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China national badminton team

The Chinese National Badminton Team represents the People's Republic of China in international badminton team competitions and is controlled by the Chinese Badminton Association, the governing body for badminton in China.

China is the most successful badminton team in history, having won the Thomas Cup 9 times and the Uber Cup 13 times. China has also won more medals in badminton at the Olympics than any other country.


  Asian Games East Asian Games Badminton World Federation
  Men Women Men Women Thomas Cup Uber Cup Sudirman Cup
1974 won won
1978 2nd won
1982 won won won
1984 2nd won
1986 2nd won won won
1988 won won
1989 3rd
1990 won won won won
1991 3rd
1992 3rd won
1993 3rd
1994 3rd 3rd 3rd 2nd
1995 won
1996 3rd 2nd
1997 won
1998 2nd won 3rd won
1999 won
2000 2nd won
2001 won
2002 3rd won 3rd won
2003 2nd
2004 won won
2005 won
2006 won won won won
2007 won
2008 won won
2009 won
2010 won won won 2nd
2011 won
2012 won won
2013 won won won
2014 2nd won 3rd won
2015 won
2016 QF won
2017 2nd
2018 won 2nd won 3rd
2019 won

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