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Athletics at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Men's marathon

The men's marathon at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro took place on the Sambódromo on 21 August, the final day of the Games.[1]

Men's Marathon
at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad
Begining of 2016 Summer Olympics men's marathon.jpg
Beginning of the competition in the rain
Date21 August 2016
Competitors155 from 80 nations
Winning time2:08:44
1st, gold medalist(s) Eliud Kipchoge  Kenya
2nd, silver medalist(s) Feyisa Lilesa  Ethiopia
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Galen Rupp  United States
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The race began at the Sambódromo in a light rain, with temperatures about 24 °C (75 °F). The field size of 155 starters was an Olympic Games record as well as the 140 finishers. The previous record was 124 starters and 111 finishers at the 1996 Olympic marathon in Atlanta. The 2016 race also had the most countries represented of any Olympic marathon and despite the weather conditions a record 62 men finished under 2:20:00 to show the quality and depth of the field.

The lead pack jogged comfortably through almost the first 15 kilometers, when Eliud Kipchoge injected a little speed into the race. By that point the pack was 62 men, that went from a line across the street shoulder to shoulder to a string chasing the leader. 46 still were hanging onto the lead group at the halfway point. Nine more dropped off by 25K. Over the next 5K, the pace gradually increased, losing the defending champion Stephen Kiprotich and reigning world champion Ghirmay Ghebreslassie, though Ghebreslassie was hanging on off the back. At 30K there were only 8 still running together at the front. Lemi Berhanu seemed to be leading the increase of speed, calling back for his teammate Feyisa Lilesa to keep up. Within 2 km, the lead pack was down to four, the two Ethiopians, Kipchoge and Galen Rupp. In the next kilometer, Berhanu fell off the back. By 33K, the medalists were decided. At 35K, Rupp was just behind Lilesa and Kipchoge. Rupp lost contact at the following water station. Shortly after losing Rupp, Lilesa was immediately behind Kipchoge and apparently clipped his heels. Kipchoge was angry, motioning to Lilesa to run next to him, to use the rest of the street. Lilesa didn't respond, Kipchoge accelerated away. From that point, as the course snaked around buildings, the three leaders lost sight of each other as the gaps between them increased. Slightly less than a minute behind the leaders, Ghebreslassie was speeding past the other stragglers. At 40K, Kipchoge had 36 seconds over Lilesa, Rupp another 12 seconds back and Ghebreslassie 59 seconds behind Rupp. Over the lengthy straight finish, Kipchoge expanded his lead to 1:10, giving the thumbs up to the crowd as he finished at 2:08:44. Lilesa struggled but still held 11 seconds ahead of Rupp. Lilesa crossed his arms several time before crossing the finish line at 2:09:54 in solidarity of the protests of his ethnic Oromo people. Rupp finished at 2:10:05 still 59 seconds up on Ghebreslassie.[2]

Eliud Kipchoge had previously won medals on the track in 2004 and 2008; this race marked the continuation of his successful transition to the marathon distance. The difference between this and his last half marathon was 1:02:49. Kipchoge was the only Kenyan finisher in the marathon.[3]

The sky remained overcast throughout the race. The streets remained wet. As Athens 2004 silver medalist Meb Keflezighi, aged 41, was about to cross the finish line in thirty-third place, he slipped. Head and shoulders crossing the finish line, he did a couple of push ups on the ground before righting himself and walking over the line. Later Mohammad Jafar Moradi's hamstring seized up before he reached the finish line. He ended up crawling across the line unassisted. Federico Bruno also cramped up before the entrance of the Sambadrome. He had to finish the entire distance hopping sideways. Derlis Ayala stopped several times to assist Bruno.

The gifts were presented by Abby Hoffman, Council Member of the IAAF immediately after the race. At the closing ceremony, the athletes were presented with the medals by Thomas Bach, IOC President and Sebastian Coe, President of the IAAF.

Note that Abdelmajid El Hissouf (originally 68th) was found guilty of a doping offence by the IAAF in 2017, and his sanction resulted in the annulment of this result; all those finishing behind him should be moved up one place.


Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia was the silver medalist and as he neared the line he crossed his arms above his head – a political gesture in solidarity with Oromo protests in Ethiopia. After the race he stated: "the Ethiopian government is killing my people so I stand with all protests anywhere as Oromo is my tribe. My relatives are in prison and if they talk about democratic rights they are killed."[4]


Time is in accordance with UTC−03:00

Date Time Event
21 August 2016 09:30 Final


Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
  Eliud Kipchoge   Kenya 2:08:44
  Feyisa Lilesa   Ethiopia 2:09:54
  Galen Rupp   United States 2:10:05 PB
4 Ghirmay Ghebreslassie   Eritrea 2:11:04
5 Alphonce Simbu   Tanzania 2:11:15
6 Jared Ward   United States 2:11:30 PB
7 Tadesse Abraham   Switzerland 2:11:42
8 Munyo Mutai   Uganda 2:11:49 SB
9 Callum Hawkins   Great Britain 2:11:52
10 Eric Gillis   Canada 2:12:29
11 Abdi Nageeye   Netherlands 2:13:01
12 Mumin Gala   Djibouti 2:13:04 PB
13 Lemi Berhanu   Ethiopia 2:13:29
14 Stephen Kiprotich   Uganda 2:13:32
15 Paulo Roberto Paula   Brazil 2:13:56 SB
16 Satoru Sasaki   Japan 2:13:57
17 Kaan Kigen Özbilen   Turkey 2:14:11
18 Bayron Piedra   Ecuador 2:14:12 PB
19 Sondre Nordstad Moen   Norway 2:14:17
20 Oleksandr Sitkovskyy   Ukraine 2:14:24
21 Amanuel Mesel   Eritrea 2:14:37
22 Koen Naert   Belgium 2:14:53
23 Reid Coolsaet   Canada 2:14:58
24 Lusapho April   South Africa 2:15:24
25 Thanackal Gopi   India 2:15:25 PB
26 Kheta Ram   India 2:15:26 PB
27 Pak Chol   North Korea 2:15:27
28 Evans Kiplagat Barkowet   Azerbaijan 2:15:31
29 Dong Guojian   China 2:15:32
30 Ihor Olefirenko   Ukraine 2:15:36
31 Liam Adams   Australia 2:16:12
32 Paul Pollock   Ireland 2:16:24
33 Mebrahtom Keflezighi   United States 2:16:46
34 Anuradha Indrajith Cooray   Sri Lanka 2:17:06
35 Abdi Hakin Ulad   Denmark 2:17:06
36 Suehiro Ishikawa   Japan 2:17:08
37 Marius Ionescu   Romania 2:17:27
38 Ruggero Pertile   Italy 2:17:30
39 Artur Kozłowski   Poland 2:17:34
40 Nicolas Cuestas   Uruguay 2:17:44
41 Pardon Ndhlovu   Zimbabwe 2:17:48
42 Víctor Aravena   Chile 2:17:49
43 Saidi Juma Makula   Tanzania 2:17:49
44 Florent Caelen   Belgium 2:17:59
45 Raul Machacuay   Peru 2:18:00
46 Richer Pérez   Cuba 2:18:05
47 Michael Shelley   Australia 2:18:06
48 Ihor Russ   Ukraine 2:18:19
49 Carles Castillejo   Spain 2:18:34
50 Ernesto Andres Zamora   Uruguay 2:18:36 PB
51 Ercan Muslu   Turkey 2:18:40
52 Cristhian Pacheco   Peru 2:18:41
53 Mariano Mastromarino   Argentina 2:18:44
54 Daniel Vargas   Mexico 2:18:51
55 Philipp Pflieger   Germany 2:18:56
56 Willem Van Schuerbeeck   Belgium 2:18:56 SB
57 Stefano La Rosa   Italy 2:18:57
58 Cuthbert Nyasango   Zimbabwe 2:18:58
59 Marilson Dos Santos   Brazil 2:19:09
60 Tewelde Estifanos   Eritrea 2:19:12
61 Roman Fosti   Estonia 2:19:26
62 Atef Saad   Tunisia 2:19:50
63 Tiidrek Nurme   Estonia 2:20:01
64 Kevin Seaward   Ireland 2:20:06
65 Jesús España   Spain 2:20:08
66 Raúl Pacheco   Peru 2:20:13
67 Juan Carlos Trujillo   Guatemala 2:20:24
68 Abdelmajid El Hissouf   Morocco 2:20:29
69 Stsiapan Rahautsou   Belarus 2:20:34
70 Mynhardt Mbeumuna Kawanivi   Namibia 2:20:45 SB
71 Julian Flügel   Germany 2:20:47
72 Daviti Kharazishvili   Georgia 2:20:47
73 Rachid Kisri   Morocco 2:21:00
74 Marhu Teferi   Israel 2:21:06
75 Remigijus Kančys   Lithuania 2:21:10
76 Christian Kreienbuhl   Switzerland 2:21:13
77 Mohamed Hrezi   Libya 2:21:17
78 Solonei da Silva   Brazil 2:22:05
79 Andres Ruiz   Colombia 2:22:09
80 Jackson Kiprop   Uganda 2:22:09
81 Scott Westcott   Australia 2:22:19
82 Guor Marial   South Sudan 2:22:45 SB
83 Uladzislau Pramau   Belarus 2:22:48
84 Nitendra Singh Rawat   India 2:22:52
85 Miguel Ángel Almachi   Ecuador 2:23:00
86 Ilya Tyapkin   Kyrgyzstan 2:23:19
87 Gabor Jozsa   Hungary 2:23:22
88 Gerald Giraldo   Colombia 2:23:48
89 Luis Ariel Molina   Argentina 2:23:55
90 Yonas Kinde   Refugee Olympic Team 2:24:08
91 Duo Bujie   China 2:24:22
92 Bat-Ochiryn Ser-Od   Mongolia 2:24:26
93 Jordan Chipangama   Zambia 2:24:58
94 Hisanori Kitajima   Japan 2:25:11
95 Lebenya Nkoka   Lesotho 2:25:13
96 Zhu Renxue   China 2:25:31
97 Sibusiso Nzima   South Africa 2:25:33
98 Daniel Estrada   Chile 2:25:33
99 Ambroise Uwiragiye   Rwanda 2:25:57
100 Ho Chin-ping   Chinese Taipei 2:26:00
101 Mihail Krassilov   Kazakhstan 2:26:11
102 David Carver   Mauritius 2:26:16
103 Mick Clohisey   Ireland 2:26:34
104 Hakim Sadi   Algeria 2:26:47
105 Roman Prodius   Moldova 2:27:01
106 Luis Alberto Orta   Venezuela 2:27:05
107 Gantulga Dambadarjaa   Mongolia 2:27:42
108 Enzo Yanez   Chile 2:27:47
109 Gáspár Csere   Hungary 2:28:03
110 Martin Esteban Cuestas   Uruguay 2:28:10
111 Valdas Dopolskas   Lithuania 2:28:21
112 Fabiano Joseph Naasi   Tanzania 2:28:31
113 Kamongwa Salukombo Makorobondo   Democratic Republic of the Congo 2:28:54
114 Derek Hawkins   Great Britain 2:29:24
115 Pierre-Célestin Nihorimbere   Burundi 2:29:38
116 Hristoforos Merousis   Greece 2:29:39
117 Anton Kosmac   Slovenia 2:29:48
118 José Amado García   Guatemala 2:30:11
119 Andjelko Risticevic   Serbia 2:30:17
120 Ricardo Ramos   Mexico 2:30:20
121 Tesama Moogas   Israel 2:30:30
122 Ageze Guadie   Israel 2:30:45
123 Rui Pedro Silva   Portugal 2:30:52
124 Segundo Jami   Ecuador 2:31:07
125 Diego Colorado   Colombia 2:31:20
126 Bekir Karayel   Turkey 2:31:27
127 Nicolae-Alexandru Soare   Romania 2:31:53
128 Yared Shegumo   Poland 2:31:54
129 Mohammad Jafar Moradi   Iran 2:31:58
130 Byambajav Tseveenravdan   Mongolia 2:36:14
131 Son Myeong-jun   South Korea 2:36:21
132 Michael Kalomiris   Greece 2:37:03
133 Boonthung Srisung   Thailand 2:37:46
134 Ricardo Ribas   Portugal 2:38:29
135 Jorge Castelblanco   Panama 2:39:25
136 Derlis Ayala   Paraguay 2:39:40
137 Federico Bruno   Argentina 2:40:05
138 Shim Jung-sub   South Korea 2:42:42
139 Neko Hiroshi   Cambodia 2:45:55
140 Methkal Abu Drais   Jordan 2:46:18
Wesley Korir   Kenya DNF
Stanley Kipleting Biwott   Kenya DNF
Isaac Korir   Bahrain DNF
Tsepo Mathibelle   Lesotho DNF
Wissem Hosni   Tunisia DNF
Henryk Szost   Poland DNF
Lungile Gongqa   South Africa DNF
El Hadi Laameche   Algeria DNF
Alemu Bekele   Bahrain DNF
Abraham Niyonkuru   Burundi DNF
Wirimai Juwawo   Zimbabwe DNF
Tesfaye Abera   Ethiopia DNF
Tsegai Tewelde   Great Britain DNF
Daniele Meucci   Italy DNF
Andrey Petrov   Uzbekistan DNF


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