List of law enforcement agencies

A law enforcement agency (LEA) is any agency which enforces the law. This may be a special or local police/sheriffs, state troopers, and feds such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Also, it can be used to describe an international organization such as Europol or Interpol. This is a list of law enforcement agencies, organized by continent and then by country.

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International Edit

Africa Edit

Algeria Edit

Angola Edit

  • The National Police Force ( Angola )

Benin Edit

Botswana Edit

Burkina Faso Edit

Burundi Edit

Cameroon Edit

Cape Verde Edit

Central African Republic Edit

Chad Edit

Comoros Edit

Democratic Republic of the Congo Edit

Republic of the Congo Edit

Côte d'Ivoire Edit

Djibouti Edit

Egypt Edit

Equatorial Guinea Edit

Eritrea Edit

Ethiopia Edit

Gabon Edit

Gambia Edit

Ghana Edit

Guinea Edit

Guinea-Bissau Edit

  • Judicial Police
  • National Republic Guards (Gendarmerie or Police)

Kenya Edit

Lesotho Edit

Liberia Edit

Libya Edit

Madagascar Edit

Malawi Edit

Mali Edit

Mauritania Edit

Mauritius Edit

Morocco Edit

Mozambique Edit

  • Mozambique Republic Police

Namibia Edit


Niger Edit

Nigeria Edit

Rwanda Edit

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Edit

São Tomé and Príncipe Edit

Senegal Edit

Seychelles Edit

Sierra Leone Edit

Somalia Edit

South Africa Edit

South Sudan Edit

Sudan Edit

Eswatini Edit

Tanzania Edit

Togo Edit

Tunisia Edit

  • Ministry of Interior
    • Direction Générale de la Sûreté Nationale (Police)
    • Direction Générale de la Garde Nationale (National Guard)
    • Office National de la Protection Civile (Firefighter)
  • Ministry of Finance
    • Direction Générale des Douanes (Customs)
  • Ministry of Justice
    • Direction Générale des Prisons et de la Rééducation (Prisons Guards)
  • Presidency
    • Direction Générale de la Sécurité du Chef de l'Etat et des Personnalités Officielles (Presidential Guards)

Uganda Edit

Zambia Edit

Zimbabwe Edit

Asia Edit

Afghanistan Edit

Bahrain Edit

Bangladesh Edit

Bhutan Edit

Brunei Edit

Cambodia Edit

People's Republic of China Edit

Mainland China Edit

A woman asking a Hong Kong policeman for directions.

Hong Kong Edit

Macau Edit

ROC Coast Guard patrol boats

Republic of China (Taiwan) Edit

India Edit

Central (federal) law enforcement agencies Edit

State law enforcement agencies Edit

Indonesia Edit

Iran Edit

Iraq Edit

Israel Edit

Japan Edit

Japanese Mitsubishi GTO patrol car

Jordan Edit

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) Edit

Republic of Korea (South Korea) Edit

Kuwait Edit

Kyrgyzstan Edit

Laos Edit

Lebanon Edit

Malaysia Edit

Police Counter-terrorist Force Pasukan Gerakan Khas during stormed the patrol vessel drill.
Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs

Malaysian Ministry of Finance

Prime Minister's Department (Malaysia)

Military of Malaysia

Maldives Edit

Mongolia Edit

Myanmar Edit

Nepal Edit

Oman Edit

Pakistan Edit

A personnel of the Sindh Police in uniform with a handgun on his belt.

Federal Edit

Provincial Edit

Joint Army & Federal Edit

Philippines Edit

PSG SRU operators march during a parade in counter-terrorist combat gear. Note that they're marching with a mix of G36 and G36C assault rifles.
Philippine National Police Members on Rizal Park, Manila
Bell 429 Helicopter of the Philippine National Police
Bureau of Jail Management and Penology members in a Firearms Safety and Proficiency Training

Qatar Edit

Saudi Arabia Edit

Singapore Edit

Sri Lanka Edit

Syria Edit

Tajikistan Edit

Thailand Edit

East Timor Edit

Turkmenistan Edit

United Arab Emirates Edit

Dubai Police vehicle at the entrance of Dubai Gold Souk
Emirati level

Uzbekistan Edit

Vietnam Edit

  • Vietnam People's Public Security (Công an Nhân dân Việt Nam) under the Ministry of Public Security (Bộ Công an Việt Nam), divides into:
    • Vietnam People's Police (Cảnh sát Nhân dân Việt Nam) consists of:
      • Traffic Police (Cảnh sát Giao thông), for traffic control and enforcement
      • Judiciary Police (Cảnh sát Bảo vệ và Hỗ trợ Tư pháp), for judiciary and executive enforcement
      • Rapid Response Police - also known as 113 Police (Cảnh sát Phản ứng Nhanh/Cảnh sát 113), for rapid criminal countering
      • Criminal Investigation Police (Cảnh sát Hình sự), for criminal investigation
      • Drug Investigation Police (Cảnh sát Điều tra Ma túy), for drug countering and investigation
      • Corruption Investigation Police (Cảnh sát Điều tra Tham nhũng), for corruption investigation
      • High Tech Investigation Police (Cảnh sát Điều tra Công nghệ cao), for high tech criminal investigation
      • Administrative Police (Cảnh sát Quản lý Hành chính), for administrative and resident services
      • Environmental Police (Cảnh sát Môi trường), for environmental law enforcement
      • Fire and Rescue Police (Cảnh sát Phòng cháy Chữa cháy và Cứu nạn Cứu hộ), for firefighting, search and rescue missions
      • Prison Guard (Cảnh sát Trại giam), for prison management and control
      • Mobile Police (Cảnh sát Cơ động), for riot and terrorist countering
      • Protective Guard (Cảnh vệ), for protective services of the State and Communist Party leaders
      • Order Police (Cảnh sát Trật tự), for public order response
      • Protective Police (Cảnh sát Bảo vệ Mục tiêu), for protective services of properties and personnel
    • Vietnam People's Security (An ninh Nhân dân Việt Nam) consists of:
      • Cyber Security (An ninh Mạng), for cyber and internet affairs
      • Immigration Security (An ninh Xuất nhập cảnh), for immigration management, airport and seaport entry
      • Intelligence Service (Tình báo), for intelligence collection and investigation
      • Ciphering Service (Cơ yếu), for protection of top secret documents
      • Border Checkpoint Security (An ninh Cửa khẩu), for border checkpoint entry
      • Social Security (An ninh Xã hội), for social issues
      • Secret Service (Ngoại tuyến), for intelligence collection in secrecy
      • Political Security (An ninh Chính trị), for political protection
      • Financial and Monetary Security (An ninh Tài chính và Tiền tệ), for financial investigation
      • Economical Security (An ninh Kinh tế), for economical investigation
      • Agricultural and Rural Security (An ninh Nông nghiệp Nông thôn), for rural issues
      • Information and Communication Security (An ninh Thông tin và Truyền thông), for information, press and media investigation
    • Vietnam Customs under the Ministry of Finance
    • Vietnam Border Guard and Vietnam Coast Guard under the Ministry of Defence
    • Vietnam Forest Ranger and Vietnam Fishery Surveillance under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Provincial/Municipal Public Security (Công an Tỉnh/Thành phố Trực thuộc Trung ương)
    • District/Town/Provincial City Public Security (Công an Quận/Huyện/Thị xã/Thành phố Trực thuộc Tỉnh)
      • Commune/Ward/Township Public Security (Công an Xã/Phường/Thị trấn)

Yemen Edit

Europe Edit

Albania Edit

Andorra Edit

Armenia Edit

Austria Edit

Car of the Austrian Finanzpolizei
VW Touran in the Austrian Police livery
Standard vehicle of the Austrian Justizwache

Azerbaijan Edit

Bailiwick of Guernsey Edit

Bailiwick of Jersey Edit

Belarus Edit

Belgium Edit

Federal level

  • Federal police (1 federal force for the entire country, responsible for specialized and supra-local policing as well as support to the local police)

Local level

  • Local police (189 local forces for 189 police zones that encompass either one muninicipality or multiple municipalities, responsible for basic policing)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Edit

Bulgaria Edit

Croatia Edit

Cyprus Edit

Czech police car in Prague in 2016.

Czech Republic Edit


Denmark Edit

Estonia Edit

Finland Edit

France Edit

National Edit

Republican Guard Infantry in ceremonial uniform.
Police municipale Peugeot car in Antibes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

Municipal Edit

Overseas France Edit

Georgia Edit

Germany Edit

German Bundespolizei (federal police) Eurocopter Super Puma
New Bundespolizei offshore patrol vessel BP 81 Potsdam

Federal Edit

Landespolizei (state police) officer in Hamburg (Germany)

State Edit

Car of the Stadtpolizei in Frankfurt

Municipalities Edit

Greece Edit

Hungary Edit

Iceland Edit

Ireland Edit

A member of the motorcycle unit of the Garda Síochána.

Isle of Man Edit

"Carabinieri" in Florence, Italy

Italy Edit

Guardia di Finanza police in central Rome.
Polizia di Stato Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Polizia Provinciale (Provincial Police) that mainly enforce hunting and fishing laws, it consists of several organizations (not a LEA by itself)
  • Polizia Municipale (Municipal Police; originally called the Vigiles or Vigili Urbani), it consists of several organizations (not a LEA by itself)

Kazakhstan Edit

  • (National Police • Kazak Militsiya • Полиция Казахстана)

Latvia Edit

Lichtenstein Edit

Lithuania Edit

Luxembourg Edit

Malta Edit

Moldova Edit

Monaco Edit

Montenegro Edit

The Netherlands Edit

North Macedonia Edit

Norway Edit

Poland Edit

Portugal Edit



Romania Edit

Russia Edit

San Marino Edit

Serbia Edit

Slovakia Edit

Car of National Police in Slovakia

Slovenia Edit

Spain Edit

Autonomous communities

Sweden Edit

Switzerland Edit

Swiss police car

Turkey Edit

Ukraine Edit

United Kingdom Edit

Territorial police forces

Territorial police forces' area in the UK

National police forces

National non-police law enforcement forces

Military Service police forces

British Overseas Territories police forces

MOD overseas police forces

Overseas service police forces

  • British Indian Ocean Territory Joint Service Police Unit
  • Cyprus Joint Police Unit
  • Falkland Islands Joint Service Police Security Unit
  • Gibraltar Joint Provost and Security Unit

Vatican Edit

North America Edit

Antigua and Barbuda Edit

Bahamas Edit

Barbados Edit

Belize Edit

Bermuda Edit

Canada Edit

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer stands watch over detained migrants aboard R-V Strait Hunter, which was simulating a migrant vessel, 8 May 2012, in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, during exercise 120508-N-IL267-082

Federal Edit

Provincial Edit

Municipal Edit

Costa Rica Edit

Cuba Edit

Dominica, Commonwealth of Edit

Dominican Republic Edit

El Salvador Edit

Grenada Edit

Guatemala Edit

Haiti Edit

Honduras Edit

Jamaica Edit

Mexico Edit

Federal Edit

  • Federales (former federal law enforcement agencies of mexico):
    • Federal Police (Policía Federal), former Policía Federal Preventiva (Federal Preventive Police, 1999-2009), disbanded on 2019
    • 3rd Military Police Brigade from the Mexican Army
    • Policía Federal de Caminos (Federal Highway Police, 1928-1999)
  • Guardia Nacional, since 2019, a gendarmerie that replaced the former civilian agency
  • Policía Federal Ministerial (Federal Ministerial Police; since 2019, Coordinación de Métodos de Investigación, Investigative Methods Coordination), federal investigative agency under the authority of Fiscalía General de la República (Attorney General of Mexico)

State and local Edit

  • State police (Policía Estatal, its official name may vary from state to state), 32 independent agencies under each State's governor authority
  • State Ministerial Police (Policía Estatal Ministerial, its mame also may vary), under each State's Attorney authority
  • Local or Municipal Police (Policía municipal). Most of 2,454 Municipalities of Mexico have its own Police Departament under mayor's (presidente municipal) authority
  • Mexico City Police in both state and municipal duties throughout the 16 boroughs of Mexico City

Nicaragua Edit

Panama Edit

Saint Kitts and Nevis Edit

Saint Lucia Edit

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Edit

Trinidad and Tobago Edit

United States Edit

Bat Masterson (standing second from right), Wyatt Earp (sitting second from left), and other Deputy Marshals during the Wild West era. Some of the earliest types of law enforcement in the U.S.
Modern day Deputy Marshals getting prepared for a raid.

Federal Edit

Federal law enforcement agencies in the United States (Feds) Edit
United States Department of State (DOS) Edit
United States Department of the Treasury Edit
United States Department of Defense (DOD) Edit

Department of the Army

Department of the Navy

Department of the Air and Space Force

National Security Agency

United States Department of Justice (DOJ) Edit
United States Department of the Interior (USDI) Edit
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Edit
United States Department of Commerce (DOC) Edit
United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Edit
United States Department of Education (ED) Edit
United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Edit
United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Edit
Customs officers board a ship at the US Canada border
United States Department of Transportation (DOT) Edit
Other federal law enforcement agencies Edit

State, county and local Edit

Territorial police Edit

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Edit
Territory of Guam Edit
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Edit
Territory of American Samoa Edit
Territory of the United States Virgin Islands Edit

Railroad Police Edit

Oceania Edit

Australia Edit

Federal Edit

Service Police Edit

State Edit

Fiji Edit

Kiribati Edit

Marshall Islands Edit

Federated States of Micronesia Edit

Nauru Edit

New Zealand Edit

Palau Edit

Papua New Guinea Edit

Pitcairn Islands Edit

Samoa Edit

Solomon Islands Edit

Tonga Edit

Tuvalu Edit

Vanuatu Edit

South America Edit

Argentina Edit

Federal Edit

Armed Forces of Argentina Edit

Provincial Edit

Each one of Argentina's twenty-three provinces has its own Provincial Police force.

Local Edit

Bolivia Edit

Brazil Edit

Chile Edit

Colombia Edit

Ecuador Edit

Guyana Edit

Panama Edit

Paraguay Edit

Peru Edit

Suriname Edit

Uruguay Edit

Venezuela Edit

Disbanded agencies Edit

Note: Many of these fall under the definition of secret police and derive from that list.

Austria Edit

Costa Rica Edit

Czechoslovakia Edit

Germany Edit

Federal Republic of Germany
East Germany
Nazi Germany

Fascist Italy Edit

Empire of Japan Edit

Panama Canal Zone Edit

Second Polish Republic Edit

People's Republic of Poland Edit

Philippines Edit

Communist Romania Edit

Former Soviet Union/Russia Edit

South Vietnam Edit

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