Synchronized swimming at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Qualification

This article details the qualifying phase for synchronized swimming at the 2016 Summer Olympics. The competition at these Games will comprise a total of 104 athletes coming from their respective NOCs; each has been allowed to enter a maximum of nine in the women's team and two in the women's duet. Host nation Brazil is considered the Pan American champion, having reserved a spot on all events.

For the team competitions, the best ranked NOC in each of the five continental championships, with the exception of the host country Brazil which will represent the Pan American continent, obtains a secured place for the Games, while the remaining NOCs will battle out for the three highest-ranked spots at the Olympic Qualification Tournament. For the duet, the best ranked NOC in each of the five continental championships that do not have a qualified team assures a secured spot, while the other eleven top-ranked NOCs will be selected through Olympic Qualification Tournament. All eight NOCs that have already qualified in the team event must each automatically select two synchronized swimmers to form a duet.[1]


Nation Team Duet Athletes
  Argentina X 2
  Australia X X 9
  Austria X 2
  Belarus X 2
  Brazil X X 9
  Canada X 2
  China X X 9
  Colombia X 2
  Czech Republic X 2
  Egypt X X 9
  France X 2
  Great Britain X 2
  Greece X 2
  Israel X 2
  Italy X X 9
  Japan X X 9
  Kazakhstan X 2
  Mexico X 2
  Russia X X 9
  Slovakia X 2
  Spain X 2
  Switzerland X 2
  United States X 2
  Ukraine X X 9
Total: 24 NOCs 8 48 104


Event Date Venue
2015 European Champions Cup May 8–10, 2015   Haarlemmermeer
2015 Pan American Games[2][3] July 9–11, 2015   Toronto
African Continental Selection July 24 – August 9, 2015   Kazan
Asian Continental Selection
Oceania Continental Selection
2016 Olympic Qualification Tournament March 2–6, 2016   Rio de Janeiro

Women's teamEdit

Event Place Qualified team
African Qualifying 1   Egypt
2015 Pan American Games / Host Country 1   Brazil*
Asian Qualifying 1   China
2015 European Champions Cup 1   Russia
Oceanian Qualifying 1   Australia
2016 Olympic Qualifying Tournament 3   Ukraine
Total 8

* Canada won a gold medal at the 2015 Pan American Games and Brazil finished in 4th place but Brazil was given the spot by FINA.

Women's duetEdit

Event Place Qualified NOC
Qualified in the team event 8   Brazil
African Qualifying 0*   South Africa
2015 Pan American Games 1   Canada
Asian Qualifying 1 not allocated – Japan qualified in the women's team
2015 European Champions Cup 1 not allocated – Ukraine qualified in the women's team
Oceanian Qualifying 0*
2016 Olympic Qualifying Tournament 15   Spain
  United States
  Czech Republic
  Great Britain
Total 24


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