Southern District (Israel)

The Southern District (Hebrew: מחוז הדרום‎, Meḥoz HaDarom; Arabic: لواء الجنوب‎) is one of Israel's six administrative districts, the largest in terms of land area but the most sparsely populated. It covers most of the Negev desert, as well as the Arava valley. The population of the Southern District is 1,086,240 and its area is 14,185 km2.[1] Its population is 79.66% Jewish and 12.72% Arab (mostly Muslim), with 7.62% Others. The district capital is Beersheba, while the largest city is Ashdod. Beersheba's dormitory towns of Omer, Meitar, and Lehavim are all relatively affluent, while the development towns (including Sderot, Netivot, and Ofakim) and the seven Bedouin cities are lower on the socio-economic scale.[2]

South District
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 • Hebrewמחוז הדרום
 • Arabicلواء الجنوب
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Local Councils11
Regional Councils15
 • Total14,185 km2 (5,477 sq mi)
 • Total1,244,200
ISO 3166 codeIL-D
The route from Jerusalem to Ashdod

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Some villages do not fall under the jurisdiction of a regional council. These include:

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