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The Charros de Jalisco (English: Jalisco Horsemen) is a baseball team in the Mexican Pacific League, based in Guadalajara.

Charros de Jalisco
Logo of Charros de Jalisco baseball te.gif
LeagueMexican Pacific League
BallparkEstadio Telmex de Atletismo
Year founded2014
League championships2019
Former name(s)Algodoneros de Guasave
OwnershipArmando Navarro,Guillermo Salles Arturo Blanco
ManagerRoberto Vizcarra

Their initial season was 2014–15. The franchise was previously the Algodoneros de Guasave. It was purchased in April, 2014 by a group of investors led by Armando Navarro, and moved to Guadalajara.



Professional baseball in Guadalajara originated with the Pozoleros de Jalisco, which competed in a now-defunct league in 1949. The team became the Charros in 1952, and competed in both the early Mexican League and the Mexican Pacific League.

The second incarnation of the Charros was from 1964 and 1975. This team won Mexican League championships in 1967 and 1971. They played at the Estadio Tecnologico de Béisbol of the University of Guadalajara, which had a capacity of 4,000 spectators.

Origin of the nameEdit

The team made a road trip to Chihuahua in its early history. During a stop in a small town, the players bought cowboy hats for protection from the bright sunlight. They were wearing these hats when they arrived at the destination, and were referred to as "charros".

First ballparkEdit

The first home field for the Pozoleros/Charros was the Estadio Municipal in the Analco area, near the Agua Azul park. They played there 1949–52. This ballpark was demolished and replaced by a bus station, which is now a Federal office building.

Mexican League participationEdit

The Charros competed in the Mexican League for twenty-one seasons, and won two championships.

The first title was in 1967; they defeated the Broncos de Reynosa in the final.

The second title was in 1971, under Manager Benjamín "Cananea" Reyes. They came back from a 0–3 deficit to defeat the Saraperos de Saltillo. Current owner Armando Navarro was Vice-President of the club at the time, and he worked closely with Guillermo Cosío Gaona in the club's management.

During the late stages of the franchise in the late 1980s and 1990s, they did some aggressive hiring, including former Dodgers star Fernando Valenzuela in 1992. However, the increased popularity of soccer and the poor condition of the Estadio Tecnologico led to the team's demise.

Mexican Pacific League participationEdit

The Charros participated in the Mexican Pacific League in the 1952–53, 1953–54 and 1954–55 seasons. The league was known as the Liga de la Costa del Pacífico at that time.

The Charros returned to the Mexican Pacific League with the acquisition of the Algodoneros de Guasave franchise.

2019 Caribbean Series rosterEdit

Roster Mexico Caribbean Series 2019
Players Coaches


[1] updated on 30 January 2019





  •      Roberto Vizcarra



Charros de Jalisco roster
Players Coaches


[2] updated on 12 December 2018


  • 15   Santiago Chávez
  • 70   Gabriel Gutiérrez
  • 37   Erick Rodríguez




  •  7   Roberto Vizcarra


  •  6   Martín Arzate (Third Base)
  • 22   Javier Colina (First Base)
  •  5   Houston Jiménez (Bench)
  • 11   Roberto Méndez (Coach)
  • 47   Julio Miranda (Pitching)
  • 38   Rafael Montalvo (Pitching)
  • 12   Jesús Moreno (Bullpen)
  • 17   Leo Rodríguez (Bench)
  • 00   Marco Antonio Romero (Hitting)

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