Guainía Department

Guainía (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡwajˈni.a]; Yuri language: "Land of many waters") is a department of Colombia. It is in the east of the country, bordering Venezuela and Brazil. Its capital is Inírida. In 1963 Guainía was split off from Vaupés department. The northern part and the Inírida River are included in the Orinoco basin; the rest is part of the Amazon basin. The Guaviare River is the main area of colonization; many colonos come from the Colombian Andean zone, most of them from Boyacá. They are followed by the llaneros, people from the Eastern plains (Los Llanos). The population is mainly composed of Amerindians, and the largest ethnic groups are the Puinaves (from the makú-puinave family) and the curripacos (from the Arawak family). There are a total of 24 ethnic groups in the department; many of them speak four Indigenous languages besides Spanish and Portuguese.

Department of Guainía

Departamento de Guainía
Flag of Department of Guainía
Coat of arms of Department of Guainía
Coat of arms
Guainía shown in red
Guainía shown in red
Topography of the department
Topography of the department
Coordinates: 3°51′55″N 67°55′26″W / 3.86528°N 67.92389°W / 3.86528; -67.92389Coordinates: 3°51′55″N 67°55′26″W / 3.86528°N 67.92389°W / 3.86528; -67.92389
Country Colombia
RegionAmazon Region
 • GovernorJavier Eliecer Zapata Parrado (2016-2019)
 • Total72,238 km2 (27,891 sq mi)
Area rank5th
 • Total48,114
 • Rank33rd
 • Density0.67/km2 (1.7/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-05
ISO 3166 codeCO-GUA
HDI (2017)0.652[2]
medium · 32nd
1964 3,602—    
1973 6,637+84.3%
1985 12,345+86.0%
1993 28,478+130.7%
2005 35,230+23.7%
2018 48,114+36.6%


There is only one municipality in Guainía: Inírida, its capital. The rest of the territory is subdivided in corregimientos departamentales, a pending figure due to public disorder[clarification needed].[4] This case happens only in Amazonas, Vaupés and Vichada. Barranco Minas is the second biggest population and its main corregimiento; it is located on the Guaviare River.

The Guainía corregimientos are:

  1. Barranco Minas
  2. Cacahual
  3. La Guadalupe
  4. Mapiripana
  5. Morichal Nuevo
  6. Pana Pana
  7. Puerto Colombia
  8. San Felipe


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