Hockey Club Lugano, often abbreviated to HC Lugano or HCL, is a professional ice hockey club based in Lugano, Switzerland. The team competes in the National League (NL) and has won seven Swiss championships.

HC Lugano
HCL Black Logo No BG.png
CityLugano, Switzerland
LeagueNational League
  • NL:
  • NDA:
    1970–1972, 1981–1999
  • NDB:
    1963–1970, 1972–1981
Home arenaCornèr Arena
Owner(s)Vicky Mantegazza
General managerHnat Domenichelli
Head coachChris McSorley
Affiliate(s)HCB Ticino Rockets
WebsiteOfficial website
Franchise history
1941–presentHockey Club Lugano
Current season


The founding of HC Lugano took place on 11 February 1941, when they participated on Muzzano Lake their first games against Ambrì, Muzzano, Massagno and Paradiso. On 1 December 1957, the first artificial ice rink was opened, at the Pista La Resega. Among those present was also the man who, 30 years later, was to take HC Lugano to the top of Swiss and international hockey: Geo Mantegazza, an engineer by profession, who had done the static calculations of the Resega and thus the first contacts had with the family earning the club the nickname of the "Bianconeri" acknowledging their Italian speaking heritage.[1]

In 1963–64, Lugano rose to the National League B, most notably through the contributions of defender Elwyn Friedrich and Forward Roland Bernasconi, both national players and Swiss champions with Villars. In the 1970–71 season, the Bianconeri's promotion to the tope flight National League A was realised for the first time in franchise history, playing two seasons before returning to the NLB.[1]

In the 1981–82 season Lugano returned, together with Ambrì, back in the NLA. In the 1982–83 season, Mantegazza hired Swedish coach John Slettvoll, who won numerous championships in his tenure.


Internal view of the Lugano hockey arena Resega.

The Pista La Resega hockey arena in Lugano is primarily used for ice hockey and is the home arena of HC Lugano, HC Lugano Ladies Team, HC Lugano-Ceresio and HC Porza. It was built in 1995, after the demolition of the previous one, and can hold 8,000 people.[citation needed]




Season-by-season recordsEdit

Season Result
  • 3rd Place in Regular Season
  • Quarterfinal playoff
  • Eighth-finalist in Swiss Cup
  • 5th Place in Regular Season
  • Final playoff
  • Finalist Spengler Cup
  • Eighth-finalist in Swiss Cup
  • 4th Place in Regular Season
  • Final playoff


Current rosterEdit

Updated 23 July 2019.[2][3]

No. Nat Player Pos S/G Age Acquired Birthplace
10   Alessio Bertaggia W L 29 2014 Lugano, Switzerland
79   Libor Hudáček RW R 32 2021 Levoča, Czechoslovakia
27   Alessandro Chiesa (C) D R 35 2014 Zürich, Switzerland
16   Taylor Chorney D L 35 2018 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
17   Luca Fazzini W R 27 2012 Lugano, Switzerland
14   Timo Haussener C L 25 2018 Männedorf, Switzerland
7   Benoit Jecker D L 28 2018 Fribourg, Switzerland
21   Mauro Jörg W L 32 2018 Chur, Switzerland
86   Linus Klasen LW L 36 2014 Stockholm, Sweden
24   Jani Lajunen C L 32 2017 Espoo, Finland
12   Dominic Lammer W L 30 2019 Zürich, Switzerland
58   Romain Loeffel D R 31 2018 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
74   Lucas Matewa D R 22 2017 Lausanne, Switzerland
23   Giovanni Morini C L 27 2015 Como, Italy
37   Elia Riva D L 24 2016 Claro, Switzerland
70   Matteo Romanenghi LW L 27 2013 Morbio Inferiore, Switzerland
6   Massimo Ronchetti D L 30 2016 Lugano, Switzerland
38   Raffaele Sannitz (A) C L 39 2005 Lugano, Switzerland
34   Niklas Schlegel G L 28 2019 Zürich, Switzerland
35   Davide Fadani G L 21 2019 Milano, Italy
9   Reto Suri C L 33 2019 Zürich, Switzerland
3   Julien Vauclair (A) D L 43 2004 Delémont, Switzerland
52   Loic Vedova RW R 25 2017 Lugano, Switzerland
91   Julian Walker C R 36 2013 Bern, Switzerland
95   Thomas Wellinger D L 34 2017 Davos, Switzerland
94   Sandro Zangger RW R 28 2019 Jona, Switzerland
39   Sandro Zurkirchen G L 32 2019 Schwyz, Switzerland

Honored membersEdit

Retired jersey of Alfio Molina
HC Lugano retired numbers
No. Player Position Career No. retirement
1 Alfio Molina G 1963–1983 22 February 2004
2 Sandro Bertaggia D 1985–2003 22 February 2004
3 Julien Vauclair D 1996–2020 TBD
4 Pat Schafhauser D 1994–1995 22 February 2004
33 Petteri Nummelin D 2001–06, 2008–2013 31 August 2013
44 Andy Näser F 1997–2010 28 August 2010

Franchise records and leadersEdit

All-time scoring leadersEdit

Kind of record Record holder Record
Games played Sandro Bertaggia 806
Most Goals Jörg Eberle 268
Most Assists Petteri Nummelin 305
Most Points Andy Ton 462
Goals/Games Mats Hallin 1.25
Points/Games Kent Johansson 2.17
Goals (PP) Jörg Eberle 40
Goals (SH) Kent Johansson 9
Goals (OT) Régis Fuchs 5
Goals (GW) Jörg Eberle 46
Hattricks Johansson Kent 12
Most Penalty Minutes Sandro Bertaggia 891
Coach % games/victories Harold Kreis 80%

Team recordsEdit

HC Lugano records in the Swiss National League A.[4]

Category Record Season
Most points in Regular Season 74 2003/04
Most victories in Regular Season 35 2003/04
Most shutouts in Regular Season (home+away) 10 1999/00
Most shutouts in Regular Season (away) 5 1999/00
Consecutive wins on Regular Season start (home+away) 10 2003/04
Consecutive wins on Regular Season start (home) 22 1999/00
Consecutive games without losing points on Regular Season start (home) 13 2004/05
Consecutive games without losing points on Regular Season start (away) 5 1985/86 and 2003/04
Consecutive wins during Regular Season (home+away) 27 1987/88
Consecutive wins during Regular Season (home) 22 1999/00
Consecutive wins during Regular Season (away) 15 1987/88
Consecutive games without losing points during Regular Season (home+away) 15 1988/89
Consecutive games without losing points during Regular Season (home) 17 1999/00
Consecutive games without losing points during Regular Season (away) 12 1987/88 and 2000/01
Score 4 goals on less time 1' 24" (HC Lugano - HC Davos 7:1) 1985/86
Most minutes without suffering goals during Regular Season 248' 10" (Cristobal Huet) 1999/00

HC Lugano Ladies TeamEdit

The HC Lugano Ladies Team (white dress) against the OSC Berlin at the first round of the EWCC 2007

The HC Lugano Ladies Team is a semi-professional women's ice hockey team that competes in the Swiss Women's A League. The club was officially founded on May 22, 1990. They won the Swiss Championship on 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010.

In 2007, the HC Lugano Ladies Team qualified for the final round of the IIHF European Women's Champions Cup and even won the bronze medal 2010.[5]


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