Great Triumvirate (golf)

The Great Triumvirate, in a golfing context, refers to the three leading British golfers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries: Harry Vardon, John Henry Taylor, and James Braid. The trio combined to win The Open Championship 16 times in the 21 tournaments held between 1894 and 1914; Vardon won six times with Braid and Taylor winning five apiece.[1][2][3] In the five tournaments in this span the triumvirate did not win, one or more of them finished runner-up.

A backswing study of Braid, Taylor and Vardon

Open Championship – other winners 1894–1914Edit

Year Winner Margin Runner(s)-up
1897   Harold Hilton (a) 1 stroke   James Braid
1902   Sandy Herd 1 stroke   James Braid,   Harry Vardon
1904   Jack White 1 stroke   James Braid,   John Henry Taylor
1907   Arnaud Massy 2 strokes   John Henry Taylor
1912   Ted Ray 4 strokes   Harry Vardon


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