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  1. Manikonda chalapathi Rao

Musicians and composersEdit

Religious leaders and philosophersEdit

  • Vallabha Acharya - One of the prominent Bhakthi movement leaders
  • Acharya Nagarjuna - Buddhist Philosopher and Alchemist
  • Yogi Vemana- Poet and philosopher
  • Pothuluri Veerabrahmam-A well-known saint and astrologer in the 17th century
  • U. G. Krishnamurti - World-famous 20th century Philosopher
  • Jiddu Krishnamurti - 20th century spiritual teacher and philosopher
  • Sringeri Shankaracharya
  • Nimbarka - One of the four principal Vaishnav acharyas of India.
  • Vishnuswami - One of the four principal Vaishnav acharyas of India.
  • Vallabha - Another major Vaishnav acharya.
  • Satya Sai Baba - An internationally renowned Spiritual Master, based in Puttaparti
  • Sadasiva Brahmendra - A Bhakthi Poet
  • Bhakta Potana - A realised Soul and a Bhakthi poet who translated Bhagavatam to Telugu
  • Kancherla Gopanna - Also popularly known as Ramadasu
  • Annamacharya - A great devotee of Tirumala Lord Venkateshwara who has written 40000 songs and composed them.
  • Tyagaraja - A great devotee of Lord SriRama who is excelled in carnatic music and have written and composed some 30000 songs majorly on Sri Rama. He is born of a Telugu family, and brought up in present Tamil Nadu.
  • Syama Sastri- He is the oldest among the Trinity of Carnatic music, Tyagaraja and Muthuswami Dikshitar being the other two. All his compositions are in Telugu. He is born of a Telugu family, and brought up in present Tamil Nadu.
  • Sadhguru - Mystic and Yogi. Founder of Isha Yoga , a non profit organization. Born in Mysore to a Telugu-speaking family .[12]

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Bharat Ratna

Padma Vibhushan


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Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

Arjuna Award


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