[2]The Gujarat Police Department is the law enforcement agency for the state of Gujarat in India. The Gujarat Police has its headquarters in Gandhinagar, the state capital.

Gujarat Police
ગુજરાત પોલીસ
Gujarat Police Logo.png
Gujarat Police Logo
Mottoसेवा सुरक्षा शांति (Sanskrit)
Service security peace
Agency overview
Formed01 May, 1960
Annual budget5,499 crore (US$770 million) (2019-20 est.)[1]
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionGujarat, IN
India Gujarat locator map.svg
Map of Gujarat Police's jurisdiction.
Size196,024 km2 (75,685 sq mi)
Population60,383,628 (2011)
Legal jurisdictionGujarat, IndiaIndia
Governing bodyGovernment of Gujarat
Constituting instrument
General nature
Minister responsible
Agency executive
  • Shivanand Jha, IPS, DGP
Parent agencyDepartment of Home (Gujarat)
Child agencies

The Gujarat Police Department came into existence after Gujarat's separation from the Greater Mumbai state on 1 May 1960.

The Gujarat Police Department is headed by Director General of Police (DGP-V.J DESAI). It has four Commissioners' offices : Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat. There are nine ranges in the Gujarat Police: Ahmedabad, Surat, Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Rajkot, Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Dahod-Panchmahal and Border Range. For police administration the state is further divided into 33 police districts and Western Railway Police.

Gujarat Police has some branches for special tasks: Crime, anti-terrorist squad (ATS) and the Intelligence wing. The Gujarat Police was the first state police department to crack the serial bomb blast mystery during 2007-08 in many Indian cities including 2008 Ahmedabad bombings [3]

Politicization of the Gujarat PoliceEdit

In the years following the 2002 Godhra Riots, the Gujarat police is widely perceived as having become "extraordinarily politicized"[4] Up to 2013, there were an unprecedented total of 32 police officers, including six IPS officers who were in jail for the cold-blooded killing of a dozen people in staged "encounters".[5]

On 24 April 2007, DIG Rajnish Rai of Gujarat Police, who was investigating the Sohrabuddin Sheikh murder case, arrested three senior police officers: D G Vanzara, S Pandian Rajkumar and Dinesh MN (Rajasthan cadre). Vanzara was charged as the key executor of the extrajudicial killings.[6] As a DIG, he had been promoted as head of the Anti-Terrorism Squad, normally an IG post.

The deputy home minister under Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, has been indicted as the "kingpin and prime accused"[7] in the Tulsiram Prajapati murder case.[8] Modi himself held the portfolio for Home. The BJP minister from Rajasthan, Gulab Chand Kataria has also been charged in the Prajapati murder.[9]

In September 2013, D. G. Vanzara accused Amit Shah and Narendra Modi of having given the orders to eliminate four people, including Tulsiram Prajapati (for which Shah has been charged with being "kingpin and prime accused"[7]). In Vanzara's words:

"CBI had arrested me and my officers holding us responsible for carrying out alleged fake encounters. If that is true, [the CBI] have to arrest the policy formulators also as we, being field officers, have simply implemented the conscious policy of this government. ... I am of the firm opinion that the place of this government, instead of being in Gandhinagar should either be in Taloja Central Prison at Navi Mumbai or in Sabarmati Central Prison at Ahmedabad."[10]

In the Ishrat Jahan case too, Vanzara has allegedly named direct approval from the highest levels[11]

Rebuke from courtsEdit

The Supreme Court has pulled up the standards of policing in Gujarat in a number of cases. In the Bilkis Bano mass rape and murder case, the Supreme Court observed gross "negligence on the part of the local police" and handed the case to CBI.[12] The CBI discovered that the police had buried several bodies with salt so they might disintegrate faster. Several police personnel were convicted along with the eleven rapists.[13]

In the Naroda Patiya massacre, the Supreme court scolded the Gujarat police for not arresting several accused.[14] Subsequently, Modi minister Maya Kodnani was sentenced to 28 years for complicity in the massacre[15]

Meanwhile, police officers such as Sanjiv Bhatt,[16] Rajnish Rai[17] and R. B. Sreekumar,[18] Rahul Sharma (Gujarat police)[19] were penalized for doing their jobs.

According to ex Director General of Police, RB Sreekumar, the Gujarat police is in the grip of "Modi-phobia".[20] Another ex-DGP, R N Bhattacharya, has suggested that Gujarat police may have been compliant with Muslim killings during the riots.[21]


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