Vakaga is one of the 16 prefectures of the Central African Republic. Its capital is Birao.[1][2] It covers an area of 46,500 km2 and has a population of 37,595 (2003 census). The extremely low population density, less than 1 person/km2, is a result of the capture of the majority of the region's inhabitants by slave-traders from the Sudan in the second half of the nineteenth century.[citation needed] Vakaga is known for its oil reserves.[citation needed]

Vakaga, prefecture of Central African Republic
Vakaga, prefecture of Central African Republic
Sub-prefectures of Vakaga
Sub-prefectures of Vakaga
CountryCentral African Republic
 • Total52,255 km2 (20,176 sq mi)
 (2003 census)
 • Total46,500
 • Density0.89/km2 (2.3/sq mi)

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Coordinates: 10°20′N 22°45′E / 10.333°N 22.750°E / 10.333; 22.750