Mayo-Kebbi Ouest Region

Coordinates: 9°21′48″N 14°54′36″E / 9.36333°N 14.91000°E / 9.36333; 14.91000

Mayo-Kebbi Ouest (Arabic: ولاية مايو كيبي غرب‎) is one of the 23 regions of Chad. Its capital is Pala. It is composed of the southern areas of the former prefecture of Mayo-Kebbi (sub-prefectures of Pala and Léré).

Mayo-Kebbi Ouest
ولاية مايو كيبي غرب
Map of Chad showing Mayo-Kebbi Ouest.
Map of Chad showing Mayo-Kebbi Ouest.
Regional capitalPala
 • Total564,470


The region borders Mayo-Kebbi Est Region to the north-east, Tandjilé Region to the east, Logone Occidental Region to the south-east, and Cameroon to the west and north-west. The Mayo Kébbi river flows through the north the region, with Lake Léré and the smaller Lake Tréné located in the north-west.[2]


Palais the regional capital; other major settlements include Binder, Guégou, Lagon, Lamé, Léré and Torrock.[3]


As per the 2009 Chadian census, the region had 564,470 inhabitants.[1] The main ethnolinguistic groups are the Fula, Gidar, Mangbai, Mundang, Ngeté-Herdé peoples, Peve, Sara groups such as the Ngambay, and Tupuri.[4]


The region of Mayo-Kebbi Ouest is divided into two departments:

Department Capital Sub-prefectures
Mayo-Dallah Pala Gagal, Lamé, Pala, Torrock
Lac Léré Léré [fr] Binder, Guégou, Lagon, Léré


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