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Artibonite (Haitian Creole: Latibonit) is one of the ten departments of Haiti. With an area of 4,887 km2 it is Haiti's largest department. As of 2015, its estimated population was 1,727,524.[3] The region is the country's main rice-growing area. The main cities are Gonaïves (the capital) and Saint-Marc. In February 2004 an insurgency tried unsuccessfully to declare Artibonite's independence.


Artibonite in Haiti
Artibonite in Haiti
CountryFlag of Haiti.svg Haiti
 • TypeDepartmental Council
 • department4,986.94 km2 (1,925.47 sq mi)
 • department1,727,524
 • Density350/km2 (900/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Rural
Time zoneUTC-5 (Eastern)
ISO 3166 codeHT-AR
HDI (2017)0.469[2]
low · 7th

The department has been in a state of an economic decline since insurgencies and coups have reduced the nation's stability. Since the election of President René Garcia Préval, the production of rice and other crops has been on an increase.


A core geographic feature of this department is the Artibonite River, which runs through the southern half of the department, allowing for rice cultivation in the Artibonite Valley.


The name L'Artibonite is derived from the Artibonite River.

Historic Places and LandmarksEdit

Several noteworthy events of the Haitian Revolution took place in the Artibonite Department.


The 2015 population of Artibonite was estimated at 1,727,524 (2015),[3] with 739,787 (43%) residing in urban areas and (57%) residing in rural areas.

Year Total Pop. Urban Rural Ratio
2003[4] 1,299,398 ——— 422,476 876,922 32:68
2009[5] 1,571,020 20.9% 607,757 963,263 39:61
2015[3] 1,727,524 10.0% 739,787 987,737 43:57

Administrative divisionsEdit


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Coordinates: 19°27′00″N 72°41′00″W / 19.45°N 72.6833°W / 19.45; -72.6833