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Civil Police (San Marino)

The Civil Police (Italian: Corpo di Polizia Civile) founded on January 1, 1945, is one of the law enforcement organisations in San Marino,[3][4] who police one of the smallest,[5] but perhaps one of the safest countries in the world.[6] In 2011, only one prisoner was incarcerated, making San Marino the least incarcerated country in the world.[7] The Secretary of State of Home Affairs controls the Civil Police, who are responsible for tax collection, domestic security, traffic control, and civil defence.[3] Currently there are around 50 police officers and civilian employees serving in the Civil Police, according to a report by the Government of San Marino.[2][8] The Civil Police are required by statute to cooperate with two military units, the Gendarmerie and the Fortress Guard, who are responsible (from new regulations passed in 2008) for policing, criminal investigation, national penitentiary, changing the guard, border patrol, customs control, personal protection, and national security.[3]

Civil Police of San Marino
Polizia Civile
Patch Polizia Civile.jpg
Distintivo Polizia Civile.jpg
Coat of Arms of the Civil Police
Agency overview
FormedJanuary 1, 1945
Preceding agencies
Employees50 (2012)[1]
Annual budget$4.8 million (2012)[2]
Jurisdictional structure
National agencySan Marino
Operations jurisdictionSan Marino
San Marino.png
Map of Civil Police of San Marino's jurisdiction.
Size61 km² (24 sq mi)
Governing bodyGovernment of San Marino
General nature
HeadquartersCity of San Marino

Agency executive
Parent agencySecretary of State of Home Affairs
Patrol boats1
Official website

The Civil Police maintain a fleet of 33 vehicles, including: 4 Alfa Romeo 156s, 4 Piaggio Libertys, 3 Fiat Pandas, 3 Fiat Mareas, 3 Subaru Foresters, 3 Subaru Outbacks, 2 Fiat Ducatos, 2 Fiat Puntos, 2 Fiat Stilos, 2 Land Rover Defenders, 1 Iveco Baribbi, 1 Iveco Magirus, 1 Fiat Daily, 1 Ford F-250, and 1 Man TGM. Officers typically carry the Glock 17, and occasionally the Benelli M4 when patrolling.


The national emergency telephone number, for the police is 112, for the Fire Brigade is 115, and for the Ambulance Service is 118.[9]

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