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The Virginia Landmarks Register (VLR) is a list of historic properties in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The state's official list of important historic sites, it was created in 1966. The Register serves the same purpose as the National Register of Historic Places. The nomination form for any Virginia site listed on the VLR is sent forward to the National Park Service for consideration for listing on the National Register.[1]

The Tuckahoe Plantation in Goochland County was the first property to be listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register in 1968.[1]

The Virginia Landmarks Register is maintained by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

List of Virginia Landmarks Edit

Fort Vause, Virginia
Almost all of the over 2800 sites listed on the national register are also listed on the state register.[2][3] For those listings see: National Register of Historic Places listings in Virginia.

Virginia register only

The following are listed on the Virginia register, but not the national register:[3]

Name Image Location County File # Description
Australia Furnace Alleghany 003-0098
Bear's Den Rural Historic District Loudoun 021-5010
Bowstring Truss Bridge Montgomery 060-5066
Broad Run/Little Georgetown Rural Historic District Fauquier 030-5514
Buck Mountain Church Albemarle 002-0145
Cactus Hill Archaeological Site Sussex 091-5026
Camp A.A Humphreys Pump Station and Filter Building Fort Belvoir Fairfax 029-0096
Capitol Landing (Queen Mary's Port) Williamsburg (city) 137-0056
Catawba Furnace Botetourt 011-0040
Cedar Creek Meetinghouse Archaeological Site Hanover 042-0121
Cedar Grove Mecklenburg 058-5004
Davis and Kimpton Brickyard Newport News (city) 121-0018
Elizabeth Furnace Shenandoah Valley Shenandoah 085-0940
Fort Belvoir Historic District Fairfax 029-0209
Fort Vause Site Montgomery 060-0017
Garrett Woods Complex #1 Mecklenburg 058-5001
Garrett Woods Complex #2 Mecklenburg 058-5002
Garrett Woods Complex #3 Mecklenburg 058-5003
Glebe House Mecklenburg 058-5008
Glenwood Furnace Rockbridge 081-0104
Hamner House Nelson 062-0282
Ivy Hill Plantation Mecklenburg 058-0088
James River and Kanawha Canal Sites Lynchburg (city) 118-0209
Lexington Site Fairfax 029-5612
Liberty Baptist Church (Caroline County, Virginia) Caroline 016-0069 Rappahannock Academy
Little River Turnpike Bridge Loudoun 053-0244
Lock Lane Apartments Richmond (city) 127-6170
Manassas Gap Railroad Independent Line Fairfax 029-5013
Marlborough Point Site Stafford 089-0001
Miley Archaeological Site Shenandoah 085-0101
Millenbeck Sites Lancaster 051-0029
Mount Pleasant Surry 090-0015 (Architectural and Archaeological Complex)
Newcastle Town Site Hanover 042-0101
Newman Point Mecklenburg 058-5007
Occoneechee Plantation Mecklenburg 058-0091
Pantops Farm Albemarle 002-0130
Preston House Montgomery 060-0270
Quicksburg Archaeological Site Shenandoah 085-0102
Raven Cliff Furnace Wythe 098-0214
Rifes Mill Rockingham 082-0284
Rudd Branch Ridge - Complexes 1 & 2 Mecklenburg 058-5005
Rudd Branch Ridge - Complexes 3 & 4 Mecklenburg 058-5006
Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church Culpeper 204-0003
Seven Springs Farm Pittsylvania 071-5255
Shockoe Hill Burying Ground Historic District Hospital St. Richmond (city) 127-7231 (municipal almshouse-public hospital-cemetery complex)
Staunton River Bridge Fortification Halifax 041-5276 at Fort Hill
Stroubles Creek Site Montgomery 060-5042
The White House (Page County, Virginia) Page 069-0012
Thermo-Con House Fort Belvoir Fairfax 029-5001
Travis Lake Historic District Caroline 016-5009 Rappahannock Academy
Tutter's Neck Site James City 047-0033
U.S. Army Package Power Reactor Fort Belvoir Fairfax 029-0193
Upper Brandon Plantation Prince George 074-0027
Van Buren Furnace Shenandoah 085-0051
Vineyard Hill Rockbridge 081-0071
Warden Home Chesapeake (city) 131-0093
Wiley's Tavern Archaeological Site Halifax 041-0039
Wood Park Orange 068-0055
Zion Lutheran Church and Cemetery Floyd 031-0024

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