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A sports rivalry is intense competition between athletic teams or athletes, affecting participants,[1] management, and supporters all to varying degrees.

Fisher Stadium's scoreboard in Easton, Pennsylvania following Lafayette College's victory over Lehigh University in the 142nd edition of "The Rivalry" in 2006. The series between the two colleges, which are 17 miles (27 km) away from each other in the Lehigh Valley, is the most-played rivalry in college football history with 158 meetings since 1884.
Fans separated at an Old Firm derby in Glasgow, Scotland

The intensity of the rivalry can range anywhere from a light hearted banter to serious violence. A rivalry that gets out of control can lead to fighting, hooliganism, rioting and some instances with career-ending and even fatal consequences. In the "Football War", along with other factors, it was suggested to have been the tipping point in leading to military conflicts.

Owners have been known to encourage rivalries as they tend to improve game attendance and television ratings for rivalry matches. Clubs can reduce fan aggression surrounding rivalry games by acknowledging rather than downplaying the conflict[2] because the rivalry is an integral part of fan identity.[3]

Games between two rivals that are based in areas of close geographical proximity are often known as a local derby, or simply just a derby (UK: /ˈdɑːrbi/ DAR-bee, US: /ˈdɜːrbi/ DUR-bee); a sporting event between two teams from the same town, city or region. The term is usually connected with association football[4] and the media and supporters will often refer to this fixture as "Derby Day".[5]

The term "derby" possibly originated from the Derby, a horse race in England, founded by the 12th Earl of Derby in 1780. The 19th Earl has since claimed the Derby name was originally only given to one other sporting event: fixtures between St Helens at one end of the family's Knowsley estate and Wigan at the other.[6]

The other theory as to the name's origin involves Shrovetide football, an early, unofficiated version of both association and rugby football. It was first played in the town of Derby prior to Medieval times. From as early as the 12th century it was known to have been played in Ashbourne. It was a chaotic and exuberant affair that involved the whole town, often resulting in fatalities. The goals were at Nuns Mill in the north and the Gallows Balk in the south of the town, and much of the action took place in the River Derwent or the Markeaton Brook. Nominally the players came from All Saints' and St Peter's parishes, but in practice the game was a free-for-all with as many as 1,000 players. A Frenchman who observed a match in 1829 wrote in horror, 'if Englishmen call this play, it would be impossible to say what they call fighting'. Shrovetide football is still an annual event in the town of Ashbourne.[7]

Since at least as early as 1840 'derby' has been used as a noun in English to denote any kind of sporting contest.[8] Other names for derbies include Clásicos in certain parts of the world and crosstown rivalries in the United States.

Rivalries do not always stem from the sharing of an area. Hostilities can occur for different reasons, such as in the case of El Clásico with tensions between fans with a background of historically cultural and political differences. Frequent meetings in important games between teams can also lead to unpleasantries.

International rivalriesEdit

Association footballEdit



1st party 2nd party Discipline(s) Timespan Article Source
  Steve Ovett   Sebastian Coe Middle-distance running 1978–1986 [9]
  Usain Bolt   Tyson Gay Sprinting 2005–2012 [10]
  Asafa Powell   Tyson Gay Sprinting 2006– [11]
  Dayron Robles   Liu Xiang Hurdling 2007–2011 [12]
  Joan Benoit   Grete Waitz Marathon [13]
  Usain Bolt   Justin Gatlin Sprinting 2012–2017 [14][15]
  Usain Bolt   Yohan Blake Sprinting 2012 [16]
  Ben Johnson   Carl Lewis Sprinting 1984–1988 [17]
  Veronica Campbell-Brown   Allyson Felix 200 metres & 400 metres 2004– [18]
  Ondina Valla   Claudia Testoni Sprinting 1932–1940 Testoni–Valla rivalry [19]
  Luigi Facelli   David Burghley Hurdling 1927–1933 [20]
  Kirani James   LaShawn Merritt Sprinting 2011– [21]
  Paul Tergat   Haile Gebrselassie Marathon 1995–2000 [22]
Eliud Kipchoge Kenenisa Bekele Marathon 2012 -
  Daley Thompson   Jürgen Hingsen Decathlon [23]
  Ivana Španović   Darya Klishina Long jump 2007– [24]
  Donovan Bailey   Michael Johnson Sprinting 1996–1997 Bailey–Johnson 150-metre race [25][26]


1st party 2nd party Discipline(s) Timespan Article Source
  Finland   Sweden Multi-discipline 1925– Finland-Sweden athletics international
  Jamaica   United States Sprinting [27][28][29]
  Kenya   Ethiopia Long-distance running 1968– [22][30]

Australian rules footballEdit


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Susi Susanti   Bang Soo-hyun 1992–1996
  Lee Chong Wei   Lin Dan 2004–2020 Lee–Lin rivalry
  Indonesia   China 1990s-Present
  Anthony Sinisuka Ginting   Kento Momota 2020s-Present
  Nozomi Okuhara   P. V. Sindhu 2016–Present


In Swedish bandy, derby games are often played on Saint Stephen's Day.[31]


Dominican RepublicEdit

Dominican Professional Baseball LeagueEdit


Nippon Professional BaseballEdit

Central LeagueEdit
Pacific LeagueEdit

South KoreaEdit

KBO LeagueEdit


Chinese Professional Baseball LeagueEdit


Mexican Baseball LeagueEdit

Mexican Pacific LeagueEdit

United States/CanadaEdit

Major League BaseballEdit

Minor League BaseballEdit


Venezuelan Professional Baseball LeagueEdit





Guangdong has 11 CBA league titles, more than any other team in history, so it is very evident that they would have a lot of rivalries within the CBA.




Hong KongEdit

These are active Hong Kong A1 rivalries:

These are high school sports rivalries, but are primarily contested in basketball:




Korea RepublicEdit



North MacedoniaEdit


These are active Philippine Basketball Association rivalries:

These are active Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League rivalries:

These are college sports rivalries, but are primarily contested in basketball:






United KingdomEdit

United States and CanadaEdit

National Basketball AssociationEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain 19591969 [79]
Magic Johnson Larry Bird 19791991 [79]
Michael Jordan Bill Laimbeer 1988–present [80][81]
Kobe Bryant Paul Pierce 20082010
LeBron James Stephen Curry 20152018 Cavaliers–Warriors rivalry [82]



1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Switzerland   East Germany 1976—1990 [83]
  Kaillie Humphries   Elana Meyers 2013— [84][85]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Arnold Schwarzenegger   Sergio Oliva [86]



1st party 2nd party Timespan Article(s) Source
  Sugar Ray Robinson   Jake LaMotta 1942–1951
  Muhammad Ali   Joe Frazier 1971–1975 Fight of the Century
Ali-Frazier II
Thrilla in Manila
  Sugar Ray Leonard   Roberto Durán 1980–1989 The No Mas Fight [88]
  Floyd Mayweather Jr.   Marcos Maidana 2014 Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana II
  Floyd Mayweather Jr.   Manny Pacquiao 2009–2015 Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao
  Manny Pacquiao   Juan Manuel Márquez 2004–2012 Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Márquez III
Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Márquez IV
  Érik Morales   Manny Pacquiao 2005-2006 Érik Morales vs. Manny Pacquiao

Érik Morales vs. Manny Pacquiao IIManny Pacquiao vs. Érik Morales III

  Marco Antonio Barrera   Érik Morales 2000–2004 Barrera vs. Morales trilogy
Érik Morales vs. Marco Antonio Barrera
Érik Morales vs. Marco Antonio Barrera II
Érik Morales vs. Marco Antonio Barrera III
  Tyson Fury   Deontay Wilder 2018–2021 Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury
Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury II
Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Mexico   Puerto Rico 1930s–2010s Puerto Rican-Mexican boxing rivalry


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Emanuel Lasker   Siegbert Tarrasch 1894–1908 World Chess Championship 1908
  José Raúl Capablanca   Alexander Alekhine 1927–c.1938 World Chess Championship 1927
  Garry Kasparov   Deep Blue 1996–1997 Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov
  Bobby Fischer    Boris Spassky 1972, 1992 World Chess Championship 1972
Fischer–Spassky (1992 match)
  Viswanathan Anand    Vladimir Kramnik 1989–present List of chess games between Anand and Kramnik
  Vladimir Kramnik   Garry Kasparov 1993–2004 List of chess games between Kasparov and Kramnik
   Garry Kasparov    Anatoly Karpov 1984-c.2000 World Chess Championship 1984
World Chess Championship 1985
World Chess Championship 1986
World Chess Championship 1987
World Chess Championship 1990

College sportEdit



1st party 2nd party Timespan Article(s) Source
  Australia   England 1877–present The Ashes [93]
  Australia   New Zealand 1946–present Chappell–Hadlee Trophy
Trans-Tasman Trophy
  India   Pakistan 1947–present India–Pakistan cricket rivalry [95][96]
  Australia   West Indies 1960–present Frank Worrell Trophy


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Royal College, Colombo   S. Thomas' College, Mt Lavinia 1879–present Royal–Thomian [97]
  Middlesex   Surrey London derby [98]
  Lancashire   Yorkshire War of the Roses [99]
  Warwickshire   Worcestershire West Midlands derby [100]
  Auckland   Canterbury 1873–present
  New South Wales   Queensland 1892–present
  New South Wales   Victoria
  Karnataka   Tamil Nadu 1934–present South Indian Derby [101][102]
  Karnataka   Bombay 1942–present [103]
  Delhi   Bombay 1956–present [104]
  Maharashtra   Bombay Maharashtra Derby [105]
  Andhra   Hyderabad 1954–present [106]
  Chennai Super Kings   Mumbai Indians 2008–present Chennai Super Kings–Mumbai Indians rivalry
  Chennai Super Kings   Royal Challengers Bangalore 2008–present South Indian Derby
  Karachi Kings   Lahore Qalandars 2016–present Karachi Kings–Lahore Qalandars rivalry [107]
  Sydney Sixers   Sydney Thunder 2011–present [108]
  Melbourne Renegades   Melbourne Stars 2011–present

Cue sportsEdit

1st party 2nd party Discipline Timespan Source
  Willie Mosconi   Rudolph Wanderone Jr. Pool [109][110][111]
  Ray Reardon   John Spencer Snooker 1969–1988 [112]
  Alex Higgins 1972–1986
  Cliff Thorburn 1973–1989
  Steve Davis 1979–1989
  Jimmy White 1981–2007
  Stephen Hendry 1987–2009
  Stephen Hendry   Jimmy White 1986–2010
  Ronnie O'Sullivan 1993–2011
  John Higgins 1995–2012
  Ronnie O'Sullivan 1994–
  Mark Selby 2002–
  Ding Junhui 2005–


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Glenn Howard   Kevin Martin [113]
  Jennifer Jones   Kelly Scott [114]


1st party 2nd party Discipline Timespan Source
  Gino Bartali   Fausto Coppi road racing 1940–1956 [115]
  Jacques Anquetil   Raymond Poulidor [116]
  Rik Van Looy   Benoni Beheyt 1963—1966
  Eddy Merckx   Roger De Vlaeminck 1969—1978 [117][118]
  Eddy Merckx   Luis Ocaña [119]
  Francesco Moser   Roger De Vlaeminck 1974—1984
  Connie Carpenter-Phinney   Rebecca Twigg road racing, track cycling [120]
  Sean Kelly   Eric Vanderaerden road racing
  Greg LeMond   Bernard Hinault 1984–1986 [121]
  Laurent Fignon [122]
  Graeme Obree   Chris Boardman track cycling [123]
  Francesco Moser   Beppe Saronni road racing 1978–1986 [124][125]
  Lance Armstrong   Marco Pantani 2000 [126][127]
  Frank Vandenbroucke   Michele Bartoli 1999
  Lotto–Dstny   Soudal–Quick-Step [128]
  Anna Meares   Victoria Pendleton track cycling −2012 [129][130][131]
  Alberto Contador   Andy Schleck road racing [132][133][134]
  Fabian Cancellara   Tom Boonen road racing 2006—2016 [135][136]
  Chris Hoy   Grégory Baugé track cycling 2009–2012 [137]
  Laura Trott   Sarah Hammer track cycling 2012— [138]
  Mark Cavendish   Marcel Kittel road racing [139]
  Chris Froome   Alberto Contador road racing 2013—2017 [140][141]
  Julien Absalon   Nino Schurter cross-country [142]
  Alejandro Valverde   Joaquim Rodríguez road racing 2012—2016
  Tony Martin   Fabian Cancellara road racing
  Australia   Great Britain track cycling [143]
  Wout Van Aert   Mathieu van der Poel cyclo-cross, road racing 2014— [144][145]
  Peter Sagan   Greg Van Avermaet road racing 2015— [146]
  Nacer Bouhanni   Arnaud Démare road racing [147]
  Peter Sagan   Michał Kwiatkowski road racing [148]
  Pauline Ferrand-Prévot   Jolanda Neff cross-country [149]
  Annemiek van Vleuten   Anna van der Breggen road racing 2017—2021 [150][151]


1st party
(Years active)
2nd party
(Years active)
Timespan Source
  Jocky Wilson (1978–1996)   Eric Bristow (1976–2007) 1980–1989 [79]
  John Lowe (1976–2007)   Eric Bristow (1976–2007) 1978–1993
  Phil Taylor (1986–2018)   Raymond van Barneveld (1987–2019) 2006–2018 [23][152][153][154]
  Gerwyn Price (2014– )   Gary Anderson (2001– ) 2018 - [155][156][157]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Qiu Bo   Tom Daley [158]


1st party 2nd party Discipline Timespan Article Source
Team SoloMid (TSM) Cloud9 (C9) League of Legends 2013–Present [159]
Alliance Natus Vincere Dota 2 2013–2016 [160][161]
FaZe Clan OpTic Gaming Call of Duty, Counter-Strike 2013–present [162][163]
Samsung Galaxy SK Telecom T1 League of Legends 2014–2018 [164][165]
SK Gaming Counter-Strike 2015–2018 [166][167]
KT Rolster SK Telecom T1 StarCraft: Brood War, League of Legends 2004-2019 The Telecom Wars [168]
G2 Esports Fnatic League of Legends 2016–Present [169]

Field hockeyEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
 India   Pakistan 1947–present India–Pakistan field hockey rivalry [170]

Figure skatingEdit

1st party 2nd party Discipline Timespan Article Source
  Linda Fratianne   Anett Pötzsch Women's singles 1973–1980 [171]
  Scott Hamilton   Scott Cramer Men's singles 1976–1980 [172]
  Brian Boitano   Brian Orser Men's singles 1982–1988 See also: Battle of the Brians [173]
  Katarina Witt   Debi Thomas Women's singles 1984–1988 See also: Battle of the Carmens [174]
  Nancy Kerrigan   Tonya Harding Women's singles 1990–1994 See also: Assault of Nancy Kerrigan [79]
  Maya Usova
  Alexander Zhulin
  Oksana Grishuk
  Evgeny Platov
Ice dance 1992–1994 [175]
  Michelle Kwan   Tara Lipinski Women's singles 1996–1998 [176]
  Jamie Salé
  David Pelletier
  Elena Berezhnaya
  Anton Sikharulidze
Pairs 1998–2002 See also: 2002 Winter Olympics figure skating scandal [177]
  Alexei Yagudin   Evgeni Plushenko Men's singles 1997–2002 [178]
  Todd Eldredge   Timothy Goebel Men's singles 1998–2002 [179]
  Yuna Kim   Mao Asada Women's singles 2005–2014 [180][181]
  Tessa Virtue
  Scott Moir
  Meryl Davis
  Charlie White
Ice dance 2006–2014 [182][183]
  Gabriella Papadakis
  Guillaume Cizeron
2016–2018 [182]
  Yuzuru Hanyu   Patrick Chan Men's singles 2010–2018 [184][185]
  Javier Fernández 2010–2018 [184][186]
  Nathan Chen 2016–2022 [184]
  Evgenia Medvedeva   Alina Zagitova Women's singles 2017–2019 [187]


1st party 2nd party 3rd party Timespan Article Source
  United States   Europe Ryder Cup [188]
  Arnold Palmer   Jack Nicklaus 1958–1980 [188]
  Tom Watson   Gary McCord [189]
  Jack Nicklaus   Tom Watson 1977–1982 [188]
  Jack Nicklaus   Lee Trevino [190]
  Jack Nicklaus   Tom Weiskopf [191]
  Paul Runyan   Sam Snead [192]
  Ben Hogan   Sam Snead 1938–1967 [188]
  Ben Hogan   Byron Nelson 1935—1946 [193]
  Tiger Woods   Phil Mickelson 1996– [188][194]
  Walter Hagen   Bobby Jones 1914–1930 [188]
  Walter Hagen   Gene Sarazen [190]
  Mickey Wright   Kathy Whitworth 1958–1973 [188]
  Greg Norman   Tim Finchem [193]
  Greg Norman   Nick Faldo [190]
  Johnny Miller   Nick Faldo [191]
Oklahoma State Cowboys Houston Cougars [193]
  J.H. Taylor   Harry Vardon   James Braid Great Triumvirate [193]
  Glenna Collett Vare   Joyce Wethered [190]
  Pádraig Harrington   Sergio García [192]
  Annika Sörenstam   Karrie Webb [192]
  Seve Ballesteros   Paul Azinger [192]
  Willie Park Sr.   Tom Morris [195]
  Ben Hogan
  Byron Nelson
  Harvie Ward
  Ken Venturi
  Tom Kite   Ben Crenshaw [189]
  Seve Ballesteros   Deane Beman [189]
  Louise Suggs   Babe Zaharias 1948–1954 [189]
  Rory Sabbatini   Ben Crane [191]
  Colin Montgomerie   Sandy Lyle [191]
  Bryson DeChambeau   Brooks Koepka 2019— [196]

Gridiron footballEdit

American footballEdit

National Football LeagueEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
Jerry Rice Deion Sanders 1989–1996 [197]
Tom Brady Peyton Manning 2000–2016 Brady–Manning rivalry
Eli Manning Peyton Manning 2006–2013 Manning Bowl

College footballEdit


ONEFA/CONADEIP (National College Association of American Football/National College Sports Commission of Private Institutions)[198]

United StatesEdit


Canadian footballEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Toronto Argonauts 1873–present Harold Ballard Trophy [201][202]
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Montreal Alouettes/Concordes 1982–present Classique [203][204]
Winnipeg Blue Bombers Saskatchewan Roughriders 1936–present Banjo Bowl [205]
Edmonton Elks Calgary Stampeders 1949–present Battle of Alberta [206]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Source
  United States   People's Republic of China [207]
  Japan   People's Republic of China —present [208]
  Russia   Romania —present











North MacedoniaEdit


Lomza Vive Kielce vs. Orlen Wisla Plock









Horse racingEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Source
Seabiscuit War Admiral 1938 [229]
Affirmed Alydar 1978–1979 [230]
Sunday Silence Easy Goer 1989 [231]
Hurricane Fly Jezki 2014 [232]

Ice hockeyEdit


Kontinental Hockey LeagueEdit

North AmericaEdit

National Hockey LeagueEdit



Canadian Hockey LeagueEdit




Czech RepublicEdit





  • Hockey Club Torino vs. Hockey Club Valpellice







United KingdomEdit


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article(s) Source
  Canada   Russia
  Soviet Union
1954, but especially after 1972, to present Summit Series
2008 IIHF World Championship Final
  Canada men   USA men 1920–present Canada–United States rivalry [288]
  Canada women   USA women 1990–present Canada–United States women's rivalry [289]
  Canada U20   USA U20 1973–present Canada–United States junior rivalry [290]
  Czechoslovakia   Soviet Union 1954, but especially after 1968, to 1993 1954 World Ice Hockey Championships [291]
  Czech Republic   Russia 1993–present 1998 Winter Olympics gold medal game
2010 IIHF World Championship Final
  Czech Republic   Slovakia 1994–present Czech Republic–Slovakia rivalry
  Finland   Sweden 1932–present [292][293]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article(s) Source
  Sidney Crosby   Alexander Ovechkin 2005–present Capitals–Penguins rivalry [294][295]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
Cornell Princeton 1922–present Cornell–Princeton lacrosse rivalry [296]
Johns Hopkins Loyola (MD) 1939–present Johns Hopkins–Loyola lacrosse rivalry [297][298][299]
Johns Hopkins Maryland 1895–present Johns Hopkins–Maryland lacrosse rivalry [300]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Markus Prock   Georg Hackl [301]
  Tatjana Hüfner   Natalie Geisenberger [302]

Martial artsEdit


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Dave Leduc   Tun Tun Min 2016– Dave Leduc vs. Tun Tun Min III [303]

Mixed martial artsEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Fedor Emelianenko   Rodrigo Minotauro [304]
  Matt Hughes   B.J. Penn [304]
  Chuck Liddell   Tito Ortiz Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz [304]
  Chuck Liddell   Randy Couture Randy Couture vs. Chuck Liddell [304]
  Tito Ortiz   Ken Shamrock [304]
  Jose Landi
  Wanderlei Silva
  Maurício Shogun
  Anderson Silva
(Chute Boxe)
  Rodrigo Minotauro
  Murilo Bustamante
  Vitor Belfort
  Rogério Minotouro
(Top Team)
  Quinton Jackson   Wanderlei Silva Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Jackson [304]
  Brock Lesnar   Frank Mir [305]
  Dominick Cruz   Urijah Faber [305]
John Jones Daniel Cormier
  Ronda Rousey   Miesha Tate [305]
  Chael Sonnen   Anderson Silva [305]
  Michael Chandler   Eddie Alvarez [305]
  Frankie Edgar   Gray Maynard [305]
  Gilbert Melendez   Josh Thomson [305]
  Tim Sylvia   Andrei Arlovski [305]
  Cain Velasquez   Junior dos Santos [305]
  Matt Serra   Georges St-Pierre [305]
  Conor McGregor   Nate Diaz [306]
  Conor McGregor   Khabib Nurmagomedov 2014-2021 [306]
  Conor McGregor   Dustin Poirier 2021- [307]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Kim Jae-Bum   Ole Bischof 2008– [13]
  Anton Geesink   Akio Kaminaga 1964 [13]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Takanohana Kōji    Akebono Tarō 1990—2000 [308]


Manufacturers, cars, teamsEdit

1st party 2nd party Discipline Timespan Article Source
Bugatti Bentley 24 Hours of Le Mans 1923—1930 [309]
Mercedes-Benz Auto Union Grand Prix 1934—1939 Silver Arrows [310][311]
Ferrari Alfa Romeo Formula One [312]
Jaguar Cars Mercedes-Benz World Championship for Sports Cars 1955, 19881991 See also: 1955 Le Mans disaster [313][314][315]
Ford Ferrari International Championship for Sports Cars
24 Hours of Le Mans
1963—1967 See also Ford v Ferrari, a 2019 film based on this rivalry. [316]
Shelby Cobra Ferrari 250 GTO International Championship for GT Manufacturers 1963—1965 [309]
Ford Mustang Chevrolet Camaro Trans-Am Series 1968—1972 [317]
Petty Enterprises Wood Brothers Racing NASCAR Cup Series [318]
Porsche 917 Ferrari 512 International Championship for Makes 1969—1971 [311]
Nissan Skyline GT-R Mazda R100 and RX-3 JAF touring car racing 1969—1973 [319]
Bob Sharp Racing Brock Racing Enterprise SCCA National Championship Runoffs —1971 [320]
McLaren Ferrari Formula One 1976—present [309][321][322]
Bigfoot Grave Digger monster truck [323]
Chip Ganassi Racing Penske Racing CART
IndyCar Series
NASCAR Cup Series
Ford Galaxie and Ford Falcon Mini British Touring Car Championship 1960s [325]
Lancia Audi World Rally Championship
Team Losi Team Associated Radio controlled car racing 1988— [326]
Hendrick Motorsports Penske Racing NASCAR Cup Series 1989— [327]
Holden Ford Australia Australian Touring Car Championship
Supercars Championship
Ford Sierra RS Cosworth BMW M3 Touring car racing 1987—1992 [309]
Subaru Mitsubishi World Rally Championship 1990s—
Spirit of America Formula Shell LSRV ThrustSSC Land speed record 1996—1997 [329]
Audi Peugeot 24 Hours of Le Mans 2007—2011 [330]
Toyota Hyundai World Rally Championship 2017— [331]
Mercedes Red Bull Racing Formula One 2021— [332]

Drivers and ridersEdit

1st party 2nd party Discipline Timespan Article Source
  Barney Oldfield   Ralph DePalma AAA National Championship Trail 1908—1918 [311]
  Malcolm Campbell   Henry Segrave Land speed record 1926—1930 [333][334]
  Tazio Nuvolari   Achille Varzi Grand Prix 1930—1948 [335][311]
  Rudolf Caracciola   Bernd Rosemeyer Grand Prix 1935—
  John Cobb   George Eyston Land speed record 1937—1939 [336][337]
  Piero Taruffi   Felice Bonetto Formula One
Grand Prix
Sports car racing
—1953 [338]
  Art Arfons   Walt Arfons Land speed record 1952—1966 [311]
  Juan Manuel Fangio   Stirling Moss Formula One 1954—1957 [339]
  Tommy Sopwith   Jack Sears British Saloon Car Championship 1958 [325]
  Richard Petty   David Pearson Winston Cup 1960—1980 [340][341]
  Jim Clark   Graham Hill Formula One 1962—1967 [311]
  Art Arfons   Craig Breedlove Land speed record 1964—1966 [342][343][344]
  Don Prudhomme   Tom McEwen NHRA funny car drag racing 1964—1973 [345][311]
  Giacomo Agostini   Mike Hailwood Grand Prix motorcycling 1965—1967 [346]
  A. J. Foyt   Mario Andretti American Championship Car Racing 1965— [347]
  Phil Read   Bill Ivy Grand Prix motorcycling 1968 [348]
  Bobby Allison   Junior Johnson Winston Cup Late 1960s [349]
  Richard Petty   Bobby Allison Winston Cup 1970s [350]
  Jo Siffert   Pedro Rodríguez Formula One
International Championship for Makes
1970—1971 [351]
  Niki Lauda   James Hunt Formula One 1976—1977 Hunt–Lauda rivalry [352]
  Ayrton Senna   Terry Fullerton Karting World Championship 1978—1980 [353][354][355]
  Barry Sheene   Kenny Roberts Grand Prix motorcycling 1978—1982 [356]
  Richard Petty   Cale Yarborough Winston Cup Late 1970s 1979 Daytona 500 [197]
  Cale Yarborough   Bobby Allison
  Donnie Allison
Winston Cup 1979 Daytona 500 [357]
  Darrell Waltrip   Cale Yarborough
  Bobby Allison
Winston Cup Early 1980s [358]
  Dale Earnhardt   Geoff Bodine Winston Cup 1980's [359]
  Alan Jones   Carlos Reutemann Formula One 1981 [360]
  Alan Jones   Nelson Piquet Formula One 1980—1981 [361]
  Didier Pironi   Gilles Villeneuve Formula One 1982 [362]
  Nigel Mansell   Nelson Piquet Formula One 1986—1992 [79]
  Wayne Rainey   Kevin Schwantz Grand Prix motorcycling 1986—1993 [363][311]
  Nelson Piquet   Ayrton Senna Formula One 1986–1991
  Alain Prost   Ayrton Senna Formula One 1988–1991, 1993 Prost–Senna rivalry [364][365]
  Rod Millen   Nobuhiro Tajima Hillclimbing 1990s—2000 [366][367]
  Carl Fogarty   Scott Russell Superbike World Championship 1992—1994 [368]
  Masami Hirosaka   Brian Kinwald IFMAR 1:10 Electric Off-Road World Championship 1993—1999 [369]
  Jeff Gordon   Dale Earnhardt Winston Cup 1994—2001 [370]
  Damon Hill   Michael Schumacher Formula One 1994—1996 Hill–Schumacher rivalry [309]
  Carlos Sainz   Colin McRae World Rally Championship 1995 [311]
  Matt Neal   Jason Plato British Touring Car Championship 1997— [371]
  Michael Schumacher   Jacques Villeneuve Formula One 1997 [372]
  Loris Capirossi   Tetsuya Harada Grand Prix motorcycling 1998 [348]
  Niall Mackenzie   Steve Hislop British Superbike Championship 1998 [348]
  Neil Hodgson   Aaron Slight Superbike World Championship 1998 [348]
  Mika Häkkinen   Michael Schumacher Formula One 1998—2001 [373]
  Sébastien Loeb   Marcus Grönholm World Rally Championship 1999—2007 [374]
  Chris Walker   Neil Hodgson British Superbike Championship 2000 [348]
  Valentino Rossi   Max Biaggi Grand Prix motorcycling 2000—2006 [375]
  Ben Spies   Mat Mladin AMA Superbike Championship 2000—2008 [348]
  Jimmy Spencer   Kurt Busch Winston Cup 2002—2003 [349]
  Jeff Gordon   Jimmie Johnson Sprint Cup Series 2002—2015 [376]
  Kurt Busch   Jimmie Johnson Sprint Cup Series 2004 [377]
  Michael Schumacher   Fernando Alonso Formula One 2005–2006 [372]
  Dario Franchitti   Scott Dixon IndyCar 2007, 2009—2013 [378]
  Lewis Hamilton   Fernando Alonso Formula One 2007 [379]
  Kimi Räikkönen   Fernando Alonso Formula One 2005 and 2007 [379]
  Kimi Räikkönen   Lewis Hamilton Formula One 2007 [379]
  Kimi Räikkönen   Felipe Massa Formula One 2007—2009
  Lewis Hamilton   Felipe Massa Formula One 2008
  Carl Edwards   Brad Keselowski Sprint Cup Series 2009—2010 [380]
  Sebastian Vettel   Fernando Alonso Formula One 2010—2013 [381]
  Sébastien Loeb   Sébastien Ogier World Rally Championship 2011 [311]
  Lewis Hamilton   Nico Rosberg Formula One 2013—2016 Hamilton–Rosberg rivalry [382]
  Marc Márquez   Valentino Rossi Grand Prix motorcycling 2013—2021 [311]
  Jolyon Palmer   Felipe Nasr GP2 Series
Formula One
2014—2017 [383]
  Lewis Hamilton   Max Verstappen Formula One 2021— [384]
  Charles Leclerc   Max Verstappen Formula One 2022— [385]
  Valentino Rossi   Sete Gibernau Grand Prix motorcycling [386]
  Gary Bettenhausen   Larry Dickson USAC Sprint Car Series
USAC Championship Car Series

Mountaineering and rock climbingEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Catherine Destivelle   Lynn Hill 1985—1990 [388]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Australian Netball Diamonds   New Zealand Silver Ferns 1963–, especially 1996–present [389]

Rugby leagueEdit


National Rugby LeagueEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
South Sydney Rabbitohs Sydney Roosters 1908 to present Ron Coote Cup [390]
Sydney Roosters Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 1947 to present Battle of the Birds
Penrith Panthers Parramatta Eels 1967 to present Battle of the West
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles Wests Tigers 1970s to present [391]
Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs Parramatta Eels 1970s to present [392]
Newcastle Knights Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 1988 to present [393]
Canberra Raiders Wests Tigers 1989 to present [394]
Brisbane Broncos North Queensland Cowboys 1995 to present Queensland derby [395]
Melbourne Storm St George Illawarra Dragons 1999 to present [396]
Sydney Roosters St. George Illawarra Dragons 2002 to present ANZAC Day Cup
Melbourne Storm Brisbane Broncos 2003 to present [397]
Brisbane Broncos Gold Coast Titans 2007 to present South East Queensland derby [398]
Melbourne Storm Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 2007 to present Battle of Brookvale [399]
Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs South Sydney Rabbitohs 2012 to present NRL Good Friday Game
Melbourne Storm Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 2016 to present [400]

State of OriginEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
Queensland Maroons New South Wales Blues First Rivalry Era 1908 to 1979, Modern Rivalry Era 1980 to present [401]

United KingdomEdit

International Rugby LeagueEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Australia  New Zealand 1908 to present Australia vs New Zealand in rugby league [402]
  Australia    Great Britain / England 1908 to present Australia–England rugby league rivalry [403]
  New Zealand     Great Britain / England 1895 to present [404]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
Mark Carroll Paul Harragon
Brad Fittler Andrew Johns
Andrew Johns Brett Kimmorley
Wendell Sailor Adam MacDougall
Benji Marshall Johnathan Thurston
Paul Gallen Nate Myles [405]
Sam Burgess James Graham [405]

Rugby unionEdit

Club Rugby UnionEdit


1st party 2nd party Timespan Derby name Source
Queensland Reds New South Wales Waratahs 1882–present East Coast Derby


1st party 2nd party Timespan Derby name Source
CASI SIC 1935–present El clasico de San Isidro

Costa RicaEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Derby name Source
Stag San José Universitarios Rugby Club 1980s–present Superclasico
Universitarios Rugby Club Liceo CR Waikalas 2000s–present Student Derby


1st party 2nd party Timespan Derby name Source
Racing 92 Stade Français 1892–present Paris derby [406]
Stade Français Stade Toulousain 1903–present French Derby or Le derby des Stades [407]
Bayonne Biarritz Basque derby [408]
Brive Clermont Massif Central derby [409]
Perpignan Béziers Derby du Languedoc-Roussillon [410]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
Leinster Munster 1875–present History of rugby union matches between Leinster and Munster
University College Dublin Dublin University 1919–present The Colours Match [411]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Derby name Source
Benetton Zebre 2012–present Italian derby [412]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Derby name Source
VRAC Rugby El Salvador 1988–present Derbi vallisoletano

New ZealandEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Derby name Source
Blues Crusaders 1996–present El Clasico of New Zealand Rugby
Blues Chiefs 1996–present Battle of the Bombays
Blues Hurricanes 1996–present
Crusaders Highlanders 1996–present Southern Derby
Hurricanes Crusaders 1996–present
Auckland Canterbury
Auckland North Harbour Battle of the Bridge
Auckland Counties Manukau Battle of the Bombays Part two
Auckland Waikato Battle of the Bombays
Canterbury Tasman Crusaders Derby
Canterbury Otago
Otago Southland Southern Derby


United KingdomEdit

International Rugby UnionEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  New Zealand All Blacks   South Africa Springboks 1921 to present History of rugby union matches between New Zealand and South Africa [413]
  New Zealand All Blacks   Australia Wallabies 1903 to present History of rugby union matches between Australia and New Zealand
Bledisloe Cup
  New Zealand All Blacks   Wales 1905 to present History of rugby union matches between New Zealand and Wales [414]
  England   Wales 1881 to present History of rugby union matches between England and Wales [413]
  England   France 1906 to present History of rugby union matches between England and France [413]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
Alinghi BMW Oracle Racing −2010 2010 America's Cup [415]
Ben Ainslie Jonas Høgh-Christensen −2012 [416][417]

Short track speed skatingEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  South Korea   China [418]


Alpine skiingEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Austria   Switzerland [419]
  Lindsey Vonn   Maria Höfl-Riesch −2014 [420][421]
  Maria Walliser   Michaela Figini [422]
  Marc Girardelli   Pirmin Zurbriggen [423]
  Janica Kostelić   Anja Pärson 2001–2006 [424][425]
  Ted Ligety   Marcel Hirscher [426]
  Katja Seizinger   Picabo Street 1992–1998 [427]
  Renate Götschl   Michaela Dorfmeister [428]
  Marcel Hirscher   Henrik Kristoffersen [429]
  Aksel Lund Svindal   Kjetil Jansrud 2015–2019 [430][431]
  Mikaela Shiffrin   Petra Vlhová 2017– [432][433]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Emil Hegle Svendsen   Martin Fourcade [434]
  Ole Einar Bjørndalen   Raphaël Poirée [434]
  Martin Fourcade   Johannes Thingnes Bø 2017—2020 [435]

Cross-country skiingEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Norway   Sweden [436]
  Marit Bjørgen   Justyna Kowalczyk [437]
  Maiken Caspersen Falla   Stina Nilsson [438]

Ski jumpingEdit

1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Adam Małysz   Janne Ahonen 2002–2008 [439]
  Adam Małysz   Martin Schmitt 2001–2011 [439]

Motorcycle SpeedwayEdit




1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Kelly Slater   Andy Irons 2002–2010 [445]
  Tom Curren   Mark Occhilupo [445]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Eleanor Simmonds   Victoria Arlen 2012–present [446][447]
  Michael Phelps   Ryan Lochte 2004–2016 [448]
  Alexander Popov   Gary Hall Jr. 1996 [13]
  Kosuke Kitajima   Brendan Hansen 2001– [449]
  Leisel Jones   Rebecca Soni 2008 [13]
  Shirley Babashoff   East German swimming team 1976 [13]
  Michael Phelps
  Ryan Lochte
  Tyler Clary 2008–present [450]
  Michael Phelps   Milorad Čavić 2008–2012 [451][452][453]
  Cameron van der Burgh   Adam Peaty 2014– [454]
  Michael Phelps   Chad le Clos 2012, 2014– [455]


1st party 2nd party Timespan Article Source
  Novak Djokovic   Rafael Nadal 2006– Djokovic–Nadal rivalry [456]
  Roger Federer   Rafael Nadal 2004–2019 Federer–Nadal rivalry [457][458][459][460][461]
  Novak Djokovic   Roger Federer 2006–2020 Djokovic–Federer rivalry [462]
  Andre Agassi   Pete Sampras 1989–2002 Agassi–Sampras rivalry [463]
  Björn Borg   John McEnroe 1978–1981 Borg–McEnroe rivalry [464]
  Ivan Lendl   John McEnroe 1980–1992 Lendl–McEnroe rivalry [citation needed]
  Jimmy Connors   Ivan Lendl 1979–1992 Connors–Lendl rivalry [citation needed]
  Jimmy Connors   John McEnroe 1977–1991 Connors–McEnroe rivalry [465]
  Steffi Graf  / /  Monica Seles 1989–1999 Graf–Seles rivalry [466]
  Chris Evert  /  Martina Navratilova 1975–1988 Evert–Navratilova rivalry [467][468]
  Margaret Court   Billie Jean King 1962–1973 [469]
  Steffi Graf  /  Martina Navratilova 1985–1994 Graf–Navratilova rivalry [470]
  Chris Evert   Evonne Goolagong Cawley 1972–1983 [471]
  Serena Williams   Venus Williams 1998– Williams sisters rivalry [472]
  Kim Clijsters   Justine Henin 1998–2010 Clijsters–Henin rivalry [473]
  Steffi Graf   Gabriela Sabatini 1985–95 Graf–Sabatini rivalry [474]
  Martina Hingis   Venus Williams 1997–2006 Hingis–V. Williams rivalry [475]
  Lindsay Davenport   Venus Williams 1997–2005 [476]
  Steffi Graf   Arantxa Sánchez Vicario 1988–1996 [477]
  Novak Djokovic   Andy Murray 2006– Djokovic–Murray rivalry [478]
  Rod Laver   Ken Rosewall 1968–1976 [479]
  Andy Murray   Rafael Nadal 2007– Murray–Nadal rivalry [480]
  Roger Federer   Andy Murray 2005–2015 Federer–Murray rivalry [481]


See alsoEdit


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