Migdal, Israel

Migdal (Hebrew: מִגְדָּל, lit. Tower) is a town in the Northern District of Israel. It was founded in 1910, and granted local council status in 1949. In 2019 it had a population of 1,952.

  • מִגְדָּל
  • مغدال
Local council (from 1949)
Hebrew transcription(s)
 • ISO 259Migdal
Migdal is located in Northeast Israel
Migdal is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°50′20.68″N 35°29′57.46″E / 32.8390778°N 35.4992944°E / 32.8390778; 35.4992944Coordinates: 32°50′20.68″N 35°29′57.46″E / 32.8390778°N 35.4992944°E / 32.8390778; 35.4992944
Country Israel
 • Head of MunicipalityIsrael Sason Amrosi
 • Total11,395 dunams (11.395 km2 or 4.400 sq mi)
 • Total1,952
 • Density170/km2 (440/sq mi)
Name meaningTower

Migdal is located near Ginosar, and about 8 km north of Tiberias.[2] It has a shoreline on the Sea of Galilee, including the Tamar, Ilanot and Arbel beaches.


Migdal is named after a city from the Second Temple period called "Magdala". The ancient city is believed to have been located on the site of the depopulated village of al-Majdal, which preserved the name.[3]

In 1908, a small group of German Catholics who identified the site as the birthplace of Mary Magdalene settled there.[4] They left after a year and the land was bought by Russian Zionists who founded a farm, Ahuzat Moskva (Moscow Estate) in 1910. This settlement was adjacent to the Arab village al-Majdal. A few years later, the land was sold to private investors.[2] An encampment of Gdud HaAvoda workers who built the Tiberias-Rosh Pina road was established there in 1921.[5]

According to a census conducted in 1922 by the British Mandate authorities, Migdal had a population of 51 inhabitants, consisting of 42 Jews and 9 Muslims.[6]

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The town of Migdal is featured on the right, and Hamaam on the left From Mount Arbel.