Skellefteå AIK

Skellefteå AIK is a Swedish professional ice hockey (SHL) club from Skellefteå, Sweden. The SHL is the highest level of ice hockey in Sweden. They play their games in Skellefteå Kraft Arena, which seats 6,001 spectators. The team has won the Swedish Championship three times – in 1978, 2013, and 2014.

Skellefteå AIK
Skellefteå AIK Logo.svg
CitySkellefteå, Sweden
LeagueSwedish Hockey League
Home arenaSkellefteå Kraft Arena
General managerErik Forssell
Head coachTommy Samuelsson
CaptainOscar Möller
Le Mat Trophy1978, 2013, 2014


Early yearsEdit

Skellefteå AIK was founded in 1921, although ice hockey was not played until 1943, with only training matches being played the first season. In the 1943–44 season, the club played in the local league Skellefteserien, which could not be finished due to unsuitable hockey weather as the games were played outdoors.

In 1955 Skellefteå qualified for the highest league in Sweden. Around this time the team was led by the so-called "Mosquito Line", which consisted of Anders "Akka" Andersson, "Garvis" Määttä and Kalle Hedlund. In the 1957–58 season they won the Allsvenskan's northern group and later finished second in SM-serien, only one point behind the winner Djurgårdens IF. Skellefteå AIK then played in Division 1 North until 1967. The club had difficulties qualifying for continued play in the Division 1 series but in 1975 the series was won and Skellefteå later finished in fourth place in SM-serien.


When the Swedish Elite League under the name Elitserien was formed in 1975, Skellefteå AIK was one of the teams participating.

In the 1977–78 regular season Martin Karlsson led the league in goals and points while Hardy Nilsson was the league's most penalized player. Skellefteå went on to win the playoffs led by a strong performance by Göran Lindblom (five goals and four assists in five games), becoming Swedish champions in 1978, and in 1981 Skellefteå won the regular season series.

In 1985, the club's hockey organization split from the mother club, and competed as Skellefteå HC until 1991, when the club would retake the Skellefteå AIK name.[1]


In 1990 Skellefteå was relegated but after 16 seasons of play in the Swedish second league (Allsvenskan). Skellefteå again qualified for the highest series and has played in Elitserien since 2006–07.

Return to the top tierEdit

In their first year after promoting from the Swedish second league to Elitserien (now named the SHL), Skellefteå AIK became the best newcomer in Elitserien at that time with 73 points in 55 games. At one point during the 2007–08 season, Skellefteå led the league for the first time in 30 years. They also qualified for the playoffs for the first time since 1981 as the 8th seed. In the quarterfinals, Skellefteå were beaten by the eventual champions HV71 by 4–1 in games. At the end of the 2008–09 season, Skellefteå qualified for the playoffs again; in the quarterfinals, Skellefteå defeated Linköpings HC in 7 games, and in the series Skellefteå came back from a 1–3 deficit to win 4–3 in games. In game seven, Skellefteå won an overtime game that had gone to the 6th period (and thus had become the third longest playoff game in Elitserien history) with a goal by Kimmo Koskenkorva. In the semifinals, Skellefteå fell in four games to Färjestad BK who went on to win the Swedish Championship.

Joakim Lindström in Skellefteå AIK

The following season, Skellefteå faced Färjestad in the playoffs once again, this time in the quarterfinals. Skellefteå won the series in seven games and went on to play HV71. HV won in five games on their way to become the 2010 champions.

Skellefteå had the three highest scoring players in the league in the 2010–11 seasonJoakim Lindström, Mikko Lehtonen and David Rundblad. In the playoffs Skellefteå made it to the finals for the first time in 33 years, but were defeated in five games by Färjestad.

In the 2011–12 season, Skellefteå would return to the Swedish Championship Finals, where they lost to Brynäs IF in six games.

In the 2012–13 season, the team won the regular season. In the playoffs, Skellefteå once again reached the Finals, where they met their northernmost rival, Luleå HF. Skellefteå swept Luleå in four straight games 4–0 and clinched the Swedish Championship for the first time since 1978, and only the second time in club history. Skellefteå finished the playoffs with an impressive 12–1 record, and became the first team since 2003 to sweep their opponents in the Finals.

In the 2013–14 SHL season, Skellefteå once again won the regular season. In the playoffs, Skellefteå reached the Finals for the fourth year in a row, where they met Färjestad BK. Like in 2013, Skellefteå swept their opponents in the Finals in four straight games 4–0. Skellefteå clinched the Swedish Championship title for the third time in club history, and became the first team to defend the Swedish Championship title since Djurgårdens IF did so with their consecutive Swedish Championship titles in 2000 and 2001. Skellefteå AIK also became the first team since Brynäs IF in 197677 to win consecutive Swedish Championships by not losing a single game in both Finals series. Their 8–1 crush in game three marked the biggest goal margin (7 goals) in a single Finals game in SHL history.

10,000 citizens of Skellefteå, celebrating Skellefteå AIK's first Swedish Championship title in 35 years.

In the 2014–15 SHL season, Skellefteå won their third consecutive regular season trophy.[2] Doing so after having lost 14 players of top European class however, experts were impressed by the consistency of their managing, training and playing style. Going into the playoffs after their impressive regular season win, Skellefteå once again were huge favorites to win the le mat trophy. Although experts generally agreed that they were going to face a tougher challenge this year.[3]

In the round of quarter finals Skellefteå once again had to face their opponent from the finals of 2012, Brynäs IF. Even though Skellefteå did sweep Brynäs in four consecutive quarterfinal games, some people started wondering if the dynasty of Skellefteå was over. Those wonderings mostly appeared due to the tightness and even scorelines of the quarter final games.[4]

In the 2015 semifinals, Skellefteå for the third year in a row had to face Linköpings HC. Once again Skellefteå was going to prove the experts, who predicted a tight and tough series of games, wrong. With the round of semifinals ending 4–1 in favor to Skellefteå, they went into the finals as huge favorites.[5]

The first game in the round of finals 2015 was played on 12 April between Skellefteå AIK and Växjö Lakers. The Lakers surprised most people when they "stole" Skellefteå's home game and won with two goals to one.[6] The second game of the finals was by most media described as a "do or die game" for Skellefteå, arguing that a 2-0 lead for Växjö would be too difficult for Skellefteå to turn into a victory. Skellefteå AIK themselves however did not agree at all, but did emphasize the needs of improvement in the play around the nets.[7] This was something they did manage to improve and it resulted in a clean sheet victory with three goals to nil. With the impressive 0–3 victory behind them, Skellefteå AIK was once again seen as the major favorites to win the le mat trophy.[8][9]

Season-by-season recordEdit

Season Level Division Record Avg.
Position W-T-L
This is a partial list featuring the past seasons. For prior seasons, see List of Skellefteå AIK seasons.
2014–15 Tier 1 SHL 1st 32–5–5–13 5,030
Swedish Championship playoffs 10–5 5,792 Won in quarterfinals, 4–0 vs Brynäs
Won in semifinals, 4–1 vs Linköping
  Lost in finals, 2–4 vs Växjö
2015–16 Tier 1 SHL 1st 33–4–4–11 5,042
Swedish Championship playoffs 9–7 5,597 Won in quarterfinals, 4–0 vs HV71
Won in semifinals, 4–3 vs Växjö
  Lost in finals, 1–4 vs Frölunda
2016–17 Tier 1 SHL 6th 25–6–3–18 5,030
Swedish Championship playoffs 3–4 5,317 Lost in quarterfinals, 3–4 vs Frölunda
2017–18 Tier 1 SHL 5th 26–3–3–20 4,642
Swedish Championship playoffs 8–8 5,534 Won in quarterfinals, 4–2 vs Färjestad
Won in semifinals, 4–2 vs Djurgården
  Lost in finals, 0–4 vs Växjö
2018–19 Tier 1 SHL 5th 19–10–7–16 4,523
Swedish Championship playoffs 2–4 5,456 Lost in quarterfinals, 2–4 vs Djurgården

Players and personnelEdit

Current rosterEdit

Updated 29 May 2020[10][11]

# Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
27   Robin Álvarez W L 32 2018 Malmö, Sweden
23   Jacob Andersson D L 25 2019 Umeå, Sweden
48   Jonatan Berggren RW L 20 2017 Uppsala, Sweden
6   Filip Berglund D R 23 2015 Skellefteå, Sweden
5   Philip Broberg D L 19 2019 Örebro, Sweden
3   Niclas Burström D L 29 2019 Skellefteå, Sweden
28   Jesper Frödén RW R 25 2019 Stockholm, Sweden
8   Petter Granberg D R 27 2018 Gällivare, Sweden
96   Rickard Hugg C L 21 2019 Hudiksvall, Sweden
30   Gustaf Lindvall G L 29 2016 Skellefteå, Sweden
10   Joakim Lindström (A) C L 36 2016 Skellefteå, Sweden
16   Linus Lindström C L 22 2014 Skellefteå, Sweden
52   Arvid Lundberg D L 26 2019 Skellefteå, Sweden
45   Oscar Möller (C) RW L 31 2016 Stockholm, Sweden
26   Patrik Norén D L 27 2018 Säter, Sweden
38   Jacob Olofsson C L 20 2019 Piteå, Sweden
29   Albin Sundsvik C L 19 2018 Stockholm, Sweden
2   Adam Wilsby D L 19 2018 Skellefteå, Sweden
24   Andreas Wingerli (A) LW L 22 2014 Lycksele, Sweden

Team captainsEdit

Franchise records and leadersEdit

Regular seasonEdit

Scoring leadersEdit

These are the top-ten point-scorers of Skellefteå AIK in the Elitserien. Figures are updated after each completed season.[12]

Note: Pos = Position; GP = Games Played; G = Goals; A = Assists; Pts = Points; P/G = Points per game;      = current Skellefteå AIK player

Player Pos GP G A Pts P/G
Pär Mikaelsson RW 547 212 253 465 .85
Jimmie Ericsson W 644 134 223 357 .55
Joakim Lindström RW 328 128 215 343 1.05
Göran Lindblom D 499 92 246 338 .68
Roland Stoltz RW 391 147 156 303 .77
Anders Söderberg LW 394 115 185 300 .76
Johan Åkerman D 300 88 212 300 1.00
Jörgen Wännström C 373 143 154 297 .80
Daniel Pettersson C 388 109 181 290 .75
Martin Pettersson C 382 107 175 282 .74

Trophies and awardsEdit


Le Mat Trophy

  • 1977–78
  • 2012–13
  • 2013–14




Peter Forsberg Trophy


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