Choluteca Department

Choluteca is one of the 18 departments (departamentos) into which Honduras is divided. The departmental capital is the city of Choluteca. The Choluteca River runs through the department.

Choluteca Department
Departamento de Choluteca
Location of Choluteca in Honduras
Location of Choluteca in Honduras
FoundedJune 28, 1825[a]
Capital cityCholuteca
 • GobernadorEdgardo Tato Loucel (2018–2022) (PNH)
 • Total4,397 km2 (1,698 sq mi)
 • Total447,852
 • Density100/km2 (260/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+6 (CDT)
Postal code
51101, 51201
ISO 3166 codeHN-CH
HDI (2017)0.569[1]
medium · 12th
Statistics derived from Consult INE online database: Population and Housing Census 2013[2]


In the mesoamerican classical period [es], the indigenous Cholultecas [es] were engaged in trade in a vast territory encompassing the south of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, parts of El Salvador and Nicaragua. In the exercise of this industry they reached the South Coast of Honduras, and founded the settlement of what is now the city of Choluteca hundreds of years before the Spanish conquest.

Choluteca was created as a division of colonial rule from Guatemala in March 1535. Upon independence from Spain, the department of Choluteca was created on June 28, 1825, as one of the seven original departments in which Honduras was divided after independence during the government of the first head of state of Honduras, Dionisio de Herrera. Its borders were changed twice after the original partition. In 1843 the district of Guascorán was added to its territory, until then part of Comayagua. In 1893 its westernmost part was split, with the creation of the Valle department.


Choluteca is the southernmost department of Honduras with an area of 4360 km². In 2015 it had an estimated population of 447,852 inhabitants.[2] Chuleteca has many lands that are used for agriculture, fishing, sugar production, and shrimp farms. The head of the department is the city of Choluteca, which is located on the Choluteca river that crosses the department. One crosses the Choluteca Bridge to enter the city.

Choluteca is bordered to the north by the departments of Francisco Morazán and El Paraíso, to the west by the Golfo de Fonseca and the department of Valle, and to the east and south by Nicaragua.



Rural Choluteca Department.
  1. Apacilagua
  2. Choluteca
  3. Concepción de María
  4. Duyure
  5. El Corpus
  6. El Triunfo
  7. Marcovia
  8. Morolica
  9. Namasigue
  10. Orocuina
  11. Pespire
  12. San Antonio de Flores
  13. San Isidro
  14. San José
  15. San Marcos de Colón
  16. Santa Ana de Yusguare


The Choluteca Department has a number of 9 deputies elected for the National Congress.

National Congress Deputies 2018–2022
Deputy Departament Party
Mauricio Oliva Choluteca PNH
Carlos Ledezma Choluteca PNH
Clara Laínez Choluteca PNH
Selvin Rueda Choluteca PNH
María Bardales Choluteca PNH
Yuri Sabas Choluteca PLH
Carlos Lara Choluteca PLH
Luis Martínez Choluteca Libre
David Reyes Choluteca PINU-SD


The department is, historically, a prominent producer of gold, silver, and copper. The region also had a cattle industry.[3]


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  1. ^ Choluteca was one of the first 7 departments in which the national territory was divided in the first political division of Honduras in 1825.

Coordinates: 13°19′N 87°13′W / 13.317°N 87.217°W / 13.317; -87.217