Tunisian National Guard

The Tunisian National Guard (Tunisian Arabic: الحرس الوطني, el-Ḥaras el-Waṭanī‎) is a separate military force of Tunisia. It is not part of the Tunisian Armed Forces, due to its specific role as a counterbalance to the regular military. It serves both as defence force against external threats and as a security force against internal threats. It is both a standing force of 15,000.

Garde Nationale
Écusson garde nationale, Tunisie.svg
Official TNG insignia
Country Tunisia
BranchMinistry of the Interior
RolePatrolling Borders, Territorial waters, Crime control
Size15,000 (est.)
  • Redemption for the homeland * Tunisian Arabic: فداء للوطن *

Vessels and motorboatsEdit

  • 6 patrol boats P350TN (140 t, 35 m), donated by Italy (2 delivered 12.2012; 3 delivered between 2013/2014; 1 will be delivery within 2.2015)
  • 7 patrol boats Classe 800/P58 (30 t, 17 m), donated by Italy middle years '00
  • 4 patrol boats Classe 700 (18 t, 15 m), donated by Italy in May 2011
  • 8 patrol boats Classe Squalo (13 t, 13,5 m), donated by Italy middle years '00
  • 2 motorboats Classe 500 (8,5 t, 11 m), donated by Italy in 2009/2011
  • 3 Helicopters "Bell 429"


Officiers généraux Officiers supérieurs Officiers supérieurs Officiers supérieurs Officiers supérieurs Officiers subalternes Officiers subalternes Officiers subalternes
Général de brigade Colonel-major Colonel Lieutenant-colonel Commandant Capitaine Lieutenant Sous-lieutenant
Arabic: أمير لواء Arabic: عميد Arabic: عقيد Arabic: مقدم Arabic: رائد Arabic: نقيب Arabic: ملازم أول Arabic: ملازم
Sous-officiers et militaires du rang
Sous-officiers Sous-officiers Sous-officiers Sous-officiers Militaires du rang Militaires du rang
Adjudant-chef Adjudant Sergent-chef Sergent Caporal-chef Caporal
Arabic: وكيل أول Arabic: وكيل Arabic: عريف أول Arabic: عريف Arabic: رقيب أول Arabic: رقيب