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The Nayaks of Kalahasti were Velugoti line of rulers of Kalahasti and Vandavasi principalities.[1] Members of the group include [[Damara la Chennappa Nayak]].[2][3] These Nayaks served as vassals and loyalists to the Aravidu Dynasty of Vijayanagara Empire, then headquartered at Chandragiri Fort and Vellore Fort.


Notable RulersEdit

Damarla Chennappa NayakEdit

Chennappa Nayaka was a Nayak and trusted general under Sriranga Deva Raya. Chennai, the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is named in his honor.

Damarla Moodu Venkatappa NayakEdit

Also known as Damarla Venkatadri or Venkatappa as he is called in Dutch records, was the son of Damarla Chennapa Nayakadu. He was also in-charge of the administration of the Vijayanagara Empire during the reign of Peda Venkata Raya, and was the Nayak of Kalahasti and directly controlled the region up to Wandiwash.

The land grant for the city of Madras was offered to the British by him and his brother, when they negotiated on behalf of Peda Venkata Raya of Vijayanagara Empire.[4]

Damarla Ayyappa NayakEdit

Damarla Ayyappa Nayak was the brother of Damarla Venkatappa Nayak and resided at Poonamallee to the west of Madras and administered the territory of Kalahasti for his brother.

Second Mysore WarsEdit

During the Second Mysore War, the Kalahasti Nayaks took to the side of Hyder Ali while their northern superiors Venkatagiri Kings took to the side of Arcot and the British.[5]


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