Lillehammer IK

Lillehammer Ishockeyklubb is an ice hockey club based in Nestan, Norway and playing in the GET-ligaen. Home games are played in Eidsiva Arena (Kristins Hall), and occasionally in Håkons Hall.

Lillehammer Ishockeyklubb
CityHamar, Norway
Founded1957; 65 years ago (1957)
Home arenaEidsiva Arena
Håkons Hall
ColorsRed, navy and white
General managerAtle Svensrud
Head coachMikael Kvarnström
CaptainNick Dineen
Affiliate(s)Gjøvik (1. div)
Regular season titles0
Playoff championships1994


Founded on 2 November 1957, Lillehammer IK was a pioneer of ice hockey in the northern areas of eastern Norway. Playing under difficult conditions on natural ice for the first thirty years, success was limited to the odd foray into the second tier of the hockey league. However, they produced some fine talents, two of them brothers Arne and Lars Bergseng, who went on to become two of the best players in the first division during the 1980s.

The big break for the hockey club was Lillehammer's candidacy for the 1994 Winter Olympics. In this process the Kristins Hall hockey arena was built and opened in 1988. The city got its Olympics, and the hockey club their boost. Backed by enormous local interest they surged from the third division to the Eliteserien in only three years, but the success would not stop there. In the spring of 1994, after the Olympics was over, Lillehammer beat local rivals Storhamar Ishockey in the playoff finals to claim their first, and to date only Norwegian Championship.

Since the heady Olympic days of the early 1990s, Lillehammer IK have struggled keep up the high level people started to expect. Economic problems have on several occasions threatened the club's existence. Today the club is known for a good youth department, helped on by the hockey college NTG, producing players such as current Chicago Blackhawks player Andreas Martinsen, former Columbus Blue Jackets and Philadelphia Flyers forward Ole Kristian Tollefsen, and Per Åge Skrøder, formerly with MODO Hockey of the Swedish Elite League.

After the struggles of the late 1990s and 2000s, Lillehammer IK rose to become one of the better clubs in Norway through their stellar player development during the early 2010s. However after being one game away from the finals in 2014 but then eventually losing in seven games to the eventual champion Stavanger Oilers, the club hit two rough seasons, the latter 2015-16 season ending in relegation play. But in only two seasons the team was able to elevate to their second best season ever during the 2017-18 season, ending up with a bronze medal in the series and their first finals appearance in 24 years in the playoffs.

On the 18 November 2017, the club hosted an event called Hockey Classic, a game between Lillehammer IK and their rival Storhamar in Håkons Hall. This was the first time since 1995 they had played against each other in Håkons Hall, and the game was a success financially and socially, with the attendance setting a new indoor Norwegian hockey record with 10,031 in attendance. On 17 November 2018, a new Hockey Classic took place, with over 9000 spectators experiencing Lillehammer beating Storhamar 3-2 after an impressive homecoming from Alexander Reichenberg.

Season-by-season resultsEdit

This is a partial list of the last five seasons completed by Lillehammer. For the full season-by-season history, see List of Lillehammer IK seasons.

Norwegian Champions Regular Season Champions Promoted Relegated
Season League Regular season[1] Playoffs
2013–14 Eliteserien 45 23 15 3 4 158 135 79 3rd Lost in Semi-finals, 3–4 (Stavanger)
2014–15 Eliteserien 45 18 21 5 1 140 137 65 7th Lost in Quarter-finals, 0–4 (Storhamar)
2015–16 Eliteserien 45 9 27 6 3 118 157 42 9th 1st in Qualifying for Eliteserien
2016–17 Eliteserien 45 17 16 9 3 138 131 72 6th Lost in Semi-finals, 1–4 (Frisk Asker)
2017–18 Eliteserien 45 24 11 6 4 171 123 88 3rd Lost in Finals, 1–4 (Storhamar)


Current rosterEdit

Current roster (as of October 12, 2018):

Number Player Catches Born Place of birth
35   Jørgen Hanneborg L 08.03.1999 Lørenskog, Norway
39   Christoffer Bengtsberg L 01.11.1989 Stockholm, Sweden
Number Player Shoots Born Place of birth
6   Stein Andre Hagen R 30.09.1997 Hamar, Norway
13   Sondre Bjerke L 21.05.1996
15   Robin Andre Soudsky - 31.10.1996 Lillehammer, Norway
22   Brendan Ellis L 05.01.1989 Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
29   Christian Fosse L 21.08.1993 Lillehammer, Norway
44   Stein Tore Bakken R 13.08.1985 Lillehammer, Norway
47   Adrian Saxrud Danielsen L 27.09.1992 Hamar, Norway
55   Jonas Medby R 25.07.1998 Ängelholm, Sweden
Number Player Shoots Born Place of birth
10   Justin Hickman R 18.03.1990 Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
16   Simen Thoresen L 25.04.1991 Asker, Norway
71   Parker Bowles L 25.01.1995 Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
21   Martin Ellingsen L 15.08.1998 Lillehammer, Norway
23   Thor Jørgen Torp Friestad L 26.04.1999 Lillehammer, Norway
26   Joakim Arnestad-Eidsæther L 01.08.1987 Trondheim, Norway
27   Stian Kaltrud Nystuen L 11.10.1996
88   Austin Cangelosi R 27.08.1994 Estero, Florida, United States
9   Joey Benik L 26.01.1992 St. Francis, Minnesota, United States
68   Fredrik Dahl R 14.02.1998 Trondheim, Norway
90   Mads Homdrom L 27.07.1998
92   Nick Dineen R 28.02.1989 Omaha, Nebraska, United States
97   Emil Nyhus 10.05.1997
61   Alexander Reichenberg 13.06.1992 Mora, Sweden
98   Jacob Lundell Noer L 18.02.1998 Oslo, Norway

Retired numbersEdit

Retired numbers
No. Player Position Career Number retirement
24 Per Olav Skarpjordet D/F 1996-2005 December 30, 2009
17 Øystein Tronrud F ?-1982, 1989-1994 N/A
94 Lars Bergseng F ?-1981, 1990-1994 N/A
25 Arne Bergseng F ?-1980s?, 1990-1994 N/A

Records and statisticsEdit

  •   – current active player

Former notable playersEdit


  1. ^ Code explanation; GP—Games Played, W—Wins, L—Losses, OTW—Overtime/Shootout wins, OTL—Overtime/Shootout losses, GF—Goals For, GA—Goals Against, Pts—Points

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