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Welcome to the Historic Sites WikiProject. We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of historic sites that are officially designated, world-wide.

Project informationEdit


The project covers all articles about officially designated historic sites in the English language Wikipedia. Proposed and discussed at Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Proposals/Historic sites. Except may or may not cover U.S. NRHP sites, World Heritage Sites, and Scottish castles.

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Historic sites

Child projects

  • WikiProject Mills covering windmills, watermills, animal powered engines, cotton mills and related subjects.


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  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of historic sites
  • Support editors who wish to cover local historic sites with tools that help them do their job better

Historic registers coveredEdit

Global designationsEdit

Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
UNESCO World Heritage Site Global 874 World Heritage Site; WHS
IUCN Category Ia (Strict Nature Reserve) Global ??? IUCN Category Ia; IUCN Ia; Category Ia; Nature Reserve
IUCN Category Ib (Wilderness Area)
IUCN Category Ib (Wilderness Area)
Global ??? IUCN Category Ib; IUCN Ib; Category Ib; Wilderness Area
IUCN Category II (National Park)
IUCN Category II (National Park)
Global ??? IUCN Category II; IUCN II; Category II; National Park
IUCN Category III (Natural Monument)
IUCN Category III (Natural Monument)
Global ??? IUCN Category III; IUCN III; Category III; Natural Monument
IUCN Category IV (Habitat/Species Management Area)
IUCN Category IV (Habitat/Species Management Area)
Global ??? IUCN Category IV; IUCN IV; Category IV; Habitat Management; Species Management
IUCN Category V (Protected Landscape/Seascape)
IUCN Category V (Protected Landscape/Seascape)
Global ??? IUCN Category V; IUCN V; Category V; Protected Landscape; Protected Seascape
IUCN Category VI (Managed Resource Protected Area)
IUCN Category VI (Managed Resource Protected Area)
Global ??? IUCN Category VI; IUCN VI; Category VI; Managed Resource Protected Area
Ramsar Wetland Global ??? Ramsar; Ramsar Wetland; Ramsar Wetland of International Importance
Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Global 263 Civil Engineering Landmark; Historic Civil Engineering Landmark; HCEL
Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark Global 259 Mechanical Engineering Landmark; Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark; HMEL

National/regional designationsEdit

Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
Cultural Monument of Albania Albania 201 Cultural Monument of Albania; Albanian Cultural Monument; Albania; Monument Kulture
National Historic Monument of Argentina Argentina ~400 National Historic Monument of Argentina; Argentina Historic Monument; Argentina; NHMA
Australian National Heritage List Australia ???? Australian national heritage list; Australia; ANHL
Commonwealth Heritage List Australia ???? Commonwealth heritage list; Australian Commonwealth heritage list; Commonwealth; CWLTHL
Register of the National Estate Australia ???? Register national estate; register of the national estate; Australian register of the national estate; RNE
National Historic Heritage of Brazil Brazil 1,047 National Historic Heritage of Brazil; Brazilian Historic Heritage; IPHAN; Brazil; NHHB
National Historic Site of Canada Canada 958 National Historic Site of Canada; Canadian National Historic Site; Canada; National Historic Site; NHSC; NHS
Heritage Railway Station (Canada) Canada 163 Heritage Railway Station of Canada; Canadian Heritage Railway Station; HRSC
Protected Natural Value of Croatia Croatia 461 Protected Natural Value of Croatia; Croatian Protected Natural Value; Protected area of Croatia; Croatian Protected area; Croatia Natural; Spomenik prirode
Cultural Good of Croatia Croatia ??? Cultural Good of Croatia; Croatian Cultural Good; Croatia Cultural; Spomenik kulture
Monument historique France >43,000 Monument historique; France; French
National Monument of Ireland Ireland ~1,000 Irish National Monument; National Monument of Ireland; Ireland Monument in State Care; Irish Monument in State Care; Ireland; Irish
National Treasure of Japan Japan 1079 National Treasure of Japan; Japanese National Treasure; Japan
Rijksmonument Netherlands 55,000+ Rijksmonument; Dutch National Monument; Netherlands National Monument; National Monument of the Netherlands; Netherlands; Dutch
Heritage New Zealand – Category I New Zealand ??? Heritage New Zealand Category I; New Zealand Category I; NZ Category I
Heritage New Zealand – Category II New Zealand ??? Heritage New Zealand Category II; New Zealand Category II; NZ Category II
National Historical Landmarks
National Historical Landmarks
Philippines 50> Philippines National Historic Landmarks; PNHL
Portuguese National Monument Portugal 791 National Monument of Portugal; Portuguese National Monument; Monumento Nacional do Portugal; Portugal; IPPAR
Monument istoric Romania 29,540 National Register of Historic Monuments in Romania; Monument istoric; Romania; Romanian
Cultural Heritage of Serbia Serbia 2,391 Cultural Heritage of Serbia; Serbia; Serbian
Invalid designation
Invalid designation
Sierra Leone ??? List of National Monuments of Sierra Leone
National monument of Singapore Singapore ??? National Monument of Singapore; Singapore National Monument; Singapore
Spanish Property of Cultural Interest Spain ~13,000 Spanish Property of Cultural Interest; Bien de Interés Cultural; BIC; Spain; Spanish
Invalid designation
Invalid designation
Sri Lanka ??? Sri Lanka
Swiss Cultural Property of National Significance Switzerland ??? Swiss Cultural Property of National Significance; Swiss; Switzerland; Swiss Cultural Property
National Monument of Zambia Zambia >3000 National Monument of Zambia; Zambian National Monument; Zambia
United KingdomEdit
Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
Scheduled monument United Kingdom 19,763 Scheduled Monument; Scheduled Ancient Monument; Ancient Monument; UK Scheduled Monument; UK Ancient Monument; Scheduled Historic Monument; UK Monument in State Care; UK Scheduled Ancient Monument; UK Scheduled Historic Monument
Listed Building United Kingdom >500,000 Listed Building; United Kingdom Listed Building; UK Listed Building
Listed Building – Grade I
Listed Building – Grade I
England & Wales 9,445 Grade I Listed Building; Grade I; United Kingdom Grade I; UK Grade I
Listed Building – Grade II*
Listed Building – Grade II*
England & Wales 22,164 Grade II* Listed Building; Grade II*; United Kingdom Grade II*; UK Grade II*
Listed Building – Grade II
Listed Building – Grade II
England & Wales 345,662 Grade II Listed Building; Grade II; United Kingdom Grade II; UK Grade II
Listed Building – Grade A
Listed Building – Grade A
Northern Ireland ??? Grade A Listed Building; Grade A; Northern Ireland Grade A
Listed Building – Grade B+
Listed Building – Grade B+
Northern Ireland ??? Grade B+ Listed Building; Grade B+; Northern Ireland Grade B+
Listed Building – Grade B1
Listed Building – Grade B1
Northern Ireland ??? Grade B1 Listed Building; Grade B1; Northern Ireland Grade B1
Listed Building – Grade B2
Listed Building – Grade B2
Northern Ireland ??? Grade B2 Listed Building; Grade B2; Northern Ireland Grade B2
Listed Building – Category A
Listed Building – Category A
Scotland ??? Category A Listed Building; Category A; Scotland Category A
Listed Building – Category B
Listed Building – Category B
Scotland ??? Category B Listed Building; Category B; Scotland Category B
Listed Building – Category C(S)
Listed Building – Category C(S)
Scotland ??? Category C Listed Building; Category C; Scotland Category C
Registered battlefield United Kingdom ??? NHLE Battlefields; UK Registered Battlefields
UK Protected Wreck United Kingdom >100 UK Protected Wreck; UK Maritime Military Grave; UK Historic Wreck; NHLE Wreck
UK Conservation Area England >10,000 England Conservation Area; English Conservation Area
Locally Listed Building United Kingdom >20,000 UK Locally Listed; Local Listed Site UK; Locally Listed Building
National Heritage List for England England >650,000 NHLE; NHLE List; NHLE Register; National Heritage List for England
National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens England 1600 Historic garden; register of historic parks and gardens; historic parks and gardens; england registered parks and gardens
Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland Scotland ~386 Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland; Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland; Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes
United StatesEdit
Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
U.S. National Register of Historic Places United States >80,000 National Register of Historic Places; NRHP
U.S. National Historic Landmark United States ~2,450 National Historic Landmark; U.S. National Historic Landmark; US National Historic Landmark; NRHP-NHL; NHL
U.S. Historic district United States ??? United States Historic District; U.S. Historic District; US Historic District; Historic District; NRHP-HD; HD
U.S. Historic district
Contributing property
United States ??? United States Contributing Property; U.S. Contributing Property; US Contributing Property; Contributing Property; NRHP-CP; CP
U.S. National Historic Landmark District United States ~200 U.S. National Historic Landmark District; US National Historic Landmark District; National Historic Landmark District; NRHP-NHLD; NHLD
U.S. National Monument United States 93 U.S. National Monument; US National Monument; National Monument; NRHP-NMON; NMON
U.S. National Historic Site United States 89 U.S. National Historic Site; US National Historic Site; National Historic Site; NRHP-NHS; NHS
U.S. National Memorial United States 44 U.S. National Memorial; US National Memorial; National Memorial; NRHP-NMEM; NMEM
U.S. National Historical Park United States 42 U.S. National Historical Park; US National Historical Park; National Historical Park; NRHP-NHP; NHP
U.S. National Battlefield United States 11 U.S. National Battlefield; US National Battlefield; National Battlefield; NRHP-NB; NB
U.S. National Military Park United States 9 U.S. National Military Park
U.S. National Natural Landmark United States ??? U.S. National Natural Landmark; US National Natural Landmark; National Natural Landmark; NNL
National Wild and Scenic River United States ??? National Wild and Scenic Rivers System; NWSRS; National Wild and Scenic River; NWSR

State/provincial/local designationsEdit

See wp:HSITESHELP for tips
In Australia
Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
New South Wales Heritage Register Australia - New South Wales 1,724 New South Wales state heritage register; NSW state heritage register; New South Wales heritage register; NSW heritage register; NSW; NSW shr
Queensland Heritage Register Australia - Queensland 1,692 Queensland Heritage Register; QHR
South Australian Heritage Register Australia - South Australia ????

South Australian heritage register; SA heritage register; South Australia; SAHR

Tasmanian Heritage Register Australia - Tasmania ????

Tasmanian heritage register; Tasmania; TASHR

Victorian Heritage Register Australia - Victoria ~2,300

Victorian heritage register; Victoria (Australia); VICHR

Western Australia Heritage Register Australia - Western Australia 2,367 Western Australia state register of heritage places; WA state register of heritage places; WASRHP; Western Australia
Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
Brisbane Heritage Register Australia - Queensland - Brisbane 2309 Brisbane heritage register; Brisbane (Australia); BHR
New South Wales Heritage Database
(Local Government Register)
New South Wales Heritage Database
(Local Government Register)
Australia - New South Wales ???? New South Wales Heritage Database; NSW Heritage Database; NSWHD; NSW HD
In Canada
Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
Alberta Historic Resources Act Canada - Alberta ??? Alberta Historic Resources Act; Alberta; AHRA
New Brunswick Heritage Conservation Act Canada - New Brunswick ??? New Brunswick Heritage Conservation Act; New Brunswick; NBHCA
Nova Scotia Heritage Property Act Canada - Nova Scotia ??? Nova Scotia Heritage Property Act; Nova Scotia; NSHPA
Ontario Heritage Act Canada - Ontario ??? Ontario Heritage Act; Ontario
Prince Edward Island Heritage Place Canada - Prince Edward Island ??? Prince Edward Island; PEI; Heritage Places Protection Act
Patrimoine culturel du Québec Canada - Quebec ??? Repertoire du Patrimoine Culturel du Quebec; Quebec; Cultural Heritage Register of Quebec
Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act Canada - Saskatchewan 800+ Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act; Saskatchewan; SHPA
In China - Hong Kong
Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
Declared Monument of Hong Kong ChinaHong Kong 92 Declared Monument of Hong Kong; Hong Kong Declared Monument; HK Declared Monument
Hong Kong Graded Building ChinaHong Kong 1154 Hong Kong Graded Building; HK Graded Building; Graded Building
Hong Kong Graded BuildingGrade I China - Hong Kong 212 Hong Kong Grade I Historic Building; Hong Kong Grade I; HK Grade I
Hong Kong Graded BuildingGrade II China - Hong Kong 366 Hong Kong Grade II Historic Building; Hong Kong Grade II; HK Grade II
Hong Kong Graded BuildingGrade III China - Hong Kong 576 Hong Kong Grade III Historic Building; Hong Kong Grade III; HK Grade III
In the United States
Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage United StatesAlabama 1396 Alabama Register; Alabama Landmark; Alabama; USAL; ARLH
California Historical Landmark United StatesCalifornia >1,000 California Historical Landmark; California; CHISL
Colorado State Register of Historic Properties United States - Colorado >1700 Colorado State Register of Historic Properties; Colorado; CSRHP; USCO
D.C. Inventory of Historic Sites United StatesDistrict of Columbia ~750 District of Columbia Inventory of Historic Sites; D.C. Inventory of Historic Sites; DCIHS
Indiana Register of Historic Sites United States - Indiana ~1900 Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures; Indiana; IRHSS; USIN
Michigan State Historic Site United StatesMichigan 2730 Michigan State Historic Site; Michigan; MSHS
Mississippi Landmark United StatesMississippi 890 Mississippi Landmark; Mississippi; USMS
Nevada Historical Marker United States - Nevada 266 Nevada Historical Marker; Nevada Marker; Nevada; USNV
N.H. State Register of Historic Places United States - New Hampshire ~200 New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places; New Hampshire State Register; New Hampshire; NHSR; NHSRHP; USNH
New Jersey Register of Historic Places United States - New Jersey ??? New Jersey Register of Historic Places; New Jersey; NJRHP; USNJ
N.M. State Register of Cultural Properties United States - New Mexico ~2000 N.M. State Register of Cultural Properties; New Mexico State Register; New Mexico; NMSRCP; NMSR; USNM
Pennsylvania Historical Marker United StatesPennsylvania >2,000 Pennsylvania Historical Marker; Pennsylvania; PA Marker
Recorded Texas Historic Landmark United States - Texas 3779 Recorded Texas Historic Landmark; Texas; RTHL; USTX
Texas State Antiquities Landmark United States - Texas 352 Texas State Antiquities Landmark; Texas; TSAL; USTX
Virginia Landmarks Register United States - Virginia ??? Virginia Landmarks Register; Virginia; VLR; USVA
  • Cities in the United States of America
Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
Albuquerque Historic Landmark United StatesNew MexicoAlbuquerque 20 Albuquerque Historic Landmark; Albuquerque; ALBHL
Berkeley Landmark United StatesCaliforniaBerkeley ~350 Berkeley Landmark; Berkeley; BERKL
Chicago Landmark United StatesIllinoisChicago ~200 Chicago Landmark; Chicago; CHICL
Dallas Landmark United StatesTexasDallas 100 Dallas Landmark; Dallas
Davenport Register of Historic Properties United StatesIowaDavenport ~50 Davenport Register of Historic Properties; Davenport; DRHP
Long Beach Historic Landmark United StatesCaliforniaLong Beach 114 Long Beach Historic Landmark; Long Beach; LBHL
Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument United StatesCaliforniaLos Angeles 886 Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument; Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument; Los Angeles; LAHCM
New York City Landmark United StatesNew YorkNew York City ~2,600 New York City Landmark; NYC Landmark; New York City; NYC; NYCL
Oakland Designated Landmark United StatesCaliforniaOakland ~200 Oakland Designated; Oakland; ODL
Omaha Landmark United StatesNebraskaOmaha ~100 Omaha Landmark; Omaha
Oyster Bay Landmark United StatesNew YorkOyster Bay 40 Oyster Bay Landmark; Oyster Bay, New York; Oyster Bay, NY; Oyster Bay
Philadelphia Register of Historic Places United StatesPennsylvaniaPhiladelphia ??? Philadelphia Register of Historic Places; Philadelphia; PRHP
Pittsburgh Historic Designation United StatesPennsylvaniaPittsburgh >100 Pittsburgh Historic Designation; City of Pittsburgh; PGHL; CPHD
Pittsburgh Landmark – PHLF United StatesPennsylvaniaPittsburgh 66 Pittsburgh Historic Landmark; Pittsburgh Landmark; Pittsburgh; PHLF
Riverside Landmark United StatesCaliforniaRiverside ~110 Riverside Landmark; Riverside; RIVL
St. Louis Landmark United StatesMissouriSt. Louis 121 St. Louis Landmark; St Louis Landmark; St. Louis; St Louis
San Diego Historic Landmark United StatesCaliforniaSan Diego ~870 San Diego Historic Landmark; San Diego; SDHL
San Francisco Designated Landmark United StatesCaliforniaSan Francisco ~250 San Francisco Designated Landmark; San Francisco Landmark; San Francisco; SFDL
Santa Monica Historic Landmark United StatesCaliforniaSanta Monica ~90 Santa Monica Historic Landmark; Santa Monica; SMHL
Seattle Landmark United StatesWashingtonSeattle ~450 Seattle Landmark; Seattle
Cincinnati Local Historic Landmark United StatesOhioCincinnati 71 Cincinnati Local Historic Landmark; Cincinnati Landmark; Cincinnati; CLHL
Columbus Register of Historic Properties United StatesOhioColumbus 77 Columbus Register of Historic Properties; Columbus Register; Columbus; CRHP
In other countries
Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
Yangon City Landmark MyanmarYangon 188 Yangon City Heritage List; Yangon City Landmark; Yangon Landmark; Yangon City; Yangon


See also: Category:Heritage registers
Register Scope Count Top list-article Top category
National Trust properties in Australia Australia List of National Trust properties in Australia
Victorian Heritage Register AustraliaVictoria List of heritage-listed buildings in Melbourne Category:Heritage-listed buildings in Melbourne
Alberta provincial historic site CanadaAlberta Provincial historic sites of Alberta Category:National Historic Sites of Canada
Heritage sites of Ireland Ireland (Eire) Heritage sites (Ireland)
Jersey Heritage Jersey
National Trust for Jersey Jersey 130+[1]
Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments Norway 40+[2]
South African Heritage Resources Agency South Africa 1720+/- List of heritage sites in South Africa
Conjunto Histórico (Historic Grouping) Spain Conjunto histórico
Sweden Sweden ~250 Listed buildings in Sweden
Blue plaques U.K.London >800[3] List of blue plaques
National Monuments Record of Scotland U.K.Scotland 240,000 National Monuments Record of Scotland
New York State Historic Sites U.S.New York List of New York State Historic Sites


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  2. ^ Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments
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1 Wall Street2–18 St Werburgh Street, Chester3–31 Northgate Street, Chester5 Beekman Street9 Pool Valley, Brighton11 Dyke Road, Brighton14 Prince's Gate, London14 Wall Street15 Cheyne Walk19–21 Sankey Street, Warrington20 Exchange Place26 Broadway28 Liberty Street30 Bridge Street, Chester30 Euston Square31 and 33 Dee Banks, Chester32 Avenue of the Americas44 Union Square60 Hudson Street65 Broadway75 Holland Road, Hove78–94 Foregate Street, Chester90 West Street110 East 42nd Street140 Broadway150 Nassau Street155–158 North Street, Brighton163 North Street, Brighton195 Broadway390 Fifth Avenue500 Fifth Avenue608 Fifth Avenue712 Fifth Avenue889 BroadwaySt Mary's Church, AbbeytownThe Abbot's Fish House, MeareAbbot's Wood, CumbriaSt Margaret's Church, AbbotsleySt Mary's Church, Acton BurnellSt Peter's Church, AdderleyAdelaide CrescentAdmiral's House, HampsteadAfsarwala tombSt Michael's Church, AigburthSt Mary's Church, AkenhamAl-Ukhaydir, Tabuk ProvinceOld St Peter and St Paul's Church, AlburySt Leonard's Church, AldringtonAll Saints Church, AldwincleAll Saints Church, BillesleyAll Saints Church, BunctonAll Saints' Church, ChildwallAll Saints' Church, HarewoodAll Saints Church, KedlestonChurch of All Saints, Norton FitzwarrenAll Saints Church, PatchamAll Saints' Church, RuncornAll Saints Church, SaltfleetbyAll Saints Church, Scholar GreenChurch of All Souls, BoltonAll Souls Church, HastingsSt Martin's Church, Allerton MaulevererSt John the Baptist's Church, AllingtonChurch of St Michael, AlnhamAlpine (plantation)Church of St Lawrence, AltonAmerican Surety BuildingOur Lady Star of the Sea and St Winefride, AmlwchAnakalangAncient PriorsAndrew Freedman HomeAngmering Baptist ChurchApple River FortArapuni Suspension BridgeArchitecture of the medieval cathedrals of EnglandSt Peter's Church, ArdinglyÅre Old ChurchArkens, FranekerArkwright House, PrestonArley HallSt Mary's Chapel, ArleyArno's Court Triumphal ArchArslan Hane, IstanbulArundel TerraceTrinity Congregational Church, ArundelAscog HouseAshby's MillChrist Church, AshfordAstoria Theatre, BrightonSt Eata's Church, AtchamAtik Mustafa Pasha MosqueAtkinson Art Gallery and LibrarySt John the Baptist's Church, Avon DassettAvukana Buddha statueAythorpe Roding WindmillB. Altman and Company BuildingBache HallBaclayon ChurchSt Mary's Church, BadleyBailiffscourt ChapelBalbertaBall FarmBallard Carnegie LibraryBank Buildings, BirkenheadBanwell CastleBaraga County CourthouseBarford Court, HoveBarking AbbeyChrist Church, BarntonBarra CastleSt Giles' Church, BarrowBarry MillBarton Road Swing BridgeBasilique Saint-Urbain de TroyesBathwick HillBattlegore Burial ChamberBatu Lintang campBayezid II Mosque, IstanbulBaynard's CastleBear and BilletBear's Paw Hotel, FrodshamBecconsall Old ChurchAll Saints Church, BeebyBeehive, Gatwick AirportBeekman TowerBell Cottage ruinBelton HouseBembridge HouseBenie HooseBennett Building (New York City)Church of Saint Benoit, IstanbulSt Michael's Church, BerechurchBethel Strict Baptist Chapel, WivelsfieldBilbao (Mesoamerican site)St Aidan's Church, BillingeSt Mary's Church, BillingeBillingshurst Unitarian ChapelBilsham ChapelChurch of St Teresa of Avila, BirkdaleSt James' Church, BirkdaleGrand Entrance to Birkenhead ParkBishop Hannington Memorial ChurchBishop Lloyd's HouseBishop's Palace, WellsBlack Moshannon State Park Historic DistrictsSt Silas' Church, BlackburnBlackstone Hotel (Omaha, Nebraska)Holy Trinity Church, BlatherwyckeBlue Wing InnBluestonehengeAll Saints Church, BoltongateBonewaldesthorne's TowerBoomerang, Elizabeth BayBooth MansionSt Botolph's Church, BotolphsBowling Green Offices BuildingChurch of St Thomas à Becket, BoxSt Maxentius' Church, BradshawBrahma Temple, KhajurahoSt Martin's Church, BramptonHoly Trinity Church, BrathayBreakers Hotel (Long Beach, California)Brecon CastleBrent Knoll CampSt Mary's Church, BrentingbyBrewery ShadesBridge of RemembranceSt Bridget's Church, BrighamBrighton ForumBrighton HippodromeSt Bartholomew's Church, BrightonSt Joseph's Church, BrightonSt Stephen's Church, BrightonSt George's Church, BrightonSt Luke's Church, Queen's Park, BrightonGrade I listed buildings in Brighton and HoveGrade II* listed buildings in Brighton and HoveBritish EngineeriumBrizlee TowerBroadfield House, CrawleyBroadway–Chambers BuildingSt Barnabas' Church, BromboroughSt Mary the Virgin's Church, BromfieldBromley War MemorialSt Lawrence's Church, BroughtonBrown County Courthouse (South Dakota)St Michael and All Angels Church, BrownsoverSt Nicholas Church, BuckenhamSt Matthew's Church, BuckleyBugby ChapelBuildings and architecture of BathBuildings and architecture of Brighton and HoveDe Bullemolen, LekkumSt Mary's Church, BungaySt John the Evangelist's Church, Burgess HillSt Michael's Church, Burgh by SandsHoly Cross Church, BurleyBurlington Headquarters BuildingBurnham-on-Sea High LighthouseBurnham-on-Sea Low LighthouseSt Matthew's Church, BurnleyBurrough HillSt Michael's Church, BurwellSt Andrew's Church, BywellCaccia Birch HouseCaerhays CastleSt Kentigern's Church, CaldbeckCaldey IslandCanals of AmsterdamCannon Hall, HampsteadCanterbury Provincial Council BuildingsChurch of St Thomas à Becket, CapelSt Mary's Church, Capel-le-FerneSt James' Church, CardingtonCarlisle House, SohoCarlton Hotel, ChristchurchCarnegie Library of HomesteadCarnegie Library, RuncornCastle of San Felipe de LaraCastle of ParkCatalyst Science Discovery CentreLa Asunción CathedralThe CausewayCentral Methodist Church, EastbourneCentral Waterfront, SeattleČeský Šternberk CastleChain Reaction (sculpture)Chandos Glass ConeChapel Royal, BrightonChapel of St NonProvidence Chapel, CharlwoodChâteau des Rohan (Mutzig)Château de KerjeanChattri, BrightonChavonnes BatteryBlue Bell, ChesterChester CastleChester CathedralList of sections of Chester city walls and associated structuresChester College ChapelThe Chester Grosvenor HotelChester Roman AmphitheatreChester RowsChester Shot TowerChester Town HallChester city wallsChetham's LibraryChurch of St Mary Magdalene, Chewton MendipList of Chicago LandmarksSt John the Evangelist's Church, ChichesterChief Post Office, ChristchurchChilston ParkChiltern FirehouseChinatown, KuchingChirton HallChorley Old HallChrist Church, LancasterChrist Church, Port SunlightChristian Specht BuildingSt James' Church, Church KirkSt Wilfrid's Chapel, Church NortonChurch Row, HampsteadSt Laurence's Church, Church StrettonChurch of Our Lady of SpringsChurch of St James the Great, HaydockChurch of St Mary on the RockChurch of St Mary the Virgin, FawsleyChurch of St. Augustine, GoaChurch of St. Cuthbert by the ForestChurch of St John sub Castro, LewesChurch of the Ascension, Lower BroughtonChurch of the Holy Sepulchre, WarminghurstChurch of the Holy Trinity, Newton St LoeChurch of the JacobinsChurche's MansionCité de CarcassonneCitizens' War MemorialCivic, ChristchurchCivilian War MemorialClarendon TowerClattern BridgeAll Saints Church, ClaverleySt John the Baptist's Church, ClaytonSt Mary's Church, Cleobury MortimerClock Tower, BrightonCoanwood Friends Meeting HouseSt Catherine of Siena Church, CockingSt Martin's Church, ColchesterChurch of St Peter ad Vincula, ColemoreCollegiate Church of San GimignanoCombermere AbbeyCommemorative plaqueConfederate Memorial State Historic SiteConfidence HallList of conservation areas in Brighton and HoveList of conservation areas in CrawleySt James' Church, CoolingCoombes ChurchCooper Arms ApartmentsCorn Exchange, ChichesterCornwerdermolenCote Baptist ChurchCothelstone ManorCoty BuildingCouncil House, PerthCourt ChurchSt Andrew's Church, CovehitheCraigellachie BridgeCraigie CastleCranmer CentreCranmer CourtSt John the Baptist's Church, CrawleyCreusot steam hammerCrewe HallListed buildings in CreweCrocker's FollyCross BathSt John the Evangelist's Church, CrosscanonbyCrown Hotel, NantwichCrown House, St Leonards-on-SeaCunard Building (New York City)List of current places of worship in Chichester DistrictCursus BarrowsCzar Peter House (Netherlands)St Andrew's Church, DacreDainzúSt James' Church, Daisy HillDallas HiltonDaneburyAll Saints' Church, DaresburyDaryl Roth TheatreDawpool (house)De AkkermolenDe Hoop, HolwerdSt Peter's Church, DeeneDenny AbbeyDenton Hall, WharfedaleDerwent Valley MillsSt Martin of Tours Church, DetlingDevil's Jumps, TreyfordDhat al-HajjDicksonia PlantationDitchling Unitarian ChapelDobrilovina MonasteryDomino Sugar RefineryDomus Aurea (Antioch)Doris Foley Library for Historical ResearchDos PilasDowntown Athletic ClubDr. John R. Drish HouseDragalevtsi MonasteryDrinkstone windmillsDrove Cottage HengeDundas AqueductDunn GardensSt Symphorian's Church, DurringtonDux de LuxSt John's Church, DuxfordSalem Chapel, East BudleighEast Dereham WindmillWest Street Baptist Church, East GrinsteadSt Andrew's Church, East HeslertonAll Saints Church, East HorndonLutheran Trinity Church, East MelbourneSt Michael's Church, East PeckhamSt Mary's Church, East RustonSt Thomas' Church, East SheffordEastgate and Eastgate ClockSt Michael and St Martin's Church, Eastleach MartinSt Edith's Church, Eaton-under-HeywoodEberhard Faber Pencil FactoryEddisbury hill fortSt Cuthbert's Church, EdenhallDe Eendracht, AnjumManor Church Centre, EgremontEisenhower National Historic SiteEl TemblorEl TintalEllenborough Park HotelSt Mary's Church, ElsingEnglesea Brook Chapel and MuseumErdene Zuu MonasteryErringham chapelEssex Street ChapelEssighausSaint-Étienne-des-Grès, ParisEverett Building (Manhattan)St George's Church, EvertonExcelsior Hotel, ChristchurchExcelsior Power Company BuildingThe Exchange, BristolThe Falcon, ChesterFan Lau FortFarleigh Hungerford CastleFärlöv ChurchMeadrow Unitarian ChapelPark Lane Chapel, FarnhamFeathers Hotel, LudlowSt Nicholas Church, FeltwellFirst Congregational Church (Long Beach, California)Fishergate Baptist ChurchThe Flask, HampsteadThe Flask, HighgateSt Mary's Church, Fleet MarstonFloriana LinesAbbey of FontenayFöra ChurchFord Foundation BuildingFord Piquette Avenue PlantChurch of St Mary the Virgin, FordwichFormakin HouseSt Luke's Church, FormbySt Peter's Church, FormbyList of former places of worship in Chichester DistrictFort Atkinson (Nebraska)Fort CarolineFort Delaware State ParkFort Harrison State ParkFort Orange (New Netherland)Fort Scott National Historic SiteFortifications of KotorFortifications of MaltaFortrose CathedralForty Saints MonasteryFountain Inn, AshurstSt Nicholas Church, FreefolkFreemasons Tavern, HoveFremantle Arts CentreFremantle FortressFrench Convalescent Home, BrightonFresh WharfFriary Church of St Francis and St Anthony, CrawleyFriston WindmillFru Alstad ChurchThe Fullerton Hotel SingaporeSt Bartholomew's Church, FurthoGamul HouseGants MillGärdslösa ChurchGarston LockSt Michael's Church, GarstonGaskell Memorial Tower and King's Coffee HouseGatcombe, SomersetGayton Hall, WirralThe George Hotel, CrawleyThe George Inn, Norton St PhilipGeorge Rogers Clark National Historical ParkGermantown Colony and MuseumGettysburg National Military ParkGhost Town TrailGirls' High SchoolGisborough PrioryGislöv ChurchGladstone's LandGlastonbury Lake VillageGlevering HallSt Nicholas Church, GloucesterGod's Providence House, ChesterGodalming Friends Meeting HouseGodalming Congregational ChurchGodmersham ParkGoldney HallSt George's Church, GolthoSt Mary's Church, Goring-by-SeaSt Mary's Church, GosforthGotham HouseGothic HouseGournay CourtGovanhill BathsGovernment House, PerthGrade I listed buildings in CoventryGrade I listed buildings in Greater ManchesterGrade II* listed buildings in CoventryGrand Opera House (Seattle)Grande halle de la VilletteSt Oswald's Church, GrasmereGray's AlmshousesGraybar BuildingListed buildings in Great BudworthSt Luke's Church, Great CrosbyGreat George Street Congregational ChurchSt James' Church, Great OrmsideGreatham ChurchGreek Orthodox Church of the AnnunciationGreek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, ManchesterGreen Man, PutneyGresley PrioryGrey Towers National Historic SiteDe Groene Molen, JoureGrosvenor Bridge (Chester)Grosvenor MuseumSt Mary's Church, GuildfordSt Michael's and All Angels Church, Guiting PowerSt Andrew's Church, GuntonGuru Ram Rai Darbar SahibGuthrey CentreGwalior FortSt Barbara's Church, HacebySt Mark's Church, Hadlow DownHadspen HouseSt Mary's Church, HaleSt Margaret's Church, HalesAll Souls' Church, HalifaxHam Hill HillfortHammarlöv ChurchHammarlunda ChurchHampton National Historic SiteThe Hanging ChapelHangleton Manor InnBethesda Methodist Chapel, HanleyList of works by Thomas HarrisonSt Mary's Church, Hartley WintneySt Mary's Church, HartwellHashemite custodianship of Jerusalem holy sitesEbenezer Particular Baptist Chapel, HastingsHastings Fishermen's MuseumHoly Trinity Church, HastingsAll Saints Church, HaughamSt Deiniol's Church, HawardenHeath ChapelHeather PreceptorySt George's Church, HeavileyDe Heidebloem, EricaHelmsley BuildingAll Saints' Church, HertfordHestercombe HouseSt Peter's Church, HeyshamSt John's Church, High LeghAll Saints Church, HighbrookChrist Church, Higher BebingtonHill BarkHippodrome, AldershotHis Majesty's Theatre, PerthHistoric Chapels TrustHistoric Churches ScotlandHistoric Washington State ParkHistoric districtHistoric districts in the United StatesHockenhull PlattsHodgeston Parish ChurchSt Luke's Church, HodnetAll Saints Church, HoldenbyHoly Trinity Church, HoldgateHolland Road Baptist ChurchAll Saints Church, HollingbourneChurch in the Wood, HollingtonChurch of St John the Divine, Holme ChapelSt Cuthbert's Church, Holme LacyHoly Trinity Church, CoverhamHoly Trinity Church, Crockham HillHoly Trinity Church, CuckfieldHoly Trinity Church, HorwichHoly Trinity Church, MorecambeHoly Trinity Church, WensleyHolyoke BuildingHolyrood ChurchHome Life BuildingDe Hoop, DokkumDe Hoop, NorgSt Paul's Church, HootonHerbert Hoover National Historic SiteSt Mary's Church, HopesaySt Peter and St Leonard's Church, HorburyHornby LighthouseHorsham Unitarian ChurchHotel JanzenHough Hole HouseHoughton Fire HallHouse of the First Print Shop in the AmericasHove Methodist ChurchSt Patrick's Church, HoveSt Hildeburgh's Church, HoylakeHuxter FortIfield Friends Meeting HouseSt Margaret's Church, IfieldIfield Water MillChurch of the Holy Family, Ince BlundellInce Blundell HallInce ManorInsurance Exchange BuildingIraj CastleIsle of the Dead (Tasmania)St Mary's Church, Islington, NorfolkIximcheIxluJaigarh FortHistoric JamestowneJantina HellingmolenJarvis Hall, SteyningBuildings of Jesus College, OxfordJohn Sutton HallJohn Webb's Mill, ThaxtedAndrew Johnson National Historic SiteJokhangKazanowski PalaceKelsborrow CastleDissenters' Chapel, Kensal GreenKetchaoua MosqueBarony and Castle of KilbirnieKillenworthKing John's Palace, SouthamptonKing and Queen, BrightonKing's Mead PriorySt Peter's Church, KingerbyKinzua BridgeSt Mary's Church, Kirkby LonsdaleSt John the Evangelist's Church, KirkhamKizil KiliseKnowsley HallKotla Mubarakpur ComplexKynance MewsLa AmeliaLa MuertaLake Shore Drive Bridge (Michigan)Lamaling MonasteryLancaster Carriage and Wagon WorksLancaster City MuseumLead Mosque, ShkodërLeaskdale ManseLeeds Civic TrustLeicester AbbeyAll Saints Church, LeicesterLeicester House, WestminsterLeighton BatteryLemmonsSt Mary's Church, LenhamLennoxlove HouseLeonie Pray HouseSt Stephen and All Martyrs' Church, Lever BridgeLevi Jackson Wilderness Road State ParkLewes Free Presbyterian ChurchLiberty Green Historic DistrictLincoln Boyhood National MemorialLincoln Highway (Omaha)Lincoln Homestead State ParkLinton ParkLinwood HouseList of places of worship in Lewes DistrictList of places of worship in RotherList of Category A listed buildings in ClackmannanshireList of Indiana state historical markersList of New York City Designated Landmarks in Manhattan on smaller islandsList of scheduled monuments in Cheshire (1066–1539)List of churches preserved by the Churches Conservation Trust in Southwest EnglandList of historic places in ChristchurchList of places of worship in Epsom and EwellList of places of worship in Mole ValleyList of places of worship in PortsmouthList of places of worship in Reigate and BansteadList of places of worship in Tandridge DistrictList of places of worship in Tonbridge and MallingList of places of worship in Waverley (borough)List of places of worship in Woking (borough)List of places of worship in the Borough of FarehamList of places of worship in the Borough of GuildfordList of places of worship in the Borough of HavantList of places of worship on the Isle of WightListed buildings in WorthingListed buildings in CrawleyListed buildings in EastbourneListed buildings in RivingtonSt Denys' Church, Little BarfordSt Mary's Church, Presbytery and Convent, Little CrosbySt Mary's Church, Little HormeadLittle Marton MillAll Saints Church, Little SomborneSt George's Church, Little ThetfordAll Saints Church, Little WenhamSt Faith's Church, Little WitchinghamLittlehampton Friends Meeting HouseLivadia PalaceChurch of St Dunstan, LiverpoolChurch of St Matthew and St James, Mossley HillChurch of St Margaret of Antioch, LiverpoolChurch of St Paul, LiverpoolGustav Adolf Church, LiverpoolSt Oswald's Church, Old Swan, LiverpoolSt Patrick's Church, LiverpoolSt Teilo's Church, LlandeloySt Ellyw's Church, LlanelieuSt Michael and All Angels Church, Llanfihangel RogietLocally listed buildings in CrawleyLocko PreceptoryLodge Park and Sherborne EstateLondon Road viaductSt Michael's Church, LongstantonLongworth Roman Catholic ChapelLopushna MonasteryLord & Taylor BuildingLos Angeles Historic-Cultural MonumentLower Huxley HallOld St Bartholomew's Church, Lower SapeyLoyn BridgeLuEsther T. Mertz LibraryLumley ChapelLund CathedralLundy's RestaurantLyceum Theatre (Crewe)Lymm HallListed buildings in LymmLytes CarySt John's Church, LythamLyttelton Times BuildingChrist Church, MacclesfieldMadison Belmont BuildingMaesyronnen ChapelMahiyangana Raja Maha ViharaMaiden Castle, CheshireMaiden Castle, DorsetAll Saints Church, MaidstoneMaillezais CathedralSt Michael's Church, ManafonManchester CourtsManordeifi Old ChurchMarchmont HouseSanta Maria sopra MinervaMarienberg AbbeyMarket Cross, Cheddar20–22 Marlborough Place, BrightonAll Saints Church, MarpleMarsh MillMasonic Hall, TauntonMattersey PrioryMcLean's MansionMeare Lake VillageMedieval Merchant's HouseMelbourne HallSt. Thomas' Church, MellorMellor's GardensSt Lawrence's Church, MereworthMersey Match FactoryMesa Verde National ParkMessing Maypole MillSt Michael's Church, MichaelchurchSt Mary the Virgin's Church, MiddletonMidford CastleMilton MausoleumMiran (Xinjiang)Mitford CastleMitre Inn, Chipping BarnetMixco ViejoMogiła AbbeySt Mary's Church, MoldMona Vale, ChristchurchMonastery of StoudiosSt John the Baptist's Church, MongewellSt Mary's Roman Catholic Church, MonmouthMonmouth town walls and defencesMontacute PrioryMontana (Mesoamerican site)Montefiore SynagogueMontpelier CrescentSt Laurence's Church, MorecambeMorgraig CastleSt Laurence's Church, MorlandMorningside Heights, ManhattanMorse BuildingChurch of St Morwenna and St John the Baptist, MorwenstowMotul de San JoséMoulsecoomb PlaceSt Mary's Church, MoultonMount Ida PlantationMountnessing WindmillMünchsmünster AbbeyMutual Reserve BuildingMy Old Kentucky Home State ParkNailsea CourtCongregational Chapel, NantwichNarekavankNelson House, LondonNestorian Church (Famagusta)St Benet's Chapel, NethertonNeunggasaNew York Times Building (41 Park Row)Newington Green Unitarian ChurchSt Mary's Church, Newnham MurrenAll Saints Church, Newton GreenNielsen ParkNojpeténNooitgedacht, VeenoordNorcliffe ChapelNorfolk Hotel, BrightonNorfolk Hotel, FremantleChurch of St Christopher, Norris GreenSt Mary's Church, North CockeringtonSt Nicolas Church, North StonehamNorthern Glass Cone, Alloa Glass WorksHoly Trinity Church, NorthwichListed buildings in NorthwichNorton PriorySt Augustine's Church, NorwichSaint John the Baptist, Maddermarket, NorwichSt Laurence's Church, NorwichNottingham WhitefriarsBuildings of Nuffield College, OxfordOld All Saints Church, Nuneham CourtenayOakfield ManorOakmere HallClifton ObservatoryOctagon Chapel, BathOctagon Chapel, LiverpoolOdai Yamamoto I siteOddfellows' Hall, ChesterOdeon Theatre, ChristchurchAll Saints Church, OdihamSt Peter's Church, Offord D'ArcyOhel Rachel SynagogueOhinetahiÖküz Mehmed Pasha CaravanseraiOlana State Historic SiteOld Bazaar, SkopjeOld Christ Church, WaterlooOld Church of St Nicholas, UphillOld North BuildingOld Orchard Street TheatreOld Punch BowlOld Sarum CathedralOld St John the Baptist's Church, PillingOld Steine GardensOld Supreme Court ChamberDe Olifant, BurdaardOmni Berkshire PlaceOpernhaus am TaschenbergChrist Church, OreChurch of St Peter and St Paul, OrmskirkOur City, ChristchurchOur Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, GoaOurense CathedralOxford Terrace Baptist ChurchOxhey ChapelSt Nicholas of Myra's Church, OzleworthPalace of InquisitionHôtel du PalaisPalazzo BreraPalazzo Pesaro OrfeiPalmeira SquarePalms-Southern Pacific Railroad DepotSt John the Baptist's Church, Papworth St AgnesPark Crescent, BrightonPark Crescent West ice wellParker's Buildings, ChesterSt Peter's Church, ParrPatcham PlacePeckforton CastlePelham ArcadePelham InstitutePenang Botanic GardensPendock ChurchSt Bartholomew's Church, PennPennsylvania Avenue National Historic SitePennsylvania State CapitolSt Mary's Church, PenworthamPeover HallPeover Hall Stable BlockPepper Pot, BrightonPepsi-Cola signPercy and Wagner AlmshousesPershing Square BuildingPerth GaolPeterborough CentrePettigarths Field CairnsPhoenix Tower, ChesterPioneer WomanList of places of worship in AdurList of places of worship in ArunList of places of worship in WorthingList of places of worship in HastingsPlanting Fields Arboretum State Historic ParkSt Peter's Church, PlemstallPolnoon CastlePont Notre-DameListed buildings in Port SunlightLyceum, Port SunlightPort of RuncornPorth Wen BrickworksPotter BuildingPoulton HallPoundisford ParkThe Press Building, ChristchurchOld Church of St Mary the Virgin, Preston CandoverPreston Central Methodist ChurchCity Church, PrestonSt Peter and St Paul's Church, Preston DeaneryEmmanuel Church, PrestonSt Martin's Church, Preston GubbalsPreston Manor, BrightonSt Mark's Church, PrestonSt Mary's Church, PrestonPrinces House, BrightonChurch of St Michael, PrincetownPrior ParkPriory of St Mary in the Meadow, Beeston RegisPrivy Garden of the Palace of WhitehallPromontory forts of CornwallProtestant church of JistrumProvidence Chapel, Hadlow DownProvidence Strict Baptist Chapel, Burgess HillPuddington Old HallPullman National MonumentSt Mary's Church, PurtonChurch of the Transfiguration, PyecombeQueen Anne BoulevardQuiriguáQʼumarkajRCA Studio AAl-RahbaRalli HallRamsdell HallRankoth VeheraRas ir-RaħebDe Rat, IJlstSt Oswald's Church, RavenstonedaleRechthuis (Bellingwolde)Reconstruction Era National Historical ParkRecumbent stone circleRed Lion Inn, Shoreham-by-SeaRed Lodge Museum, BristolSt Mary's Church, RedgraveRegency Square, BrightonRegent Street CinemaRehoboth Chapel, Pell GreenReligion in VaranasiReuben Wells (locomotive)St Wilfrid's Church, RibchesterRichmond ParkRiegelmann BoardwalkRijksmonumentRispenserpoldermolen, EastereinRiver Raisin National Battlefield ParkBethel Strict Baptist Chapel, RobertsbridgeRobertsbridge United Reformed ChurchRochdale Town HallRocksavageAll Saints Church, RoffeyRoma ChurchRoman Tomb (Silistra)Roof-top synagogueRosie the Riveter World War II Home Front National Historical ParkRoss Errilly FriaryRoss, TasmaniaChrist Church, RossettRothley TempleÉglise Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, RouffachRound Tower LodgeRoundhill CrescentRoyal Albion HotelRoyal Castle HotelRoyal Crescent, BrightonRoyal Fort HouseRoyal Pavilion TavernRoyal West of England AcademyRudra Mahalaya TempleBridgewater House, RuncornRuncorn Town HallRuncorn signal boxRussian Memorial, LewesSt Paul's Church, RusthallRye Particular Baptist ChapelSaighton Grange GatehouseSaighton GrangeSt Afan's Church, LlanafanSt Alkmund's Church, WhitchurchSt Andrew's Church, PenrithSt Andrew the Apostle Church, WorthingSt Andrew's Church, Chew StokeSt Andrew's Church, CranfordSt Andrew's Church, High HamSt Andrew's Church, SapistonSt Andrew's Church, Waterloo Street, HoveSt Andrew's Church, West TarringSt Andrew's Church, WoodwaltonSt Barnabas Church, HoveSaint Bartholomew MonasterySt Bartholomew's Church, Richard's CastleSt Benedict's Church, Haltham-on-BainSt Beuno's Church, AberffrawSaint Birgitta's chapelSt Botolph's Church, HardhamSt Brothen's Church, LlanfrothenSt Caffo's Church, LlangaffoSt Caian's Church, TregaianSt. Cajetan ChurchSt Catharine's Church, ScholesSt Ceidio's Church, RhodogeidioSt Ceinwen's Church, CerrigceinwenSt Cosmas and St Damian Church, KeymerSt Cosmas and St Damian's Church, StretfordSt Cristiolus's Church, LlangristiolusSt Cwyllog's Church, LlangwyllogSt Cynfarwy's Church, LlechgynfarwySt Cynhaearn's Church, YnyscynhaearnSt David's Church, LlangeviewSt Deiniol's Church, Llanddaniel FabSt Dona's Church, LlanddonaSt Edern's Church, BodedernSt Edmund's Church, RochdaleSt Edward's Church, Stow-on-the-WoldSt Edwen's Church, LlanedwenSt Eleth's Church, AmlwchSt Eugrad's Church, LlaneugradSt Ffinan's Church, LlanffinanSt Fflewin's Church, LlanfflewinChurch of Saint Francis, KochiSt Gallgo's Church, LlanallgoSt George's Church, EastergateSt George's Church, TrottonSt George's Church, WorthingSaint-Géry IslandSt Giles' Church, Horsted KeynesSt Gredifael's Church, PenmynyddSt Gregory's Church, FledboroughSt Gregory's Church, Vale of LuneSt Gwenllwyfo's ChurchSt Helen's Church, HangletonChurch of St Helen, St Helens, MerseysideSt Hilary's Church, St Hilary (Vale of Glamorgan)St Iestyn's Church, LlaniestynSt James' Church, LongboroughSt James' Church, StirchleySt James' Church, StrethamSt. James Priory, DerbySt James' and St Paul's Church, MartonSt James the Less Church, LancingSt John the Baptist Church, IngleshamSt John the Baptist's Church, PillingSt John the Baptist's Church, BrightonSt John the Baptist's Church, StantonSt John the Baptist's Church, StanwickSt John the Evangelist's Church, LancasterSt John the Evangelist's Church, LeedsSt John the Evangelist's Church, Newton ArloshSt John the Evangelist's Church, Preston VillageSt John the Evangelist's Church, WestonSt John's Church, EgremontSt John's Church, SilverdaleSt John's Church, ThroaphamSt John the Evangelist's Church, Yealand ConyersSt Julian's Church, Kingston BuciSt Laurence's Church, LudlowSt Lawrence Church, IpswichSt Lawrence's Church, ApplebySt Lawrence's Church, StoakSt Leonard's Baptist Church, St Leonards-on-SeaSt Leonard's Church, BridgnorthSt Leonard's Church, SpernallSt Peter's Church, St Leonards-on-SeaChrist Church, St Leonards-on-SeaChurch of St Thomas of Canterbury and English Martyrs, St Leonards-on-SeaSt Leonards-on-Sea Congregational ChurchSt Leonard's Church, St Leonards-on-SeaSt Mary Magdalene's Church, St Leonards-on-SeaSt John the Evangelist's Church, St Leonards-on-SeaSt. Lubentius, DietkirchenChurch of St Luke, LiverpoolSt Margaret's Church, RottingdeanSt Margaret's Church, West HoathlySt Mark's Church, BrightonSt Mark's Church, BrithdirSt Martin's Church, Bowness-on-WindermereSt Martin's Church, BrightonSt Mary Magdalene's Church, Croome D'AbitotSt Mary Magdalene's Church, BattlefieldSt Mary Magdalene's Church, BolneySt Mary Magdalene's Church, BoveneySt Mary Magdalene's Church, CaldecoteSt Mary Magdalene's Church, StaplefordSt Mary Magdalene's Church, TortingtonSt Mary's Church, South CowtonSt Mary de Haura Church, Shoreham-by-SeaSt Mary's Church, BodewrydSt Mary's Church, Hampden Park, EastbourneSt. Mary's Church, HadlowSt Mary's Church, RoecliffeSt Mary's Church, WidnesSt. Mary's Priory (Lothian)St Mary's Church, TwickenhamSt Mary the Virgin, Tarrant CrawfordSt Mary the Virgin's Church, North StokeSt Mary's Chapel, LeadSt Mary's Church, Barton BendishSt Mary's Church, CheadlePriory Church of St Mary, ChepstowSt Mary's Church, DerwenSt Mary's Church, HardmeadSt Mary's Church, Llanfair-yn-NeubwllSt Mary's Church, Llanfair-yn-y-CwmwdSt Mary's Church, Llanfair-yng-NghornwySt Mary's Church, MundonSt Mary's Church, PentraethSt Mary's Church, RhodogeidioSt Mary's Church, SandwichSt Mary's Church, SlaughamSt Mary's Church, Tal-y-llynSt Mary's Church, West ChiltingtonSt Mary's Collegiate Church, HaddingtonSt Mary's School, EcclestonSt Matthew's Church, SilverhillSt Michael's Church, Stretton en le FieldSt Michael the Archangel's Church, BootonSt Michael's Church, BuslingthorpeSt Michael's Church, CowthorpeSt. Michael's Church, MumbaiSt Mihangel's Church, Llanfihangel yn NhowynSt Mungo's Church, DearhamSt Nicholas Church, BrightonMonastery of St. Nicholas, KuršumlijaSt Nidan's Church, LlanidanOld Church of St Nidan, LlanidanSt Oswald's Chambers, ChesterSt Oswald's Church, Kirk SandallSt Oswald's Church, WartonSt Pabo's Church, LlanbaboSt. Paul's Cathedral, KolkataSt Paul's Church, BrightonSt. Paul's Church, DiuSt Peirio's Church, RhosbeirioSt. Peter, SyburgSt. Peter und Paul, WeimarSt Peter's Church, LlanbedrgochSt Peter's Church, NorthamptonSt Peter's Church, Shoreham-by-SeaSt Peter's Church, West BlatchingtonSt Peter's Church, WintringhamSt Peter's Church, WolfhampcoteSt Peulan's Church, LlanbeulanSt Philip's Church, HoveSt Philip's Church, SalfordSt Richard's Church, Haywards HeathSt Saviour's Church, RingleySt Saviour's Church, TetburySt Swithun's Church, BrookthorpeSt Tewdric's ChurchSt. Thomas Syro-Malabar Church, PalayoorSt Thomas' Church, PrestonSt Twrog's Church, BodwrogSt Tyfrydog's Church, LlandyfrydogSt Werburgh's Mount, ChesterSt Werburgh's Church, WarburtonSt Wilfrid's Church, Haywards HeathSainte-Anne-de-Bellevue CanalSalomons MuseumSaltford Brass MillSaltford Manor HouseSalvation Army HallSan CaioSan MennaSan Miguel Church (Manila)San Sebastian Parish Church (Lumban)San Sebastiano de Via PapaeSt John the Evangelist's Church, SandiwaySt Peter's Church, SandwichSandycombe LodgeSanta Lucia in SeptisolioSanti Sergio e Bacco al Foro RomanoSaratoga National Historical ParkSaschiz fortified churchSaugus Iron Works National Historic SiteSayilScarborough Town HallScheduled monuments in CoventryScheduled monuments in MaidstoneScheduled monuments in SomersetDe Schoolmeester, WestzaanScottish Rite Cathedral (Long Beach, California)Seagate CastleSeattle Center MonorailSeattle Times BuildingSedgwick House, CumbriaSeibalSera MonasterySheldon ManorSt Mary's Church, Shipton SolarsShirgj ChurchShore TheaterShotwick HallShover's Green Baptist ChapelSt Mary's Church, ShrewsburyShrigley HallShrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, BlackpoolShuri CastleSimonsbath HouseSireköpinge ChurchSix Pillars HouseSkaga stave churchSkerton BridgeSt Botolph's Church, SkidbrookeSmederevo FortressSmith Cove (Seattle)Socony–Mobil BuildingSolarium AugustiSomerhill HouseSomerset Hospital (Cape Town)Church of St Mary the Blessed Virgin, SomptingSt Peter's Church, South SomercotesSt. Mary's Church, South StonehamSt. Mary's Church, SouthamptonSt. Michael's Church, SouthamptonSouthover General Baptist ChapelSouthport Arts CentreHoly Trinity Church, SouthportSt George's United Reformed Church, SouthportSouthport Town HallSt Michael and All Angels Church, SouthwickSpanish Galleon, GreenwichSt Ambrose's Church, SpekeSprings Mills BuildingSt Andrew-in-the-Oxmarket ChurchSt Andrew's Church, Church Road, HoveSt Andrew's Church, PresteigneSt Colanus' Church, ColanSt. Gumbertus, AnsbachSt Helen's Priory, DerbySt John's Hospital, BathSt Joseph's Church, PrestonSt. Martin, LorchSt Mary at the Quay Church, IpswichSt Mary de Crypt Church, GloucesterSt Mary's Church, CheshamSt Mary's Church, Rolleston on DoveSt Nicolas Church, PortsladeSt Nicolas Church, Shoreham-by-SeaSt. Peter, LeipzigSt Peter's Church, AberdeenSt Peter's Church, HenfieldSt Peter's Church, Preston Village, BrightonSt Silin's Church, LlansilinSt Stephen's Church, Old RadnorSt Trygarn's Church, LlandrygarnSt Tugual's ChapelSt Wulfran's Church, OvingdeanStag Inn, HastingsSt John the Baptist's Church, StamfordStanding Stones of YoxieStanley PalaceStanmer ChurchSt James' Church, Stanstead AbbottsStansted Mountfitchet WindmillStatue of James Cook, ChristchurchStatue of Robert Falcon Scott, ChristchurchSteble FountainSteine HouseDe Sterrenberg, NijeveenStokeleigh CampStoreton HallStorkyrkanGottlieb Storz HouseStrelitz BuildingsSt Peter's Church, SudburySurb Karapet MonasteryChurch of St Cyriac and St Julitta, Swaffham PriorSwakeleys HouseSwanage Town HallDe Sweachmermolen, LangweerSydney ObservatoryTabley HouseWilliam Howard Taft National Historic SiteTakalik AbajSt Mary's Church, TarletonTatton HallSt Mary Magdalene, TauntonTeli ka MandirTemple CronanTemple of HarmonyTemplo MayorTenayucaTerling WindmillThe Cock signThe TolhouseTheatre Royal, ManchesterAll Saints Church, TheddlethorpeThelnetham WindmillAll Saints Church, Thornton HoughSt George's United Reformed Church, Thornton HoughSt Michael and All Angels' Church, ThorntonAll Saints Church, Thorpe BassettThree Old ArchesThrone Hall of DongolaAll Saints Church, ThurgartonThurstaston HallTikalTithe Barn, PiltonTjaskers in DrentheTodmorden Unitarian ChurchTomb of AurangzebTomb of Isa KhanTomb of Sikandar LodiTonbridge PrioryTonináTopoxteTower House, BrightonTower of Wooden PalletsTranby HouseTree House, CrawleyTrentham EstateThe Tribunal, GlastonburyTrinity Episcopal Church (Houghton, Michigan)Church of King Charles the Martyr, Royal Tunbridge WellsSt Mark's Church, Royal Tunbridge WellsTung Chung BatteryTuxlith ChapelUckfield Baptist ChurchAll Saints Church, UlcombeUmberslade Baptist ChurchUnderfall YardUndløse ChurchUnion Chapel, BrightonUniversity Church of St Mary the VirginChurch of St John the Baptist, Upper EldonUpper FlaskVannes CathedralVatadageVauxhall BridgeVen HouseVentura PierVerizon BuildingVernon Terrace, BrightonVerrès CastleVia GiuliaVia dei CoronariVicars' Close, WellsVignoles BridgeVilla CimbroneVilla RivieraVintners ParrotVrouwenhuisDe Wachter, ZuidlarenWainsgate Baptist ChurchSt Martin's Church, WaitheSt John the Baptist's Church, WakerleySt Mary's Church, WalbertonAll Saints Church, WaldershareSt Hilary's Church, WallaseySt Nicholas Church, WallaseySt Paul's Church, SeacombeWalmoor HillWalpole Old ChapelSt Andrew's Church, WalpoleSt Mary's Church, Walton-on-the-HillSt Andrew's Church, WanboroughSt Thomas à Becket Church, WarblingtonSt Columba's Church, WarcopWarner's HotelHoly Trinity Church, WarringtonWarrington Town HallWarwick Castle, Maida ValeList of owners of Warwick CastleWashington Athletic ClubWater Tower, ChesterWaverton school and schoolmaster's houseHoly Trinity Church, WavertreeWebster's Mill, FramsdenWeingarten AbbeyWelgelegen, HeerenveenWellington County House of Industry and RefugeWells House, IlkleyWells St AndrewOld Holy Trinity Church, WentworthWest HoathlyWest Horsley PlaceAll Saints Church, West StourmouthWestern PavilionWharetiki HouseSt Nicholas Church, WhistonChurch of St Candida and Holy CrossWhite Hart Inn, CrawleyWhite Horse TempleWhite Roding WindmillWhitehall BuildingWhites BridgeSt Michael's Church, WhittingtonThe Widow's Son, LondonSt Mary the Virgin's Church, WiggenhallWilliam Ulmer BrewerySt Andrew's Church, WillingaleSt Mary and St Peter's Church, WilmingtonSt Mary's Church, WiltonWinnington HallSt Paul's Church, WitherslackWoodland HouseSt Swithun's Church, WorcesterList of World Heritage Sites in the NetherlandsSt Mary's Church, WormsleyWorthing TabernacleWrexham Road Farm, EcclestonSt Andrew's Church, WroxeterWulp CastleWykeham Terrace, BrightonWythburn ChurchXlapakXochitecatlSt John the Baptist's Church, YarburghYaxchilanYaxhaYester HouseYulin CavesZaculeuZeldenrust, DokkumZennor QuoitZion Chapel, NewickDe Zwaluw, Burdaard

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  36. Eruditess interested in Biltmore estate, Williamsberg & Sonoma, I also like historic churches.
  37. Fettlemap (talk) Fettlemap (talk) 23:21, 16 September 2013 (UTC) Interested in sites in Ventura County, California especially those designated by cities and the county
  38. Fitzed (talk) 00:24, 6 June 2009 (UTC) International Council on Monuments and Sites
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