Northern District (Israel)

The Northern District (Hebrew: מחוז הצפון‎, Meḥoz HaTzafon; Arabic: منطقة الشمال‎, Minṭaqat ash-Shamāl) is one of Israel's six administrative districts. The Northern District has a land area of 4,478 km², which increases to 4,638 km² when both land and water are included. The district capital is Nof HaGalil and the largest city is Nazareth.

Northern District
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 • Arabicمنطقة الشمال
 • Hebrewמחוז הצפון
Northern District in Israel (+disputed hatched).svg
Local Councils61
Regional Councils15
CapitalNof HaGalil
 • Total4,478 km2 (1,729 sq mi)
 • Total1,401,300
ISO 3166 codeIL-Z

The Golan Heights has been run as a sub-district of the North District of Israel since the 1981 Golan Heights Law was passed; the claim is only recognized by the United States[1] and the unenforced United Nations Security Council Resolution 497 declared the annexation invalid. Excluding the Golan Heights, which cover a land area of 1,154 km², the Northern District covers 3,324 km² (3,484 km² including water).


According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics data for 2016:[2]

  • Total population: 1,390,900 (2016)
  • Ethnic:
    • Arabs: 746,600 (53.7%)
    • Jews: 599,700 (43.1%)
    • Others: 44,600 (3.2%)
  • Religious:
  • Density: 311/km²

The Northern District is the only district of Israel where the majority of inhabitants are Arabs.

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Nazareth, the largest city in the North District
Cities Local Councils Regional Councils

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Coordinates: 32°50′N 35°20′E / 32.833°N 35.333°E / 32.833; 35.333