Wikinfo is a good idea as well as Wikipedia. It's good the two have different ways of doing things. Diversity aids choice as in Rational Choice Theory.
RationalWiki and EvoWiki are new Wikis I also like. Both are cool and intelligent.



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I have a second account. I've told an administrator & someone else regularly involved in vandal patrol. I've cut down drastically on the use of my real name due to problems on the Internet.