Athletics at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Qualification

For the athletics competitions at the 2016 Summer Olympics, the following qualification systems were in place. Qualification ended on 11 July 2016.

Russian disqualificationEdit

Because of the suspension of the Russian Athletics Federation by the IAAF, due to widespread doping violations, Russia currently will not qualify as a team for these Olympics or other international competitions, and unless this suspension is lifted in time, Russia will be unable to send an athletics delegation to these Games.[1] While Russia will continue to seek further appeals, the IAAF confirmed its decision on 18 June 2016 after a report by a five-member task force which reported that Russia had failed to fully address its "deep-seeded [sic] culture" of doping.[2] The IAAF did provide for the possibility of accepting individual Russian athletes who have been sufficiently tested outside of the Russian system. One athlete suggested was Yuliya Stepanova for her efforts to expose the scandal.

The systematic doping that has been ongoing in Russia, it's difficult to pick the clean athletes. As you know, one or two or 100 negative tests does not mean an athlete is clean. History has not shown that that is the case.

— Rune Anderson, IAAF Task Force Chairman[2]

The IAAF then stated on 24 June, that athletes from Russia seeking "exceptional eligibility for International Competition under Competition Rule 22.1A" will be considered and have the permission to compete, "not for Russia but as a neutral athlete", following guidelines. These athletes have to clearly and convincingly show that they are not co involved in the Russian system (outside the country and subject to other systems). On 1 July 2016, Yuliya Stepanova became the first neutral athlete to be qualified under these rules. Darya Klishina, who lives in the United States, has also been given permission. They will compete as Independent Olympic Athletes. The Court of Arbitration for Sport confirms that verdict and rejects the appeal of 68 Russian athletes, on 21 July 2016. Whistleblower Stepanova was eventually barred from competing by the IOC, and she was called a traitor and received death threats back at home in Russia.

Qualifying standardsEdit

Different from the previous Olympics, a National Olympic Committee (NOC) may enter up to 3 qualified athletes in each individual event if all athletes meet the entry standard during the qualifying period. An NOC may also enter a maximum of 1 qualified relay team per event. NOCs may enter athletes regardless of time (1 athlete per sex) if they have no athletes meeting the entry standard. This makes it possible for every nation to have a minimum of two representatives in the sport.[3][4]

The qualifying time standards may be obtained in various meets during the given period that have the approval of the IAAF. All approved outdoor meets and indoor meets with the exception of 100 m, 200 m and 110/100 m hurdles races are eligible. The qualifying period for the 10,000 m, marathon, walks, and combined events was from 1 January 2015 to 11 July 2016 and for the remaining events, from 1 May 2015 to 11 July 2016.[4]

For the relays, a maximum of sixteen qualified NOCs shall be entitled to each event. The top eight teams in each event at the 2015 IAAF World Relays (held in Nassau, Bahamas on 2–3 May 2015) guaranteed a spot on their respective NOCs for the Olympics. The remaining half in each event are selected according to IAAF World Ranking List as of 12 July 2016 based on the aggregate of the 2 fastest times achieved by NOCs during the given period.[5]

In addition to the qualifying standards below, marathon runners finishing in the top 20 of the 2015 IAAF World Championships or in the top 10 of any IAAF Gold Label marathon within the qualification period are also treated as having earned the A standard.[4]

The NOCs are still allowed to select athletes using their own rules, on the condition that all of them have made the qualifying time. For example, the United States selects athletes based on the result of the 2016 United States Olympic Trials event, but has a policy of entering every athlete so qualified. Sweden only enters athletes good enough to reach at least the eighth position, based on an assessment by the Swedish NOC.

The IAAF Qualifying Standards are as follows:[3][4]

Men's events Women's events
Event Entry mark Event Entry mark
100 m 10.16 100 m 11.32
200 m 20.50 200 m 23.20
400 m 45.40 400 m 52.20
800 m 1:46.00 800 m 2:01.50
1500 m 3:36.20 1500 m 4:07.00
5000 m 13:25.00 5000 m 15:24.00
10,000 m 28:00.00 10,000 m 32:15.00
110 m hurdles 13.47 100 m hurdles 13.00
400 m hurdles 49.40 400 m hurdles 56.20
3000 m steeplechase 8:30.00 3000 m steeplechase 9:45.00
Marathon 2:19:00 Marathon 2:45:00
20 km walk 1:24:00 20 km walk 1:36:00
50 km walk 4:06:00 N/A N/A
Long jump 8.15 Long jump 6.70
Triple jump 16.85 Triple jump 14.15
High jump 2.29 High jump 1.93
Pole vault 5.70 Pole vault 4.50
Shot put 20.50 Shot put 17.75
Discus throw 65.00 Discus throw 61.00
Hammer throw 77.00 Hammer throw 71.00
Javelin throw 83.00 Javelin throw 62.00
Decathlon 8100 Heptathlon 6200
4 × 100 m relay Top 8 at IWR +
8 from top lists
4 × 100 m relay Top 8 at IWR +
8 from top lists
4 × 400 m relay 4 × 400 m relay

Track eventsEdit

Men's track eventsEdit

Men's 100 mEdit

Does not include indoor achievements

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 10.16 3  Bahamas Adrian Griffith
Shavez Hart
Jamial Rolle
3  Canada Aaron Brown
Andre De Grasse
Akeem Haynes
3  China Su Bingtian
Zhang Peimeng
Xie Zhenye
3  Great Britain James Dasaolu
James Ellington
Chijindu Ujah
3  Jamaica Nickel Ashmeade
Yohan Blake
Usain Bolt
3  Japan Yoshihide Kiryū
Asuka Cambridge
Ryota Yamagata
3  Saint Kitts and Nevis Kim Collins
Antoine Adams
Brijesh Lawrence
3  South Africa Henricho Bruintjies
Akani Simbine
Anaso Jobodwana[6]
3  Trinidad and Tobago Richard Thompson
Rondell Sorrillo
Keston Bledman
3  Turkey Emre Zafer Barnes
Ramil Guliyev
Jak Ali Harvey
3  United States Justin Gatlin
Trayvon Bromell
Marvin Bracy
2  Antigua and Barbuda Daniel Bailey
Cejhae Greene
2  Barbados Ramon Gittens
Levi Cadogan[7]
2  Bahrain Andrew Fisher
Kemarley Brown[8]
2  France Jimmy Vicaut
Christophe Lemaitre
2  Germany Lucas Jakubczyk
Julian Reus
2  Iran Reza Ghasemi
Hassan Taftian
2  Ivory Coast Hua Wilfried Koffi
Ben Youssef Meïté
2  Netherlands Solomon Bockarie
Churandy Martina[6]
3  Nigeria Monzavous Edwards
Seye Ogunlewe
Ogho-Oghene Egwero
1  Australia Josh Clarke
1  Brazil Vitor Hugo dos Santos
1  Botswana Karabo Mothibi[9]
1  Cayman Islands Kemar Hyman
1  Cuba Roberto Skyers[10]
1  Dominican Republic Yancarlos Martinez
1  Ghana Sean Safo-Antwi
1  Haiti Darrell Wesh
1  Italy Jacques Riparelli[11]
1  Lesotho Mosito Lehata
1  Liberia Emmanuel Matadi
1  Morocco Aziz Ouhadi
1  Oman Barakat Mubarak Al-Harthi
1  Qatar Femi Ogunode
1  Portugal Yazaldes Nascimento[12]
1  Saint Lucia Jahvid Best
1  Saudi Arabia Abdullah Abkar Mohammed
1  South Korea Kim Kuk-young
1  Spain Bruno Hortelano
1  Suriname Jurgen Themen
1  Ukraine Serhiy Smelyk
1  Zambia Gerald Phiri
1  Zimbabwe Gabriel Mvumvure
Invitational places 1  Palestine Mohammed Abu Khoussa
Universality places 1  Afghanistan Abdul Wahib Zahiri
1  American Samoa Isaac Silafau
1  Angola Hermenegildo Leite
1  Bangladesh Mezbahuddin Ahmed
1  Brunei Mohamed Fakhri Ismail
1  Federated States of Micronesia Kitson Kapiriel
1  Gabon Wilfried Bingangoye
1  Guinea Mohamed Lamine Dansoko
1  Guinea-Bissau Holder da Silva
1  Honduras Rolando Palacios
1  Indonesia Sudirman Hadi
1  Kiribati John Ruuka
1  Maldives Hassan Saaid
1  Malta Luke Bezzina
1  Marshall Islands Richson Simeon
1  Mauritania Jidou El Moctar
1  Palau Rodman Teltull
1  Tonga Siueni Filimone
1  Singapore Timothee Yap
1  Sierra Leone Ishmail Kamara
1  Benin Didier Kiki
1  Macedonia Riste Pandev
1  Tuvalu Etimoni Timuani
Total 88

As of 10 July 2016

Men's 200 mEdit

Does not include indoor achievements

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 20.50 3  Brazil Aldemir da Silva Junior
Vitor Hugo dos Santos
Jorge Vides
3  Canada Aaron Brown
Andre De Grasse
Brendon Rodney
3  Great Britain Adam Gemili
Danny Talbot
Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake
3  Italy Eseosa Desalu
Davide Manenti
Matteo Galvan
3  Jamaica Nickel Ashmeade
Yohan Blake
Usain Bolt
3  Japan Kenji Fujimitsu
Shota Iizuka
Kei Takase
3  South Africa Anaso Jobodwana
Wayde van Niekerk
Akani Simbine
3  United States Justin Gatlin
LaShawn Merritt
Ameer Webb
2  Bahamas Shavez Hart
Demetrius Pinder
2  Barbados Levi Cadogan
Burkheart Ellis
2  Botswana Thebe Baboloki
Isaac Makwala
2  Colombia Bernardo Baloyes
Diego Palomeque
2  Cuba Roberto Skyers
Reynier Mena
2  Dominican Republic Yancarlos Martínez
Stanly del Carmen
2  Kenya Carvin Nkanata
Mike Mokamba
2  Mexico José Carlos Herrera
César Ramírez
2  Netherlands Churandy Martina
Solomon Bockarie
2  Nigeria Tega Odele
Ejowvokoghene Oduduru
2  Trinidad and Tobago Kyle Greaux
Rondel Sorrillo
1  Antigua and Barbuda Miguel Francis
1  Australia Alex Hartmann
1  Belgium Jonathan Borlée
1  Bermuda Harold Houston
1  Greece Lykourgos-Stefanos Tsakonas
1  India Dharambir Singh
1  Ivory Coast Hua Wilfried Koffi
1  France Christophe Lemaitre
1  The Gambia Adama Jammeh
1  Germany Alexio-Platini Menga
1  Lesotho Mosito Lehata
1  Panama Alonso Edward
1  Poland Karol Zalewski
1  Qatar Femi Ogunode
1  Saint Kitts and Nevis Antoine Adams
1  Samoa Jeremy Dodson
1  Spain Bruno Hortelano
1  Turkey Ramil Guliyev
1  Costa Rica Nery Brenes
1  Ukraine Serhiy Smelyk
Invitational places 1  Papua New Guinea Theo Piniau
Universality places 1  Belize Brandon Jones
Total 71

As of 19 July 2016

Men's 400 mEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 45.40 3  Botswana Isaac Makwala
Onkabetse Nkobolo
Thebe Baboloki
3  Great Britain Matthew Hudson-Smith
Rabah Yousif
Martyn Rooney
3  Jamaica Fitzroy Dunkley
Javon Francis
Rusheen McDonald
3  Kenya Alphas Kishoyian
Raymond Kibet
Alex Sampao
3  Trinidad and Tobago Machel Cedenio
Lalonde Gordon
Deon Lendore
3  United States LaShawn Merritt
Gil Roberts
David Verburg
2  Bahamas Chris Brown
Steven Gardiner
2  Belgium Jonathan Borlée
Kévin Borlée
2  Cuba Yoandys Lescay
Raidel Acea
2  Dominican Republic Gustavo Cuesta
Luguelin Santos
2  Grenada Kirani James
Bralon Taplin
2  Japan Yuzo Kanemaru
Julian Walsh
1  Bahrain Abubakar Abbas
1  Brazil Hederson Estefani
1  Colombia Diego Palomeque
1  Costa Rica Nery Brenes
1  Czech Republic Pavel Maslák
1  Guyana Winston George
1  India Muhammad Anas
1  Israel Donald Sanford
1  Italy Matteo Galvan
1  Netherlands Liemarvin Bonevacia
1  Nigeria Erayokan Orukpe
1  Poland Rafał Omelko
1  Qatar Abdelalelah Haroun
1  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Brandon Valentine-Parris
1  Saudi Arabia Yousef Ahmed Masrahi
1  Slovenia Luka Janežič
1  South Africa Wayde van Niekerk
1  Ukraine Vitaliy Butrym
1  Venezuela Alberth Bravo
Invitational places 1  Refugee Olympic Team James Chiengjiek
Universality places 1  Chad Bachir Mahamat
1  Niger Ousseini Djibo
1  Pakistan Mehboob Ali
Total 55

As of 26 June 2016

Men's 800 mEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 1:46.00 3  Algeria Taoufik Makhloufi
Yassine Hathat
Amine Belferar
3  Australia Peter Bol
Luke Mathews
Jeff Riseley
3  Kenya Alfred Kipketer
Ferguson Rotich
David Rudisha
3  Spain Daniel Andújar
Álvaro de Arriba
Kevin López
3  United States Boris Berian
Charles Jock
Clayton Murphy
2  Brazil Kléberson Davide
Lutimar Paes
2  Canada Brandon McBride
Anthony Romaniw
2  Great Britain Michael Rimmer
Elliot Giles
2  Morocco Amine El Manaoui
Mostafa Smaili
2  Poland Adam Kszczot
Marcin Lewandowski
2  Puerto Rico Andrés Arroyo
Wesley Vázquez
2  Qatar Abubaker Haydar Abdalla
Abdulrahman Musaeb Balla
2  South Africa André Olivier
Reinhardt van Rensburg
1  Bahrain Abraham Rotich
1  Bosnia and Herzegovina Amel Tuka
1  Botswana Nijel Amos
1  Burundi Antoine Gakeme
1  Colombia Rafith Rodríguez
1  Czech Republic Jakub Holuša
1  Denmark Andreas Bube
1  Djibouti Ayanleh Souleiman
1  Ethiopia Mohamed Aman
1  France Pierre-Ambroise Bosse
1  Ghana Alex Amankwah
1  India Jinson Johnson
1  Ireland Mark English
1  Italy Giordano Benedetti
1  Saudi Arabia Ali Saad Al-Daran
1  Slovakia Jozef Repčík
1  Slovenia Žan Rudolf
1  Sweden Andreas Almgren
Invitational places 1  Luxembourg Charles Grethen
1  Monaco Brice Etès
1  Refugee Olympic Team Yiech Biel
Universality places 1  Andorra Pol Moya
1  Central African Republic Francky-Edgard Mbotto
1  Cook Islands Alex Beddoes
1  Equatorial Guinea Benjamín Enzema
1  Guam Joshua Ilustre
1  Kosovo Musa Hajdari
Total 58

As of 11 July 2016

Men's 1500 mEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 3:36.20 3  Kenya Asbel Kiprop
Elijah Manangoi
Ronald Kwemoi
3  Morocco Fouad Elkaam
Abdalaati Iguider
Brahim Kaazouzi
3  New Zealand Nick Willis
Hamish Carson
Julian Matthews
3  United States Robby Andrews
Ben Blankenship
Matthew Centrowitz, Jr.
2  Algeria Taoufik Makhloufi
Salim Keddar
2  Canada Charles Philibert-Thiboutot
Nathan Brannen
2  Djibouti Ayanleh Souleiman
Abdi Waiss Mouhyadin
2  Great Britain Charlie Grice
Chris O'Hare
2  Spain David Bustos
Adel Mechaal
1  Azerbaijan Hayle Ibrahimov
1  Bahrain Benson Seurei
1  Belgium Pieter-Jan Hannes
1  Brazil Thiago André
1  Czech Republic Jakub Holuša
1  France Florian Carvalho
1  Germany Homiyu Tesfaye
1  Norway Henrik Ingebrigtsen
1  Peru David Torrence
1  Qatar Mohamad Al-Garni
1  Turkey İlham Tanui Özbilen
1  Uganda Ronald Musagala
Invitational places 1  Nicaragua Erick Rodríguez
1  Refugee Olympic Team Paulo Lokoro
Universality places 1  South Sudan Santino Kenyi
Total 38

As of 10 June 2016

Men's 5000 mEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 13:25.00 3  Eritrea Abrar Osman
Aron Kifle
Awet Nftalem Kibrab
3  Ethiopia Muktar Edris
Dejen Gebremeskel
Hagos Gebrhiwet
(Abadi Hadis)
3  Great Britain Andrew Butchart
Mo Farah
Tom Farrell
3  Kenya Caleb Ndiku
Isiah Koech
Cyrus Rutto
3  Morocco Soufiyan Bouqantar
Abdalaati Iguider
Younes Essalhi
3  Spain Antonio Abadía
Ilias Fifa
Adel Mechaal
3  Uganda Phillip Kipyeko
Ronald Musagala
Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei
3  United States Paul Chelimo
Bernard Lagat
Hassan Mead
2  Bahrain Aweke Ayalew
Albert Kibichii Rop
2  Canada Mohammed Ahmed
Lucas Bruchet
2  Germany Richard Ringer
Florian Orth
2  Japan Kota Murayama
Suguru Osako
2  South Africa Stephen Mokoka
Elroy Gelant
1  Australia Brett Robinson
1  Belgium Bashir Abdi
1  Burundi Olivier Irabaruta
1  Italy Jamel Chatbi
1  Jamaica Kemoy Campbell
1  Norway Sindre Buraas
1  Peru David Torrence
1  Turkey Ali Kaya
Invitational places
Universality places 1  Malawi Kefasi Chitsala
1  Myanmar San Naing
1  Nepal Hari Rimal
1  São Tomé and Príncipe Romário Leitão
1  Solomon Islands Rosefelo Siosi
1  Somalia Mohamed Daud Mohamed
Total 48

As of 10 June 2016

Men's 10,000 mEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 28:00.00 3  Eritrea
3  Ethiopia Yigrem Demelash
Abadi Hadis
Tamirat Tola
(Ibrahim Jeilan)
3  Great Britain Mo Farah
Ross Millington
Andy Vernon
3  Japan Kota Murayama
Suguru Osako
Yuta Shitara
3  Kenya Paul Kipngetich Tanui
Charles Muneria Yosei
Geoffrey Kamworor
3  United States Galen Rupp
Shadrack Kipchirchir
Leonard Essau Korir
2  Australia David McNeill
Ben St. Lawrence
2  South Africa Stephen Mokoka
Gladwin Mzazi
2  Turkey Ali Kaya
Polat Kemboi Arıkan
2  Uganda Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei
Timothy Toroitich
1  Bahrain El Hassan El-Abbassi
1  Belgium Bashir Abdi
1  Burundi Olivier Irabaruta
1  Canada Mohammed Ahmed
1  Morocco
1  New Zealand Zane Robertson
1  Peru Luis Ostos
1  Tunisia Wissem Hosni
Invitational places
Universality places
Total 33

As of 10 June 2016

Men's 110 m hurdlesEdit

Do not include indoor achievements

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 13.47 3  Cuba Yordan O'Farrill
Dayron Robles
Jhoanis Portilla
3  France Pascal Martinot-Lagarde
Dimitri Bascou
Wilhem Belocian
3  Germany Alexander John
Gregor Traber
Matthias Bühler
3  Jamaica Omar McLeod
Deuce Carter
Hansle Parchment
Andrew Riley
*including alternates
3  United States Devon Allen
Ronnie Ash
Jeff Porter
2  Barbados Shane Brathwaite
Greggmar Swift
2  Brazil João Vítor de Oliveira
Éder Souza
2  Canada Johnathan Cabral
Sekou Kaba
2  Great Britain Lawrence Clarke
Andrew Pozzi
2  Poland Damian Czykier
Artur Noga
2  Spain Yidiel Contreras
Orlando Ortega
1  Cayman Islands Ronald Forbes
1  China Xie Wenjun
1  Colombia Yeison Rivas
1  Cyprus Milan Trajkovic
1  Czech Republic Petr Svoboda
1  Greece Konstadinos Douvalidis
1  Haiti Jeffrey Julmis
1  Hungary Balázs Baji
1  Japan Wataru Yazawa
1  Nigeria Antwon Hicks
1  Serbia Milan Ristić
1  South Africa Antonio Alkana
1  Trinidad and Tobago Mikel Thomas
1  Virgin Islands Eddie Lovett
Invitational places 1  Lebanon Ahmad Hazer
Universality places 1  Laos Xaysa Anousone
Total 42

As of 4 August 2016

Men's 400 m hurdlesEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 49.40 3  Brazil Hederson Estefani
Mahau Suguimati
Marcio Teles
3  Jamaica Annsert Whyte
Jaheel Hyde
Roxroy Cato
Romel Lewis
*including alternates
3  Kenya Aron Koech
Boniface Mucheru
Kiprono Kosgei
3  United States Kerron Clement
Byron Robinson
Michael Tinsley
2  Algeria Abdelmalik Lahoulou
Miloud Rahmani
2  Estonia Rasmus Mägi
Jaak-Heinrich Jagor
2  Great Britain Jack Green
Seb Rodger
2  Japan Yuki Matsushita
Keisuke Nozawa
2  Puerto Rico Javier Culson
Eric Alejandro
2  South Africa L.J. van Zyl
Cornel Fredericks
1  Bahamas Jeffery Gibson
1  Belgium Michaël Bultheel
1  Cape Verde Jordin Andrade
1  Cuba Omar Cisneros
1  Ireland Thomas Barr
1  Kazakhstan Dmitriy Koblov
1  Nigeria Miles Ukaoma
1  Philippines Eric Cray
1  Poland Patryk Dobek
1  Spain Sergio Fernández
1  Switzerland Kariem Hussein
1  Chinese Taipei Chen Chieh
1  Trinidad and Tobago Jehue Gordon
1  Tunisia Mohamed Sghaier
1  Turkey Yasmani Copello
1  Uruguay Andrés Silva
Invitational places 1  Germany Tobias Giehl
1  Mozambique Kurt Couto
Universality places 1  Seychelles Ned Azemia
Total 42

As of 18 June 2016

Men's 3000 m steeplechaseEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 8:30.00 3  Algeria Hicham Bouchicha
Bilal Tabti
Ali Messaoudi
3  Canada Taylor Milne
Chris Winter
Matthew Hughes
3  Ethiopia Hailemariyam Amare
Chala Beyo
Tafese Seboka
(Birhan Getahun)
3  Kenya Brimin Kipruto
Conseslus Kipruto
Ezekiel Kemboi
3  Morocco Soufiane Elbakkali
Hamid Ezzine
Hicham Sigueni
3  Spain
3  United States Hillary Bor
Donn Cabral
Evan Jager
3  Turkey Tarık Langat Akdağ
Halil Akkaş
Aras Kaya
2  France Yoann Kowal
Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad
1  Bahrain John Kibet Koech
1  Brazil Altobeli da Silva
1  Bulgaria Mitko Tsenov
1  Colombia Gerald Giraldo
1  Djibouti Mohamed Ismail Ibrahim
1  Great Britain Rob Mullett
1  Italy Jamel Chatbi
1  Poland Krystian Zalewski
1  Tunisia Amor Ben Yahia
1  Uganda Benjamin Kiplagat
1  Venezuela Jose Peña
Invitational places 2  Italy Yuri Floriani
Abdoullah Bamoussa[13]
1  Belgium Jeroen D'Hoedt
1  Denmark Ole Hesselbjerg
1  Sudan Abdalla Targan
1  Estonia Kaur Kivistik
Universality places
Total 35

As of 10 June 2016

Women's track eventsEdit

Women's 100 mEdit

Does not include indoor achievements

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 11.32 3  Brazil Franciela Krasucki
Rosângela Santos
Ana Cláudia Lemos
3  Great Britain Asha Philip
Daryll Neita
Desiree Henry
3  Jamaica Elaine Thompson
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Christania Williams
3  Trinidad and Tobago Michelle-Lee Ahye
Semoy Hackett
Kelly-Ann Baptiste
3  Ukraine Nataliya Pohrebnyak
Olesya Povh
Hrystyna Stuy
3  United States English Gardner
Tianna Bartoletta
Tori Bowie
2  Bahamas Shaunae Miller
Tynia Gaither
2  China Wei Yongli
Yuan Qiqi
2  Colombia Evelyn Rivera
Eliecith Palacios
2  Ecuador Ángela Tenorio
Narcisa Landázuri
2  Ivory Coast Murielle Ahouré
Marie-Josee Ta Lou
2  Germany Rebekka Haase
Tatjana Pinto
2  Kazakhstan Olga Safronova
Viktoriya Zyabkina
2  Nigeria Blessing Okagbare
Peace Uko
2  Poland Ewa Swoboda
Marika Popowicz
2  South Africa Carina Horn
Alyssa Conley
1  Australia Melissa Breen
1  British Virgin Islands Tahesia Harrigan-Scott
1  Bulgaria Ivet Lalova
1  Canada Crystal Emmanuel
1  Croatia Andrea Ivančević
1  Cuba Arialis Gandulla
1  Gabon Ruddy Zang Milama
1  Ghana Flings Owusu-Agyapong
1  Guyana Brenessa Thompson
1  India Dutee Chand
1  Japan Chisato Fukushima
1  Netherlands Dafne Schippers
1  Norway Ezinne Okparaebo
1  Portugal Lorène Bazolo
1  Switzerland Mujinga Kambundji
1  Uzbekistan Nigina Sharipova
Invitational places 1  Papua New Guinea Toea Wisil
Universality places 1  Afghanistan Kamia Yousufi
1  American Samoa Jordan Mageo
1  Angola Liliana Neto
1  Bangladesh Shirin Akter
1  Brunei Maizurah Abdul Rahim
1  Chad Bibiro Ali Taher
1  Cook Islands Patricia Taea
1  Federated States of Micronesia Larissa Henry
1  Fiji Sisilia Seavula
1  Guinea Makoura Keita
1  Guam Regine Tugade
1  Kiribati Karitaake Tewaaki
1  Laos Laenly Phoutthavong
1  Marshall Islands Mariana Cress
1  Sierra Leone Hafsatu Kamara
1  Tuvalu Asenate Manoa
Total 69

As of 25 June 2016

Women's 200 mEdit

Does not include indoor achievements

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 23.20 3  Bahamas Shaunae Miller
Anthonique Strachan
Tynia Gaither
3  Brazil Vitória Cristina Rosa
Rosângela Santos
Kauiza Venâncio
3  Canada Crystal Emmanuel
Kimberly Hyacinthe
3  Germany Nadine Gonska
Lisa Mayer
Gina Lückenkemper
3  Jamaica Veronica Campbell-Brown
Kali Davis-White
Simone Facey
Elaine Thompson
*including alternates
3  Trinidad and Tobago Michelle-Lee Ahye
Semoy Hackett
Reyare Thomas
3  Ukraine Hrystyna Stuy
Nataliya Pohrebnyak
Viktoriya Pyatachenko
3  United States Tori Bowie
Jenna Prandini
Deajah Stevens
2  Armenia Gayane Chiloyan
Diana Khubeseryan
2  Cyprus Eleni Artymata
Ramona Papaioannou
2  Great Britain Dina Asher-Smith
Jodie Williams
2  Italy Libania Grenot
Gloria Hooper
2  Ivory Coast Murielle Ahouré
Marie-Josée Ta Lou
2  Netherlands Tessa van Schagen
Dafne Schippers
2  Slovenia Maja Mihalinec
Sabina Veit
2  South Africa Alyssa Conley
Justine Palframan
1  Australia Ella Nelson
1  Bahrain Salwa Eid Naser
1  Barbados Sada Williams
1  Belgium Cynthia Bolingo
1  British Virgin Islands Ashley Kelly
1  Bulgaria Ivet Lalova
1  Chile Isidora Jiménez
1  Cuba Arialis Gandulla
1  Ecuador Ángela Tenorio
1  The Gambia Gina Bass
1  Greece Maria Belibasaki
1  Guyana Brenessa Thompson
1  India Srabani Nanda
1  Japan Chisato Fukushima
1  Kazakhstan Viktoriya Zyabkina
1  Nigeria Blessing Okagbare
1  Poland Anna Kiełbasińska
1  Portugal Lorène Bazolo
1  Puerto Rico Celiangeli Morales
1  Saint Kitts and Nevis Tameka Williams
1  Spain Estela García
1  Switzerland Mujinga Kambundji
1  Venezuela Nercelis Soto
1  Zambia Kabange Mupopo
Invitational places
Universality places 1  Cape Verde Lidiane Lopes
1  Maldives Afa Ismail
1  South Sudan Margret Rumat Rumar Hassan
Total 68

As of 26 June 2016

Women's 400 mEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 52.20 3  Canada Alicia Brown
Kendra Clarke
Carline Muir
3  Great Britain Seren Bundy-Davies
Emily Diamond
Christine Ohuruogu
3  Jamaica Stephenie Ann McPherson
Christine Day
Shericka Jackson
3  Nigeria Regina George
Patience Okon George
Tosin Adeloye
3  Poland Małgorzata Hołub
Justyna Święty
Patrycja Wyciszkiewicz
3  South Africa Justine Palframan
Caster Semenya
Tsholofelo Thipe
3  United States Allyson Felix
Phyllis Francis
Natasha Hastings
2  Australia Morgan Mitchell
Anneliese Rubie
2  Botswana Christine Botlogetswe
Lydia Jele
2  Brazil Geisa Coutinho
Jailma de Lima
2  France Floria Guei
2  Italy Libania Grenot
Maria Benedicta Chigbolu
2  Kenya Margaret Nyairera Wambui
Maureen Jelagat Maiyo
2  Ukraine Olha Zemlyak
Nataliya Pyhyda
1  Bahamas Shaunae Miller
1  Bahrain Kemi Adekoya
1  Barbados Sada Williams
1  China Yang Huizhen
1  Cuba Lisneidy Veitia
1  Germany Ruth Sophia Spelmeyer
1  Guyana Aliyah Abrams
1  India Nirmala Sheoran
1  Latvia Gunta Latiševa-Čudare
1  Namibia Tjipekapora Herunga
1  Portugal Cátia Azevedo
1  Romania Bianca Razor
1  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kineke Alexander
1  Serbia Tamara Salaški
1  Slovakia Iveta Putálová
1  Spain Aauri Bokesa
1  Vietnam Nguyễn Thị Huyền
1  Zambia Kabange Mupopo
Invitational places 1  Grenada Kanika Beckles
Universality places 1  Kosovo Vijona Kryeziu
1  Mali Djénébou Danté
1  Niger Mariama Mahamatou Itatou
1  Pakistan Najma Parveen
1  Somalia Maryan Nuh Muse
Total 60

As of 2 July 2016

Women's 800 mEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 2:01.50 3  Cuba Rose Mary Almanza
Sahily Diago
Lisneidy Veitía
3  Ethiopia Habitam Alemu
Tigist Assefa
Gudaf Tsegay
3  Jamaica Simoya Campbell
Natoya Goule
Kenia Sinclair
3  Kenya Margaret Nyairera Wambui
Eunice Sum
Winnie Chebet
3  Poland Angelika Cichocka
Joanna Jóźwik
Sofia Ennaoui
3  Ukraine Nataliya Lupu
Anastasiya Tkachuk
Olha Lyakhova
3  United States Kate Grace
Ajee' Wilson
Chrishuna Williams
2  France Rénelle Lamote
Justine Fedronic
2  Germany Christina Hering
Fabienne Kohlmann
2  Great Britain Shelayna Oskan-Clarke
Lynsey Sharp
2  Morocco Malika Akkaoui
Rababe Arafi
2  Romania Florina Pierdevara
Claudia Bobocea
1  Australia Selma Kajan
1  Belarus Maryna Arzamasava
1  Belgium Renée Eykens
1  Benin Noélie Yarigo
1  Brazil Flávia de Lima
1  Burundi Francine Niyonsaba
1  Canada Melissa Bishop
1  China Wang Chunyu
1  Iceland Aníta Hinriksdóttir
1  India Tintu Lukka
1  Ireland Ciara Everard
1  Italy Yusneysi Santiusti
1  Lithuania Eglė Balčiūnaitė
1  Luxembourg Charline Mathias
1  Netherlands Sifan Hassan
1  New Zealand Angie Petty
1  Serbia Amela Terzić
1  Slovakia Lucia Klocová
1  South Africa Caster Semenya
1  Spain Esther Guerrero
1  Sweden Abeba Aregawi
1  Switzerland Selina Büchel
1  Uganda Docus Ajok
1  Uruguay Déborah Rodríguez
Invitational places 1  Refugee Olympic Team Rose Lokonyen
1  Independent Olympic Athletes Yuliya Stepanova[14]
Universality places 1  Central African Republic Elisabeth Mandaba
1  Mauritania Houleye Ba
1  Myanmar Swe Li Myint
Total 57

As of 10 June 2016

Women's 1500 mEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 4:07.00 3  Australia Jenny Blundell
Zoe Buckman
Linden Hall
3  Canada Nicole Sifuentes
Gabriela Stafford
Hilary Stellingwerff
3  Ethiopia Genzebe Dibaba
Besu Sado
Dawit Seyaum
(Gudaf Tsegay)
3  Germany Konstanze Klosterhalfen
Maren Kock
Diana Sujew
3  Kenya Faith Chepngetich Kipyegon
Nancy Chepkwemoi
Violah Lagat
3  Morocco Rababe Arafi
Malika Akkaoui
Siham Hilali
3  Poland Sofia Ennaoui
Angelika Cichocka
Danuta Urbanik
3  United States Jennifer Simpson
Shannon Rowbury
Brenda Martinez
2  Bahrain Mimi Belete
Tigist Gashaw
2  Great Britain Laura Muir
Laura Weightman
2  Netherlands Sifan Hassan
Maureen Koster
2  Sweden Abeba Aregawi
Meraf Bahta
1  Albania Luiza Gega
1  Colombia Muriel Coneo
1  Ireland Ciara Mageean
1  Italy Margherita Magnani
1  Jamaica Aisha Praught
1  New Zealand Nikki Hamblin
1  Portugal Marta Pen
1  Serbia Amela Terzić
1  Ukraine Natalia Pryshchepa
1  United Arab Emirates Betlhem Desalegn
Invitational places 1  Refugee Olympic Team Anjelina Lohalith
Universality places 1  Nepal Saraswati Bhattarai
1  São Tomé and Príncipe Celma Bonfim da Graça
Total 42

As of 10 June 2016

Women's 5000 mEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 15:24.00 3  Australia Madeline Hills
Genevieve LaCaze
Eloise Wellings
3  Ethiopia Almaz Ayana
Senbere Teferi
Ababel Yeshaneh
(Tirunesh Dibaba)
3  Great Britain Eilish McColgan
Steph Twell
Laura Whittle
3  Japan Misaki Onishi
Ayuko Suzuki
Miyuki Uehara
3  Kenya Vivian Cheruiyot
Hellen Obiri
Mercy Cherono
3  United States Kim Conley
Shelby Houlihan
Molly Huddle
2  Canada Jessica O'Connell
Andrea Seccafien
2  Netherlands Maureen Koster
Susan Kuijken
2  Sweden Meraf Bahta
Sarah Lahti
2  Turkey Yasemin Can
Meryem Akda
2  Uganda Juliet Chekwel
Stella Chesang
1  Austria Jennifer Wenth
1  Bahrain Mimi Belete
1  Belgium Louise Carton
1  Italy Veronica Inglese
1  New Zealand Nikki Hamblin
1  Norway Karoline Bjerkeli Grøvdal
1  Saudi Arabia Tariq Ahmed Al-Amri
Invitational places
Universality places 1  Solomon Islands Sharon Firisua
Total 32

As of 10 June 2016

Women's 10,000 mEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 32:15.00 3  Ethiopia Almaz Ayana
Gelete Burka
Tirunesh Dibaba
(Netsanet Gudeta)
3  Great Britain Jess Andrews
Beth Potter
Jo Pavey
3  Japan Hanami Sekine
Ayuko Suzuki
Yuka Takashima
3  Portugal Ana Dulce Félix
Sara Moreira
Carla Salomé Rocha
3  United States Molly Huddle
Emily Infeld
Marielle Hall
2  Canada Natasha Wodak
Lanni Marchant
2  Kenya Vivian Cheruiyot
Betsy Saina
2  Netherlands Susan Kuijken
Jip Vastenburg
1  Australia Eloise Wellings
1  Brazil Tatiele de Carvalho
1  Burundi Diane Nukuri
1  Finland Johanna Peiponen
1  Greece Alexia Pappas
1  Ireland Fionnuala McCormack
1  Italy Veronica Inglese
1  Kyrgyzstan Daria Maslova
1  Mexico Brenda Flores
1  Peru Inés Melchor
1  South Africa Dominique Scott
1  Spain Trihas Gebre
1  Sweden Sarah Lahti
1  Turkey Yasemin Can
1  Uganda Juliet Chekwel
1  Ukraine Olga Skrypak
1  United Arab Emirates Alia Saeed Mohammed
1  Uzbekistan Sitora Hamidova
Invitational places
Universality places
Total 40

As of 10 June 2016

Women's 100 m hurdlesEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 13.00 3  Bahamas Devynne Charlton
Adanaca Brown
Ivanique Kemp
3  Canada Phylicia George
Nikkita Holder
Angela Whyte
3  Germany Pamela Dutkiewicz
Nadine Hildebrand
Cindy Roleder
3  Jamaica Monique Morgan
Shermaine Williams
Nickiesha Wilson
Megan Simmonds
*including alternates
3  United States Nia Ali
Kristi Castlin
Brianna Rollins
2  Barbados Kierre Beckles
Akela Jones
2  Brazil Maíla Machado
Fabiana Moraes
2  Colombia Lina Flórez
Brigitte Merlano
2  France Cindy Billaud
Sandra Gomis
2  Great Britain Cindy Ofili
Tiffany Porter
2  Ukraine Anastasiya Mokhnyuk
Hanna Platitsyna
1  Australia Michelle Jenneke
1  Austria Beate Schrott
1  Belarus Alina Talay
1  Belgium Anne Zagré
1  China Wu Shuijiao
1  Croatia Andrea Ivančević
1  Nigeria Tobi Amusan
1  Norway Isabelle Pedersen
1  Panama Yvette Lewis
1  Poland Karolina Kołeczek
1  Puerto Rico Jasmine Quinn
1  Spain Caridad Jerez
1  Switzerland Noemi Zbären
Invitational places
Universality places 1  Belize Katy Sealy
1  Burkina Faso Marthe Koala
1  Equatorial Guinea Reïna-Flor Okori
Total 44

As of 10 June 2016

Women's 400 m hurdlesEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 56.20 3  Canada Noelle Montcalm
Sage Watson
Chanice Chase
3  Great Britain Eilidh Doyle
3  Italy Yadisleidy Pedroso
Marzia Caravelli
Ayomide Folorunso
3  Jamaica Ristananna Tracey
Leah Nugent
Janieve Russell
Kaliese Spencer
*including alternates
3  United States Sydney McLaughlin
Dalilah Muhammad
Ashley Spencer
2  Armenia Lilit Harutyunyan
2  Czech Republic Zuzana Hejnová
Denisa Rosolová
2  Denmark Sara Petersen
Stina Troest
2  Switzerland Léa Sprunger
Petra Fontanive
2  Trinidad and Tobago Janeil Bellille
Sparkle McKnight
2  Ukraine Hanna Titimets
Hanna Ryzhykova
2  Poland Emilia Ankiewicz
Joanna Linkiewicz
1  Australia Lauren Wells
1  Bahrain Adekoya Oluwakemi
1  Barbados Tia Adana Belle
1  Belgium Axelle Dauwens
1  Cuba Zurian Hechavarria
1  France Phara Anacharsis
1  Germany Jackie Baumann
1  Lithuania Eglė Staišiūnaitė
1  Morocco Hayat Lambarki
1  Nigeria Amaka Ogoegbunam
1  Portugal Vera Barbosa
1  Puerto Rico Grace Claxton
1  South Africa Wenda Nel
1  Sweden Elise Malmberg
1  Vietnam Nguyễn Thị Huyền
Invitational places 1  Costa Rica Sharolyn Scott
Universality places
Total 44

As of 10 June 2016

Women's 3000 m steeplechaseEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 9.45.00 3  Australia Madeline Heiner
Genevieve LaCaze
Victoria Mitchell
3  Canada Maria Bernard
Geneviève Lalonde
Erin Teschuk
3  Ethiopia Sofia Assefa
Hiwot Ayalew
Etenesh Diro
(Weynshet Ansa)
3  Germany Gesa Felicitas Krause
Sanaa Koubaa
Maya Rehberg
3  Ireland Sara Treacy
Michelle Finn
Kerry O’Flaherty
3  Kenya Hyvin Kiyeng
Beatrice Chepkoech
Lydia Rotich
3  Turkey Tuğba Güvenç
Özlem Kaya
Meryem Akda
3  United States Emma Coburn
Courtney Frerichs
Colleen Quigley
2  China Li Zhenzhu
Zhang Xinyan
2  India Lalita Babar
Sudha Singh
2  Morocco Salima Elouali Alami
Fadwa Sidi Madane
2  Sweden Klara Bodinson
Charlotta Fougberg
1  Algeria Amina Bettiche
1  Argentina Belén Casetta
1  Bahrain Ruth Jebet
1  Belarus Sviatlana Kudzelich
1  Brazil Juliana Paula dos Santos
1  Bulgaria Silvia Danekova
1  Colombia Muriel Coneo
1  Czech Republic Lucie Sekanová
1  Finland Sandra Eriksson
1  Great Britain Lennie Waite
1  Jamaica Aisha Praught
1  Poland Matylda Kowal
1  Romania Ancuța Bobocel
1  Slovenia Maruša Mišmaš
1  Spain Diana Martín
1  Switzerland Fabienne Schlumpf
1  Tunisia Habiba Ghribi
1  Uganda Peruth Chemutai
1  Ukraine Mariya Shatalova
Invitational places 1  Madagascar Eliane Saholinirina
Universality places
Total 59

As of 10 June 2016

Road eventsEdit

Men's road eventsEdit

Men's marathonEdit

Qualifying for the Kenyan marathon team is the most competitive. 427 Kenyan men achieved the qualification standard.[15]

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 2:19:00 3  Algeria Hakim Saadi
Haim Saadi
El Hadi Lameche
3  Argentina Federico Bruno
Mariano Mastromarino
Luis Molina
3  Australia Liam Adams
Scott Westcott
Michael Shelley
3  Belgium
3  Brazil Marílson Gomes dos Santos
Paulo Roberto Paula
Solonei Rocha da Silva
3  Chile Victor Aravena
Daniel Estrada
Enzo Yáñez
3  China Dong Guojian
3  Colombia Diego Colorado
Yesid Orjuela
Andrés Ruiz
3  Denmark Abdi Hakim Ulad
3  Ecuador Miguel Ángel Almachi
Segundo Jami
Byron Piedra
3  Eritrea
3  Ethiopia Tesfaye Abera
Lemi Berhanu
Feyisa Lelisa
(Lelisa Desisa)
3  Germany Arne Gabius
Hendrik Pfeiffer
Philipp Pflieger
3  Great Britain Callum Hawkins
Derek Hawkins
Tsegai Tewelde
3  India Nitender Singh Rawat
Thonakal Gopi
Kheta Ram
3  Ireland Kevin Seaward
Mick Clohisey
Paul Pollock
3  Israel Tesama Moogas
Marhu Teferi
Ageze Guadie
3  Italy Ruggero Pertile
Daniele Meucci
Stefano La Rosa
3  Japan Suehiro Ishikawa
Hisanori Kitajima
Satoru Sasaki
3  Kenya Eliud Kipchoge
Stanley Biwott
Wesley Korir
3  Mongolia
3  North Korea
3  Peru Willy Canchanya
Raúl Machacuay
Raúl Pacheco
3  Poland Artur Kozłowski
Yared Shegumo
Henryk Szost
3  South Africa Lusapho April
Lungile Gongqa
Sibusiso Nzima
3  South Korea
3  Spain Carles Castillejo
Jesús España
Javier Guerra
3  Tanzania Mohamed Ikoki Msandeki
Saidi Makula
Alphonce Felix Simbu
3  Turkey Bekir Karayel
Serkan Kaya
Ercan Muslu
3  Uganda
3  Ukraine Oleksandr Sitkovskyy
Ihor Olefirenko
Serhiy Lebid
3  United States Galen Rupp
Meb Keflezighi
Jared Ward
3  Uruguay Martín Cuestas
Nicolás Cuestas
Aguelmis Rojas
3  Zimbabwe Wirimai Juwawo
Pardon Ndhlovu
Cuthbert Nyasango
2  Belarus Vladislav Pryamov
Stsiapan Rahautsou
2  Burundi Pierre-Célestin Nihorimbere
Abraham Niyonkuru
2  Canada Reid Coolsaet
Eric Gillis
2  Estonia Roman Fosti
Tiidrek Nurme
2  Greece Michalis Kalomiris
Christoforos Merousis
2  Hungary Gáspár Csere
Gábor Józsa
2  Lithuania Remigijus Kančys
Valdas Dopolskas
2  Morocco Abdelmajid El Hissouf
Rachid Kisri
2  Norway Sondre Nordstad Moen
Asbjorn Ellefsen Persen
2  Portugal Ricardo Ribas
Rui Pedro Silva
2  Romania Marius Ionescu
Nicolae Soare
2  Sweden Mikael Ekvall
David Nilsson
2  Switzerland Tadesse Abraham
Christian Kreienbühl
1  Bahrain Alemu Bekele
1  Cambodia Neko Hiroshi
1  Cuba Richer Pérez
1  Djibouti Mumin Gala
1  Georgia Daviti Kharazishvili
1  Guatemala José Amado García
1  Iran Mohammad Jafar Moradi
1  Jordan Hamad Marouf
1  Kazakhstan
1  Latvia Valērijs Žolnerovičs
1  Lesotho
1  Mauritius David Carver
1  Mexico Ricardo Ramos
1  Moldova Roman Prodius
1  Namibia Mynhardt Kawanivi
1  Netherlands Abdi Nageeye
1  Panama Jorge Castelblanco
1  Paraguay Derlys Ayala
1  Qatar Essa Ismail Rashed
1  Rwanda Ambroise Uwiragyie
1  Slovenia Tone Kosmač
1  Sri Lanka Anuradha Cooray
1  Chinese Taipei Ho Chin-Ping
1  Tunisia Abdulaziz Charfi
1  Uzbekistan Andrey Petrov
1  Venezuela Luis Orta
Universality places 1  Democratic Republic of the Congo Makorobondo Salukombo
1  Refugee Olympic Team Yonas Kinde
1  Kyrgyzstan Ilya Tyapkin
1  South Sudan Guor Marial
Total 162

As of 10 June 2016

Men's 20 km walkEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 1:24:00 3  Australia Dane Bird-Smith
Rhydian Cowley
Jared Tallent
3  Belarus Dzianis Simanovich
Aliaksandr Liakhovich
Yauheni Zalesski
3  Brazil José Alessandro Bagio
Caio Bonfim
Moacir Zimmermann
3  Canada Inaki Gomez
Benjamin Thorne
Evan Dunfee
3  China Chen Ding
Cai Zelin
Wang Zhen
3  Colombia Éider Arévalo
Esteban Soto
Luis Fernando López
3  Ecuador Mauricio Arteaga
Andrés Chocho
Daniel Pintado
3  Germany Nils Brembach
Christopher Linke
Hagen Pohle
3  Guatemala Erick Barrondo
Mario Bran
José Raymundo
3  India Gurmeet Singh
Irfan Kolothum Thodi
Baljinder Singh
3  Italy Matteo Giupponi[16]
3  Japan Eiki Takahashi
Isamu Fujisawa
Daisuke Matsunaga
3  Mexico Pedro Daniel Gómez
Julio César Salazar
Ever Palma
3  South Korea
3  Poland Artur Brzozowski
Jakub Jelonek
Łukasz Nowak
3  Spain Francisco Arcilla
Miguel Ángel López
Álvaro Martín
3  Ukraine Ruslan Dmytrenko
Ihor Hlavan
Nazar Kovalenko
2  Ireland Rob Heffernan
Alex Wright
2  Kazakhstan Georgiy Sheiko
Vitaliy Anichkin
2  Kenya Samuel Gathimba
Simon Wachira
2  Lithuania Marius Šavelskis
Marius Žiūkas
2  Norway Håvard Haukenes
Erik Tysse
2  Portugal João Vieira
Sérgio Vieira
2  Slovakia Matej Tóth
Anton Kučmín
2  South Africa Lebogang Shange
Wayne Snyman
2  Sweden Perséus Karlström
Anatole Ibáñez
2  Turkey Mert Atli
Ersin Tacir
1  Argentina Juan Manuel Cano
1  Bolivia Marco Antonio Rodríguez
1  Chile Yerko Araya
1  France Kévin Campion
1  Great Britain Tom Bosworth
1  Greece Alexandros Papamichail
1  Hungary Máté Helebrandt
1  Iran Hamid Reza Zouravand
1  New Zealand Quentin Rew
1  Peru Pavel Chihuán
1  Tunisia Hassanine Sebei
1  Venezuela Richard Vargas
1  Vietnam Nguyễn Thành Ngưng
Universality places
Total 86

As of 10 June 2016

Men's 50 km walkEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 4:06:00 3  Australia Chris Erickson
Jared Tallent
Brendon Reading
3  Brazil Jonathan Riekmann
Mário José dos Santos Junior
Caio Bonfim
3  China Wang Zhendong
Han Yucheng
Yu Wei[17]
3  Colombia James Rendón
José Leonardo Montaña
Jorge Armando Ruiz
3  Ecuador Jonathan Cáceres
Andrés Chocho
Claudio Villanueva
3  Finland Aku Partanen
Aleksi Ojala
Jarkko Kinnunen
3  Guatemala Erick Barrondo
Jaime Quiyuch
Luis Ángel Sánchez
3  Hungary Máté Helebrandt
Sándor Rácz
Miklós Srp
3  Ireland Alex Wright
Rob Heffernan
Brendan Boyce
3  Italy Matteo Giupponi
Marco De Luca
Teodorico Caporaso
3  Japan Takayuki Tanii
Kōichirō Morioka
Hirooki Arai
3  Mexico
3  Poland Rafał Augustyn
Adrian Błocki
Rafał Fedaczyński
3  Portugal Miguel Carvalho
João Vieira
Pedro Isidro
3  Serbia Nenad Filipović
Predrag Filipović
Vladimir Savanović
3  Slovakia Matej Tóth
Martin Tišťan
Dušan Majdán
3  Spain José Ignacio Díaz
Jesús Ángel García
Miguel Ángel López
3  Ukraine Ivan Banzeruk
Serhiy Budza
Ihor Saharuk
2  Belarus Ivan Trotski
Pavel Yarokhau
2  Canada Mathieu Bilodeau
Evan Dunfee
2  Germany Carl Dohmann
Hagen Pohle
2  India Sandeep Kumar
Manish Singh Rawat
2  Lithuania Tadas Šuškevičius
Arturas Mastianica
2  Romania Marius Cocioran
Narcis Mihăilă
2  South Korea
1  Bolivia Ronald Quispe
1  Chile Edward Araya
1  Czech Republic Lukáš Gdula
1  El Salvador Luis Menjivar
1  France Yohann Diniz
1  Great Britain Dominic King
1  Greece Alexandros Papamichail
1  Latvia Arnis Rumbenieks
1  New Zealand Quentin Rew
1  Norway Håvard Haukenes
1  South Africa Marc Mundell
1  Sweden Anders Hansson
1  Switzerland Alex Flórez
1  United States John Nunn
1  Venezuela Yereman Salazar
Universality places
Total 84

As of 10 June 2016

Women's road eventsEdit

Women's marathonEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 2:45:00 3  Algeria Kenza Dahmani
Barkahoum Drici
Souad Aït Salem
3  Argentina Viviana Chávez
Rosa Godoy
María de los Ángeles Peralta
3  Australia Milly Clark
Jessica Trengove
Lisa Weightman
3  Bahrain
3  Belarus
3  Belgium
3  Brazil Adriana Aparecida dos Santos
Marily dos Santos
Graciete Santana
3  China Liu Ruihuan

3  Colombia Kellys Arias
Angie Orjuela
Erika Abril
3  Denmark Anna Holm Baumeister
Jessica Draskau-Petersson
3  Ecuador Maria Elena Calle
Rosa Chacha
Silvia Paredes
3  Estonia Leila Luik
Liina Luik
Lily Luik
3  Ethiopia Mare Dibaba
Tirfi Tsegaye
Tigist Tufa
(Aberu Kebede)
3  Germany Anja Scherl
Lisa Hahner
Anna Hahner
3  Greece Ourania Rebouli
Sofia Riga
Panagiota Vlachaki
3  Hungary Zsófia Erdélyi
Krisztina Papp
Tünde Szabó
3  India O. P. Jaisha
Sudha Singh
Kavita Raut
3  Ireland Breege Connolly
Lizzie Lee
Fionnualla McCormack
3  Italy Valeria Straneo
Anna Incerti
Catherine Bertone
3  Japan Kayoko Fukushi
Mai Ito
Tomomi Tanaka
3  Kenya Jemima Sumgong
Helah Kiprop
Visiline Jepkesho
3  Kyrgyzstan Iuliia Andreeva
Mariya Korobitskaya
Viktoriia Poliudina
3  Latvia Jeļena Prokopčuka
Ilona Marhele
Ariana Hilborn
3  Lithuania Rasa Drazdauskaitė
Diana Lobačevskė
Vaida Žūsinaitė
3  Mexico Vianney de la Rosa
Margarita Hernández
Madaí Pérez
3  Morocco
3  North Korea
3  Peru Wilma Arizapana
Jovana de la Cruz
Inés Melchor
3  Poland Katarzyna Kowalska
Iwona Lewandowska
Monika Stefanowicz
3  Portugal Jéssica Augusto
Ana Dulce Félix
Sara Moreira
3  South Africa Christine Kalmer
Diana-Lebo Phalula
Irvette van Blerk
3  South Korea
3  Spain Alessandra Aguilar
Azucena Díaz
Estela Navascués
3  Sweden Isabellah Andersson
Annelie Johansson
Louise Wiker
3  Chinese Taipei Chen Yu-Hsuan
Hsieh Chien-Ho
Hsu Yu-Fang
3  Turkey Nilay Esen
Sultan Haydar
Meryem Erdoğan
3  Ukraine Olha Kotovska
Olena Burkovska
Tetyana Vernyhor
3  United States Amy Cragg
Desiree Linden
Shalane Flanagan
2  Canada Krista DuChene
Lanni Marchant
2  Chile Erika Olivera
Natalia Romero
2  Croatia Marija Vrajić Trošić
Matea Matošević
2  Finland Anne-Mari Hyryläinen
2  Great Britain Alyson Dixon
Sonia Samuels
2  Israel Korlima Chemtai
Maor Tiyouri
2  Kazakhstan Gulzhanat Zhanatbek
Irina Smolnikova
2  Mongolia
2  Namibia Helalia Johannes
Beata Naigambo
2  Romania Daniela Carlan
Paula Todoran
2  Serbia Ana Subotić
Olivera Jevtić
2  Switzerland Martina Strähl
Patricia Morceli Bühler
2  Uganda Adero Nyakisi
Nancy Rotich
2  Uzbekistan Sitora Hamidova
Marina Khmelevskaya
1  Austria Andrea Mayr
1  Bolivia Rosmery Quispe
1  Bosnia and Herzegovina Lucija Kimani
1  Bulgaria Militsa Mircheva
1  Burundi Diane Nukuri
1  Cuba Dailín Belmonte
1  Czech Republic Eva Vrabcová-Nývltová
1  France Christelle Daunay
1  Lebanon Chirine Njeim
1  Moldova Lilia Fiscovici
1  Montenegro Slađana Perunović
1  Netherlands Andrea Deelstra
1  Norway Marthe Katrine Myhre
1  Palestine Mayada Al-Sayad
1  Paraguay Carmen Martínez
1  Philippines Mary Joy Tabal
1  Puerto Rico Beverly Ramos
1  Rwanda Claudette Mukasakindi
1  Singapore Neo Jie Shi
1  Slovakia Katarína Berešová
1  Slovenia Daneja Grandovec
1  Sri Lanka Niluka Geethani Rajasekara
1  Tanzania Sara Ramadhani
1  Venezuela Yolimar Pineda
1  Zimbabwe Rutendo Nyahora
Universality places 1  Cambodia Nary Ly
1  Malawi Tereza Master
1  Saudi Arabia Sarah Attar
Total 171

As of 10 June 2016

Women's 20 km walkEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 1:36:00 3  Australia Rachel Tallent
Regan Lamble
Tanya Holliday
3  Belarus
3  Bolivia Claudia Balderrama
Ángela Castro
Wendy Cornejo
3  China Liu Hong
Lu Xiuzhi
Qieyang Shenjie
3  Colombia Sandra Arenas
Sandra Galvis
Yeseida Carrillo
3  Ecuador Magaly Bonilla
Gabriela Cornejo
Paola Pérez
3  Greece Antigoni Drisbioti
Despina Zapounidou
Panayióta Tsinopoúlou
3  Guatemala Mayra Carolina Herrera
Mirna Ortiz
Maritza Poncio
3  Hungary Viktória Madarász
Barbara Kovács
Rita Récsei
3  Italy Eleonora Giorgi
Antonella Palmisano
Elisa Rigaudo
3  Japan Kumiko Okada
3  Kazakhstan
3  Lithuania Brigita Virbalytė-Dimšienė
Živilė Vaiciukevičiūtė
Neringa Aidietytė
3  Mexico María Guadalupe González
Alejandra Ortega
María Guadalupe Sánchez
3  Poland Paulina Buziak
Agnieszka Dygacz
Agnieszka Szwarnóg
3  Portugal Inês Henriques
Ana Cabecinha
Daniela Cardoso
3  Romania Claudia Ștef
Ana Veronica Rodean
Andreea Arsine
3  South Korea
3  Spain Raquel González
Beatriz Pascual
Julia Takacs
3  Ukraine Lyudmyla Olyanovska
Nadiya Borovska
Inna Kashyna
2  Brazil Érica de Sena
Cisiane Lopes
2  Ethiopia Yehualeye Beletew
Askale Tiksa
2  India Khushbir Kaur
Sapna Punia
2  Peru Kimberly Garcia
Jessica Hancco
2  Slovakia Mária Czaková
Mária Gáliková
2  United States Maria Michta-Coffey
Miranda Melville
1  Czech Republic Anežka Drahotová
1  France Emilie Menuet
1  Kenya Grace Wanjiru
1  Latvia Agnese Pastare
1  New Zealand Alana Barber
1  South Africa Anél Oosthuizen
1  Switzerland Laura Polli
1  Tunisia Chahinez Nasri
Universality places 1  El Salvador Yesenia Miranda
Total 83

As of 10 June 2016

Field eventsEdit

Men's field eventsEdit

Men's long jumpEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 8.15 3  China Gao Xinglong
Li Jinzhe
Wang Jianan
3  South Africa Zarck Visser
Luvo Manyonga
Rushwahl Samaai
3  United States Jeff Henderson
Jarrion Lawson
Mike Hartfield
2  Australia Fabrice Lapierre
Henry Frayne
2  Germany Alyn Camara
Fabian Heinle
2  Jamaica Damar Forbes
Aubrey Smith
1  Azerbaijan Nazim Babayev
1  Belarus Kanstantsin Barycheuski
1  Bermuda Tyrone Smith
1  Brazil Higor Alves
1  Cuba Maykel Demetrio Massó
1  Czech Republic Radek Juška
1  France Kafétien Gomis
1  Georgia Bachana Khorava
1  Great Britain Greg Rutherford
1  Greece Miltos Tentoglou
1  India Ankit Sharma
1  Iran Mohammad Arzandeh
1  South Korea Kim Deok-hyeon
1  Spain Jean Marie Okutu
1  Sweden Michel Tornéus
1  Uruguay Emiliano Lasa
Invitational places
Universality places 1  Albania Izmir Smajlaj
Total 27

As of 6 July 2016

Men's triple jumpEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 16.85 3  China Dong Bin
Xu Xiaolong
Cao Shuo
3  Cuba Pedro Pablo Pichardo
Alexis Copello
Lázaro Martínez
3  United States Chris Benard
Will Claye
Christian Taylor
2  Bahamas Latario Collie-Minns
Leevan Sands
2  Bulgaria Georgi Tsonov
Rumen Dimitrov
2  France Benjamin Compaoré
Harold Correa
2  Italy Fabrizio Donato
Fabrizio Schembri[18]
1  Armenia Levon Aghasyan
1  Azerbaijan Nazim Babayev
1  Colombia Jhon Murillo
1  Dominica Yordanis Duranona
1  Georgia Lasha Torgvaidze
1  Germany Max Heß
1  Guyana Troy Doris
1  India Renjith Maheshwary
1  Jamaica Clive Pullen
1  Japan Daigo Hasegawa
1  Kazakhstan Roman Valiyev
1  Mauritius Jonathan Drack
1  Mexico Alberto Álvarez
1  Netherlands Fabian Florant
1  Nigeria Tosin Oke
1  Poland Karol Hoffmann
1  Portugal Nelson Évora
1  Romania Marian Oprea
1  South Africa Godfrey Khotso Mokoena
1  South Korea Kim Deok-hyeon
1  Turkey Şeref Osmanoğlu
1  Spain Pablo Torrijos
1  Ukraine Viktor Kuznyetsov
1  Virgin Islands Muhammad Halim
Invitational places
Universality places 1  Burkina Faso Hugues Fabrice Zango
1  Mali Mamadou Chérif Dia
Total 43

As of 11 July 2016

Men's high jumpEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 2.29 3  Bahamas Donald Thomas
Trevor Barry
Jamal Wilson
3  Italy Marco Fassinotti [19]
Gianmarco Tamberi[20]
Silvano Chesani
3  Ukraine Bohdan Bondarenko
Andriy Protsenko
Dmytro Yakovenko
3  United States Erik Kynard
Ricky Robertson
Bradley Adkins
2  Australia Brandon Starc
Joel Baden
2  Belarus Andrei Churyla
Dzmitry Nabokau[21]
2  Canada Derek Drouin
Michael Mason
2  China Wang Yu
Zhang Guowei
2  Cyprus Kyriakos Ioannou
Dimítrios Chondrokoúkis
2  Germany Eike Onnen
Mateusz Przybylko
2  Great Britain Chris Baker
Robbie Grabarz
2  Greece Antonios Mastoras
Konstantinos Baniotis
2  Poland Sylwester Bednarek
Wojciech Theiner
2  Puerto Rico Luis Castro
David Adley Smith II
1  Brazil Talles Silva
1  Bulgaria Tihomir Ivanov
1  Czech Republic Jaroslav Bába
1  Israel Dmitry Kroytor
1  Japan Takashi Eto
1  Malaysia Nauraj Singh Randhawa
1  Mexico Edgar Rivera
1  Peru Arturo Chávez
1  Qatar Mutaz Essa Barshim
1  Romania Mihai Donisan[22]
1  Slovakia Matúš Bubeník
2[23]  South Korea Yun Seung-hyun
Woo Sang-hyeok
1  Syria Majed Aldin Ghazal
1  Chinese Taipei Hsiang Chun-Hsien
Invitational places
Universality places
Total 45

As of 10 June 2016

Men's pole vaultEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 5.70 3  China Huang Bokai
Xue Changrui
Yao Jie
3  France Stanley Joseph
Renaud Lavillenie
Kévin Menaldo
3  Germany Tobias Scherbarth
Karsten Dilla
Raphael Holzdeppe
3  Poland Piotr Lisek
Robert Sobera
Paweł Wojciechowski
3  United States Logan Cunningham
Cale Simmons[24]
Sam Kendricks
2  Brazil Thiago Braz da Silva
Augusto Dutra de Oliveira
2  Czech Republic Michal Balner
Jan Kudlicka
2  Japan Hiroki Ogita
Seito Yamamoto
2  Latvia Mareks Ārents
Pauls Pujāts
1  Argentina Germán Chiaraviglio
1  Australia Kurtis Marschall
1  Canada Shawnacy Barber
1  Croatia Ivan Horvat
1  Great Britain Luke Cutts
1  Greece Konstantinos Filippidis
1  Slovenia Robert Renner
1  Sweden Melker Svärd Jacobsson
Invitational places 1  Kazakhstan Nikita Filippov
Universality places
Total 32

As of 10 June 2016

Men's shot putEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 20.50 3  Bosnia and Herzegovina Hamza Alić
Kemal Mešić
Mesud Pezer
3  Poland Konrad Bukowiecki
Michał Haratyk
Tomasz Majewski
3  United States Ryan Crouser
Joe Kovacs
Darrell Hill
2  Croatia Filip Mihaljević
Stipe Žunić
2  Germany Tobias Dahm
David Storl
2  New Zealand Tomas Walsh
Jacko Gill
2  Romania Andrei Gag
Andrei Toader
2  Spain Carlos Tobalina
Borja Vivas
1  Argentina German Lauro
1  Australia Damien Birkinhead
1  Belarus Pavel Lyzhyn
1  Brazil Darlan Romani
1  Bulgaria Georgi Ivanov
1  Canada Tim Nedow
1  Czech Republic Tomáš Stanek
1  Georgia Benik Abramyan
1  Greece Nikólaos Skarvélis
1  India Inderjeet Singh
1  Jamaica O'Dayne Richards
1  Kazakhstan Ivan Ivanov
1  Moldova Ivan Emilianov
1  Nigeria Stephen Mozia
1  Portugal Tsanko Arnaudov
1  Serbia Asmir Kolašinac
Invitational places
Universality places 1  British Virgin Islands Eldred Henry
1  Republic of the Congo Franck Elemba
Total 36

As of 10 June 2016

Men's discus throwEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 65.00 3  Germany Christoph Harting
Robert Harting
Daniel Jasinski
3  United States Tavis Bailey
Andrew Evans
Mason Finley
2  Australia Matt Denny
Benn Harradine
2  Austria Gerhard Mayer
Lukas Weißhaidinger
2  Estonia Gerd Kanter
Martin Kupper
2  Iran Ehsan Haddadi
Mahmoud Samimi
2  Poland Piotr Małachowski
Robert Urbanek
2  Spain Frank Casañas
Lois Maikel Martínez
2  Sweden Daniel Ståhl
Axel Härstedt
1  Belgium Philip Milanov
1  Colombia Mauricio Ortega
1  Cuba Jorge Fernández
1  Cyprus Apostolos Parellis
1  Hungary Zoltán Kővágó
1  India Vikas Gowda
1  Jamaica Fedrick Dacres
1  Lithuania Andrius Gudžius
1  Samoa Alex Rose
1  South Africa Victor Hogan
1  Ukraine Oleksiy Semenov
Invitational places
Universality places
Total 30

As of 10 June 2016

Men's hammer throwEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 77.00 3  Great Britain Chris Bennett
Mark Dry
Nick Miller
2  Iran Kaveh Mousavi
Pejman Ghalenoei
2  Egypt Mostafa Al-Gamel
Hassan Mahmoud
2  Poland Pawel Fajdek
Wojciech Nowicki
1  Azerbaijan Dzmitry Marshin
1  Brazil Wagner Domingos
1  Costa Rica Roberto Sawyers
1  Cuba Roberto Janet
1  Greece Mihail Anastasakis
1  Hungary Krisztián Pars
1  Israel Oleksandr Drygol
1  Italy Marco Lingua
1  Mexico Diego del Real
1  Moldova Serghei Marghiev
1  Qatar Ashraf Amgad Elseify
1  Slovakia Marcel Lomnický
1  Tajikistan Dilshod Nazarov
1  Spain Javier Cienfuegos
1  Ukraine Yevhen Vynohradov
1  Uzbekistan Suhrob Khodjaev
Invitational places 3  United States Conor McCullough
Kibwé Johnson
Rudy Winkler[25]
Universality places
Total 20

As of 10 June 2016

Men's javelin throwEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 83.00 3  Czech Republic Petr Frydrych
Jakub Vadlejch
Vitezslav Veselý
3  Estonia Tanel Laanmäe
Magnus Kirt
Risto Mätas
3  Finland Tero Pitkämäki
Antti Ruuskanen
Ari Mannio
3  Germany Thomas Röhler
Johannes Vetter
Julian Weber
3  United States Sam Crouser
Cyrus Hostetler
Sean Furey
2  Australia Hamish Peacock
Joshua Robinson
2  Latvia Rolands Štrobinders
Zigismunds Sirmais
2  Poland Łukasz Grzeszczuk
Marcin Krukowski
2  Ukraine Oleksandr Pyatnytsya
Dmytro Kosynskyy
1  Argentina Braian Toledo
1  Brazil Júlio César de Oliveira
1  Egypt Ihab Abdelrahman
1  Japan Ryohei Arai
1  Kenya Julius Yego
1  New Zealand Stuart Farquhar
1  South Africa Rocco van Rooyen
1  Sri Lanka Sumeda Ranasinghe
1  Chinese Taipei Huang Shih-Feng
1  Trinidad and Tobago Keshorn Walcott
1  Uzbekistan Bobur Shokirjonov
Invitational places
Universality places 1  Fiji Leslie Copeland
Total 30

As of 10 June 2016

Women's field eventsEdit

Women's long jumpEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 6.70 3  Germany Sosthene Moguenara
Alexandra Wester
Malaika Mihambo
3  Great Britain Shara Proctor
Jazmin Sawyers
Lorraine Ugen
3  Spain Juliet Itoya
María del Mar Jover
Concepción Montaner
3  United States Tianna Bartoletta
Janay DeLoach
Brittney Reese
2  Australia Chelsea Jaensch
Brooke Stratton
2  Belarus Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova
Volha Sudarava
2  Brazil Keila Costa
Eliane Martins
2  Sweden Khaddi Sagnia
Erica Jarder
1  Armenia Amaliya Sharoyan
1  Bahamas Bianca Stuart
1  Barbados Akela Jones
1  Canada Christabel Nettey
1  Cuba Yarianny Arguelles
1  Estonia Ksenija Balta
1  Greece Haido Alexouli
1  Indonesia Maria Natalia Londa
1  Japan Konomi Kai
1  Mexico Yvonne Treviño
1  Romania Alina Rotaru
1  Serbia Ivana Španović
1  South Africa Lynique Prinsloo
1  Turkey Karin Melis Mey
1  Ukraine Krystyna Hryshutyna
Invitational places 1  Independent Olympic Athletes Darya Klishina[26]
Universality places
Total 36

As of 2 July 2016

Women's triple jumpEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 14.15 3  United States Christina Epps
Andrea Geubelle
Keturah Orji
2  Belarus Kseniya Dziatsuk
Iryna Vaskouskaya
2  Brazil Keila Costa
Núbia Soares
2  Colombia Caterine Ibargüen
Yosiri Urrutia
2  Germany Kristin Gierisch
Jenny Elbe
2  Italy Dariya Derkach
Simona La Mantia
2  Jamaica Kimberly Williams
Shanieka Thomas
2  Kazakhstan Irina Ektova
Olga Rypakova
2  Portugal Susana Costa
Patricia Mamona
2  Romania Cristina Bujin
Elena Andreea Panţuroiu
1  Bulgaria Gabriela Petrova
1  China Li Xiaohong
1  Cuba Liadagmis Povea
1  Finland Kristiina Mäkelä
1  France Jeanine Assani Issouf
1  Greece Paraskevi Papachristou
1  Israel Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko
1  Lithuania Dovilė Dzindzaletaitė
1  Poland Anna Jagaciak-Michalska
1  Slovakia Dana Velďáková
1  Spain Patricia Sarrapio
1  Ukraine Olga Saladukha
1  Venezuela Yulimar Rojas
Invitational places 1  Dominica Thea LaFond
Universality places 1  Cameroon Joëlle Mbumi Nkouindjin
Total 37

As of 10 June 2016

Women's high jumpEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 1.93 3  Ukraine Iryna Herashchenko
Oksana Okuneva
Yuliya Chumachenko
3  United States Vashti Cunningham
Chaunte Lowe
Inika McPherson
2  Croatia Ana Šimić
Blanka Vlašić
2  Great Britain Morgan Lake
2  Italy Alessia Trost
Desirée Rossit
2  Saint Lucia Jeanelle Scheper
Levern Spencer
2  Sweden Erika Kinsey
Sofie Skoog
2  Uzbekistan Svetlana Radzivil
Nadezhda Dusanova
1  Australia Eleanor Patterson
1  Barbados Akela Jones
1  Bulgaria Mirela Demireva
1  Canada Alyxandria Treasure
1  Cyprus Leontia Kallenou
1  Czech Republic Michaela Hrubá
1  Germany Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch
1  Hungary Barbara Szabó
1  Lithuania Airinė Palšytė
1  Nigeria Doreen Amata
1  Poland Kamila Licwinko
1  Romania Daniela Stanciu
1  Spain Ruth Beitia
Invitational places
Universality places 1  Seychelles Lissa Labiche
Total 32

As of 10 June 2016

Women's pole vaultEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 4.50 3  Canada Annika Newell
Alysha Newman
Kelsie Ahbe
3  Germany Lisa Ryzih
Annika Roloff
Martina Strutz
3  United States Sandi Morris
Jenn Suhr
Alexis Weeks
2  Brazil Fabiana Murer
Joana Costa
2  China Li Ling
Ren Mengqian
2  Czech Republic Jiřina Svobodová
Romana Maláčová
2  Finland Minna Nikkanen
Wilma Murto
2  Greece Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou
Ekaterini Stefanidi
2  Portugal Marta Onofre
Leonor Tavares
2  Sweden Angelica Bengtsson
Michaela Meijer
1  Australia Alana Boyd
1  Cuba Yarisley Silva
1  France Vanessa Boslak
1  Great Britain Holly Bradshaw
1  Ireland Tori Pena
1  Italy Sonia Malavisi
1  Netherlands Femke Pluim
1  New Zealand Eliza McCartney
1  Puerto Rico Diamara Planell
1  Slovenia Tina Šutej
1  Switzerland Nicole Büchler
1  Venezuela Robeilys Peinado
Invitational places
Universality places
Total 36

As of 10 June 2016

Women's shot putEdit

Qualification standard No. of athletes NOC Nominated athletes
Entry standard – 17.75 3  Belarus Aliona Dubitskaya
Yuliya Leantsiuk
Natallia Mikhnevich
3  China Gao Yang
Gong Lijiao
Guo Tianqian
3  United States