List of FIPS region codes (G–I)

This is a list of FIPS 10-4 region codes from G-I, using a standardized name format, and cross-linking to articles.

On September 2, 2008, FIPS 10-4 was one of ten standards withdrawn by NIST as a Federal Information Processing Standard.[1] The list here is the last version of codes. For earlier versions, see link below.

GA: The Gambia edit

FIPS Code Region
GA01 Banjul City
GA02 Lower River Division
GA03 Central River Division
GA04 Upper River Division
GA05 Western Division
GA07 North Bank Division

GB: Gabon edit

FIPS Code Region
GB01 Estuaire Province
GB02 Haut-Ogooué Province
GB03 Moyen-Ogooué Province
GB04 Ngounié Province
GB05 Nyanga Province
GB06 Ogooué-Ivindo Province
GB07 Ogooué-Lolo Province
GB08 Ogooué-Maritime Province
GB09 Woleu-Ntem Province

GG: Georgia edit

FIPS Code Region
GG01 Abashis Raioni
GG02 Abkhazia
GG03 Adigenis Raioni
GG04 Ajaria
GG05 Akhalgoris Raioni
GG06 Akhalk'alak'is Raioni
GG07 Akhalts'ikhis Raioni
GG08 Akhmetis Raioni
GG09 Ambrolauris Raioni
GG10 Aspindzis Raioni
GG11 Baghdat'is Raioni
GG12 Bolnisis Raioni
GG13 Borjomis Raioni
GG14 Chiat'ura
GG15 Ch'khorotsqus Raioni
GG16 Ch'okhatauris Raioni
GG17 Dedop'listsqaros Raioni
GG18 Dmanisis Raioni
GG19 Dushet'is Raioni
GG20 Gardabanis Raioni
GG21 Gori
GG22 Goris Raioni
GG23 Gurjaanis Raioni
GG24 Javis Raioni
GG25 K'arelis Raioni
GG26 Kaspis Raioni
GG27 Kharagaulis Raioni
GG28 Khashuris Raioni
GG29 Khobis Raioni
GG30 Khonis Raioni
GG31 K'ut'aisi
GG32 Lagodekhis Raioni
GG33 Lanch'khut'is Raioni
GG34 Lentekhis Raioni
GG35 Marneulis Raioni
GG36 Martvilis Raioni
GG37 Mestiis Raioni
GG38 Mts'khet'is Raioni
GG39 Ninotsmindis Raioni
GG40 Onis Raioni
GG41 Ozurget'is Raioni
GG42 P'ot'i
GG43 Qazbegis Raioni
GG44 Qvarlis Raioni
GG45 Rust'avi
GG46 Sach'kheris Raioni
GG47 Sagarejos Raioni
GG48 Samtrediis Raioni
GG49 Senakis Raioni
GG50 Sighnaghis Raioni
GG51 T'bilisi
GG52 T'elavis Raioni
GG53 T'erjolis Raioni
GG54 T'et'ritsqaros Raioni
GG55 T'ianet'is Raioni
GG56 Tqibuli
GG57 Ts'ageris Raioni
GG58 Tsalenjikhis Raioni
GG59 Tsalkis Raioni
GG60 Tsqaltubo
GG61 Vanis Raioni
GG62 Zestap'onis Raioni
GG63 Zugdidi
GG64 Zugdidis Raioni

GH: Ghana edit

FIPS Code Region
GH01 Greater Accra Region
GH02 Ashanti Region
GH03 Brong-Ahafo Region
GH04 Central Region
GH05 Eastern Region
GH06 Northern Region
GH08 Volta Region
GH09 Western Region
GH10 Upper East Region
GH11 Upper West Region

GJ: Grenada edit

FIPS Code Region
GJ01 Saint Andrew Parish
GJ02 Saint David Parish
GJ03 Saint George Parish
GJ04 Saint John Parish
GJ05 Saint Mark Parish
GJ06 Saint Patrick Parish

GL: Greenland edit

Lansdele (pre 2009)

FIPS Code Region
GL01 Nordgronland
GL02 Ostgronland
GL03 Vestgronland

Since 1953, and probably earlier, Greenland was divided into three lansdele ("country-parts"), sometimes called amter (counties), as shown above. In 2009 the lansdele were abolished and replaced by four kommuner.[2] Kommuner (post 2009)

FIPS Code Region
GL04 Kujalleq
GL05 Qaasuitsup
GL06 Qeqqata
GL07 Sermersooq

GM: Germany edit

FIPS Code Region
GM01 Baden-Württemberg State
GM02 Free State of Bavaria
GM03 Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
GM04 Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg
GM05 Hesse State
GM06 Lower Saxony State
GM07 North Rhine-Westphalia State
GM08 Rhineland-Palatinate State
GM09 Saarland State
GM10 Schleswig-Holstein State
GM11 Brandenburg State
GM12 Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State
GM13 Free State of Saxony
GM14 Sachsen-Anhalt State
GM15 Free State of Thüringia
GM16 Berlin State

GR: Greece edit

FIPS Code Region
GR01 Évros Prefecture
GR02 Rodópi Prefecture
GR03 Xánthi Prefecture
GR04 Dráma Prefecture
GR05 Sérrai Prefecture
GR06 Kilkís Prefecture
GR07 Pélla Prefecture
GR08 Flórina Prefecture
GR09 Kastoriá Prefecture
GR10 Grevená Prefecture
GR11 Kozáni Prefecture
GR12 Imathía Prefecture
GR13 Thessaloníki Prefecture
GR14 Kavála Prefecture
GR15 Chalkidikí Prefecture
GR16 Piería Prefecture
GR17 Ioánnina Prefecture
GR18 Thesprotía Prefecture
GR19 Préveza Prefecture
GR20 Árta Prefecture
GR21 Lárisa Prefecture
GR22 Tríkala Prefecture
GR23 Kardítsa Prefecture
GR24 Magnisía Prefecture
GR25 Kérkyra Prefecture
GR26 Lefkás Prefecture
GR27 Kefallinía Prefecture
GR28 Zákynthos Prefecture
GR29 Fthiótis Prefecture
GR30 Evrytanía Prefecture
GR31 Aitolía kai Akarnanía Prefecture
GR32 Fokídos Prefecture
GR33 Voiotía Prefecture
GR34 Évvoia Prefecture
GR35 Attikí Prefecture
GR36 Argolís Prefecture
GR37 Korinthía Prefecture
GR38 Achaḯa Prefecture
GR39 Ileía Prefecture
GR40 Messinía Prefecture
GR41 Arkadía Prefecture
GR42 Lakonía Prefecture
GR43 Chaníon Prefecture
GR44 Rethýmnis Prefecture
GR45 Irákleion Prefecture
GR46 Lasíthi Prefecture
GR47 Dodekánisos Prefecture
GR48 Sámos Prefecture
GR49 Kykládes Prefecture
GR50 Chíos Prefecture
GR51 Lésvos Prefecture

GT: Guatemala edit

FIPS Code Region
GT01 Alta Verapaz Department
GT02 Baja Verapaz Department
GT03 Chimaltenango Department
GT04 Chiquimula Department
GT05 El Progreso Department
GT06 Escuintla Department
GT07 Guatemala Department
GT08 Huehuetenango Department
GT09 Izabal Department
GT10 Jalapa Department
GT11 Jutiapa Department
GT12 Petén Department
GT13 Quetzaltenango Department
GT14 Quiché Department
GT15 Retalhuleu Department
GT16 Sacatepéquez Department
GT17 San Marcos Department
GT18 Santa Rosa Department
GT19 Solola Department
GT20 Suchitepéquez Department
GT21 Totonicapán Department
GT22 Zacapa Department

GV: Guinea edit

FIPS Code Region
GV01 Beyla Prefecture
GV02 Boffa Prefecture
GV03 Boké Prefecture
GV04 Conakry Special Zone
GV05 Dabola Prefecture
GV06 Dalaba Prefecture
GV07 Dinguiraye Prefecture
GV09 Faranah Prefecture
GV10 Forécariah Prefecture
GV11 Fria Prefecture
GV12 Gaoual Prefecture
GV13 Guékédou Prefecture
GV15 Kérouané Prefecture
GV16 Kindia Prefecture
GV17 Kissidougou Prefecture
GV18 Koundara Prefecture
GV19 Kouroussa Prefecture
GV21 Macenta Prefecture
GV22 Mali Prefecture
GV23 Mamou Prefecture
GV25 Pita Prefecture
GV27 Télimélé Prefecture
GV28 Tougué Prefecture
GV29 Yomou Prefecture
GV30 Coyah Prefecture
GV31 Dubréka Prefecture
GV32 Kankan Prefecture
GV33 Koubia Prefecture
GV34 Labé Prefecture
GV35 Lélouma Prefecture
GV36 Lola Prefecture
GV37 Mandiana Prefecture
GV38 Nzérékoré Prefecture
GV39 Siguiri Prefecture

GY: Guyana edit

FIPS Code Region
GY10 Barima-Waini Region
GY11 Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region
GY12 Demerara-Mahaica Region
GY13 East Berbice-Corentyne Region
GY14 Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region
GY15 Mahaica-Berbice Region
GY16 Pomeroon-Supenaam Region
GY17 Potaro-Siparuni Region
GY18 Upper Demerara-Berbice Region
GY19 Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region

HA: Haiti edit

FIPS Code Region
HA03 Nord-Ouest Department, Haiti
HA06 Artibonite Department, Haiti
HA07 Centre Department, Haiti
HA09 Nord Department, Haiti
HA10 Nord-Est Department, Haiti
HA11 Ouest Department, Haiti
HA12 Sud Department, Haiti
HA13 Sud-Est Department, Haiti
HA14 Grand'Anse Department, Haiti
HA15 Nippes Department, Haiti

HO: Honduras edit

FIPS Code Region
HO01 Atlántida Department
HO02 Choluteca Department
HO03 Colón Department
HO04 Comayagua Department
HO05 Copán Department
HO06 Cortés Department
HO07 El Paraíso Department
HO08 Francisco Morazán Department
HO09 Gracias a Dios Department
HO10 Intibucá Department
HO11 Islas de la Bahía Department
HO12 La Paz Department
HO13 Lempira Department
HO14 Ocotepeque Department
HO15 Olancho Department
HO16 Santa Bárbara Department
HO17 Valle Department
HO18 Yoro Department

HK: Hong Kong edit

FIPS Code Region
HK Hong Kong

HR: Croatia edit

FIPS Code Region
HR01 Bjelovar-Bilogora County
HR02 Brod-Posavina County
HR03 Dubrovnik-Neretva County
HR04 Istria County
HR05 Karlovac County
HR06 Koprivnica-Križevci County
HR07 Krapina-Zagorje County
HR08 Lika-Senj County
HR09 Međimurje County
HR10 Osijek-Baranja County
HR11 Požega-Slavonia County
HR12 Primorje-Gorski Kotar County
HR13 Šibenik-Knin County
HR14 Sisak-Moslavina County
HR15 Split-Dalmatia County
HR16 Varaždin County
HR17 Virovitica-Podravina County
HR18 Vukovar-Srijem County
HR19 Zadar County
HR20 Zagreb County
HR21 Zagreb City

HU: Hungary edit

FIPS Code Region
HU01 Bács-Kiskun County
HU02 Baranya County
HU04 Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County
HU05 Budapest Capital City
HU06 Csongrád County
HU07 Debrecen Urban County
HU08 Fejér County
HU09 Győr-Moson-Sopron County
HU10 Hajdú-Bihar County
HU11 Heves County
HU12 Komárom-Esztergom County
HU13 Miskolc Urban County
HU14 Nógrád County
HU15 Pécs Urban County
HU16 Pest County
HU17 Somogy County
HU18 Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County
HU19 Szeged Urban County
HU20 Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County
HU21 Tolna County
HU22 Vas County
HU23 Veszprém County
HU24 Zala County
HU25 Győr Urban County
HU26 Békéscsaba Urban County
HU27 Dunaújváros Urban County
HU28 Eger Urban County
HU29 Hódmezővásárhely Urban County
HU30 Kaposvár Urban County
HU31 Kecskemét Urban County
HU32 Nagykanizsa Urban County
HU33 Nyíregyháza Urban County
HU34 Sopron Urban County
HU35 Székesfehérvár Urban County
HU36 Szolnok Urban County
HU37 Szombathely Urban County
HU38 Tatabánya Urban County
HU39 Veszprém Urban County
HU40 Zalaegerszeg Urban County
HU41 Salgótarján County
HU42 Szekszárd County
HU43 Érd County

IC: Iceland edit

FIPS Code Region
IC38 Eastern Region
IC39 Capital Region
IC40 Northeastern Region
IC41 Northwestern Region
IC42 Southern Region
IC43 Southern Peninsula
IC44 Westfjords
IC45 Western Region

ID: Indonesia edit

FIPS Code Region
ID01 Aceh Special Region
ID02 Bali Province
ID03 Bengkulu Province
ID04 Jakarta Raya Special Capital City District
ID05 Jambi Province
ID07 Jawa Tengah Province
ID08 Jawa Timur Province
ID10 Yogyakarta Special Region
ID11 Kalimantan Barat Province
ID12 Kalimantan Selatan Province
ID13 Kalimantan Tengah Province
ID14 Kalimantan Timur Province
ID15 Lampung Province
ID17 Nusa Tenggara Barat Province
ID18 Nusa Tenggara Timur Province
ID21 Sulawesi Tengah Province
ID22 Sulawesi Tenggara Province
ID24 Sumatera Barat Province
ID26 Sumatera Utara Province
ID28 Maluku Province
ID29 Maluku Utara Province
ID30 Jawa Barat Province
ID31 Sulawesi Utara Province
ID32 Sumatera Selatan Province
ID33 Banten Province
ID34 Gorontalo Province
ID35 Kepulauan Bangka Belitung Province
ID36 Papua Province
ID37 Riau Province
ID38 Sulawesi Selatan Province
ID39 Papua Barat Province
ID40 Kepulauan Riau Province
ID41 Sulawesi Barat Province

IN: India edit

FIPS Code Region
IN01 Andaman and Nicobar Islands Union Territory
IN02 Andhra Pradesh State
IN03 Assam State
IN05 Chandigarh Union Territory
IN07 Delhi Union Territory
IN09 Gujarat State
IN10 Haryana State
IN11 Himachal Pradesh State
IN12 Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory
IN13 Kerala State
IN14 Lakshadweep Union Territory
IN16 Maharashtra State
IN17 Manipur State
IN18 Meghalaya State
IN19 Karnataka State
IN20 Nagaland State
IN21 Odisha State
IN22 Puducherry Union Territory
IN23 Punjab State
IN24 Rajasthan State
IN25 Tamil Nadu State
IN26 Tripura State
IN28 West Bengal State
IN29 Sikkim State
IN30 Arunachal Pradesh State
IN31 Mizoram State
IN33 Goa State
IN34 Bihar State
IN35 Madhya Pradesh State
IN36 Uttar Pradesh State
IN37 Chhattisgarh State
IN38 Jharkhand State
IN39 Uttarakhand State
IN40 Telangana State
IN41 Ladakh Union Territory
IN42 Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu Union Territory

IR: Iran edit

FIPS Code Region
IR01 Āz̄arbāyjān-e Gharbī Province
IR03 Chahār Maḩāll va Bakhtīār Province
IR04 Sīstān va Balūchestān Province
IR05 Kohgīlūyeh va Būyer Aḩmad Province
IR07 Fārs Province
IR08 Gīlān Province
IR09 Hamadān Province
IR10 Īlām Province
IR11 Hormozgān Province
IR13 Kermānshāh Province
IR15 Khūzestān Province
IR16 Kordestān Province
IR22 Būshehr Province
IR23 Lorestān Province
IR25 Semnān Province
IR26 Tehrān Province
IR28 Eşfahān Province
IR29 Kermān Province
IR32 Ardabīl Province
IR33 Āz̄arbāyjān-e Sharqī Province
IR34 Markaz Province
IR35 Māzandarān Province
IR36 Zanjān Province
IR37 Golestān Province
IR38 Qazvīn Province
IR39 Qom Province
IR40 Yazd Province
IR41 Khorāsān-e Janūbī Province
IR42 Khorāsān-e Razavī Province
IR43 Khorāsān-e Shemālī Province
IR44 Alborz Province

IS: Israel edit

FIPS Code Region
IS01 HaDarom District
IS02 HaMerkaz District
IS03 HaTzafon District
IS04 Hefa District
IS05 Tel Aviv District
IS06 Yerushalayim District

IT: Italy edit

FIPS Code Region
IT01 Abruzzo Region
IT02 Basilicata Region
IT03 Calabria Region
IT04 Campania Region
IT05 Emilia-Romagna Region
IT06 Friuli-Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region
IT07 Lazio Region
IT08 Liguria Region
IT09 Lombardia Region
IT10 Marche Region
IT11 Molise Region
IT12 Piemonte Region
IT13 Puglia Region
IT14 Sardegna Autonomous Region
IT15 Sicilia Autonomous Region
IT16 Toscana Region
IT17 Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol Autonomous Region
IT18 Umbria Region
IT19 Valle d'Aosta Autonomous Region
IT20 Veneto Region

IV: Côte d'Ivoire edit

FIPS Code Region
IV74 Agnéby
IV75 Bafing
IV76 Bas-Sassandra
IV77 Denguélé
IV78 Dix-Huit Montagnes
IV79 Fromager
IV80 Haut-Sassandra
IV81 Lacs
IV82 Lagunes
IV83 Marahoué
IV84 Moyen-Cavally
IV85 Moyen-Comoé
IV86 N'zi-Comoé
IV87 Savanes
IV88 Sud-Bandama
IV89 Sud-Comoé
IV90 Vallée du Bandama
IV91 Worodougou
IV92 Zanzan

IZ: Iraq edit

FIPS Code Region
IZ01 Al Anbār Governorate
IZ02 Al Başrah Governorate
IZ03 Al Muthanná Governorate
IZ04 Al Qādisīyah Governorate
IZ05 As Sulaymānīyah Governorate
IZ06 Bābil Governorate
IZ07 Baghdād Governorate
IZ08 Dahūk Governorate
IZ09 Dhī Qār Governorate
IZ10 Diyālá Governorate
IZ11 Arbīl Governorate
IZ12 Karbalā' Governorate
IZ13 At Ta'mīm Governorate
IZ14 Maysān Governorate
IZ15 Nīnawá Governorate
IZ16 Wāsiţ Governorate
IZ17 An Najaf Governorate
IZ18 Şalāḩ ad Dīn Governorate

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