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Athletics at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Women's 3000 metres steeplechase

The Women's 3000 metres steeplechase competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics took place between 13–15 August at the Olympic Stadium.[1]

Women's 3000 metres steeplechase
at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad
Left-right: Jepkemoi, Jebet and Coburn
VenueOlympic Stadium
Date13–15 August 2016
Competitors53 from 32 nations
Winning time8:59.75 AR
1st, gold medalist(s) Ruth Jebet  Bahrain
2nd, silver medalist(s) Hyvin Kiyeng Jepkemoi  Kenya
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Emma Coburn  United States
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2020 →
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Tunisia's Habiba Ghribi returned to defend her 2012 Olympic steeplechase title, though she was outside the top 15 runners on the seasonal lists. The fastest time was held by Ruth Jebet of Bahrain, whose 8:59.97 minutes at the Prefontaine Classic at the end of May made her the second fastest ever in the discipline. The 2015 World Champion Hyvin Jepkemoi of Kenya was four hundredths of a second behind her in that race and had become the third fastest, while America's Emma Coburn had set a national record and was third ranked entering the competition. Ethiopians Etenesh Diro and Sofia Assefa and Kenya's Beatrice Chepkoech rounded out the top six. Gesa Felicitas Krause, a 2015 World medalist and 2016 European Champion, was her continent's best entrant.[2]

Before the competition even began, entrant Silvia Danekova failed a doping test after her arrival in Rio. She submitted an appeal the Court of Arbitration for Sport where she was ruled ineligible for the race.[3]

In the first round Jebet broke clear of the pack, ran her own race, and easily won her heat over Assefa and Krause. Chepkoech, Ghribi and Coburn took the top qualifying spots in the second race. Jepkemoi won the third and slowest heat, with Genevieve LaCaze and Courtney Frerichs taking the automatic qualifying spots. Etenesh Diro lost her shoe in that race after being stood on by an opponent and ran the remainder of the race barefoot; she failed to make the qualifying time but progressed upon appeal, as did Aisha Praught and Sara Louise Treacy.[4][5] Four national records were broken, including Lalita Shivaji Babar's 9:19.76 minutes for India.[6]

The strategy in this final was prefaced by the Prefontaine race in Eugene. In that race, Jebet broke away but was chased down by a last lap kick by Jepkemoi that almost caught her at the line. Coburn watched the chase from ten seconds back while setting the American record. Here Jebet knew she needed to create a bigger cushion to discourage Jepkemoi from chasing. After settling for just being near the front of the pack for the first two laps, Jebet accelerated with one barrier and five laps to go. Only three athletes, Jepkemoi, Chepkoech and Coburn, took off in pursuit, the rest of the field stringing out behind an ever-widening gap. After a 68-second lap, then a 69-second lap, Jebet had a 3-second lead on the Kenyan teammates with Coburn another 3 seconds back. After a 70-second lap, Chepkoech began to lose contact with her teammate. An encouraged Coburn set off in pursuit of a medal, passing the slowing Chepkoech with 1 and 3/4 laps to go. During the 71-second following lap, while Jebet was slowing slightly from the strain, Jepkemoi was consistently losing ground and Coburn could see she was close to Jepkemoi. Jepkemoi did not take off in hot pursuit of Jebet, more concerned with the challenge from behind. On the final backstretch, Coburn passed Jepkemoi for a few moments before Jepkemoi accelerated away going into the final water jump. Jebet cruised home unchallenged with a final lap just under 71, crossing the line in 8:59.75. Forgetting about Jebet, Jepkemoi used her best sprinting to beat Coburn to the line by a half second for silver. Coburn set the North American Continental Record 9:07.63 in third. [7]

Jebet's time slightly improved her second best time in history, moving to less than a second of the world record. Coburn's time made her the number 8 performer in history. Even deeper down the list of finishers, there were many personal bests. Fourth place Chepkoech became #22 on the all-time list, sixth place Gesa Felicitas Krause became #31, seventh, eighth and ninth places Madeline Hills, Colleen Quigley and Genevieve LaCaze became #38, #42 and #43 respectively.

The medals were presented by Paul Tergat, IOC member, Kenya and Anna Riccardi, Council Member of the IAAF.

Less than two weeks later, Jebet would set the world record, improving her personal best by almost seven seconds and the world record by six.

Ruth Jebet has been suspended since February 2018 for testing positive for EPO.[8]

Competition formatEdit

The women's 3000 m steeplechase competition consisted of heats and a final.[9]


Prior to the competition, the existing World and Olympic records were as follows.

World record   Gulnara Galkina (RUS) 8:58.81 Beijing, China 17 August 2008
Olympic record

The following national records were established during the competition:

Country Athlete Round Time Notes
India   Lalita Babar (IND) Heats 9:19.76
Switzerland   Fabienne Schlumpf (SUI) Heats 9:30.54
Denmark   Anna-Emilie Møller (DEN) Heats 9:32.68
Bahrain   Ruth Jebet (BRN) Final 8:59.75 AR
United States   Emma Coburn (USA) Final 9:07.63 AR


All times are Brasilia Time (UTC-3)

Date Time Round
Saturday, 13 August 2016 10:05 Round 1
Monday, 15 August 2016 11:15 Finals


Round 1Edit

Qualification rule: First 3 in each heat (Q) and the next 6 fastest (q) advance to the Final.

Heat 1Edit

Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1 Ruth Jebet   Bahrain 9:12.62 Q
2 Sofia Assefa   Ethiopia 9:18.75 Q
3 Gesa Felicitas Krause   Germany 9:19.70 Q
4 Colleen Quigley   United States 9:21.82 q
5 Lydia Rotich   Kenya 9:30.21 q
6 Mariya Shatalova   Ukraine 9:30.89 PB
7 Peruth Chemutai   Uganda 9:31.03 PB
8 Charlotta Fougberg   Sweden 9:31.16
9 Özlem Kaya   Turkey 9:32.03 SB
10 Sviatlana Kudzelich   Belarus 9:32.93 SB
11 Fadwa Sidi Madane   Morocco 9:32.94 SB
12 Diana Martín   Spain 9:44.07
13 Ingeborg Løvnes   Norway 9:44.85
14 Kerry O'Flaherty   Ireland 9:45.35 SB
15 Juliana Paula dos Santos   Brazil 9:45.95
16 Erin Teschuk   Canada 9:53.70
17 Anju Takamizawa   Japan 9:58.59

Heat 2Edit

Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1 Beatrice Chepkoech   Kenya 9:17.55 Q
2 Emma Coburn   United States 9:18.12 Q
3 Habiba Ghribi   Tunisia 9:18.71 Q, SB
4 Lalita Babar   India 9:19.76 q, NR
5 Madeline Hills   Australia 9:24.16 q, SB
6 Fabienne Schlumpf   Switzerland 9:30.54 q, NR
7 Hiwot Ayalew   Ethiopia 9:35.09
8 Matylda Kowal   Poland 9:35.13 PB
9 Sanaa Koubaa   Germany 9:35.15 PB
10 Victoria Mitchell   Australia 9:39.40 SB
11 Michelle Finn   Ireland 9:49.45
12 Tigest Mekonin   Bahrain 9:49.92
13 Maria Bernard   Canada 9:50.17
14 Meryem Akda   Turkey 9:50.28
15 Sandra Eriksson   Finland 9:56.77
16 Luiza Gega   Albania 9:58.49
17 Nastassia Puzakova   Belarus 10:14.08
18 Amina Bettiche   Algeria 10:26.91

Heat 3Edit

Video on YouTube Official Video Highlights
Rank Name Nationality Result Notes
1 Hyvin Jepkemoi   Kenya 9:24.61 Q
2 Genevieve LaCaze   Australia 9:26.25 Q
3 Courtney Frerichs   United States 9:27.02 Q
4 Geneviève Lalonde   Canada 9:30.24 q
5 Zhang Xinyan   China 9:31.47
6 Anna-Emilie Møller   Denmark 9:32.68 AJR, NR
7 Etenesh Diro   Ethiopia 9:34.70 q[10]
8 Aisha Praught   Jamaica 9:35.79 q[10]
9 Sudha Singh   India 9:43.29
10 Salima Elouali Alami   Morocco 9:44.83
11 Eliane Saholinirina   Madagascar 9:45.92
12 Sara Louise Treacy   Ireland 9:46.24 q[10]
13 Ancuța Bobocel   Romania 9:46.28
14 Tuğba Güvenç   Turkey 9:49.93 SB
15 Maya Rehberg   Germany 9:51.73
16 Belén Casetta   Argentina 9:51.85
17 Lennie Waite   Great Britain 10:14.18


Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
  Ruth Jebet   Bahrain 8:59.75 AR
  Hyvin Jepkemoi   Kenya 9:07.12
  Emma Coburn   United States 9:07.63 AR
4 Beatrice Chepkoech   Kenya 9:16.05 PB
5 Sofia Assefa   Ethiopia 9:17.15 SB
6 Gesa Felicitas Krause   Germany 9:18.41 PB
7 Madeline Hills   Australia 9:20.38 PB
8 Colleen Quigley   United States 9:21.10 PB
9 Genevieve LaCaze   Australia 9:21.21 PB
10 Lalita Babar   India 9:22.74
11 Courtney Frerichs   United States 9:22.87
12 Habiba Ghribi   Tunisia 9:28.75
13 Lydia Rotich   Kenya 9:29.90
14 Aisha Praught   Jamaica 9:34.20
15 Etenesh Diro   Ethiopia 9:38.77
16 Geneviève Lalonde   Canada 9:41.88
17 Sara Louise Treacy   Ireland 9:52.70
18 Fabienne Schlumpf   Switzerland 9:59.30


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