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List of festivals in the Philippines

This is a list of festivals in the Philippines, known as "fiestas". The majority of fiestas in the Philippines also have their own peryas (trade fairs with temporary amusement parks). The origin of most early fiestas are rooted in Christianity, dating back to the Spanish colonial period when the many communities (such as barrios and towns) of the predominantly Catholic Philippines almost always had a patron saint assigned to each of them. Originally encouraged by the Spanish to coincide with Christian holy days, early festivals became vital instruments in spreading Christianity throughout the country.[1][2][3][4]

Fiestas in the Philippines can be religious, cultural, or both. Several of these are held to honor the local Roman Catholic patron saint, to commemorate local history and culture, to promote the community's products, or to celebrate a bountiful harvest. They can be marked by Holy Masses, processions, parades, theatrical play and reenactments, religious or cultural rituals, trade fairs, exhibits, concerts, pageants and various games and contests. However, festivals in the country are not limited to Christian origins. Many festivals also focus on Islamic or indigenous concepts. There are more than 42,000 known major and minor festivals in the Philippines, the majority of which are in the barangay (village) level. Due to the thousands of town, city, provincial, national, and village fiestas in the country, the Philippines has traditionally been known as the Capital of the World's Festivities.

Some festivals, such as Holy Week and Christmas, are declared as public holidays, and thus, are observed and celebrated nationwide.


The partial calendar list contains several of the oldest and larger religious and/or cultural festivals in the country. Each town, city, and village has a dedicated fiesta, resulting in thousands held throughout the year; a few are national in character. Some fiestas may contain multiple/conflicting dates and/or place entries.


Name Date Location Notes
Binalabal Festival 1 Tudela, Misamis Occidental
Kuraldal Festival 6 Sasmuan, Pampanga Honours the town's patroness, Saint Lucy
Hinugyaw Festival 8 Koronadal City
Lingayen Gulf Landing Anniversary 9 Lingayen, Pangasinan Commemorates the landing of General Douglas MacArthur and the Allied Forces in Luzon in 1945.
Feast of the Black Nazarene 9 Quiapo, Manila Commemorates the translation of the image of the Black Nazarene to Quiapo Church in 1789.
Coconut Festival 1st to 2nd week San Pablo City, Laguna[5] Festival lasts a week
Minasa Festival[6] 2nd week Bustos, Bulacan
Batingaw Festival[7] 13 Cabuyao City
Halad Festival[8] 3rd Sunday Midsayap, Cotabato Honours the Santo Niño
Feast of the Santo Niño 3rd Sunday National Liturgical feast of the Santo Niño de Cebú according to the Philippine National Liturgical Calendar.
Sinulog Festival 3rd Sunday Cebu, Cebu City

(variants in Kabankalan City, Maasin City, Balingasag Misamis Oriental, Cagayan de Oro City, Butuan City, and Southern Leyte throughout the year)

Honours the Santo Niño de Cebú
Silmugi Festival 20[9] Borbon, Cebu Honours the town's patron, Saint Sebastian.[10]
Bayluhay Festival 3rd week San Joaquin, Iloilo
Bambanti Festival Third week of January Isabela Province
Ati-Atihan Festival 3rd Sunday Kalibo, Aklan Honours the Santo Niño, and the legendary meeting of the island’a aboriginal peoples with settlers from Borneo
Batan Ati-Ati Malakara Festival 3rd weekend Batan, Aklan
Sikhayan Festival 18 Santa Rosa City, Laguna
Dugoy Festival 18 Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro
Feast of San Sebastian Martir 20 Lumban, Laguna Honours the town's patron, Saint Sebastian.
Longganisa Festival[11] 22 Vigan City Celebrates Vigan's accession to cityhood in 2001
Feast of San Ildefonso de Toledo 22–24 Tanay, Rizal Honours the patron of Barangay San Ildefonso, Saint Ildefonsus.
Halamanan Festival 23 Guiguinto, Bulacan Celebrates plants, flowers, and trees
Pabirik Festival[12] 23 January to 2 February Paracale, Camarines Norte Celebrates the province's gold mining industry
Dinagyang Festival 4th Sunday Iloilo City, Iloilo Honours the Santo Niño and the pact between the island's aboriginal peoples and migrant Bornean Datus
Ibajay Ati-Ati Municipal and Devotional Fiesta[13] 4th Sunday Ibajay, Aklan Honours the Santo Niño
Kannawidan 'Ylocos' Festival[14] 27 January to 12 February Ilocos Sur
Dinagsa Ati-Atihan Festival[15] Last week Cadiz, Negros Occidental
Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay Festival[16] Last week Calinog, Iloilo[5]
Santo Niño de Malolos Festival Last Sunday Malolos City Honours the Santo Niño de Malolos
Candle Festival[17] 31 January to 2 February Candelaria, Quezon Liturgical Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary or Candlemas according to the General Roman Calendar


Caracol Festival February Makati City
Bambanti Festival[18] February Isabela province Scarecrows and harvest festival
World War II Anniversary[19] February World War II sites[19]
Pista Sintura[19] February Cotabato City[19]
Kaamulan Festival[20][19][21][22] February (2nd week) to 10 Mar[21] Malaybalay City, Bukidnon[20][19][21] gathering of Bukidnon's ethic tribes[22]
Hamaka Festival[23] February (2nd week) Taytay, Rizal
Pahimis Festival[19] February (2nd week)[19] Amadeo, Cavite[19]
Paraw Regatta Festival[24][19][21] February (3rd Sunday),[24][21]
Iloilo City[19] features racing events between local outriggers[24][21]
Kalilangan Festival[20][19][21] February (4th week),[20]
General Santos City[20][19][21]
Hot Air Balloon
(Clark Festival)
February (early Feb.)[20] Clark Special Economic Zone, Pampanga[20] annual tournament of balloonist[20]
Chinese New Year[25] February (early Feb.)[25] nationwide
Festival of Hearts[20][19] February (month long)[20] Tanjay City[20][19]
The Philippine International Arts Festival
February (whole month)[19] nationwide[19]
Sumilang Festival
(Our Lady of Candelaria Feast)
1 Feb to 2 Feb Silang, Cavite Honours Our Lady of the Candles
Pedrista Festival (Feast of San Pedro Bautista) First Sunday / Week of February Quezon City Honours San Pedro Bautista (a Franciscan Martyr) who lived in Quezon City and Founded San Francisco del Monte (Frisco); San Pedro Bautista is one of the Patron Saints of Quezon City
Bicol Arts Festival[19] 1 Feb to 28 Feb[19] Legazpi City[19]
National Arts Month[19] 1 Feb to 28 Feb[19] nationwide[19]
Suroy sa Surigao[19] 1 Feb to 28 Feb[19] Surigao City[19]
Salakayan Festival[19] 1 Feb to 6 Feb[19] Miag-ao, Iloilo[19]
Lavandero Festival[19] 1 Feb to 6 Feb[19] Mandaluyong City[19]
Pamulinawen Festival[20][19] 2 Feb to 10 Feb,[19]
or 7-10
Laoag City[20][19] Honours the city's patron, Saint William of Maleval[20]
Dagkot Festival[19] 2 Feb[19] Cabadbaran City[19]
Panranumag Festival 3 Feb Corcuera, Romblon Simara Island
Feast of Our Lady of Candles[24][19] 2 Feb[24][19] Jaro, Iloilo,[24][19]
or Iloilo City[26]
Nuestra Señora de Candelaria[26]
The International Bamboo Organ Festival[20][19][21] 3 Feb to 11 Feb[19] Las Piñas City[20][19][21] 10-day series of cultural events[21]
Guling-Guling Festival[19] February (day before Ash Wednesday) Paoay, Ilocos Norte[19]
Kali-Kalihan Harvest Festival[19] 6 Feb[19] Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental[19]
Fiesta Tsinoy[19] 6 Feb[19] Legazpi City[19]
Utanon Festival[19] 6 Feb[19] Dalaguete, Cebu[19]
Kalesa Festival 7 Feb Laoag City
Pagoda sa Daan & Pandangguhan Festival[19] 8 Feb[19] Pateros[19]
Fistahan 9 Feb to 15 Feb Davao City
Davao Chinese New Year[19] 9 Feb to 17 Feb[19] Davao City[19]
Mandaluyong Liberation Day & Cityhood Anniversary[19] 9 Feb[19] Mandaluyong City[19]
Bulang-Bulang Festival[19] 9 Feb[19] San Enrique, Negros Occidental[19]
Patunob Festival[19] 10 Feb to 11 Feb[19] Binuangan, Misamis Oriental[19]
Taytay Hamaka Festival[19][21] 10 Feb to 16 Feb,[21]
or 9-15
Taytay, Rizal[19][21] 7-day event showcasing artistry and craftsmanship[21]
Bod-bod Kabog Festival[19] 10 Feb[19] Catmon, Cebu[19]
Aquero Festival[19] 11 Feb to 13 Feb[19] Aglipay, Quirino[19]
Pabalhas sa Tablas[19] 11 Feb[19] Candoni, Negros Occidental[19]
Spring Festival
(Chinese Lunar New Year)
11 Feb[19] Iriga City[19]
Tinagba Festival[20][19][21][27] 11 Feb[19][27] Iriga City[19][21]
harvest festival,[21][27] Our Lady of Lourdes[20][21][27]
Palanyag Festival 12 Feb Parañaque City
Tiburin Horse Race[19] 12 Feb[19] Pasay City[19]
Pamaypay ng Caloocan Festival[19] 12 Feb[19] Caloocan City[19]
Sambalilo Hat Festival[20][19] 13 Feb to 19 Feb[19] Parañaque City[20][19]
Local Media Familiarization Festival[19] 13 Feb to 19 Feb[19] Cagayan de Oro City[19]
Feast Day of Santa Clara[19] 13 Feb[19] Pasay City[19]
Pasayaw Festival[19] 14 Feb to 17 Feb[19] Padre Burgos, Quezon[19]
Suman Festival
(Aurora Foundation Day)
14 Feb to 19 Feb,[19]
(3rd week)
Baler, Aurora[20][19]
Ollalion (Ullalim) Festival
(Kalinga Foundation Day)
14 Feb,[21]
or 11-14
Tabuk City[19][21] celebrates the Kalinga culture[21]
Serenata[19] 14 Feb[19] Pasay City[19]
Apayao Province Foundation[19] 14 Feb[19] Apayao[19]
Timpuyog Festival[19] 14 Feb[19] Kiamba, Sarangani[19]
Menajak Festival[19] 14 Feb[19] Calamba, Misamis Occidental[19]
Sorteo Grand Festival[28][29] 16 Feb to 22 Feb
(every three years)[28]
Carmona, Cavite[28][29]
Tawo–Tawo Festival[20][19] 17 Feb[19] Bayawan City[20][19]
Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival[19] 18 Feb to 19 Feb[19] Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro[19]
Laguimanok Festival[30][31] 13 Feb[30] Padre Burgos[30][31]
Kap'yaan Festival[19] 19 Feb[19] Jose Abad Santos, Davao Occidental[19]
Sinacbang Festival[19] 19 Feb[19] Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental[19]
Babaylan Festival
19 Feb[19][21] Bago City[26][19][21] highlights the culture of the first settlers of Bago City before the Spanish colonization[21]
Dapil Festival
(Bangued Town Fiesta)
20 Feb to 25 Feb[19] Bangued, Abra[19]
Mutya ng Caraga[19] 20 Feb[19] Butuan City[19]
Balsahan Festival[19] 20 Feb[19] Sibunag, Guimaras[19]
Asinan Festival[19] 20 Feb[19] San Lorenzo, Guimaras[19]
Sampaguita Festival[19] 21 Feb to 22 Feb,[19]
(2nd week)
San Pedro City, Laguna[19] (in Honor of St.Peter.)
Buybuy Fest/Burgos Town Fiesta[19] 21 Feb to 23 Feb[19] Burgos, La Union[19]
Wow Araw ng Caraga[19] 22 Feb to 26 Feb[19] CARAGA (regionwide)[19]
Panagtitimpuyog[19] 23 Feb to 25 Feb[19] Nagtipunan, Quirino[19]
Caraga Anniversary[19] 23 Feb to 25 Feb[19] Caraga[19]
Mahaguyog Festival[32][33] 24 Feb to 7 Mar[33] Santo Tomas, Batangas[32][33] celebrates the abundance of mais, halaman, gulay and niyog, and highlights General Miguel Malvar[32][33]
Cebu City Charter Day[19] 24 Feb[19] Cebu City[19]
Sibug-Sibug Festival[20][19][19] 24 Feb[19]
or 17 - 26
Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay[20][19][19] foundation day of Zamboanga Sibugay province[20]
Caragan Festival[19] 25 Feb to 26 Feb[19] Mabalacat, Pampanga[19]
Panagbenga Festival
(Baguio Flower Festival)
26 Feb (4th week)[20] Baguio City[25][19][21] flower festival[25][21]
Hil-o Hil-o Festival[19] 26 Feb to 28 Feb[19] Ma-ayon, Capiz[19]
Death Anniversary of Baldomero Aguinaldo[19] 26 Feb[19] Kawit, Cavite[19]
Dia de Zamboanga[20][19] 26 Feb[19] Zamboanga City,[19]
or Zamboanga Sibugay
Itik-Itik Festival[20][19] 27 Feb,[19]
(last Sunday)
Pasig City[20][19] native duck (itik)[20]
Nangkaan Festival[19] 27 Feb[19] Maigo, Lanao del Norte[19]
Maniambus Festival[19] 27 Feb[19] Negros Occidental (provincewide)[19]
Sambayan Festival[19] 28 Feb to 31 Mar[19] Tobias Fornier, Antique[19]


     Part of Holy Week

Name Date range Location Notes
(commemoration/main attraction(s)
Salubong at Ang Pasko ng Pangkabuhay
(Feast of the Resurrection)
March Parañaque City
MAHAGUYOG Festival (Mais, Halaman, Gulay at Niyog) March (1st week),[34]
Santo Tomas, Batangas[32][33] week-long celebration of seven-day feast in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas[34]
Island Garden City of Samal Festival[34] March (1st week),[34]
Samal, Davao del Norte[34] week-long celebration of Samal's founding anniversary[34]
Hinatdan Festival[35] March (2nd week)[35] Cebu City[35]
Witches Festival[34] March (Holy Week)[34] Siquijor[34]
Sumbrero Festival[35] March
(no definite date)[35]
Biñan, Laguna[35]
Say-am Festival[35] March
(no definite date)[35]
Calanasan, Apayao[35]
Payvanuvanuan Festival[35] March to April (movable)[35] Mahatao, Batanes[35]
Turumba[36] March
or 21 Apr to 26 Apr
Pakil, Laguna[36] seven-day feast in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows[36]
Banga Anniversary Fiesta[35] 1 Mar to 4 Mar[35] Banga, South Cotabato[35]
Dinagsa Festival[35] 1 Mar to 5 Mar[35] Muntinlupa City[35]
Tinikling 1 Mar to 6 Mar Malaybalay City
Araw ng Island Garden City of Samal
(IGACOS Festival)
1 Mar to 7 Mar[35] Island Garden City of Samal[35]
Araw ng Tagum City[35] 1 Mar to 7 Mar[35] Tagum City[35]
Parade of Festivals[35][37] 1 Mar[35][37] Muntinlupa City[35][37]
Sugbahan[35] 2 Mar to 14 Mar[35] Davao City[35]
Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival – the Mangyan Cultural Festival[35] 2 Mar to 4 Mar[35] Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro[35]
Pacto de Sangre
(Blood Compact of New Washington, Aklan)
3 Mar[35] New Washington, Aklan[35]
Council of Balabago Reenactment[35] 4 Mar to 5 Mar[35] Culasi, Antique[35]
Manchatchatong Festival[35] 4 Mar to 6 Mar[35] Balbalan, Kalinga[35]
Puerto Princesa Foundation Day[35] 4 Mar[35] Puerto Princesa City[35]
Ses'long Festival[35] 5 Mar to 16 Mar[35] T'Boli, South Cotabato[35]
Ayyoweng de Lambak ed Tadian[35] 5 Mar[35] Tadian, Mountain Province[35]
Tilapia Festival[35] 5 Mar[35] Braulio E. Dujali, Davao del Norte[35]
Kamayadan Festival[35] 6 Mar to 10 Mar[35] Norala, South Cotabato[35]
Boling-boling Festival[35] 6 Mar to 8 Mar[35] Catanauan, Quezon[35]
Bulawan Festival[35] 6 Mar to 8 Mar[35] Nabunturan, Compostela Valley[35]
Abrenian Kawayan Festival
(Abra Foundation Day)
6 Mar to 9 Mar[35] Bangued, Abra[35][38] formerly known as Arya! Abra Festival; celebrates the founding of Abra province[20]
Panagtagbo Festival[35] 7 Mar[35] Tagum City[35]
Al-law ng Kalumunan[35] 7 Mar[35] Nabunturan, Compostela Valley[35]
Anibina Bulawanun Festival[34] 8 Mar (culmination)[34] Compostela Valley[34] eight-day multi-themed annual festival[34]
Anilag Festival[35] 8 Mar to 15 Mar[35] Santa Cruz, Laguna[35]
Holistic Festival[35] 9 Mar to 11 Mar[35] Labrador, Pangasinan[35]
Bantayan Festival[35] 9 Mar to 15 Mar[35] Guimbal, Iloilo[35]
Eid al-Fitr[39] 9 Mar,[26]
or 30 Aug[39]
Region XII[26] (regionwide)[39]
Penetensiyahan[35] 9 Mar[35] Rosario, Batangas[35]
Araw ng Dabaw Celebration[20][35] 10 Mar to 16 Mar[20][35] Davao City[20][35] celebration of Davao's Foundation Day as a chartered city[20]
Anao Town Fiesta[35] 13 Mar to 15 Mar[35] Anao, Tarlac[35]
Pintados de Passi Festival[20][35] 14 Mar to 16 Mar,[20]
or 11 Mar to 18 Mar[35]
Passi City, Iloilo[20][35] history of Passi City[20]
Delfin Albano Patronal Town Fiesta[35] 14 Mar to 17 Mar[35] Delfin Albano, Isabela[35]
Sikaran Festival[35] 15 Mar[35] Baras, Rizal[35]
Bacao Festival[35] 16 Mar to 20 Mar[35] Echague, Isabela[35]
Semana Santa sa Iguig Calvary Hills 16 Mar to 23 Mar,
(Holy Week)[20]
Iguig, Cagayan[20]
Homonhon Landing Anniversary[20][35] 16 Mar[20][35] Homonhon, Eastern Samar[35] discovery of the Philippines by Ferdinand Magellan[20]
Lugahait Festival[35] 16 Mar[35] Lugait, Misamis Oriental[35]
Magallanes Festival[35] 16 Mar[35] Guiuan, Eastern Samar[35]
Pasayaw Festival[35] 17 Mar[35] Canlaon City, Negros Oriental[35]
Anitap Festival[35] 17 Mar[35] Kapangan, Benguet[35]
Death Anniversary of Pres. Ramon Magsaysay[35] 17 Mar[35] Castillejos, Zambales[35]
Paynauen Festival[35] 21 Apr to 23 Apr[35] Iba, Zambales[35]
Banana Festival[35] 18 Mar to 19 Mar[35] Baco, Oriental Mindoro[35]
Peñablanca Patronal Town Fiesta[35] 18 Mar to 19 Mar[35] Peñablanca, Cagayan[35]
Diadi Town Fiesta[35] 18 Mar to 21 Mar[35] Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya[35]
Strawberry Festival[35][40][41] Mar
La Trinidad, Benguet[35][40][41] strawberries and strawberry products[40][41]
Soli-Soli Festival[35] 18 Mar[35] San Francisco, Cebu[35]
Carabao Festival 19 Mar San Jose, Romblon Formerly known as Jones
Tabak Festival[35] 19 Mar to 22 Mar[35] Tabaco City, Albay[35]
Baykat Festival/Aritao Town Fiesta[35] 19 Mar to 22 Mar[35] Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya[35]
Sulyog Festival[35] 19 Mar[35] Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro[35]
Barotorera Festival[35] 19 Mar[35] Gingoog City[35]
Mango Festival[42][43] 19 Mar to 24 Mar[42][43] Iba, Zambales[42][43] mangoes and its by-products[42][43]
San Jose Fiesta[35] 19 Mar[35] Compostela Valley[35]
Sinigayan Festival[20][35] 19 Mar[20][35] Sagay City[20][35] Shell craft art[20]
Araw ng Panabo[35] 20 Mar to 31 Mar[35] Panabo City[35]
Pindangan Festival[35] 20 Mar[35] San Fernando City, La Union[35]
Saginyogan Festival 21 Mar Alcantara, Romblon Tablas Island
Sabutan Festival[35] 21 Mar to 23 Mar[35] Palanan, Isabela[35]
Kalap Festival[35] 21 Mar[35] Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro[35]
Alimango Festival[35] 22 Mar[35] Lala, Lanao del Norte[35]
Torugpo[35] 22 Mar[35] Carigara, Leyte[35]
Malaybalay City Chartered Day[35] 22 Mar[35] Malaybalay City[35]
Tabacco Festival[35] 23 Mar to 29 Mar[35] Candon City[35]
Ani Festival[35] 23 Mar to 30 Mar[35] Dingras, Ilocos Norte[35]
19 Martyrs of Aklan[35] 23 Mar[35] Kalibo, Aklan[35]
Kabanhawan Festival[35] 23 Mar[35] Minglanilla, Cebu[35]
Salubong sa Angono 26 Mar to 27 Mar,
(Holy Week)[20]
Angono, Rizal[20] reunion of the Risen Christ with the Virgin Mary[20]
Kisi-kisi Festival[35] 27 Mar to 31 Mar[35] Negros Occidental[35]
Manok ni San Pedro Festival[35] 27 Mar[35] San Pedro, Laguna[35]
Marcos Town Fiesta/Mannalon Festival[35] 27 Mar[35] Marcos, Ilocos Norte[35]
Tobacco Festival[44] 28 Mar to 29 Mar[44] Candon City[44] tobacco[44]
Katkat sa Dipolog[35] 28 Mar to 3 Apr[35] Dipolog City[35]
Senakulo / Holy Week Rituals & Processions[35] 28 Mar to 4 Apr[35] nationwide[35]
Cuaresma[35] 28 Mar to 4 Apr[35] San Jose, Antique[35]
Parpaguha Festival 29 Mar San Andres, Romblon Tablas Island
Balot sa Puti Festival[35] 29 Mar[35] Pateros[35]
Gawagaway-yan Kawayan Festival[35] 30 Mar to 15 Apr[35] Cauayan City[35]
Malibay Cenaculo[35] 30 Mar to 8 Apr[35] Pasay City[35]
Bangus Festival[35] 30 Mar[35] Panabo City[35]
(Commemoration of the First Christian Mass)
31 Mar[20][35] Limasawa Island, Southern Leyte[20][35] commemoration of the first Christian mass[20]
First Easter Mass Celebration[35] 31 Mar[35] Butuan City[35]
Holy Week[34] March to April[34] nationwide[34] week-long event honoring Jesus Christ's death on the Cross[34]
Moriones Festival[34][45] March (Holy Week),[34]
(Easter Sunday),
or 2 Apr to 7 Apr[45]
part of Holy Week;[25] commemorates Saint Longinus[20][26][34]
Centurion Festival[34] March (Holy Week)[34] General Luna, Quezon[34] believed to be the origin of Marinduque's Moriones Festival[34]
Kariton Festival[46] March Licab, Nueva Ecija[46] carabao-pulled carts, thanksgiving and harvest festival[46]
Pagtaltal sa Guimaras
(Ang Pagtaltal)
(Good Friday),[34]
or 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45]
Jordan, Guimaras[34][45][47] procession of flagellants and devotees in biblical attire[34]


     Part of Holy Week

Name Date range Location Notes
(commemoration/main attraction(s)
Pantat Festival April (2nd week) Zarraga, Iloilo
Manaoag Pilgrimage[26] April (2nd week)[26] Manaoag, Pangasinan[26] Nuestra Señora de Manaoag[26]
Lami-Lamihan Festival[36][48] April (3rd week),
(14 to 16)[36][48]
showcases the rich Yakan traditions[36]
Mutya ng Taguig[45] April (3rd week)[45] Taguig City[45]
Tanduyong Festival[20] April (4th Sunday)[20] San Jose, Nueva Ecija[20] harvest celebration[20]
Kamarikutan Pagdiwata Arts Festival[45] April (fullmoon)[45] Puerto Princesa City[45]
Camote Festival/Bb. Zambales[45] April (movable)[45] Castillejos, Zambales[45]
Kinulob Festival[45] April
(no definite date)[45]
Mabini, Batangas[45]
Itik Festival[45] April
(no definite date)[45]
Victoria, Laguna[45]
Kadahoman Festival[45] 1 Apr to 1 May[45] Lagonoy, Camarines Sur[45]
Tugbong Festival 1 Apr to 25 Apr Pandan, Antique
Panagabuos Festival[45] 1 Apr to 3 Apr[45] Banna, Ilocos Norte[45]
Suroy Ta[45] 1 Apr to 31 May[45] Davao City[45]
Fiesta Pasiklab[45] 1 Apr to 31 May[45] Quezon City[45]
Banana Festival[45] 1 Apr to 5 Apr[45] La Castellana, Negros Occidental[45]
Kesong Puti Festival[45] 1 Apr to 9 Apr[45] Santa Cruz, Laguna[45]
Linggo ng Palaspas or Domingo de Ramos[45] 1 Apr[45] Parañaque City[45]
Pandan Festival[45] 3 Apr[45] Luisiana, Laguna[45]
Summer Youth Festival[45] 4 Apr to 25 Apr[45] Zamboanga del Sur[45]
Hudas-hudas[45] 4 Apr[45] San Jose de Buenavista, Antique[45]
Libod-sayaw[45] 4 Apr[45] Bindoy, Negros Oriental[45]
Sagrada Familia Fiesta[45] 4 Apr[45] Laak, Compostela Valley[45]
Lenten Festival of Herbal Preparation[20][45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr,[45]
(Easter Saturday)[20]
Siquijor, Siquijor[20][45]
Kanidugan Festival 5 Apr Odiongan, Romblon
Senakulo[45] 5 Apr and 7 Apr (Maundy Thursday & Black Saturday)[45] Castillejos, Zambales[45]
Pilgrimage to Ermita Hill[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr
(Holy Week)[45]
Casiguran / Baler, Aurora[45]
Semana Santa at Iguig Calvary Hills[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Iguig, Cagayan[45]
Pasko sa Kasakit
(Semana Santa sa Bantayan)
5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Bantayan, Cebu[45]
Semana Santa sa Bikol[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Calabanga, Camarines Sur[45]
(Cainta, Rizal)
5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Cainta, Rizal[45]
Lenten Observance
(San Pablo City)
5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] San Pablo City, Laguna[45]
Buhing Kalbaryo[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Cebu City[45]
Semana Santa
(Dipolog City)
5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Dapitan City[45]
Katkat Sakripisyo sa 3003 Steps[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Dipolog City[45]
Live Stations of the Cross at San Carlos City[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] San Carlos City, Negros Occidental[45]
Pagtaltal in Barotac Viejo[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Barotac Viejo, Iloilo[45]
Paghukom[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Calinog, Iloilo[45]
Kapiya Display and Pasyon Singing Contest[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Santa Barbara, Iloilo[45]
Semana Santa at Dariok Hills[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Santiago City[45]
Pak'kaat Kal'lo[45] 5 Apr to 6 Apr[45] Magpet, Cotabato[45]
The Subok[45] 5 Apr to 7 Apr[45] Taytay and Tanay, Rizal[45]
Semana Santa at Silay City[45] 5 Apr to 8 Apr[45] Silay City[45]
Flagellants & Lenten Rites[45] 5 Apr to 8 Apr[45] Paombong, Bulacan[45]
Giwang-giwang[45] 6 Apr (Good Friday)[45] Binangonan, Rizal[45]
Angeles City Lenten Rites[45] 6 Apr (Good Friday)[45] Angeles City[45]
Lang-ay Festival[45] 6 Apr to 8 Apr[45] Bontoc, Mountain Province[45]
San Pedro Cutud Lenten Rites[20][45] 6 Apr,[45]
(Holy Week)[20]
San Fernando City, Pampanga[20][45]
Lenten Week/ "Pagpapako"[45] 6 Apr[45] Baler and Casiguran, Aurora[45]
Pamalandong ha Palo[45] 6 Apr[45] Palo, Leyte[45]
Kalbaryo[45] 6 Apr[45] La Carlota City[45]
Ang Hatol
(the Way of the Cross)
6 Apr[45] Cainta, Rizal[45]
Prusisyon[45] 6 Apr[45] Angeles City, Mabalacat, San Fernando City,
Sasmuan and Betis, Pampanga[45]
Baliuag Lenten Procession[45] 6 Apr[45] Baliuag, Bulacan[45]
Folk Healing[45] 7 Apr (Black Saturday)[45] San Antonio, Siquijor[45]
Salubong (Angono, Rizal)[45] 7 Apr to 8 Apr[45] Angono, Rizal[45]
Pagay-pagay Festival[45] 7 Apr to 8 Apr[45] Saguday, Quirino[45]
Allaw Ta Apo Sandawa[45] 7 Apr[45] Kidapawan City[45]
Sugat Kabanhawan Festival[45] 8 Apr,[45]
or March (Holy Week)
Minglanilla, Cebu[45] (Feast of resurrection)
Sunduan ha Carigara[45] 8 Apr[45] Carigara, Leyte[45]
Sugat[45] 8 Apr[45] San Carlos City[45]
Salubong (Easter Vigil) and
Pasko ng Pagkabuhay
(Feast of the Resurrection)
8 Apr[45] Parañaque City[45]
Haladaya Festival[45] 8 Apr[45] Daanbantayan, Cebu[45]
Sigpawan Festival[49] 8 Apr[49] Lemery, Batangas[49] showcase the culture and natural resources of Lemery[49]
Malangsi Fishtival[50] 8 Apr[50] Bayambang, Pangasinan[50] fish festival[50]
Dupax del Sur Town Fiesta[45] 9 Apr to 11 Apr[45] Dupax Del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya[45]
Rodeo Masbateño[45] 9 Apr to 14 Apr[45] Masbate City[45]
Panaad sa Negros[26][45] 9 Apr to 15 Apr,[45]
or (2nd or 3rd week)[26]
Bacolod City[26][45] fusion of fiestas of 13 cities and 19 towns of the whole province of Negros Occidental[26]
Araw ng Kagitingan[45] 9 Apr[45] Mount Samat, Bataan[45]
Turumba Festival[45] 10 Apr, 16 18, 27,
6 May, 18, 27[45]
Pakil, Laguna[45]
Pandan Festival[45] 11 Apr to 16 Apr[45] Mapandan, Pangasinan[45]
Aliwan Fiesta[45] 12 Apr to 14 Apr[45] Pasay City[45]
Bambang Town Fiesta: "Panggayjaya Festival"[45] 13 Apr to 16 Apr[45] Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya[45]
Bantayog Festival[45] 13 Apr to 16 Apr[45] Camarines Norte[45]
Ana Kalang Festival[45] 13 Apr to 17 Apr[45] Nagcarlan, Laguna[45]
Easthfest Summer Festival[45] 13 Apr to 6 May[45] Tagum City[45]
Bancathon sa Magnaga[45] 13 Apr[45] Pantukan, Compostela Valley[45]
Hugyaw sa Kadagatan[45] 14 Apr[45] Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte[45]
Baybayon Festival[45] 15 Apr to 17 Apr[45] Sagñay, Camarines Sur[45]
Tampisaw Festival
(Earth Day Celebration)
16 Apr to 18 Apr[45] Concepcion, Iloilo[45]
Tungoh ad Hungduan[45] 16 Apr to 19 Apr[45] Hungduan, Ifugao[45]
Garlic Festival[45] 16 Apr to 20 Apr[45] Pinili, Ilocos Norte[45]
Ka-angkan[45] 16 Apr to 22 Apr[45] Marikina City[45]
Bangus Festival[45] 17 Apr to 4 May[45] Dagupan City, Pangasinan[45]
Binongey Festival[45] 17 Apr[45] Anda, Pangasinan[45]
Linubian Festival[51] 17 Apr to 19 Apr
(3rd week)[51]
Rosario, La Union[51] showcases harvests of the municipality[51]
Kasibu Town Fiesta[45] 18 Apr to 19 Apr[45] Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya[45]
Alfonso Castañeda Town Fiesta[45] 18 Apr to 20 Apr[45] Alfonso Castañeda, Nueva Vizcaya[45]
Pasa-pasa Festival[45] 18 Apr to 21 Apr[45] Monreal, Masbate[45]
Bugsayan Festival 19 Apr Santa Fe, Romblon Tablas Island
Tarlac City Charter Anniversary[45] 19 Apr[45] Tarlac City, Tarlac[45]
Cocowayan Festival[45] 20 Apr to 25 Apr[45] Isabela, Basilan[45]
Mango-bamboo Festival and Trade Fair[45] 20 Apr to 27 Apr[45] San Carlos, Pangasinan[45]
"La Laguna" Festival[45] 20 Apr to 29 Apr[45] Santa Cruz, Laguna[45]
Caromata Festival Town Fiesta[45] 20 Apr[45] Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental[45]
Sunduan - Feast of Santa Rosa de Lima[45] 21 Apr (3rd Saturday)[45] Pasig City[45]
Agoo Semana Santa[45] 21 Apr to 22 Apr,[45]
or (Holy Week)[20]
Agoo, La Union[20][45]
Panaad[45][52] 21 Apr to 22 Apr,[45]
(Holy Week)[52]
Camiguin[45] devotees trek to Vulkan Peak as an act of penance[52]
(Way of the Cross)
21 Apr to 22 Apr[45] Parañaque City[45]
Gotad ad Hingyon[45] 21 Apr to 24 Apr[45] Hingyon, Ifugao[45]
Sanduguan Festival[45][53] 21 Apr to 27 Apr,[45]
or 15 Nov[53]
Calapan, Mindoro Oriental[45][53] reenacts the first contact between the natives of Mindoro and traders from China[53]
Bangkarera[45] 21 Apr[45] Peñablanca, Cagayan[45] boat-rowing race[45]
Pabasa ng Pasyon[45] 21 Apr[45] San Juan, Batangas[45]
Pagsalabuk Festival[45] 22 Apr to 19 May[45] Dipolog City[45]
Hinugyaw sa Hinigaran Festival[45] 22 Apr to 23 Apr[45] Hinigaran, Negros Occidental[45]
Kangayedan Festival[45] 22 Apr to 26 Apr[45] Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte[45]
Subic 'ay Festival[45] 22 Apr to 28 Apr[45] Subic, Zambales[45]
Gotad ad Kiangan[45] 23 Apr to 25 Apr[45] Kiangan, Ifugao[45]
Pista sa Kinaiyahan[45] 23 Apr to 26 Apr[45] Santa Cruz, Davao del Sur[45]
Pinakbet Festival[45] 23 Apr[45] Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur[45]
Pista'y Dayat[20][45][54] 24 Apr to 1 May[45][54] Lingayen,[20][45]Pangasinan[54] fishermen's harvest and thanksgiving festival[20][54]
Sibit Sibit Festival[45] 24 Apr to 30 Apr
(last week)[45]
Olongapo City[45]
Yagyag Festival[45] 24 Apr to 30 Apr[45] Sibulan, Negros Oriental[45]
Karosahan Festival[45] 24 Apr[45] Nueva Valencia, Guimaras[45]
Araw ng Sulop[45] 24 Apr[45] Sulop, Davao del Sur[45]
Talabukon Festival 25 Apr Looc, Romblon Tablas Island
Panagsangal Festival[45] 25 Apr to 1 May[45] Baggao, Cagayan[45]
Sinabalu Festival[45] 25 Apr to 26 Apr[45] Rizal, Cagayan[45]
The Sabutan Festival and Mini-trade Fair[45] 25 Apr to 29 Apr[45] Mabitac, Oriental Mindoro[45]
Imbayah Festtival[45] 25 Apr to 29 Apr[45] Banaue, Ifugao[45]
Baggak Summer Festival[45] 25 Apr to 30 Apr[45] Bauang, La Union[45]
Pasalamat Festival[45][54] 25 Apr,[45]
or 1 May[54]
La Carlota City[45][54] labor and thanksgiving festival[54]
Aklan Day Celebration[45] 25 Apr[45] Aklan[45]
Panagat "Fish" Tival[45] 25 Apr[45] Estancia, Iloilo[45]
Bahag-hari Festival[45] 25 Apr[45] Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro[45]
Balingoan Festival[45] 25 Apr[45] Balingoan, Misamis Oriental[45]
Liliw Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival[45] 26 Apr to 1 May[45] Liliw, Laguna[45]
Kutsitsa Festival[45] 26 Apr[45] Molave, Zamboanga del Sur[45]
May Ilaoud Festival[45] 27 Apr to 1 May[45] Milaor, Camarines Sur[45]
Binirayan Festival[45] 27 Apr to 29 Apr[45] San Jose de Buenavista
and Hamtic, Antique[45]
Saknungan Festival[45] 27 Apr to 30 Apr[45] San Jose, Occidental Mindoro[45]
Kadaugan sa Mactan[20][36] 27 Apr[55][36] Cebu City,[20]
reenactment of the Battle of Mactan[20][55][36]
Dikit Festival[45] 28 Apr to 30 Apr[45] Aurora, Isabela[45]
Butanding Festival[45] 28 Apr to 5 May[45] Donsol, Sorsogon[45]
Indak Padurukan Festival[45] 28 Apr[45] San Jose, Occidental Mindoro[45]
Pandawan Festival[45] 28 Apr[45] Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija[45]
Tinapahan Festival[45] 29 Apr to 1 May[45] Lemery, Batangas[45]
Dinaklisan Festival[45] 29 Apr to 1 May[45] Currimao, Ilocos Norte[45]
Antipolo Pilgrimage[45] 30 Apr to 1 May[45] Antipolo, Rizal[45]
Mungo Festival[45] 30 Apr to 2 May[45] San Mateo, Isabela[45]
Kalipayan Festival[45] 30 Apr[45] San Agustin, Romblon[45]
Bambang Patronal Town Fiesta: Saint Catherine of Sienna[45] 30 Apr[45] Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya[45]


Name Date range Location Notes
(commemoration/main attraction(s)
Araquio Festival May General Tinio, Nueva Ecija
Martipak Festival May 1 Calumpit, Bulacan in honour for the patron saint, St. Joseph
Binallay Festival[56] May[56] Ilagan City, Isabela[56] binallay, a type of rice cake[56]
Viva Vigan (Binatbatan) Festival of the Arts[57][58] 1 May to 7 May[57][58]
(1st week)
Vigan City[58]
Sagalahang Bayan[57] May (1st week)[57] Navotas City[57]
Pastulan Festival May (2nd Saturday) San Pascual, Batangas
Pasayahan sa Lucena[57] May (4th week)[57] Lucena City[57]
Samahang Bulaklakan Festival May (last Sunday) Siniloan, Laguna
Bangkero Festival[20][35] May (last Sunday),[20]
or March[35]
Pagsanjan, Laguna[20][35] decorated boats (bancas)[20]
Tapusan Float Parade Festival[20][57][54][59] May (month long)[54][59]
or 31 May[57]
Alitagtag, Batangas[20][57][54][59] honors the Holy Cross[20][54][59]
Calauan "Pinya" Festival[57] May
(no definite date)[57]
Calauan, Laguna[57]
Mamang-os Festival[57] May
(no definite date)[57]
Tuy, Batangas[57]
Flores de Mayo
May (whole month)[57][54] nationwide[20][26][57][54] commemoration of the search for the Holy Cross by Reyna Elena and her son, the emperor Constantine[20][26][54]
Davao Gulf Regatta[57] 1 May to 4 May[57] Davao Oriental[57]
Araquio of Peñaranda[57] 1 May and 8 May
(1st & 2nd Sunday)[57]
Penaranda, Nueva Ecija[57]
Pangisraan Festival 1 May to 10 May Calatrava, Romblon
Pahinungod Festival[57] 1 May to 10 May[57] Calape, Bohol[57]
Gericho Laran Plantsa-Plantsa Festival 1 May to 30 Apr Laoag City
Flores de Tagumeño Festival[57] 1 May to 30 May[57] Tagum City[57]
Balangay Festival
1 May to 31 May[57] Butuan City[57][54] commemorates the coming of the early migrants from Borneo and Celebes[54]
Balik-butuan[57] 1 May to 31 May[57] Butuan City[57]
Pattaraday Festival
(Araw ng Santiago)
1 May to 5 May[57] Santiago City[57]
Pasinggatan Festival[57] 1 May to 5 May[57] Taytay, Palawan[57]
Tikanlu Festival[57] 1 May to 6 May[57] Tagudin, Ilocos Sur[57]
100 Islands Festival[57] 1 May to 7 May[57] Alaminos, Pangasinan[57]
Madahom Festival[57] 1 May to 8 May[57] Caramoan, Camarines Sur[57]
Magayon Festival[20][45][54] 1 May[54] Albay[20][45][54] Albay's culture,[54] Mayon Volcano[20]
Boa-boahan "Alinsangan" Festival[20][57][27][54] 1 May,[20] or 2 May[57][27] Nabua, Camarines Sur[20][57][54] re-enactment of the 13th-century rite of offering chains of coconut embryos ("boa") to deities[27][54]
Sumakah Festival[45] 1 May[45] Antipolo City, Rizal[45]
Pista ng Produktong Pilipino[57] 1 May[57] Subic, Olongapo City[57]
Tromba Festival[57] 1 May[57] Baras, Rizal[57]
Sagalahan[57] 1 May[57] Malabon City[57]
Dinengdeng Festival & Town Fiesta[57] 1 May[57] Agoo, La Union[57]
Pastores Festival[57] 1 May[57] Gapan City[57]
Salay Town Fiesta[57] 1 May[57] Salay, Misamis Oriental[57] Saint Joseph the Worker[57]
Saint Joseph the Worker Fiesta[57] 1 May[57] Montevista, Compostela Valley[57]
Duyog Panday[57] 1 May[57] Cotabato City[57]
Dayaw Dalan Festival[57] 2 May to 3 May[57] Ticao Island, San Jacinto, Masbate[57]
Panagat Festival 2 May to 8 May Buruanga, Aklan
(Holy Cross Festival)
2 May[57] Alitagtag and Bauan, Batangas[57]
Sublian Festival[57] 2 May[57] Bauan, Batangas[57]
Luyang Dilaw Festival[57] 2 May[57] Marilao, Bulacan[57]
Katagman Festival[60] 3 May,
(first week)[60]
Oton, Iloilo[60] highlights the historical significance of the golden mask dugout to the community[60]
Domorokdok Festival
3 May to 4 May[57] Botolan, Zambales[57]
Rit-ritemong Cayong Festival[57] 3 May to 5 May[57] Sarrat, Ilocos Norte[57]
Virgen Milagrosa Festival[57] May[57] Ilocos Norte[57] Giving to thanks to the provincial patron of Ilocos Norte. Miss Ilocos Norte is also held in this Festival.
Carabao-Carozza Race Festival[24][57][54] 3 May[24][57][54] Pavia, Iloilo[24][57][54] event where carabaos (water buffaloes) pull decorated bamboo carts in a 400-meter course race[24][54]
Bawang Festival[57] 3 May[57] Sinait, Ilocos Sur[57] garlic[57]
Feast of the Holy Cross[57] 3 May[57] Santa Cruz, Marinduque[57]
Alubijid Town Fiesta[57] 3 May[57] Alubijid, Misamis Oriental[57]
Santa Cruz Parochial Fiesta[57] 3 May[57] Samal, Davao del Norte[57]
Pamuhuan Festival[57] 4 May[57] Pinamungajan, Cebu[57]
Dawa Festival[57] 5 May to 10 May[57] Gonzaga, Cagayan[57]
Bacoor Marching Band Festival[57] 6 May to 8 May[57] Bacoor, Cavite[57]
Sas-alliwa Festival[57] 7 May to 15 May[57] Natonin, Mountain Province[57]
Feast day of Saint Michael[61] 7 May to 8 May[61] San Miguel, Catanduanes[61]
Labig Festival[57] 7 May to 9 May[57] Claveria, Cagayan[57]
Mantawi Festival[57] 7 May[57] Mandaue City[57]
Basi Festival[57] 7 May[57] Naguilian, La Union[57]
Jose Abad Santos Day[57] 7 May[57] San Fernando, Pampanga[57]
Balsa Festival[57] 8 May (2nd Saturday)[57] Lian, Batangas[57]
Summer Sports Festival[57] 8 May to 14 May
(2nd week)[57]
Tagum City[57]
Agawan sa Sariaya
(San Isidro Festival)
8 May to 16 May[57] Sariaya, Quezon[57]
Mayohan sa Tayabas
(San Isidro Festival)
8 May to 16 May[57] Tayabas, Quezon[57]
De Galera Festival[57] 9 May to 12 May[57] Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro[57]
Mayaw-mayaw Festival 10 May Pinabacdao, Samar in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows
Aramang Festival[57] 10 May to 11 May[57] Aparri, Cagayan[57]
Kayapa Town Fiesta[57] 10 May to 12 May[57] Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya[57]
Kasadyawan Festival 10 May to 15 May Magdiwang, Romblon Sibuyan Island
Makalawan "Pinya" Festival[57] 10 May to 15 May[57] Calauan, Laguna[57]
Feast of Our Lady of Biglang Awa[57] 10 May[57] Boac, Marinduque[57]
Saging Festival[57] 10 May[57] Lazi, Siquijor[57]
Palong Festival[57] 11 May to 13 May[57] Capalonga, Camarines Norte[57]
Balwarte sa Gumaca[57] 11 May to 15 May[57] Gumaca, Quezon[57]
Paukyaban Festival[57] 11 May to 30 May[57] Butuan City[57]
Barangay Boat Festival[54] 11 May[54] Aparri, Cagayan[54] fluvial festival held in honor of Saint Peter Thelmo[54]
Villaverde Town Fiesta[57] 12 May to 14 May[57] Villaverde, Nueva Vizcaya[57]
Mano Po San Roque Festival[57] 12 May[57] Valenzuela City[57]
Bariw Festival[62] 14 May to 15 May Nabas, Aklan[62] showcasing bags, mats and hats made of bariw leaves[62]
Malaybalay City Fiesta[45] 14 May to 15 May[45] Malaybalay City[45] San Isidro Labrador[45]
Feast of San Isidro Labrador/Carabao Festival[57] 14 May to 15 May[57] Angono, Rizal[57] San Isidro Labrador
Arana't Balwarte sa Gumaca
(San Isidro Festival)
14 May to 15 May[57] Gumaca, Quezon[57]
Medina Town Fiesta[57] 14 May to 15 May[57] Medina, Misamis Oriental[57] San Isidro Labrador
Pahiyas Festival[20][26][57][54] 14 May to 15 May[26][57] Lucban[57] and Sariaya, Quezon[54] thanksgiving to San lsidro, the patron saint of farmers[20][26][54]
Pulilan Carabao Festival[26][57][54][63] 14 May to 15 May[26][57][63] Pulilan, Bulacan[26][57][54][63] San Isidro de Labrador, the patron saint of farmers[26][54][63]
Fiesta Bicolandia Cruise "Peñafrancia Pilgrimage"[57] 14 May to 18 May[57] Cebu City[57]
Albay Day[57] 14 May[57] Albay[57]
Sarakat Festival[57] 14 May[57] Santa Praxedes, Cagayan[57]
Araña`t Baluarte Festival 15 May Gumaca, Quezon
Aringay Festival[57] 15 May to 21 May[57] Lasam, Cagayan[57]
Manggahan Festival[20][45] 15 May to 22 May,[20]
or 15 Apr to 22 Apr[45]
Guimaras[20][45] founding of province and its mangoes[20]
Sunduan[57] 15 May[57] Parañaque City[57]
San Isidro Festival
15 May[57] Luisiana, Laguna[57]
Feast in the Honor Saint Vincent Ferrer[57] 15 May[57] Dipolog City[57]
Onggoyan Festival[57] 15 May[57] Malimono, Surigao del Norte[57]
Sinagingan Festival[57] 15 May[57] Mendez, Cavite[57]
Panalaminan Festival[57] 15 May[57] Roxas, Palawan[57]
Kagasangan Festival[57] 15 May[57] Moalboal, Cebu[57]
San Isidro Fiesta[57] 15 May[57] Digos City[57]
Tinapay Festival[57] 15 May[57] Cuenca, Batangas[57]
Maubanog Festival[57] 16 May to 17 May[57] Mauban, Quezon[57]
Harana Festival
(Karantahan nin Pagranga)
16 May to 21 May,[57]
or 14 Feb[19]
San Jose, Camarines Sur[57]
Pahoy-Pahoy Festival[57][54] 16 May to 24 May,[57]
or 19 May to 25 May[54]
Calbiga, Samar[57][54] giant pahoy-pahoy (scarecrows) made of indigenous materials dancing about its streets[54]
Iikalahan/Kalanguya Festival[57] 16 May[57] San Nicolas, Pangasinan[57]
Gakit Festival[57] 16 May[57] Angadanan, Isabela[57]
Lapyahan Festival[57] 16 May[57] San Remigio, Cebu[57]
Obando Fertility Rites[26][57][63] 17 May to 19 May[26][57][63] Obando, Bulacan[26][57][54][63] San Pascual Baylon, Santa Clara de Assisi or the Virgen de Salambao[26][54]
Sanggutan Festival[57] 18 May[57] Barugo, Leyte[57]
Magdadaran Talip Festival[57] 19 May to 20 May[57] Carasi, Dumalneg,
Nueva Era, Adams, Ilocos Norte[57]
Sarangani Bay Festival[57] 19 May to 21 May[57] Glan, Sarangani[57]
Grand Ammungan Festival: Nueva Vizcaya Day[57][64][65] 19 May to 24 May[57][64] Nueva Vizcaya[57][65] gathering of ethnic tribes and lowland inhabitants of the province[64][65]
Sarung Banggi Festival[57] 19 May to 27 May[57] Santo Domingo, Albay[57]
Farmers Festival[57] 19 May[57] Bacarra, Ilocos Norte[57]
Araw ng Sarangani[57] 19 May[57] Sarangani[57]
Banwahon Festival[57] 20 May[57] Surigao City[57]
Malabon Foundation Day[57] 21 May[57] Malabon City[57]
Lubi Festival[57] 21 May[57] Maria, Siquijor[57]
Layag Festival[57] 22 May to 27 May[57] Rapu-Rapu, Albay[57]
Kabasan Festival[57] 22 May to 28 May[57] Compostela Valley[57]
Lubi-lubi (Coconut) Festival[57] 22 May[57] Gingoog City[57]
Feast of Saint Rita de Cascia (City Fiesta)[57] 22 May[57] Gingoog City[57]
Tabanog Festival Araw ng Balingasag[57] 22 May[57] Balingasag, Misamis Oriental[57]
Panagyaman Festival[20][57] 23 May to 25 May,[57]
or 19 May to 24 May[20]
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya[20][57] establishment of civil government in the province[20]
Bolibong Kingking Festival[20][57] 24 May to 25 May[20][57] Loboc, Bohol[20][57] music and dance festival of folklore and traditions[20]
Kaogma Festival[57] 24 May to 31 May[57] Pili, Camarines Sur[57]
Guihulugan Festival[57] 24 May[57] Guihulngan, Negros Oriental[57]
Katang Festival[57] 25 May[57] Calauag, Quezon[57]
Gabii sa Kabilin[57] 25 May[57] Cebu City[57]
Sinugboan Festival[57] 27 May[57] Garcia Hernandez, Bohol[57]
Binuyugan Festival[57] 27 May[57] Maitum, Sarangani[57]
Pintos Festival[57] 27 May[57] Bogo City, Cebu[57]
Kalayaan Festival[57] 28 May to 12 Jun[57] Cavite (provincewide)[57]
Wagayway Festival[57] 28 May[57] Imus, Cavite[57]
Province of Tarlac Founding Anniversary[57] 28 May[57] Tarlac City[57]
National Flag Day[57] 28 May[57] Iligan City[57]
Dapugan Festival[57] 28 May[57] Mabini, Compostela Valley[57]
Sagawak Festival[57] 28 May[57] Malalag[57]
Rosquillos Festival[57] 29 May[57] Liloan, Cebu[57]
Balingoan Town Fiesta[57] 29 May[57] Balingoan, Misamis Oriental[57]
Mammangi Festival[66] 30 May,
(last week)[66]
Ilagan City[66] thanksgiving and harvest festival, honors the farmers[66]
Bagasbas Beach International Eco-arts Festival[57] 30 May to 6 Jun[57] Daet, Camarines Norte[57]
Hudyaka Festival[57] 30 May to 9 Jun[57] Zamboanga del Norte[57]
Padaraw Festival[57] 30 May[57] Bulan, Sorsogon[57]
Halamang Dilaw Festival[67] May[67] Marilao, Bulacan[67] pays tribute to nature[67]



Date Range Location Notes
(commemoration/main attraction(s)
Rizal Arts Festival[68] 1 Jun to 30 Jun[68] Angono, Rizal[68]
Buklog[20] 1 Jun to 6 Jun[20] Dipolog City[20]
Linggo ng Zamboanga del Norte & "Sardines and Mango Festival"[68] 1 Jun to 6 Jun[68] Dipolog City[68]
Bilang-bilang Abayan Festival[68] 1 Jun[68] Surigao City[68]
Sakay-sakay Abayan[68] 1 Jun[68] Surigao City[68] fluvial procession[68]
Pulang-Angui Festival[69] 4 Jun[69] Polangui, Albay[69] relives the origin of the town[69]
Carrera Habagat[68] 8 Jun to 12 Jun[68] Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte[68]
Camotes Cassava Festival[68] 8 Jun to 14 Jun[68] Tudela, Cebu (Camotes Island)[68]
Baragatan sa Palawan
(Foundation Day)
10 Jun to 23 Jun[20][68] Puerto Princesa City[20][68] founding anniversary of the civil government of Palawan[20]
Lechonan sa Baroy[68] 10 Jun[68] Baroy, Lanao del Norte[68]
Kuron Festival 11 Jun Ferrol, Romblon Tablas Island. Fiesta starts June 11 and ends June 13 (San Antonio de Padua)
Pagdayao Festival[70] 11 Jun to 12 Jun[70] Tacloban, Leyte, Masbate[70] thanksgiving feast[70]
Rizal Province Foundation Day[68] 11 Jun[68] Rizal (no definite venue)[68]
Araw ng Agusan del Sur[68] 12 Jun[68] Agusan del Sur[68]
Sugok-Sugok Festival 12 Jun to 13 Jun Bagamanoc, Catanduanes
Panagsasalug Fiesta[68] 12 Jun to 15 Jun[68] Maddela, Quirino[68]
La Trinidad Foundation Day[68] 12 Jun to 16 Jun[68] La Trinidad, Benguet[68]
Araw ng Agusan del Norte[68] 12 Jun to 17 Jun[68] Agusan del Norte[68]
Naliyagan Festival[68] 12 Jun to 17 Jun[68] Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur[68]
Araw ng Quezon[68] 12 Jun to 18 Jun[68] Quezon, Bukidnon[68]
Araw ng Cotabato[68][70] 12 Jun to 20 Jun[68][70] Cotabato City[68][70] founding anniversary festival[70]
Independence Day[68] 12 Jun[68] nationwide[68]
Bonsai Festival and Founding Anniversary of San Isidro[68] 12 Jun[68] San Isidro, Davao[68]
Pangapog Festival[68] 13 Jun to 18 Jun[68]
Dorong Festival[68] 14 Jun to 19 Jun[68] Digos City[68]
Gotad ad Ifugao[68] 14 Jun to 28 Jun[68] Lagawe, Ifugao[68]
Battle of Besang Pass Commemoration[68] 14 Jun[68] Cervantes, Ilocos Sur[68]
Victory at Bacsil Ridge[68] 14 Jun[68] San Fernando City, La Union[68]
Pinyasan (Pineapple) Festival[68] 15 Jun to 23 Jun[68] Camarines Norte[68]
Cagayan de Oro City Charter Day[68] 15 Jun[68] Cagayan de Oro City[68]
Iligan City Charter Day[68] 16 Jun[68] Iligan City[68]
Damsu Cultural Festival[68] 16 Jun[68] Kiblawan[68]
Baykat Festival, Ambaguio Town Fiesta[68] 17 Jun to 19 Jun[68] Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya[68]
Quezon Town Fiesta[68] 17 Jun to 20 Jun[68] Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya[68]
Regada Water Festival[68] 17 Jun to 24 Jun[68] Cavite City[68] in honor of Saint John the Baptist
San Juan Cityhood Anniversary[68] 17 Jun[68] San Juan City[68]
Tagnipan-on Festival[68] 17 Jun[68] El Salvador, Misamis Oriental[68]
Kaimonan Festival[68] 17 Jun[68] Maco, Compostela Valley[68]
White Nights Festival[68] 18 Jun to 19 Jun
(every 3rd weekend)[68]
Davao del Norte[68]
Pabulig Festival[68] 18 Jun to 19 Jun[68] Boston, Davao Oriental[68]
Lingganay Festival[68] 18 Jun[68] Alangalang, Leyte[68]
Araw ng San Fernando Bukidnon[68] 18 Jun[68] San Fernando, Bukidnon[68]
Cadang–Cadang Festival[68] 18 Jun[68] Carmen, Davao del Norte[68]
Dapitan's Charter[68] 19 Jun to 22 Jun[68] Dapitan City[68]
Pujada Bay Festival[68] 19 Jun to 24 Jul[68] Mati, Davao Oriental[68]
Adlaw Nan Surigao[68] 19 Jun[68] Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur[68]
Buhayani Festival[68] 19 Jun[68] Calamba, Laguna[68]
Pista ng Kalikasan[68] 19 Jun[68] Palawan (provincewide)[68]
Saint Peter Town Fiesta[68] 19 Jun[68] Sugbongcogon, Misamis Oriental[68]
Ginnamuluan Fiesta[68] 20 Jun to 21 Jun[68] Cabarroguis, Quirino[68]
Pista Y Ang Kagueban[68] 20 Jun to 27 Jun
(3rd week)[68]
Puerto Princesa City[68]
"Oyange Kaugman" Festival[68] 20 Jun to 29 Jun[68] Polangui, Albay[68]
Pili Festival[20][68] 20 Jun to 29 Jun[20][68] Sorsogon, Sorsogon[20][68] pili nut[20]
Zambulawan Festival[68] 20 Jun[68] Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur[68] street pageantry[68]
Balyuan Rites[68] 20 Jun[68] Tacloban City[68]
Mudpack Festival[20][68] 21 Jun to 22 Jun,[68]
or 24 Jun[20]
Murcia, Negros Occidental[20][68]
Payuhwan Festival: Batanes Day[68] 21 Jun to 26 Jun[68] Batanes[68]
Diwata Festival[68] 21 Jun[68] San Francisco, Agusan del Sur[68]
Pagadian City Charter Day[68] 21 Jun[68] Pagadian City[68]
Piat Sambali Festival[68][70] 23 Jun to 2 Jul,[68]
or (last week)[70]
Piat, Cagayan[68][70] commemorates the Christianization of the Ytawes region of Cagayan[70]
Aggaw Nak Cagayan
(Cagayan Founding Anniversary)
23 Jun to 30 Jun[68] Cagayan[68]
Calumpit "Libad" Festival[68] 23 Jun[68] Calumpit, Bulacan[68]
Batac Charter Day & Empanada Festival[68] 23 Jun[68] Batac, Ilocos Norte[68]
Birthday of Saint John the Baptist 24 Jun various (including San Juan City,
Lian, Balayan, San Juan, Batangas,
Samal, Davao del Norte, Bataan,
Binuangan, Misamis Oriental, Calumpit and Obando, Bulacan)
Matagoan Festival[68] 24 Jun to 26 Jun[68] Tabuk City, Kalinga[68]
Parada ng Lechon
(Parade of Roast Pigs)
24 Jun[59][68][70] Balayan, Batangas[20][26][68][70] Saint John the Baptist[20][26][59]
Hibok-Hibok Festival[52][70] 24 Jun[52][70] Camiguin Island[70] Saint John the Baptist[52][70]
Kaliguan Fluvial Festival[68] 24 Jun[68] Cagwait, Surigao del Sur[68]
Feast of San Antonio de Padua[68] 24 Jun[68] Pila, Laguna[68]
Feast of Saint John the Baptist / Lechon Festival[68] 24 Jun[68] Mindoro Oriental[68]
Araw ng Maynila[68] 24 Jun[68] Manila City[68]
Taong-putik Festival[68] 24 Jun[68] Aliaga, Nueva Ecija[68]
Wattah Wattah Festival[68] 24 Jun[68] San Juan City[68]
Sab'uyan Festival / Feast of Saint John the Baptist[68] 24 Jun[68] Pola, Oriental Mindoro[68]
Lubid–Lubid Festival and Cow Parade[68] 24 Jun[68] Tiaong, Quezon[68]
San Juan sa Hibok-hibok Festival[68] 24 Jun[68] Camiguin (provincewide)[68]
Feast of Saint John the Baptist[68] 25 Jun[68] San Juan, Metro Manila[68]
Ikid-ikid sa Hononganan Festival[68] 25 Jun[68] Hinunangan, Southern Leyte[68]
Bituon Han Leyte Kasadyaan[68] 25 Jun[68] Tacloban City[68]
Palo Palo Festival[68] 26 Jun[68] Batanes[68]
Apung Iru
(Saint Peter Fluvial Festival)
27 Jun to 29 Jun[68][71] Apalit, Pampanga[68][71] in honor of Saint Peter or "Apung Iru"[71]
Sakay-sakay Festival[68] 27 Jun to 29 Jun[68] Jimenez, Misamis Occidental[68]
Pintados Festival[20][26][68][70] 27 Jun,[68]
or 29 Jun[26]
Tacloban, Leyte[20][26][68][70] body paint[20][70]
Taephag Festival[68] 27 Jun[68] Tagbina, Surigao del Sur[68]
Araw ng El Salvador[68] 27 Jun[68] El Salvador, Misamis Oriental[68]
Araw ng Maramag[68] 27 Jun[68] Maramag, Bukidnon[68]
Cacabyawan Festival[68] 27 Jun[68] San Isidro, Davao del Norte[68]
Saint Peter and Paul Feast June 28–29 Ormoc City, Leyte Pina Festival June 24
28 Jun to 29 Jun[68] Cagdianao, Surigao del Norte[68]
Kalilang sa Ranao[20][68] 28 Jun to 5 Jul,[68]
or 10 Apr to 15 Apr[20]
Marawi City, Lanao del Sur[20][68] charter anniversary celebration of Marawi City[20]
Subiran Regatta[68] 28 Jun[68] Tacloban City[68]
Kaniyog'n Festival[68] 28 Jun[68] Brooke's Point, Palawan[68]
Bailes de Arcos[68] 29 Jun[68] Makati City[68]
Biniray Festival[68] 29 Jun[68] Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro[68]
Sugbongcogontown Fiesta / Sacred Heart of Jesus[68] 29 Jun[68] Sugbongcogon, Misamis Oriental[68]
Sangyaw Festival of Lights Street Dance (Parade of Lights)and Ritual Dance Competition[68] 29 Jun[68] Tacloban City[68]
Feast of Patron Saint of Tacloban, the Sr. Sto. Niño De Tacloban El Capitan
Kahalawan te Sebseb "Spring Festival"[68] 30 Jun[68] Maramag, Bukidnon[68]
Naligayan Festival[70] June (2nd week)[70] Agusan del Norte[70] features socio-cultural shows and fairs involving indigenous groups[70]
Daet Pineapple Festival[20][70] June (3rd week),[70]
Daet, Camarines Norte[20][70] Pineapple, Daet's main crop[20][70]
Feast of Apung Iru (St.Peter the Apostle) June 28,29,30 Apalit, Pampanga Fluvial Procession of the Image of St. Peter from Spain.

Celebrated since 1844.


Name Date range Location Notes
(commemoration/main attraction(s)
Simbalay[20] July Nabunturan, Compostela Valley[20]
Bocaue River Festival[26][63] July (1st Sunday)[26][63] Bocaue, Bulacan[26] Krus ng Wawa or Cross of Bocaue[26][63]
Sagayan Festival[20][72][73] July (1st week),[72]
4 Jul[73]
Tubod, Lanao del Norte[20][72][73] festival with a Maranao war dance as a main event[72][73]
Sandugo Festival[20][26][72][73] July (last week),[72]
or (month-long)[73]
Tagbilaran City,[20][26][73]
celebrates the blood compact between local chieftain Datu Sikatuna and Captain General Miguel Lopez de Legazpi[20][26][72]
Kahimoan Abayan Festival[72] July (last week)[72] Butuan City[72] in honor of Santa Ana (Saint Anne)[72]
Syensaya Los Baños Science Festival[73] July (no definite date yet)[73] Los Baños, Laguna[73]
Kalakal Festival[73] July (no definite date yet)[73] Santa Maria, Laguna[73]
Sublian sa Batangas[20][59][72][73] July to 23 Jul[59][72][73] Batangas City[20][72][73] foundation day of Batangas City,[20][72] revives the subli dance tradition[59]
Banana Festival[73] 1 Jul to 10 Jul[73] Tagum, Davao del Norte[73]
Feast of Our Lady of Guibang[73] 1 Jul to 2 Jul[73] Gamu, Isabela[73]
Festival of Our Lady of Piat[20][73] 1 Jul to 2 Jul[20][73] Piat, Cagayan[20][73]
Gatas ng Kalabaw Festival[73] 1 Jul to 7 Jul[73] Cabanatuan City[73]
San Carlos Charter Anniversary[73] 1 Jul[73] San Carlos, Negros Occidental[73]
Araw ng Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental[73] 1 Jul[73] Digos City, Tagum City, Mati City[73]
Sinugdan Festival[73] 1 Jul[73] Maasin City, Southern Leyte[73]
Tanggogoan Festival[73] 1 Jul[73] Digos City[73]
Kadagayaan Festival[74] 1 Jul (week-long)[74] Davao del Norte[74] celebrates and promotes the agri-aqua industry of the province[74]
Araw ng Pasig[73] 2 Jul[73] Pasig City[73]
Banig Festival[73] 3 Jul[73] Badian, Cebu[73]
Feast of the Holy Cross of Wawa
(Pagoda Festival)
4 Jul to 7 Jul,[72]
or 3 Jul (1st Sunday)[73]
Bocaue, Bulacan[72][73] held in honor of the Holy Cross of Wawa[72]
Kahumayan Festival 5 Jul to 8 Jul Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte
Araw ng Hagonoy[73] 5 Jul[73] Hagonoy, Davao del Sur[73]
Alegria de Isabela[73] 8 Jul[73] Isabela, Basilan[73]
Lubid Festival[73] 12 Jul to 16 Jul[73] Malilipot, Albay[73]
Hudyaka Festival[73] 12 Jul[73] Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental[73]
T’nalak Festival[20][73] 13 Jul to 18 Jul[73] Koronadal City[20][73] harvest celebration[20]
Sinarapan Festival[73] 14 Jul to 15 Jul[73] Buhi, Camarines Sur[73]
Subayan Keg Subanen Festival[73] 15 Jul to 16 Jul[73] Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental[73]
Cordillera Day[73] 15 Jul to 30 Jul[73] Baguio City / CAR provinces[73]
S'lang Festival[73] 15 Jul[73] Malungon, Sarangani[73]
Pahinungod Festival[73] 16 Jul[73] Carrascal, Surigao del Sur[73]
Binuhat Festival[73] 17 Jul to 23 Jul[73] Tagum City[73]
Kinis Festival[75][76] 18 Jul to 25 Jul Panganiban, Catanduanes[75][76] crab festival[76]
Padigosan Festival[73][77] 19 Jul[73][77] Digos City[73][77]
Busaingan Festival 22 Jul Santa Magdalena, Sorsogon
Libon Paroy Festival[73] 22 Jul to 25 Jul[73] Libon, Albay[73]
Kaliga Festival[73] 22 Jul[73] Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental[73]
Birth Anniversary of Apolinario Mabini[73] 22 Jul[73] Tanauan, Batangas, Batangas City[73]
Ibid Festival[73] 23 Jul[73] Caibiran, Biliran[73]
Araw ng Nabunturan[73] 23 Jul[73] Nabunturan, Compostela Valley[73]
Kinabayo Festival
(Battle of Covadonga)
24 Jul to 25 Jul[20][73] Dapitan City[20][72][73] re-enacting the Spanish-Moorish wars,[20] and/or in honor of Saint James[72]
Sinulog de Tanjay Festival[72][73] 24 Jul,[73]
(last week)[72]
Tanjay, Negros Oriental[72][73] features the origin of the old sinulog culture[72]
Buganihan Festival[73] 25 Jul to 1 Aug[73] Compostela Valley[73]
Balikcarcanmadcarlan Celebration[73] 25 Jul to 31 Jul[73] Cantilan, Surigao del Sur[73]
Kadagatan Festival[73] 25 Jul[73] Cortes, Surigao del Sur[73]
Panagsogod Festival[73] 25 Jul[73] Sogod, Cebu[73]
Kutoo Festival[73] 25 Jul[73] Cateel, Davao Oriental[73]
Saint James the Apostle Fiesta[73] 25 Jul[73] Compostela Valley[73]
Tourism Consciousness Week[73] 26 Jul to 2 Aug[73] Butuan City[73]
Pakapya-Agtike[73] 26 Jul[73] Socorro, Oriental Mindoro[73]
Santa Anang Banak Taguig River Festival[73] 26 Jul[73] Taguig[73]
Kaumahan Festival[73] 26 Jul[73] Barili, Cebu[73]
Anniversary of Battle of Paye[73] 30 Jul[73]
Abayan Festival[73] 31 Jul[73] Butuan City[73]
San Ignacio de Loyola Fiesta[73] 31 Jul[73] Monkayo, Compostela Valley[73]
Salagaan Festival [73] 26 Jul to 30 Jul[73]


Name Date range Location Notes
(commemoration/main attraction(s)
Ibalong Festival[20][78][79] August (2nd week),[79]
Legazpi City[20][79] Bicol's early History. The festival celebrates the epic story Ibalong who was accompanied by three legendary heroes, namely Baltog, Handyong, and Bantong.-[20][78][79]
Raja Baguinda Festival[26] August (2nd week)[26] Jolo, Sulu[26] arrival of Raja Baguinda who is credited of spreading the Islam faith to the Sultanate of Sulu[26]
Aurora Festival[80] August (last Sunday of Aug. to 1st week of Sept.)[80] Tanjay, Negros Oriental[80] features evening novenas which culminate in a nocturnal fluvial procession at the Tanjay River[80]
Guiling–Guiling Festival[39] August (no definite date yet)[39] Siniloan, Laguna[39]
Celebration of Buwan ng Wika[39] August
(no definite date)[39]
Batangas City[39]
Durian Festival[39] August to September[39] Tagum City[39]
Ramadan[39] August[39]
Sal-lupongan Festival[39] 1 Aug to 10 Aug[39] New Bataan, Compostela Valley[39]
City of Valencia Festival[81] 1 Aug to 28 Aug[81] Valencia, Bukidnon[81]
Cabibi Festival[39] 1 Aug to 4 Aug[39] Lal-lo, Cagayan[39]
Padagyaw Festival[39] 1 Aug to 5 Aug[39] Dumarao, Capiz[39]
Pangapog Festival[39][82] 1 Aug to 7 Aug[39][82] Island Garden City of Samal[39][82] thanksgiving festival for a bountiful harvest highlighting the culture of the Samal[82]
Almasiga Festival[39] 1 Aug[39] Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental[39]
Udyakan sa Kabankalan/Charter Anniversary[39] 2 Aug[39] Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental[39]
Adlaw Hong Butuan[39] 2 Aug[39] Butuan City[39]
Palagsing Festival[39] 2 Aug[39] Butuan City[39]
Santa Clara Festival[39] 4 Aug to 13 Aug[39] Tigaon, Camarines Sur[39]
Palu-Palo Festival[39][82] 4 Aug to 5 Aug[39][82] Basco, Batanes[39][82] cultural presentation showing the life of the Ivatans[82]
Bayombong Town Fiesta[39] 5 Aug to 9 Aug[39] Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya[39]
Marang Festival[82] 5 Aug[82] Las Nieves, Agusan del Norte[82] harvest festival of the fruit marang[82]
El Salvador Fiesta[39] 5 Aug[39] El Salvador, Misamis Oriental[39]
Feast of Our Lady of Snows[39] 5 Aug[39] Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental[39]
Pagpasidungog Festival[39] 6 Aug to 10 Aug[39] Panitan, Capiz[39]
Mercedes Fishtival
(Mercedes Kadagatan Festival)
6 Aug to 11 Aug[39][82] Mercedes, Camarines Norte[39][82] thanksgiving festival by local fishermen[82]
Nalupon Festival[39] 8 Aug[39] Lupon, Davao Oriental[39]
Fruit Festival[39] 9 Aug to 11 Aug[39] Kidapawan City[39]
Bonga Festival[39][83] 9 Aug[39][83] Sibonga, Cebu[39][83] a form of prayer to the town's patron saints for progress and a bountiful harvest[83]
Maliputo Festival[39] 9 Aug[39] San Nicolas, Batangas[39]
Ajonay Festival[84] 10 Aug[84] Maasin City[84] Mardi Gras-like festival depicting local culture[84]
Cordova Dinagat Festival[39] 10 Aug to 16 Aug[39] Cordova, Cebu[39] fishing rituals[39]
Pav-vurulun Afi Festival[39] 10 Aug to 17 Aug[39] Tuguegarao, Cagayan[39]
Araw ng Cabanglasan[39] 11 Aug to 13 Aug[39] Cabanglasan, Bukidnon[39]
Kaadlawan Han Samar[39] 11 Aug[39] Catbalogan, Samar[39]
Kaahaan Festival
(Araw ng Kinoguitan)
11 Aug[39] Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental[39]
Santones Festival[39] 12 Aug to 16 Aug[39] Liliw, Laguna[39]
Arandurugan Festival[39] 12 Aug to 17 Aug[39] Guinobatan, Albay[39]
Pangasinan Bamboo Festival[82] 12 Aug[82] Calasiao and Santa Barbara, Pangasinan[82] festival showcasing bamboo products[82]
Pasigarbo sa Sugbo[39] 13 Aug to (2nd Saturday)[39] Cebu City[39]
Paray Festival[75] 13 Aug to 15 Aug Viga, Catanduanes[75] rice festival
Araw ng Tayabas[39] 13 Aug[39] Tayabas, Quezon[39]
Kalubihan Festival[39] 14 Aug to 20 Aug[39] Jordan, Guimaras[39]
Kalibongan Festival
(Horse Fight & Blood Compact)
14 Aug,[39]
or 17 Aug to 18 Aug[82]
Kidapawan City, Cotabato[39][82][85] gathering of Mindanao ethnolinguistic groups[82]
Pasaka Festival[39][82] 14 Aug[39][82] Tanauan, Leyte[39][82] in honor of Our Lady of Assumption[82]
Caro-tao Festival[39] 14 Aug[39] Mawab, Compostela Valley[39]
Coron Festival[39] 15 Aug to 17 Aug[39] Tiwi, Albay[39]
Kaumahan Festival[39] 15 Aug to 31 Aug[39] Opol, Misamis Oriental[39]
Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption[39] 15 Aug[39] Boac, Marinduque[39]
Sirong Festival[39] 15 Aug[39] Cantilan, Surigao del Sur[39]
Sumayajaw Festival[39] 15 Aug[39] Jabonga, Agusan del Norte[39]
Lubi-Lubi (Coconut) Festival[20][39][82] 15 Aug[39][82] Calubian, Leyte[20][39][82] in honor of Our Lady of Fatima and Saint Roque[82]
Kumbira[39][86] 17 Aug to 19 Aug[39]
or 12 Aug to 14 Aug[86]
Cagayan de Oro City[39][86] culinary food show and competition[39][86]
Sundayag[39] 18 Aug[39] Cagayan de Oro City[39]
Lumin-awa Festival[39] 18 Aug[39] Lubuagan, Kalinga[39]
Araw ng Alubijid
(Diyandihan Festival)
18 Aug[39] Alubijid, Misamis Oriental[39]
Gigantes Festival[82] 19 Aug[82] Lucban, Quezon[82] (giants)[82]
Buyogan Festival[20][39][82] 19 Aug[82] or 29 Aug[39] Abuyog, Leyte[20][39][82] Bees (buyog)[20][82]
Quezon Day/Angono Day[39] 19 Aug[39] Angono, Rizal[39]
Coco Sabutan Festival[39] 19 Aug[39] Baler, Aurora[39]
Manuel Luis Quezon Birth Anniversary[39] 19 Aug[39] Quezon City[39]
Kadayawan sa Dabaw[20][26][39][82][87] 20 Aug to 24 Aug,[20][39]
(3rd week)
Davao City[20][26][39][82][87] thanksgiving festival and a tribute to its indigenous peoples[82][87]
Bankaton[39][82] 20 Aug[39][82] Lavezares, Northern Samar[39][82] annual boat racing contest celebrating the feast of Nuestra Senora de Salvacion[82]
Pilgrimage to Joroan[39] 20 Aug[39] Tiwi, Albay[39]
Sabutan Festival[39] 21 Aug to 25 Aug[39] San Luis, Aurora[39]
Anniversary of Cry of Pugadlawin[39] 23 Aug[39] Quezon City[39]
Manaragat Festival[39] 23 Aug[39] Catbalogan City[39]
Pasa-pasa Ikaw Festivak[39] 25 Aug to 30 Aug[39] Pasacao, Camarines Sur[39]
Tsinelas Festival[39] 25 Aug[39] Gapan, Nueva Ecija[39]
Iloilo City Charter Day[39] 25 Aug[39] Iloilo City[39]
Kagayhaan Festival[82] 26 Aug to 28 Aug[82] Cagayan de Oro City[82]
Daragang Magayon Festival[39] 26 Aug to 8 Sep[39] Daraga, Albay[39]
Alcala Town Fiesta[39] 26 Aug[39] Alcala, Cagayan[39]
Higa-onon Dance Festival[39] 26 Aug[39] Cagayan de Oro City[39]
Madyaw, Hugyaw Samal Festival[39] 27 Aug to 28 Aug
(every last weekend)[39]
Davao del Norte[39]
Jinawa Festival[39] 27 Aug to 28 Aug[39] Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte[39]
Bahandi Festival[39] 27 Aug[39] Alcantara, Cebu[39]
Cagayan de Oro Golden Float Festival[39] 27 Aug[39] Cagayan de Oro[39]
Native "Manok" Festival[39] 27 Aug[39] Panabo City[39]
Hudyaka sa Panglao[39] 28 Aug[39] Municipality of Panglao, Bohol[39]
Lambagohan Festival[39] 28 Aug[39] Cagayan de Oro[39]
Paladong Festival[39] 28 Aug[39] Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur[39]
Kalumunan Festival[39] 28 Aug[39] San Agustin, Surigao del Sur[39]
Kagay-an Festival[39] 28 Aug[39] Cagayan de Oro City[39]
Kariyawan Festival[39] Aug 28 to 4 Sep[39] Monkayo, Compostela Valley[39]
Tilaw sa Pagkaong Nan Surigaonon Food Festival[39] 29 Aug to 31 Aug[39] Surigao City[39]
National Heroes Day[39] 29 Aug[39] San Carlos City, Negros Occidental[39]
Nagsabado Festival[39] 29 Aug[39] Pasig City[39]
Local Heroes Day Celebration[39] 29 Aug[39] Pateros[39]
Siloy Festival[39] 30 Aug[39] Alcoy, Cebu[39]
Mandaue Charter Day Celebration[39] 30 Aug[39] Mandaue, Cebu[39]
Turumba[39] 30 Aug[39] Teresa, Rizal[39]
Battle of Pinaglabanan Commemoration[39] 30 Aug[39] Pinaglabanan Shrine, City of San Juan[39]
Araw ng Pinaglabanan[39] 30 Aug,[39]or 27 Mar[35] San Juan City[39]
Karomata Festival[88][89] 30 Aug to 1 Sep[89] Trinidad, Bohol[88][89]
Birth Anniversary of Pres. Ramon Magsaysay[39] 31 Aug[39] Iba, Zambales[39]


Name Date range Location Notes
(commemoration/main attraction(s)
Hinirugyaw Festival[81] 1 Sep to 10 Sep[81] Cabatuan, Iloilo[81]
Diyandi Festival[81] 1 Sep to 2 Oct[81] Iligan City[81] (in Honor of St. Michael the Archangel: the Patron Saint of Iligan City)
Hin-ay Festival[80] 1 Sep to 29 Sep[80]
Bicol Food Festival[80] 1 Sep to 30 Sep[80] Naga City, Camarines Sur[80] festival of Bicol cuisine[80]
Tinu-om Festival[81] 1 Sep to 5 Sep
(1st week)[81]
Cabatuan, Iloilo[81]
Sarakiki Festival[20][80][81] 1 Sep to 8 Sep[80][81] Calbayog City[20][80][81] features street dancers dressed as cocks[20][80]
Hadang Festival[39] 1 Sep to 8 Sep[39] Calbayog City[39]
Feast of Nuestra Señora del Buensuceso[81] 1 Sep to 9 Sep[81] Parañaque City[81]
Handuraw Festival[81] 1 Sep[81] Leon, Iloilo[81]
Baguio Charter Day/Baguio Tourism Month[81] 1 Sep[81] Baguio City[81]
Hinugyaw Festival / Cotabato Province Foundation Anniversary[81] 1 Sep[81] Kidapawan City[81]
Victory Day[81] 2 Sep[81] Kiangan, Ifugao[81]
Unang Sigaw ng Nueva Ecija[81] 2 Sep[81] Palayan City[81]
Tuna Festival[20][81] 3 Sep to 5 Sep[20][81] General Santos City[20][81] tuna[20]
Tanglawan Festival[90] 3 Sep to 10 Sep[91] San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
Sinab'badan Tribal Festival[81] 5 Sep to 6 Sep[81] Santa Cruz, Davao del Sur[81]
Buyloganay Festival[81] 6 Sep to 10 Sep[81] Ivisan, Capiz[81]
Am-among Festival[81] 7 Sep to 16 Sep[81] Bontoc, Mountain Province[81]
Busig-on Festival[81] 7 Sep to 8 Sep[81] Labo, Camarines Norte[81]
Sipong Festival[81] 7 Sep[81] Bais City, Negros Oriental[81]
Padul-ong Festival[81] 7 Sep[81] Borongan City, Eastern Samar[81]
Kawayan Festival[81] 7 Sep[81] Maragondon, Cavite[81]
Kinaiyahan Festival[81] 7 Sep[81] Dauin, Negros Oriental[81]
Karatong Festival[81] 7 Sep[81] Dulag, Leyte[81]
Taal Lake Festival 8 Sep Taal Lake
Tambobo Festival[81] 8 Sep to 10 Sep[81] Ajuy, Iloilo[81]
Minuluan Festival[81] 8 Sep to 10 Sep[81] Talisay City, Negros Occidental[81]
Panagdadapun Festival
(Araw ng Quirino)
8 Sep to 10 Sep[20][81] Cabarroguis, Quirino[20][81]
Linggo ng Bulakan[81] 8 Sep to 15 Sep[81] Malolos, Bulacan[81]
Singkaban Festival[81][92] 8 Sep to 15 Sep[81][92] Malolos, Bulacan[81][92] highlights the history, culture and tradition of Bulacan province[92]
Anniversary of the Canonical Coronation of the Virgen de Los Remedios[81] 8 Sep[81] Angeles City and San Fernando, Pampanga[81]
Araw ng Digos[81] 8 Sep[81] Digos City[81]
Pista Kadig'garan[81] 8 Sep[81] Digos City[81]
World Heritage Cities Solidarity Day[81] 8 Sep[81] Vigan City[81]
Sadawan Festival 9 Sep Banton, Romblon Formerly known as Imelda
Flomolok Festival[81] 9 Sep to 11 Sep[81] Polomolok, South Cotabato[81]
Kasadyaan Festival[81] 9 Sep to 11 Sep[81] Tupi, South Cotabato[81]
Bonok-Bonok Festival[20] 9 Sep[20] Surigao City[20] Surigao culture[20]
Parada ng Kakanin / Festival of Nuestra Señora de Aranzazzu[81] 9 Sep[81] San Mateo, Rizal[81]
Tambanipa[81] 9 Sep[81] Cagayan de Oro City
Sayaw Lahi Festival[81] 10 Sep[81] Naujan, Oriental Mindoro[81]
Surigao City Fiesta
(San Nicolas de Tolentino)
10 Sep[81] Surigao City[81]
Banhayan Festival/Feast of San Nicolas de Tolentino[81] 10 Sep[81] Muntinlupa City[81]
Langaran Festival[81] 10 Sep[81] Plaridel, Misamis Occidental[81]
Beachurero Festival[81] 10 Sep[81] Tacloban City[81]
Bansaulog Festival[81] 12 Sep to 18 Sep[81] Bansalan, Davao del Sur[81]
Anniversary – Battle of Pulang Lupa[81] 13 Sep[81] Torrijos, Marinduque[81]
Kapakyanan Festival[81] 14 Sep to 15 Sep[81] Victoria, Oriental Mindoro[81]
Golden Harvest Festival[81] 14 Sep to 21 Sep[81] Valencia, Bukidnon[81] rice and corn festival[81]
Feast of the Triumph of the Cross[81] 14 Sep[81] San Jose, Tarlac[81]
Bansalan Festival[81] 15 Sep to 18 Sep[81] Bansalan[81]
Bislig City Charter Day[81] 15 Sep to 19 Sep[81] Bislig City[81]
Voyadores Festival[81] 15 Sep[81] Daraga, Albay[81]
Bungag Dagtabinal Festival[81] 15 Sep[81] Aloran, Misamis Occidental[81]
Bañamos Festival[81] 17 Sep to 23 Sep[81] Los Banos, Laguna[81]
Peñafrancia Festival[27][81] 17 Sep[81] Naga City, Camarines Sur[27][81] features a novena or 9 days of devotion[27]
Galaan Festival[81] 17 Sep[81] Don Victoriano Chiongbian, Misamis Occidental[81]
Araw ng Siquijor with Solili[20][81] 17 Sep,[81]
(3rd week)[20]
Siquijor, Siquijor[20][81]
Peñafrancia Festival[81] 18 Sep (3rd Sunday)[81] Cotabato City[81]
Karansa Festival[81] 18 Sep (3rd Sunday)[81] Danao City, Cebu[81]
Kabuhian Festival[81] 18 Sep (3rd Sunday)[81] Ronda, Cebu[81]
Talakudong Festival[81] 18 Sep[81] Tacurong City[81]
Araw ng Bansalan[81] 18 Sep[81] Bansalan, Davao del Sur[81]
Binulig Festival[81] 19 Sep to 25 Sep[81] Panabo City[81]
Sinawug Festival[81] 19 Sep[81] Asuncion, Davao del Norte[81]
Pasalamat Festival[81] 20 Sep to 22 Sep[81] Dao, Capiz[81]
Negros Occidental Provincial Tourism Week[81] 20 Sep to 26 Sep[81] Negros Occidental[81]
Coco Festival[81] 20 Sep to 27 Sep[81] Sanchez Mira, Cagayan[81]
Pagpakanaug[81] 20 Sep[81] Iligan City[81]
Araw ng Asuncion[81] 20 Sep[81] Asuncion, Davao del Norte[81]
Semana Sang Turismo
(Silay Tourism Week)
21 Sep to 27 Sep[81] Silay City[81]
Patabang Festival[81] 21 Sep to 30 Sep[81] Tapaz, Capiz[81]
Burdang Lumban Festival[81] 21 Sep[81] Lumban, Laguna[81]
Ma-tzu Festival[81][93] 23 Sep to 25 Sep[81] San Fernando, La Union[81][93] celebration by Chinese devotees of the miraculous Virgin of Caysasay or Ma-Tzu – a Chinese deity of the Sung Dynasty[93]
Dumalondong Festival[81] 23 Sep[81] Esperanza, Agusan del Sur[81] tribal rituals[81]
Kanlungan Festival [68] 24 Sep[68] Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna[68]
Sambuklod Festival[81] 25 Sep (last Sunday)[81] San Jose del Monte, Bulacan[81]
Anihan Festival[81] 25 Sep to 30 Sep[81] Dueñas, Iloilo[81]
Drum and Bugle Corp Competition[81] 25 Sep to 30 Sep[81] Nasipit, Agusan del Norte[81]
Heritage Tour– Lakbay Malabon[81] 25 Sep to 30 Sep[81] Malabon City[81]
Agal-Agal Festival[81] 25 Sep[81] Tawi-Tawi[81] seaweeds[81]
Nuang Festival[39] 26 Sep[39] San Agustin, Isabela[39]
Megayon Festival[81] 27 Sep to 30 Sep[81] Zamboanga del Sur[81] thanksgiving festival[81]
Birth Anniversary of General Miguel Malvar[81] 27 Sep[81] Santo Tomas, Batangas[32][33] hometown of Gen. Miguel Carpio Malvar[80]
Birth Anniversary of Gen. Miguel Malvar[81] 27 Sep[81] Batangas City[81]
Anihan Festival[81] 27 Sep[81] Lobo, Batangas[81]
Ms. Iligan City[81] 27 Sep[81] Iligan City[81]
Bathan Festival 28 Sep San Miguel, Leyte
Passini Kat Aborlan[81] 28 Sep to 1 Oct[81] Aborlan, Palawan[81]
Djanggo Festival[80] 28 Sep to 29 Sep[80] Gattaran, Cagayan[80] commemorates centuries-old religious and cultural tradition based on the life of St. Michael[80]
Banigan Festival[81] 28 Sep[81] Basey, Samar[81]
Balangiga Anniversary[81] 28 Sep[81] Balangiga, Eastern Samar[81]
Pagay Festival[81] 28 Sep[81] Alicia, Isabela[81]
Komedya de San Miguel[81] 28 Sep[81] Iligan City[81]
Pitlagong Festival[81] 28 Sep[81] Argao, Cebu[81]
Kaplag Festival[81] 28 Sep[81] Mahaplag, Leyte[81]
Kialegnon Festival[81][94] 23 Sep to 28 Sep[81][94] Magsaysay, Davao del Sur[81][94] weeklong celebration of the town's culture, harvest festival[94]
D'Dalaylay Festival 29 Sep Jalajala, Rizal
Dalit Festival[80][81] 29 Sep,[81]
or 25 Sep[80]
Tangub City[80][81] showcases local rituals, dances, and way of life[80]
Banigan-Kawayan Festival[80] 29 Sep[80] Basey, Samar[80] celebrates the banig and the kawayan crafts industry[80]
Angel Festival[81] 29 Sep[81] San Rafael, Bulacan[81]
Pangalipay Festival[81] 29 Sep[81] Magsaysay, Palawan[81]
Lapay Bantigue Dance Festival[81] 29 Sep[81] Masbate City[81]
Sinu-og Estokada Festival[81] 29 Sep[81] Jagna, Bohol[81]
Feast of Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia
(Peñafrancia Viva La Virgen)
September (3rd Saturday)[80] Naga City, Camarines Sur[20][26][80] Lady of Peñafrancia[26][80]
T'boli Tribal Festival[80] September (3rd week)[80] South Cotabato[80] a gathering of the major ethnolinguistic groups in the province[80]
Tumandok Festival[81] September (3rd week)[81] Iloilo City[81]
Kabankalan City Tourism Week[81] September (4th week)[81] Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental[81]
Kalivungan Festival[95] September North Cotabato[95] celebration of intertribal harmony and thanksgiving festival[95]


Name Date range Location Notes
(commemoration/main attraction(s)
Parau Festival[78] 1 Oct to 12 Oct[78] Pilar, Sorsogon[78]
Talulot Festival[78] 1 Oct to 2 Oct[78] Pasay City[78]
Tuao Patronal Fiesta[78] 1 Oct to 2 Oct[78] Tuao, Cagayan[78]
Paruyan Festival[78] 1 Oct to 4 Oct[78] Talisay, Camarines Norte[78]
Pasinayaan Festival[78] 1 Oct to 5 Oct[78] Hagonoy, Davao del Sur[78]
Unod Festival[78] 1 Oct to 7 Oct[78] Castilla, Sorsogon[78]
Mambulawan Festival[78] 1 Oct to 7 Oct[78] Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte[78]
Hudyaka sa Plaza[78] 1 Oct to 7 Oct[78] Montevista, Compostela Valley[78]
Pista ng Gubat[78] 1 Oct[78] Pandan, Antique[78]
Kawayanan Festival[78] 1 Oct[78] Gloria, Oriental Mindoro[78]
Dilaab Festival[78] 1 Oct[78] Siquijor[78]
Kariton Festival[78] 2 Oct to 5 Oct[78] Tupi, South Cotabato[78]
Kinilaw Festival[78] 2 Oct[78] Surigao City[78]
Feast of Our Lady of La Naval[78] 3 Oct to 12 Oct[78] Quezon City[78]
Pista ng Batampasig[78] 3 Oct to 26 Nov[78] Pasig City[78]
Sinanggiyaw Festival[78] 4 Oct[78] Dumanjug, Cebu[78]
Pagoda Festival(Feast of Saint Francis of Assissi)[78] 4 Oct[78] Cardona, Rizal[78]
Kidapawan City Fruit Festival[20][78] 5 Oct to 10 Oct,[78]
or August (2nd week)[20]
Kidapawan City[78]
La Torre Festival[78] 6 Oct[78] Cardona, Rizal[78]
Harana sa Makati[78] 6 Oct[78] Makati City[78]
Pagbiagan Festival/Baggat Dekat Festival and Solano Town Fiesta[78] 7 Oct to 8 Oct[78] Solano, Nueva Vizcaya[78]
Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary[78] 7 Oct[78] Dipolog City[78]
Bagabag Town Fiesta[78] 7 Oct[78] Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya[78]
Eggstravaganza Festival[78] 8 Oct (2nd Friday)[78] San Jose, Batangas[78]
Malampaya Festival[78] 8 Oct to 12 Oct[78] Taytay, Palawan[78]
Bagius Festival[78] 8 Oct[78] Angeles City[78]
Lubi-lubi Festival[78] 8 Oct[78] Glan, Sarangani[78]
Charter Anniversary of Koronadal City[78] 8 Oct[78] Koronadal City[78]
Zamboanga Hermosa Festival[20][78][79] 10 Oct to 12 Oct[78][79] Zamboanga City[20][78][79] (in honor of Our Lady of the Pillar (Nuestra Senora del Pilar Zaragosa))[79]
Kasanggayahan Festival[78][79] 10 Oct to 17 Oct,[79]
or 17 Oct to 27 Oct[78]
Sorsogon, Sorsogon[78][79] foundation anniversary of Sorsogon[79]
Ting'udo Festival[78] 10 Oct[78] Makilala, Cotabato[78] fruit harvest festival[78]
Karakol Festival[78] 10 Oct[78] Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro[78]
Kanduli Festival[78] 10 Oct[78] Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat[78]
Kaimonan Festival[78] 10 Oct[78] Tagum City[78]
Feast of La Naval[20][78][79] 11 Oct,[79]
(2nd Sunday)
Quezon City and Angeles City[20][78][79] image of the Virgin is paraded around the city,[79] victory at sea against the Dutch in 1646[20]
Kaaldawan Iraya[78] 12 Oct[78] Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro[78]
Feast of Nuestra Señora del Pilar[78] 12 Oct[78] Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro[78]
Buglasan Festival[78] 14 Oct to 23 Oct[78] Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental[78]
Inug-og Festival[78][79] 14 Oct,[78]
or 15 Oct[79]
Oroquieta City[78][79] in honor of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary[79]
Octubafest[78] 14 Oct[78] Tacloban City[78]
Lisagan Festival[78] 15 Oct (3rd Saturday)[78] Magallanes, Agusan del Norte[78]
Inasal/Halad Festival[78] 15 Oct[78] Talisay, Cebu[78]
Sagingan Festival[20][78][79] 16 Oct to 17 Oct,[78][79] Tubod, Lanao del Norte[20][78][79] in honor of San Isidro Labrador[79]
Lanzones Festival[20][52][78][79] 16 Oct to 22 Oct
(3rd week),[78]
or (4th week)[52][79]
Mambajao,[79] Camiguin[20][52][78] celebrates the abundance of lanzones fruit[20][52][79]
Pamugu-an Festival[78] 16 Oct to 22 Oct[78] Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro[78]
Pinili Festival[78] 16 Oct to 26 Oct[78] Pili, Camarines Sur[78]
Calbayog Grand Karakol[79] 16 Oct[79] Calbayog City[79] religious celebration of thanksgiving of devotees of San Rafael[79]
Rahugan Festival[78] 17 Oct to 24 Oct[78] Basud, Camarines Norte[78]
Musa Festival[78] 19 Oct to 21 Oct[78] Kapalong, Davao del Norte[78]
Tugob Festival[96] 20 Oct to 22 Oct[96] Ormoc City[96] thanksgiving festival for the bounty of the city[96]
Enchanting Balete Festival[97][97][98] 20 Oct to 24 Oct
Balete, Aklan[97][98] emphasizes the culture and traditions of Balete townsfolk[98]
Leyte Gulf Landing Anniversary[78] 20 Oct[78] Dulag and Palo, Leyte[78]
Cave Festival[78] 20 Oct[78] Laak, Compostela Valley[78]
(Binangonan sa Lawa at Kawayan) Festival
21 Oct Binangonan, Rizal[99] showcases bamboo products and other marine merchandises[99]
Sunggod to Kumanga Tribal Inter-community Solidarity Festival[78] 21 Oct to 22 Oct[78] Panabo City[78]
Coffee Festival[78] 21 Oct[78] Lipa City, Batangas[78]
Catadungan Festival
22 Oct to 24 Oct[20][78][79] Virac, Catanduanes[20][78][79] commemorates the province's independence from Albay[79]
Apo Iraya Festival[78] 23 Oct[78] Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro[78]
Sambuokan Festival[78] 24 Oct to 31 Oct[78] Mati City, Davao Oriental[78]
Pakaradjan Festival[78] 24 Oct to 31 Oct[78] Tagum City[78]
Haw-as Festival 25 Oct to 28 Oct Dumangas, Iloilo
Battle of Surigao Strait Commemoration[78] 25 Oct[78] Surigao City, Surigao del Norte[78]
Banayan Festival[78] 26 Oct to 28 Oct[78] Banaybanay, Davao Oriental[78]
Niyogan Festival[78] 26 Oct to 29 Oct[78] Baganga, Davao Oriental[78]
Kalibulongan[78] 27 Oct to 28 Oct[78] Talaingod, Davao del Norte[78]
Aeta Festival[78] 27 Oct[78] Botolan, Zambales[78]
Kahimonan Festival[78] 28 Oct to 29 Oct[78] Laak, Compostela Valley[78]
Aswang Festival[78] 29 Oct to 30 Oct[78] Roxas City[78] defunct
Hinugyaw sa Anilao[78] 31 Oct[78] Anilao, Iloilo[78]
Apo Fiesta[78] 31 Oct[78] Angeles City[78]
Halaran Festival[79][100] October (1st week)[79][100] Roxas City[79] highlights the history and culture of Capizenos during pre-Hispanic times[79]
Universal Children's Festival[79] October (1st week)[79] Dapitan City[79] involves children of locals, dressed in costumes of UN member countries, parading around the city[79]
Tingguian Festival[78] October (1st week)[78] Bangued, Abra[78]
Pyestang Tugak
(Frog Festival)
October (1st week)[78] San Fernando City[78]
MassKara Festival[20][25][26][78][101] October (Highlights on 4th Sunday) [102] Bacolod City[20][25][26][78][79][101] MassKara Festival is an annual festival in Bacolod City with highlights every fourth Sunday of October with street dancers in colorful costumes, masks and headdresses. [101]
Megayon Festival[79] October (3rd week)[79] Tigbao, Zamboanga del Sur[79] harvest festival[79]
Fiestang Kuliat
(Tigtigan, Terakan Keng Dalan)
October (last week),[20]
28 Oct to 29 Oct[78]
Angeles City, Pampanga[20][78]
Calacatchara Festival[78] October
(no definite date)[78]
Calaca, Batangas[78]
Tinapa Festival[78] October
(no definite date)[78]
Rosario, Cavite[78]
Tamaraw Festival[78] October
(no definite date)[78]
Occidental Mindoro (provincewide)[78]
La Naval Festival[78] October[78] nationwide[78]
Raniag Twilight Festival[103] October[103] Vigan City[103] part of the local people's tradition of giving light to the spirits of departed loved ones[103]


Name Date range Location Notes
(commemoration/main attraction(s)
Festival of Lights 1 Nov Sagada, Mountain Province
Banaag Festival[104] 1 Nov[104] Anilao, Iloilo[104]
Tumba Festival
(Candle Festival)
2 Nov San Luis, Batangas
Pintaflores Festival[20][53] 3 Nov to 5 Nov[53][104] San Carlos City, Negros Occidental[20][53][104] festival marked by a street dancing,[53] (in honor of Saint Charles Borromeo)[20][104]
San Carlos City Fiesta[104] 4 Nov[104] San Carlos City, Negros Occidental[104]
Kansilay Festival[20] 5 Nov to 13 Nov[20]
Angono Arts Festival[104] 5 Nov to 25 Nov[104] Angono, Rizal[104]
Negros Day[104] 5 Nov[104] Negros Occidental[104]
El Cinco de Noviembre / Kansilay Festival[104] 5 Nov[104] Bago City, Negros Occidental[104]
Bagat Festival / Araw ng Sibagat[105] 6 Nov[105] Sibagat, Agusan del Sur[105]
Helobong Festival
9 Nov to 15 Nov[104]
(2nd week)[20]
Lake Sebu, South Cotabato[20][104]
Sandurot Festival[104] 9 Nov to 15 Nov[104] Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental[104]
Visayas-Mindanao Drum and Bugle Corps[104] 9 Nov to 15 Nov[104] Mindanao area / Cagayan de Oro City[104]
Taw-anay Gugma[104] 11 Nov[104] Dumalag, Capiz[104]
Kalag-Kalag Festival[53] 13 Nov[53] Cebu City[53]
Pandag-kitab Oriental Mindoro[104] 14 Nov[104] Calapan City[104] provincial festival[104]
Founding Anniversary of Occidental Mindoro[104] 15 Nov[104] Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro[104]
La Union Surfing Invitational/Surfing Festival[104] 17 Nov to 19 Nov[104] San Juan, La Union[104]
Kahilwayan Festival/Cry of Santa Barbara[104] 17 Nov[104] Santa Barbara, Iloilo[104]
Urukay Festival[104] 18 Nov to 19 Nov[104] Anini-y, Antique[104]
Baguio Arts Festival[104] 18 Nov[104] Baguio City[104]
Inilusan[104] 20 Nov to 25 Nov[104] Mambusao, Capiz[104]
Lapu-lapu City Fiesta[104] 21 Nov to 22 Nov[104] Lapu-lapu City[104]
Kalimudan Festival[104] 21 Nov[104] Isulan, Sultan Kudarat[104] tribal fiesta[104]
Higantes Festival
(Feast of San Clemente)
22 Nov to 23 Nov[20][26][53][104] Angono, Rizal[104] marked by giant papier mache effigies,[53] (in honor of Saint Clement)[26][53]
Guinakit of Maguindanao[20] 22 Nov[20] Rio Grande de Mindanao[20] boat parade[20]
Cordillera Festival[104] 22 Nov[104] Baguio City[104]
Kabkaban Festival[104] 23 Nov to 29 Nov[104] Carcar, Cebu[104]
Benguet Foundation Day[104] 23 Nov[104] Benguet[104]
Santa Ipon Festival[53] 25 Nov to 25 Dec[53] Santa, Ilocos Sur[53] thanksgiving celebration highlighted by the catching of the ipon[53]
Feast of Santa Catalina[104] 26 Nov[104] Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro[104]
Panangedayew[104] 27 Nov[104] Dagupan City[104]
Feast of the Immaculate Conception[20] 29 Nov to 8 Dec[20] Puerto Princesa City[20]
Day-ang Di Onga Festival[53] 30 Nov[53] Baguio City[53] features young Cordillerans in a day-long event to "celebrate life"[53]
Annual Pinatubo Trek
(A March to Peace Tranquility)
30 Nov[104] Capas, Tarlac[104]
Adivay[106][107] Nov[106][107] La Trinidad, Benguet[106][107] celebration of culture and tradition of Benguet ethnic tribes[106][107]
P'yagsawitan Festival[20][53][104] November (3rd week),[20][53]
18 Nov to 25 Nov[104]
Maragusan, Compostela Valley[20][53][104] involves performances by indigenous groups of the area, and harvest-related thanksgiving rituals[20][53]
Kawayanan Festival[53] November (3rd week)[53] Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur[53] celebrates the versatility of the Bamboo plant[53]
Binabayani Festival[53] November (last week)[53] Olongapo, Zambales[53] re-enacts the war between the Aetas and the Christians through dance[53]
Crown Festival November (third week) Taytay, Rizal
Tan-Ok ni Ilocano Festival of Festivals November (third week) Ilocos Norte A festival wherein the municipalities and cities of the provinces showcases their our tradition and cultures.The pride of Ilocanos.
Pas'ungko s'g Mis Occ November (month-long) Misamis Occidental


     Part of Christmas

Name Date range Location Notes
(commemoration/main attraction(s)
(Suman, Bibingka, Latik) Festival
1 Dec[108] Cainta, Rizal[108]
Luglugan - Pancit Malabon Festival[109] 1 Dec to 10 Dec[109] Malabon City[109]
Rimat ti Amianan[109] 1 Dec to 18 Dec[109] San Fernando City, La Union[109]
Kamundagan Festival[109] 1 Dec to 31 Dec[109] Naga City, Camarines Sur[109]
Sinukwan Festival[109] 1 Dec to 7 Dec[109] San Fernando City[109]
Hugyawan Dalansayaw[109] 1 Dec to 7 Dec[109] Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental[109]
Pasigahan sa Balingasag[109] 1 Dec to 7 Jan[109] Balingasag, Misamis Oriental[109]
Galicayo Festival[109] 1 Dec to 9 Dec[109] Manaoag, Pangasinan[109]
Kabakahan Festival[109] 1 Dec[109] Padre Garcia, Batangas[109]
Kalamay Festival[109] 2 Dec[109] San Enrique, Iloilo[109]
Fiesta de Los Toros[109] 2 Dec[109] Nasugbu, Batangas[109]
Yugyugan Festival[109] 3 Dec to 12 Dec[109] Pagsanjan, Laguna[109]
Sinadya sa Halara Festival[109] 3 Dec to 8 Dec[109] Roxas City, Capiz[109] thanksgiving festival[109]
Paskuhan sa Maraykit[109] 5 Dec (1st Saturday)[109] San Juan, Batangas[109]
Christmas Symbols Festival[109] 6 Dec[109] Tangub City[109]
Pag-alad Festival[109] 7 Dec to 8 Dec[109] San Fernando, Romblon[109]
Pagoda and Caracol
(Fluvial Parade)
7 Dec to 9 Dec[109] Malabon City[109]
Rungawan Festival 8 Dec Concepcion, Romblon Sibale Island
Hinugyawan Festival 8 Dec Santa Maria, Romblon Tablas Island
Fluvial Procession at Taal[109] 8 Dec to 9 Dec[109] Taal, Batangas[109]
Tag-anitohan[109] 8 Dec to 9 Dec[109] Tudela, Cebu (Camotes Island)[109]
Rehiyon-Rehiyon[109] 8 Dec[109] Marikina City[109]
Immaculate Conception Day[109] 8 Dec[109] Cotabato City[109]
Feast of Immaculate Conception
8 Dec[109] Puerto Princesa City[109]
San Teodoro Day and Immaculate Conception Feast[109] 8 Dec[109] San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro[109]
Coco Festival[109] 8 Dec[109] San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro[109]
Adyawan Festival[109] 8 Dec[109] San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro[109]
Bonggahan sa Valencia[109] 10 Dec[109] Valencia City, Bukidnon[109]
Pampanga Day[109] 11 Dec[109] San Fernando, Pampanga[109]
Kasadyaan Festival
(Mardi Gras)
12 Dec to 14 Dec[109] Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental[109]
Parayan Festival[109] 12 Dec[109] Pototan, Iloilo[109]
Festival of Lights & Music[109] 12 Dec[109] La Carlota City[109]
Pastores Bicol[109] 12 Dec[109] Legazpi City[109]
Lambayok Festival[109] 12 Dec[109] San Juan, Batangas[109]
Bod-bod Festival[109] 14 Dec to 16 Dec[109] Tanjay City, Negros Oriental[109]
San Fernando Giant Lantern Festival[20][26][109][110] 14 Dec to 20 Dec,[109]
or (month long)[110]
San Fernando, Pampanga[20][26][109][110] Christmas lanterns[20][26][110]
Kanyong Kawayan Festival[109] 14 Dec to 20 Dec[109] Kidapawan City[109]
Shariff Kabunsuan Festival[109] 15 Dec to 19 Dec[109] Cotabato City / Maguindanao[109]
Pantatan Festival[109] 15 Dec to 19 Dec[109] Zarraga, Iloilo[109]
Lantern Festival[109] 15 Dec to 31 Dec[109] Bacolod City[109]
Misa de Gallo[109] 16 Dec to 24 Dec[109] nationwide[109]
Iwag Christmas Lights Festival[109] 16 Dec to 31 Dec[109] Pototan, Iloilo[109]
Sorsogon Festival[109] 16 Dec[109] Sorsogon City[109]
Palupok Bayong Festival[109] 18 Dec[109] Santa Barbara, Iloilo[109]
Tultugan Festival[109] 21 Dec to 27 Dec[109] Maasin, Iloilo[109]
Araw ng Montalban/Pamitinan Festival[109] 21 Dec[109] Rodriguez, Rizal[109]
Christmas Food Street Festival[109] 22 Dec[109] Cebu City[109]
Maytinis Festival[109] 24 Dec[109] Kawit, Cavite[109]
Kanyon-kanyon Festival
(Patunog-tunog Kanyon sa New Year)
25 Dec to 31 Dec[109] Santa Barbara, Iloilo[109]
Pasidungog[109] 25 Dec to 31 Dec[109] San Miguel, Iloilo[109]
Puto Festival[109] 26 Dec to 28 Dec[109] Calasiao, Pangasinan[109]
Idioc Festival 27 Dec Cajidiocan, Romblon Sibuyan Island
Handuraw Festival[109] 27 Dec to 31 Dec[109] Dapitan City[109]
Kaliugyon Festival[109] 28 Dec to 1 Jan[109] Libacao, Aklan[109]
Pawil Dagupan[109] 28 Dec to 31 Dec[109] Dagupan City[109]
Niños Inosentes Day
(Yawa-yawa Festival)
28 Dec[109] Ibajay, Aklan[109]
Horse Festival[109] 29 Dec to 30 Dec[109] Plaridel, Bulacan[109]
Rizal's Death Anniversary[109] 30 Dec[109] Dapitan City[109]
Torotot Festival 31 Dec to 1 Jan Davao City
Pakalog sa Pasig[109] 31 Dec[109] Pasig City[109]
Kaluskos Bamboo Arch Festival[109] December (month long)[109] Cardona, Rizal[109]
Damili Festival[109] December (month long) San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte Give thanks to its patron (St Nicholas) and the art of pottery
Sanghiyang Festival Alfonso, Cavite
World Costume Festival Vigan City international event
Buntal Hat Festival[111] Baliuag, Bulacan[111] buntal hat weaving[111]

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