Puerto Rico Ports Authority

The Puerto Rico Ports Authority (PRPA) (Spanish: Autoridad de los Puertos; AP) is a government-owned corporation of Puerto Rico charged with developing, operating, and overseeing all seaports and airports in Puerto Rico.[1][2][3] The Authority is ascribed to the Department of Transportation and Public Works and is governed by a Board of Directors whose members are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. Its day-to-day operations are under the charge of an Executive Director, currently Omar Marrero Díaz.[4]

Puerto Rico Ports Authority
Agency overview
FormedMarch 19, 1955; 67 years ago (1955-03-19)
Preceding agency
  • Puerto Rico Transport Authority
JurisdictionExecutive Branch
HeadquartersSan Juan, Puerto Rico
Agency executive
Parent departmentDepartment of Transportation and Public Works
Key document

Seaports overseenEdit

Name Municipality Cardinality
Aguirre Port Salinas south
Port of Arecibo Arecibo north
Port of Ceiba Ceiba east
Port of Fajardo Fajardo east
Port of Guayanilla Guayanilla south
Port of Mayagüez Mayagüez west
Port of San Juan San Juan north
Port of Yabucoa Yabucoa southeast
Rafael Cordero Santiago Port of the Americas Ponce south

Airports overseenEdit

Name Municipality IATA
Antonio (Nery) Juarbe Pol Airport Arecibo ABO
Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport Vieques VQS
Benjamín Rivera Noriega Airport Culebra CPX
Eugenio María de Hostos Airport Mayagüez MAZ
Fernando Ribas Dominicci Airport San Juan SIG
Humacao Airport Humacao X63
José Aponte de la Torre Airport Ceiba RVR
Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport Carolina SJU
Mercedita Airport Ponce PSE
Rafael Hernández Airport Aguadilla BQN

Executive DirectorsEdit


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