List of FIPS region codes (A–C)

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This is a list of FIPS 10-4 region codes from A-C, using a standardized name format, and cross-linking to articles.

On September 2, 2008, FIPS 10-4 was one of ten standards withdrawn by NIST as a Federal Information Processing Standard.[1] The list here is the last version of codes. For earlier versions, see link below.

AC: Antigua and BarbudaEdit

FIPS Code Region
AC01 Barbuda Dependency, Antigua and Barbuda
AC03 Saint George Parish, Antigua and Barbuda
AC04 Saint John Parish, Antigua and Barbuda
AC05 Saint Mary Parish, Antigua and Barbuda
AC06 Saint Paul Parish, Antigua and Barbuda
AC07 Saint Peter Parish, Antigua and Barbuda
AC08 Saint Philip Parish, Antigua and Barbuda
AC09 Redonda Dependency, Antigua and Barbuda

AE: United Arab EmiratesEdit

FIPS Code Region
AE01 Abū Z̧aby Emirate, United Arab Emirates
AE02 `Ajmān Emirate, United Arab Emirates
AE03 Dubayy Emirate, United Arab Emirates
AE04 Al Fujayrah Emirate, United Arab Emirates
AE05 Ra's al Khaymah Emirate, United Arab Emirates
AE06 Ash Shāriqah Emirate, United Arab Emirates
AE07 Umm al Qaywayn Emirate, United Arab Emirates

AF: AfghanistanEdit

FIPS Code Region
AF01 Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan
AF02 Badghis Province, Afghanistan
AF03 Baghlan Province, Afghanistan
AF05 Bamyan Province, Afghanistan
AF06 Farah Province, Afghanistan
AF07 Faryab Province, Afghanistan
AF08 Ghazni Province, Afghanistan
AF09 Ghor Province, Afghanistan
AF10 Helmand Province, Afghanistan
AF11 Herat Province, Afghanistan
AF13 Kabul Province, Afghanistan
AF14 Kapisa Province, Afghanistan
AF17 Lowgar Province, Afghanistan
AF18 Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan
AF19 Nimruz Province, Afghanistan
AF23 Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
AF24 Kondoz Province, Afghanistan
AF26 Takhar Province, Afghanistan
AF27 Vardak Province, Afghanistan
AF28 Zabol Province, Afghanistan
AF29 Paktika Province, Afghanistan
AF30 Balkh Province, Afghanistan
AF31 Jowzjan Province, Afghanistan
AF32 Samangan Province, Afghanistan
AF33 Sar-e Pol Province, Afghanistan
AF34 Konar Province, Afghanistan
AF35 Laghman Province, Afghanistan
AF36 Paktia Province, Afghanistan
AF37 Khost Province, Afghanistan
AF38 Nurestan Province, Afghanistan
AF39 Orūzgān Province, Afghanistan
AF40 Parvān Province, Afghanistan
AF41 Daykundi Province, Afghanistan
AF42 Panjshīr Province, Afghanistan

AG: AlgeriaEdit

FIPS Code Region
AG01 Alger Province, Algeria
AG03 Batna Province, Algeria
AG04 Constantine Province, Algeria
AG06 Médéa Province, Algeria
AG07 Mostaganem Province, Algeria
AG09 Oran Province, Algeria
AG10 Saïda Province, Algeria
AG12 Sétif Province, Algeria
AG13 Tiaret Province, Algeria
AG14 Tizi Ouzou Province, Algeria
AG15 Tlemcen Province, Algeria
AG18 Bejaïa Province, Algeria
AG19 Biskra Province, Algeria
AG20 Blida Province, Algeria
AG21 Bouira Province, Algeria
AG22 Djelfa Province, Algeria
AG23 Guelma Province, Algeria
AG24 Jijel Province, Algeria
AG25 Laghouat Province, Algeria
AG26 Muaskar Province, Algeria
AG27 M'Sila Province, Algeria
AG29 Oum el Bouaghi Province, Algeria
AG30 Sidi Bel Abbès Province, Algeria
AG31 Skikda Province, Algeria
AG33 Tébessa Province, Algeria
AG34 Adrar Province, Algeria
AG35 Aïn Defla Province, Algeria
AG36 Aïn Temouchent Province, Algeria
AG37 Annaba Province, Algeria
AG38 Béchar Province, Algeria
AG39 Bordj Bou Arréridj Province, Algeria
AG40 Boumerdes Province, Algeria
AG41 Chlef Province, Algeria
AG42 El Bayadh Province, Algeria
AG43 El Oued Province, Algeria
AG44 El Tarf Province, Algeria
AG45 Ghardaïa Province, Algeria
AG46 Illizi Province, Algeria
AG47 Khenchela Province, Algeria
AG48 Mila Province, Algeria
AG49 Naama Province, Algeria
AG50 Ouargla Province, Algeria
AG51 Relizane Province, Algeria
AG52 Souk Ahras Province, Algeria
AG53 Tamanghasset Province, Algeria
AG54 Tindouf Province, Algeria
AG55 Tipaza Province, Algeria
AG56 Tissemsilt Province, Algeria

AJ: AzerbaijanEdit

FIPS Code Region
AJ01 Abşeron Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ02 Ağcabǝdi Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ03 Ağdam Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ04 Ağdaş Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ05 Ağstafa Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ06 Ağsu Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ07 Əli Bayramlı City, Azerbaijan
AJ08 Astara Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ09 Bakı City, Azerbaijan
AJ10 Balakǝn Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ11 Bǝrdǝ Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ12 Beylǝqan Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ13 Biläsuvar Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ14 Cǝbrayıl Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ15 Cǝlilabad Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ16 Daşkǝsǝn Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ17 Dǝvǝçi Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ18 Füzuli Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ19 Gǝdǝbǝy Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ20 Gǝncǝ City, Azerbaijan
AJ21 Goranboy Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ22 Göyçay Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ23 Hacıqabul Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ24 İmişli Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ25 İsmayıllı Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ26 Kǝlbǝcǝr Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ27 Kürdämir Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ28 Laçın Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ29 Lǝnkǝran Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ30 Lǝnkǝran City, Azerbaijan
AJ31 Lerik Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ32 Masallı Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ33 Mingǝcevir City, Azerbaijan
AJ34 Naftalan City, Azerbaijan
AJ35 Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan
AJ36 Neftçala Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ37 Oğuz Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ38 Qǝbǝlǝ Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ39 Qax Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ40 Qazax Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ41 Qobustan Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ42 Quba Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ43 Qubadlı Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ44 Qusar Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ45 Saatlı Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ46 Sabirabad Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ47 Şǝki Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ48 Şǝki City, Azerbaijan
AJ49 Salyan Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ50 Şamaxı Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ51 Şǝmkir Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ52 Samux Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ53 Siyǝzǝn Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ54 Sumqayıt Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ55 Şuşa Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ56 Şuşa City, Azerbaijan
AJ57 Tǝrtǝr Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ58 Tovuz Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ59 Ucar Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ60 Xaçmaz Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ61 Xankǝndi City, Azerbaijan
AJ62 Goygol Rayon, Azerbaijan, formerly Xanlar Rayon
AJ63 Xızı Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ64 Xocalı Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ65 Xocavǝnd Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ66 Yardımlı Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ67 Yevlax Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ68 Yevlax City, Azerbaijan
AJ69 Zǝngilan Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ70 Zaqatala Rayon, Azerbaijan
AJ71 Zǝrdab Rayon, Azerbaijan

AL: AlbaniaEdit

FIPS Code Region
AL40 Berat County, Albania
AL41 Dibër County, Albania
AL42 Durrës County, Albania
AL43 Elbasan County, Albania
AL44 Fier County, Albania
AL45 Gjirokastër County, Albania
AL46 Korçë County, Albania
AL47 Kukës County, Albania
AL48 Lezhë County, Albania
AL49 Shkodër County, Albania
AL50 Tirana County, Albania
AL51 Vlorë County, Albania

AM: ArmeniaEdit

FIPS Code Region
AM01 Aragatsotn Province, Armenia
AM02 Ararat Province, Armenia
AM03 Armavir Province, Armenia
AM04 Geghark'unik' Province, Armenia
AM05 Kotayk' Province, Armenia
AM06 Lorri Province, Armenia
AM07 Shirak Province, Armenia
AM08 Syunik' Province, Armenia
AM09 Tavush Province, Armenia
AM10 Vayots' Dzor Province, Armenia
AM11 Yerevan City, Armenia

AN: AndorraEdit

FIPS Code Region
AN02 Canillo Parish, Andorra
AN03 Encamp Parish, Andorra
AN04 La Massana Parish, Andorra
AN05 Ordino Parish, Andorra
AN06 Sant Julià de Lòria Parish, Andorra
AN07 Andorra la Vella Parish, Andorra
AN08 Escaldes-Engordany Parish, Andorra

AO: AngolaEdit

FIPS Code Region
AO01 Benguela Province, Angola
AO02 Bié Province, Angola
AO03 Cabinda Province, Angola
AO04 Cuando Cubango Province, Angola
AO05 Cuanza Norte Province, Angola
AO06 Cuanza Sul Province, Angola
AO07 Cunene Province, Angola
AO08 Huambo Province, Angola
AO09 Huíla Province, Angola
AO12 Malanje Province, Angola
AO13 Namibe Province, Angola
AO14 Moxico Province, Angola
AO15 Uíge Province, Angola
AO16 Zaire Province, Angola
AO17 Lunda Norte Province, Angola
AO18 Lunda Sul Province, Angola
AO19 Bengo Province, Angola
AO20 Luanda Province, Angola

AR: ArgentinaEdit

FIPS Code Region
AR01 Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
AR02 Catamarca Province, Argentina
AR03 Chaco Province, Argentina
AR04 Chubut Province, Argentina
AR05 Córdoba Province, Argentina
AR06 Corrientes Province, Argentina
AR07 Distrito Federal, Argentina
AR08 Entre Ríos Province, Argentina
AR09 Formosa Province, Argentina
AR10 Jujuy Province, Argentina
AR11 La Pampa Province, Argentina
AR12 La Rioja Province, Argentina
AR13 Mendoza Province, Argentina
AR14 Misiones Province, Argentina
AR15 Neuquén Province, Argentina
AR16 Río Negro Province, Argentina
AR17 Salta Province, Argentina
AR18 San Juan Province, Argentina
AR19 San Luis Province, Argentina
AR20 Santa Cruz Province, Argentina
AR21 Santa Fe Province, Argentina
AR22 Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina
AR23 Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur Province, Argentina
AR24 Tucumán Province, Argentina

AS: AustraliaEdit

FIPS Code Region
AS01 Australian Capital Territory, Australia
AS02 New South Wales State, Australia
AS03 Northern Territory, Australia
AS04 Queensland State, Australia
AS05 South Australia State, Australia
AS06 Tasmania State, Australia
AS07 Victoria State, Australia
AS08 Western Australia State, Australia

AU: AustriaEdit

FIPS Code Region
AU01 Burgenland State, Austria
AU02 Kärnten State, Austria
AU03 Niederösterreich State, Austria
AU04 Oberösterreich State, Austria
AU05 Salzburg State, Austria
AU06 Steiermark State, Austria
AU07 Tirol State, Austria
AU08 Vorarlberg State, Austria
AU09 Wien State, Austria

BA: BahrainEdit

FIPS Code Region
BA01 Al Ḩadd Municipality, Bahrain
BA02 Al Manāmah Municipality, Bahrain
BA05 Jidd Ḩafş Municipality, Bahrain
BA06 Sitrah Municipality, Bahrain
BA08 Al Minţaqah al Gharbīyah Municipality, Bahrain
BA09 Minţaqat Juzur Ḩawār, Bahrain
BA10 Al Minţaqah ash Shamālīyah Municipality, Bahrain
BA11 Al Minţaqah al Wusţá Municipality, Bahrain
BA12 Madīnat `Īsá Municipality, Bahrain
BA13 Ar Rifā` wa al Minţaqah al Janūbīyah Municipality, Bahrain
BA14 Madīnat Ḩamad Municipality, Bahrain
BA15 Al Muḩarraq Municipality, Bahrain
BA16 Al ٰĀşimah Municipality, Bahrain
BA17 Al Janūbīyah Municipality, Bahrain
BA18 Ash Shamālīyah Municipality, Bahrain
BA19 Al Wusţá Municipality, Bahrain

BB: BarbadosEdit

FIPS Code Region
BB01 Parish of Christ Church, Barbados
BB02 Parish of Saint Andrew, Barbados
BB03 Parish of Saint George, Barbados
BB04 Parish of Saint James, Barbados
BB05 Parish of Saint John, Barbados
BB06 Parish of Saint Joseph, Barbados
BB07 Parish of Saint Lucy, Barbados
BB08 Parish of Saint Michael, Barbados
BB09 Parish of Saint Peter, Barbados
BB10 Parish of Saint Philip, Barbados
BB11 Parish of Saint Thomas, Barbados

BC: BotswanaEdit

FIPS Code Region
BC01 Central District, Botswana
BC03 Ghanzi District, Botswana
BC04 Kgalagadi District, Botswana
BC05 Kgatleng District, Botswana
BC06 Kweneng District, Botswana
BC08 North East District, Botswana
BC09 South East District, Botswana
BC10 Southern District, Botswana
BC11 North West District, Botswana

BD: BermudaEdit

FIPS Code Region
BD01 Devonshire Parish, Bermuda
BD02 Hamilton Parish, Bermuda
BD03 Hamilton Municipality, Bermuda
BD04 Paget Parish, Bermuda
BD05 Pembroke Parish, Bermuda
BD06 Saint George Municipality, Bermuda
BD07 Saint George's Parish, Bermuda
BD08 Sandys Parish, Bermuda
BD09 Smith's Parish, Bermuda
BD10 Southampton Parish, Bermuda
BD11 Warwick Parish, Bermuda

BE: BelgiumEdit

FIPS Code Region
BE01 Antwerpen Province, Belgium
BE03 Hainaut Province, Belgium
BE04 Liège Province, Belgium
BE05 Limburg Province, Belgium
BE06 Luxembourg Province, Belgium
BE07 Namur Province, Belgium
BE08 East Flanders Province, Belgium
BE09 West Flanders Province, Belgium
BE10 Walloon Brabant Province, Belgium
BE11 Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
BE12 Flemish Brabant Province, Belgium

BF: The BahamasEdit

FIPS Code Region
BF05 Bimini District, The Bahamas
BF06 Cat Island District, The Bahamas
BF10 Exuma District, The Bahamas
BF13 Inagua District, The Bahamas
BF15 Long Island District, The Bahamas
BF16 Mayaguana District, The Bahamas
BF18 Ragged Island District, The Bahamas
BF22 Harbour Island District, The Bahamas
BF23 New Providence District, The Bahamas
BF24 Acklins and Crooked Islands District, The Bahamas
BF25 Freeport District, The Bahamas
BF26 Fresh Creek District, The Bahamas
BF27 Governor's Harbour District, The Bahamas
BF28 Green Turtle Cay District, The Bahamas
BF29 High Rock District, The Bahamas
BF30 Kemps Bay District, The Bahamas
BF31 Marsh Harbour District, The Bahamas
BF32 Nichollstown and Berry Islands District, The Bahamas
BF33 Rock Sound District, The Bahamas
BF34 Sandy Point District, The Bahamas
BF35 San Salvador and Rum Cay District, The Bahamas

BG: BangladeshEdit

FIPS Code Region
BG81 Dhaka Division, Bangladesh
BG82 Khulna Division, Bangladesh
BG83 Rājshāhi Division, Bangladesh
BG84 Chittagong Division, Bangladesh
BG85 Barisāl Division, Bangladesh
BG86 Sylhet Division, Bangladesh

BH: BelizeEdit

FIPS Code Region
BH01 Belize District, Belize
BH02 Cayo District, Belize
BH03 Corozal District, Belize
BH04 Orange Walk District, Belize
BH05 Stann Creek District, Belize
BH06 Toledo District, Belize

BK: Bosnia and HerzegovinaEdit

FIPS Code Region
BK01 Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine, Bosnia and Herzegovina
BK02 Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

BL: BoliviaEdit

FIPS Code Region
BL01 Chuquisaca Department, Bolivia
BL02 Cochabamba Department, Bolivia
BL03 Beni Department, Bolivia
BL04 La Paz Department, Bolivia
BL05 Oruro Department, Bolivia
BL06 Pando Department, Bolivia
BL07 Potosí Department, Bolivia
BL08 Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia
BL09 Tarija Department, Bolivia

BM: BurmaEdit

FIPS Code Region
BM01 Rakhine State, Burma
BM02 Chin State, Burma
BM03 Ayeyarwady Division, Burma
BM04 Kachin State, Burma
BM05 Kayin State, Burma
BM06 Kayah State, Burma
BM08 Mandalay Division, Burma
BM10 Sagaing Division, Burma
BM11 Shan State, Burma
BM12 Tanintharyi Division, Burma
BM13 Mon State, Burma
BM15 Magway Division, Burma
BM16 Bago Division, Burma
BM17 Yangon Division, Burma

BN: BeninEdit

FIPS Code Region
BN07 Alibori Department, Benin
BN08 Atakora Department, Benin
BN09 Atlantique Department, Benin
BN10 Borgou Department, Benin
BN11 Collines Department, Benin
BN12 Kouffo Department, Benin
BN13 Donga Department, Benin
BN14 Littoral Department, Benin
BN15 Mono Department, Benin
BN16 Ouémé Department, Benin
BN17 Plateau Department, Benin
BN18 Zou Department, Benin

BO: BelarusEdit

FIPS Code Region
BO01 Brest Province, Belarus
BO02 Homyel Province, Belarus
BO03 Hrodna Province, Belarus
BO04 Minsk City, Belarus
BO05 Minsk Province, Belarus
BO06 Mahilyow Province, Belarus
BO07 Vitsebsk Province, Belarus

BP: Solomon IslandsEdit

FIPS Code Region
BP03 Malaita Province, Solomon Islands
BP06 Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands
BP07 Isabel Province, Solomon Islands
BP08 Makira Province, Solomon Islands
BP09 Temotu Province, Solomon Islands
BP10 Central Province, Solomon Islands
BP11 Western Province, Solomon Islands
BP12 Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands
BP13 Rennell and Bellona Province, Solomon Islands

BR: BrazilEdit

FIPS Code Region
BR01 Acre State, Brazil
BR02 Alagoas State, Brazil
BR03 Amapá State, Brazil
BR04 Amazonas State, Brazil
BR05 Bahia State, Brazil
BR06 Ceará State, Brazil
BR07 Distrito Federal Federal District, Brazil
BR08 Espírito Santo State, Brazil
BR11 Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil
BR13 Maranhão State, Brazil
BR14 Mato Grosso State, Brazil
BR15 Minas Gerais State, Brazil
BR16 Pará State, Brazil
BR17 Paraíba State, Brazil
BR18 Paraná State, Brazil
BR20 Piauí State, Brazil
BR21 Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
BR22 Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil
BR23 Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil
BR24 Rondônia State, Brazil
BR25 Roraima State, Brazil
BR26 Santa Catarina State, Brazil
BR27 São Paulo State, Brazil
BR28 Sergipe State, Brazil
BR29 Goiás State, Brazil
BR30 Pernambuco State, Brazil
BR31 Tocantins State, Brazil

BT: BhutanEdit

FIPS Code Region
BT05 Bumthang District, Bhutan
BT06 Chhukha District, Bhutan
BT07 Tsirang (Chirang) District, Bhutan
BT08 Dagana District, Bhutan
BT09 Sarpang (Geylegphug) District, Bhutan
BT10 Haa (Ha) District, Bhutan
BT11 Lhuntse (Lhuntshi) District, Bhutan
BT12 Mongar District, Bhutan
BT13 Paro District, Bhutan
BT14 Pemagatshel (Pemagatsel) District, Bhutan
BT15 Punakha District, Bhutan
BT16 Samtse (Samchi) District, Bhutan
BT17 Samdrup Jongkhar District, Bhutan
BT18 Zhemgang (Shemgang) District, Bhutan
BT19 Trashigang (Tashigang) District, Bhutan
BT20 Thimphu District, Bhutan
BT21 Trongsa (Tongsa) District, Bhutan
BT22 Wangdue Phodrang (Wangdi Phodrang) District, Bhutan

BU: BulgariaEdit

FIPS Code Region
BU38 Blagoevgrad Province, Bulgaria
BU39 Burgas Province, Bulgaria
BU40 Dobrich Province, Bulgaria
BU41 Gabrovo Province, Bulgaria
BU42 Sofiya-Grad Province, Bulgaria
BU43 Haskovo Province, Bulgaria
BU44 Kardzhali Province, Bulgaria
BU45 Kyustendil Province, Bulgaria
BU46 Lovech Province, Bulgaria
BU47 Montana Province, Bulgaria
BU48 Pazardzhik Province, Bulgaria
BU49 Pernik Province, Bulgaria
BU50 Pleven Province, Bulgaria
BU51 Plovdiv Province, Bulgaria
BU52 Razgrad Province, Bulgaria
BU53 Ruse Province, Bulgaria
BU54 Shumen Province, Bulgaria
BU55 Silistra Province, Bulgaria
BU56 Sliven Province, Bulgaria
BU57 Smolyan Province, Bulgaria
BU58 Sofia Province, Bulgaria
BU59 Stara Zagora Province, Bulgaria
BU60 Targovishte Province, Bulgaria
BU61 Varna Province, Bulgaria
BU62 Veliko Tarnovo Province, Bulgaria
BU63 Vidin Province, Bulgaria
BU64 Vratsa Province, Bulgaria
BU65 Yambol Province, Bulgaria

BX: BruneiEdit

FIPS Code Region
BX01 Belait District, Brunei
BX02 Brunei-Muara District, Brunei
BX03 Temburong District, Brunei
BX04 Tutong District, Brunei

BY: BurundiEdit

FIPS Code Region
BY02 Bujumbura Province, Burundi
BY09 Bubanza Province, Burundi
BY10 Bururi Province, Burundi
BY11 Cankuzo Province, Burundi
BY12 Cibitoke Province, Burundi
BY13 Gitega Province, Burundi
BY14 Karuzi Province, Burundi
BY15 Kayanza Province, Burundi
BY16 Kirundo Province, Burundi
BY17 Makamba Province, Burundi
BY18 Muyinga Province, Burundi
BY19 Ngozi Province, Burundi
BY20 Rutana Province, Burundi
BY21 Ruyigi Province, Burundi
BY22 Muramvya Province, Burundi
BY23 Mwaro Province, Burundi

CA: CanadaEdit

FIPS Code Region
CA01 Alberta, Canada
CA02 British Columbia, Canada
CA03 Manitoba, Canada
CA04 New Brunswick, Canada
CA05 Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
CA07 Nova Scotia, Canada
CA08 Ontario, Canada
CA09 Prince Edward Island, Canada
CA10 Quebec, Canada
CA11 Saskatchewan, Canada
CA12 Yukon, Canada
CA13 Northwest Territories, Canada
CA14 Nunavut, Canada

CB: CambodiaEdit

FIPS Code Region
CB02 Kâmpóng Cham Province, Cambodia
CB03 Kâmpóng Chhnăng Province, Cambodia
CB04 Kâmpóng Spœ Province, Cambodia
CB05 Kâmpóng Thum Province, Cambodia
CB07 Kândal Province, Cambodia
CB08 Kaôh Kŏng Province, Cambodia
CB09 Krâchéh Province, Cambodia
CB10 Môndôl Kiri Province, Cambodia
CB12 Poŭthĭsăt Province, Cambodia
CB13 Preăh Vĭhéar Province, Cambodia
CB14 Prey Vêng Province, Cambodia
CB17 Stœ̆ng Trêng Province, Cambodia
CB18 Svay Riĕng Province, Cambodia
CB19 Takêv Province, Cambodia
CB21 Kâmpôt Province, Cambodia
CB22 Phnum Pénh Municipality, Cambodia
CB23 Rôtânăh Kiri Province, Cambodia
CB24 Siĕm Réab Province, Cambodia
CB25 Bântéay Méan Cheăy Province, Cambodia
CB26 Kêb Municipality, Cambodia
CB27 Ŏtdâr Méanchey Province, Cambodia
CB28 Preăh Sihanouk Municipality, Cambodia
CB29 Bătdâmbâng Province, Cambodia
CB30 Pailĭn Province, Cambodia

CD: ChadEdit

FIPS Code Region
CD01 Batha Region, Chad
CD02 Wadi Fira Region, Chad
CD03 Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Region, Chad
CD05 Guéra Region, Chad
CD06 Kanem Region, Chad
CD07 Lac Region, Chad
CD08 Logone Occidental Region, Chad
CD09 Logone Oriental Region, Chad
CD12 Ouaddaï Region, Chad
CD13 Salamat Region, Chad
CD14 Tandjilé Region, Chad
CD15 Chari-Baguirmi Region, Chad
CD16 Mayo-Kebbi Est Region, Chad
CD17 Moyen-Chari Region, Chad
CD18 Hadjer-Lamis Region, Chad
CD19 Mandoul Region, Chad
CD20 Mayo-Kebbi Ouest Region, Chad
CD21 Ville de N'Djamena, Chad

CE: Sri LankaEdit

FIPS Code Region
CE01 Amparai District, Sri Lanka
CE02 Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka
CE03 Badulla District, Sri Lanka
CE04 Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka
CE06 Galle District, Sri Lanka
CE07 Hambantota District, Sri Lanka
CE09 Kalutara District, Sri Lanka
CE10 Kandy District, Sri Lanka
CE11 Kegalla District, Sri Lanka
CE12 Kurunegala District, Sri Lanka
CE14 Matale District, Sri Lanka
CE15 Matara District, Sri Lanka
CE16 Moneragala District, Sri Lanka
CE17 Nuwara Eliya District, Sri Lanka
CE18 Polonnaruwa District, Sri Lanka
CE19 Puttalam District, Sri Lanka
CE20 Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka
CE21 Trincomalee District, Sri Lanka
CE23 Colombo District, Sri Lanka
CE24 Gampaha District, Sri Lanka
CE25 Jaffna District, Sri Lanka
CE26 Mannar District, Sri Lanka
CE27 Mullaittivu District, Sri Lanka
CE28 Vavuniya District, Sri Lanka

CF: CongoEdit

FIPS Code Region
CF01 Bouenza Region, Congo
CF04 Kouilou Region, Congo
CF05 Lékoumou Region, Congo
CF06 Likouala Region, Congo
CF07 Niari Region, Congo
CF08 Plateaux Region, Congo
CF10 Sangha Region, Congo
CF11 Pool Region, Congo
CF12 Brazzaville Commune, Congo
CF13 Cuvette Region, Congo
CF14 Cuvette-Ouest Region, Congo

CG: Democratic Republic of the CongoEdit

FIPS Code Region
CG01 Bandundu Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CG02 Équateur Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CG03 Kasaï-Occidental Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CG04 Kasaï-Oriental Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CG05 Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CG06 Kinshasa City, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CG08 Bas-Congo Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CG09 Orientale Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CG10 Maniema Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CG11 North Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo
CG12 South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo

CH: ChinaEdit

FIPS Code Region
CH01 Anhui Province, China
CH02 Zhejiang Province, China
CH03 Jiangxi Province, China
CH04 Jiangsu Province, China
CH05 Jilin Province, China
CH06 Qinghai Province, China
CH07 Fujian Province, China
CH08 Heilongjiang Province, China
CH09 Henan Province, China
CH10 Hebei Province, China
CH11 Hunan Province, China
CH12 Hubei Province, China
CH13 Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China
CH14 Xizang Autonomous Region, China
CH15 Gansu Province, China
CH16 Guangxi Autonomous Region, China
CH18 Guizhou Province, China
CH19 Liaoning Province, China
CH20 Nei Mongol Autonomous Region, China
CH21 Ningxia Autonomous Region, China
CH22 Beijing Municipality, China
CH23 Shanghai Municipality, China
CH24 Shanxi Province, China
CH25 Shandong Province, China
CH26 Shaanxi Province, China
CH28 Tianjin Municipality, China
CH29 Yunnan Province, China
CH30 Guangdong Province, China
CH31 Hainan Province, China
CH32 Sichuan Province, China
CH33 Chongqing Municipality, China

CI: ChileEdit

FIPS Code Region
CI01 Valparaíso Region, Chile
CI02 Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region, Chile
CI03 Antofagasta Region, Chile
CI04 Araucanía Region, Chile
CI05 Atacama Region, Chile
CI06 Biobío Region, Chile
CI07 Coquimbo Region, Chile
CI08 Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins Region, Chile
CI10 Magallanes y Antártica Chilena Region, Chile
CI11 Maule Region, Chile
CI12 Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
CI14 Los Lagos Region, Chile
CI15 Tarapacá Region, Chile
CI16 Arica y Parinacota Region, Chile
CI17 Los Ríos Region, Chile

CJ: Cayman IslandsEdit

FIPS Code Region
CJ01 Creek District, Cayman Islands
CJ02 Eastern District, Cayman Islands
CJ03 Midland District, Cayman Islands
CJ04 South Town District, Cayman Islands
CJ05 Spot Bay District, Cayman Islands
CJ06 Stake Bay District, Cayman Islands
CJ07 West End District, Cayman Islands
CJ08 Western District, Cayman Islands

CM: CameroonEdit

FIPS Code Region
CM04 East Province
CM05 Littoral Province
CM07 Northwest Province
CM08 West Province
CM09 Southwest Province
CM10 Adamawa Province
CM11 Centre Province
CM12 Far North Province
CM13 North Province
CM14 South Province

CN: ComorosEdit

FIPS Code Region
CN01 Anjouan Island, Comoros
CN02 Grande Comore Island, Comoros
CN03 Mohéli Island, Comoros

CO: ColombiaEdit

FIPS Code Region
CO01 Amazonas Department, Colombia
CO02 Antioquia Department, Colombia
CO03 Arauca Department, Colombia
CO04 Atlántico Department, Colombia
CO08 Caquetá Department, Colombia
CO09 Cauca Department, Colombia
CO10 Cesar Department, Colombia
CO11 Chocó Department, Colombia
CO12 Córdoba Department, Colombia
CO14 Guaviare Department, Colombia
CO15 Guainía Department, Colombia
CO16 Huila Department, Colombia
CO17 Guajira Department, Colombia
CO19 Meta Department, Colombia
CO20 Nariño Department, Colombia
CO21 Norte de Santander Department, Colombia
CO22 Putumayo Department, Colombia
CO23 Quindío Department, Colombia
CO24 Risaralda Department, Colombia
CO25 San Andrés and Providencia Department, Colombia
CO26 Santander Department, Colombia
CO27 Sucre Department, Colombia
CO28 Tolima Department, Colombia
CO29 Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia
CO30 Vaupés Department, Colombia
CO31 Vichada Department, Colombia
CO32 Casanare Department, Colombia
CO33 Cundinamarca Department, Colombia
CO34 Bogotá Capital District, Colombia
CO35 Bolívar Department, Colombia
CO36 Boyacá Department, Colombia
CO37 Caldas Department, Colombia
CO38 Magdalena Department, Colombia

CS: Costa RicaEdit

FIPS Code Region
CS01 Alajuela Province, Costa Rica
CS02 Cartago Province, Costa Rica
CS03 Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
CS04 Heredia Province, Costa Rica
CS06 Limón Province, Costa Rica
CS07 Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica
CS08 San José Province, Costa Rica

CT: Central African RepublicEdit

FIPS Code Region
CT01 Bamingui-Bangoran Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT02 Basse-Kotto Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT03 Haute-Kotto Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT04 Mambéré-Kadéï Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT05 Haut-Mbomou Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT06 Kémo Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT07 Lobaye Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT08 Mbomou Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT09 Nana-Mambéré Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT11 Ouaka Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT12 Ouham Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT13 Ouham-Pendé Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT14 Vakaga Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT15 Nana-Grébizi Economic Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT16 Sangha-Mbaéré Economic Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT17 Ombella-Mpoko Prefecture, Central African Republic
CT18 Bangui Commune, Central African Republic

CU: CubaEdit

FIPS Code Region
CU01 Pinar del Río Province, Cuba
CU02 Ciudad de La Habana Province, Cuba
CU03 Matanzas Province, Cuba
CU04 Isla de la Juventud Special Municipality, Cuba
CU05 Camagüey Province, Cuba
CU07: Ciego de Ávila Province, Cuba
CU08 Cienfuegos Province, Cuba
CU09 Granma Province, Cuba
CU10 Guantánamo Province, Cuba
CU11 La Habana Province, Cuba
CU12 Holguín Province, Cuba
CU13 Las Tunas Province, Cuba
CU14 Sancti Spíritus Province, Cuba
CU15 Santiago de Cuba Province, Cuba
CU16 Villa Clara Province, Cuba

CV: Cape VerdeEdit

FIPS Code Region
CV01 Boa Vista District, Cape Verde
CV02 Brava District, Cape Verde
CV04 Maio District, Cape Verde
CV05 Paul District, Cape Verde
CV07 Ribeira Grande District, Cape Verde
CV08 Sal District, Cape Verde
CV10 São Nicolau District, Cape Verde
CV11 São Vicente District, Cape Verde
CV13 Mosteiros District, Cape Verde
CV14 Praia District, Cape Verde
CV15 Santa Catarina District, Cape Verde
CV16 Santa Cruz District, Cape Verde
CV17 São Domingos District, Cape Verde
CV18 São Filipe District, Cape Verde
CV19 São Miguel District, Cape Verde
CV20 Tarrafal District, Cape Verde

CY: CyprusEdit

FIPS Code Region
CY01 Famagusta District, Cyprus
CY02 Kyrenia District, Cyprus
CY03 Larnaca District, Cyprus
CY04 Nicosia District, Cyprus
CY05 Limassol District, Cyprus
CY06 Paphos District, Cyprus

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