Kerala Police

The Kerala Police[2][3] is the law enforcement agency for the Indian state of Kerala.[4] Kerala Police has its headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital. The motto of the force is "Mridhu Bhave Dhrida Kruthye" which means "Soft in Temperament, Firm in Action" in Sanskrit.

Kerala State Police
കേരള പോലീസ്
Mottoമൃദു ഭാവെ ദൃഢ കൃത്യേ

"Mridhu Bhave Dhrida Kruthye"
"Soft in Temperament, Firm in Action"

മൃദുവായ പെരുമാറ്റം, ദൃഢമായ കർമ്മങ്ങൾ (Malayalam)
Agency overview
FormedNovember 1, 1956
Annual budget4,406 crore (US$550 million) (2021–22 est.)[1]
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionKerala, IN
Jurisdiction of Kerala Police
Legal jurisdictionAs per operations jurisdiction
Governing bodyGovernment of Kerala
Constituting instrument
General nature
Operational structure
Overviewed byDepartment of Home, Government of Kerala
HeadquartersVazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala – 695010
India Kerala Thiruvananthapuram district.svg
Map of Kerala Police Department's jurisdiction. The map on left shows Kerala in India and on right shows the State with Thiruvananthapuram district in red.
Minister responsible
Agency executive
Child agency
List of units
  • Law and Order
  • Crime Branch
  • State Special Branch
  • Training
  • Armed Battalion
  • Coastal Security
  • State Crime Records Bureau
  • Protection of Civil Rights
  • Administration (HQ)
Specialized Units
List of units
  • Highway Police
  • Tourism Police
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Railway Police
  • Mounted Police
  • Coastal Police
  • Forensic Division
  • Women Cell
  • Pink Patrol
  • K9 Squad
  • High-Tech Crime Cell
  • Anti-Terrorism Squad
  • Special Operation Group
  • Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad
  • Anti-Narcotic Special Action Force
Police Stations471
Police vehiclesForce Gurkha
Mahindra Bolero
Tata Sumo
Mahindra TUV300
Toyota Innova
Chevrolet Tavera
Mahindra Thar
BoatsSpeed boats
Dogs82 (41 Sniffer Dogs)

Prior to independence, the Kerala Police was governed by different administrations.[5]

Current office holdersEdit

Name Status Rank

State Police Chief
ADGP, Headquarters & Nodal Officer

Vijay S.Sakhare IPS

Law and Order

Dr.Shaik Darvesh Saheb IPS

Crime Branch

TK Vinod Kumar IPS


K. Padmakumar IPS

Armed Police Battalions

Balram Kumar Upadhyay IPS

ADGP, Training & Director KEPA


ADGP, State Crime Records Beuro


Kerala Police is headed by the State Police Chief. He is the senior most Indian Police Service officer in the State and is of the rank of Director General of Police. State Police Chief is designated as the Head of the department for all administrative and operational purposes. State Police Chief is assisted by officers in the rank of Additional Director General of Police. Each Additional Director Generals of Police is in charge of a particular function: Law & Order, Crimes, Intelligence, Traffic, Armed Police Battalions, Training, Coastal Policing, Police Headquarters and State Crime Records Bureau.

Pink Police Patrol on duty

Law and OrderEdit

Additional DGP (ADGP, L&O) heads this wing.For the purpose of maintenance of law & order and traffic management, the state of Kerala is divided into two police zones, North Zone and South Zone. each zone is headed by The Inspector Generals of Police (IGP). The office of IGP North zone is located at Nadakkavu in Kozhikkode district and the office of IGP South zone is located at Nandavanam, in Thiruvananthapuram district. The Zonal Inspectors generals of police will be assisted by Deputy Inspector-Generals Of Police with jurisdiction of ranges consisting 2 or more police districts.There are 20 police districts in Kerala. All the police districts of Kerala are co-terminus with the boundaries of Revenue districts except six districts. The six Revenue districts which are divided into two police districts each are Thiruvananthapuram (Thiruvanathapuram city and Thrivanathapuram rural police districts), Ernakulam (Kochi city and Ernakulam Rural police districts), Kollam (Kollam city and Kollam rural police districts), Kozhikode (Kozhikode city and Kozhikode rural), Thrissur (Thrissur city and Thrissur rural) and Kannur (Kannur City and Kannur Rural). Police district is headed by District Police Chief in the rank of Superintendent of Police except Thiruvananthapuram City, Kochi City which are headed by officers in the rank of Inspector General of Police and Kozhikode City which is headed by an officer of the rank of Deputy Inspector General Police. The police district consists three or more Sub Divisions. The Sub Divisional Offices are headed by Sub Divisional Police Officers in the rank of Deputy superintendent of police. A Sub Division is further divided into Police Station areas, each of which is under an Inspector of Police designated as Station House Officer. The SHO is assisted by Sub Inspectors of Police, Assistant Sub Inspectors of Police, Senior Civil Police Officers and Civil Police Officers. The section known as General Executive is working in the police stations of Kerala.[6]

Station Mobiles (Patrolling Vehicle) parked in front of the Police Station. Mahindra Bolero SUVs used for regular patrolling duties
Zones, Ranges and Districts
Zone Range Police Districts
South Zone. Thiruvananthapuram Range Thiruvananthapuram Rural,[7] Kollam City, Kollam Rural,[8] Pathanamthitta
Ernakulam Range Alappuzha, Kottayam, Idukki, Ernakulam Rural,[9]
North Zone. Thrissur Range Thrissur City, Thrissur Rural, Palakkad, Malappuram[5]
Kannur Range Kozhikode City, Kozhikode Rural, Wayanad, Kannur City, Kannur Rural, Kasargod



  • Director General of Police & State Police Chief (DGP & SPC)
  • Additional Director General of Police (ADGP)
  • Inspector General of Police (IG)
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)
  • Superintendent of Police (SP)
  • Additional Superintendent of Police (Addl.SP)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) [IPS]
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) [KPS]


Insignia of Kerala Police (State Police)Edit

Kerala Police gazetted officers rank insignia [10][11][12]
Rank group General/flag officers Field/senior officers Junior officers Officer cadet
Rank Director General of Police Additional Director General of Police[note 1] Inspector General of Police Deputy Inspector General of Police Superintendent of Police (Selection Grade) / Assistant Inspector General of Police Superintendent of Police Additional superintendent of police[note 2] Assistant Superintendent of Police/Deputy Superintendent of police Assistant Superintendent of Police (Probationary Rank: 2 years of service) Assistant Superintendent of Police (Probationary Rank: 1 year of service)
Abbreviation DGP ADGP IG DIG SP [Sr.Grade]/AIG SP Addl. SP ASP/DySP IPS Trainee IPS Trainee
Kerala Police non-gazetted officers rank insignia [13][11][12]
Insignia         No insignia
Rank Inspector of Police[note 3] Sub Inspector of Police Assistant Sub Inspector Senior Civil Police Officer[note 4] Civil Police Officer
Abbreviation IP SI ASI SCPO CPO
  • Note: Inspector of Police, formerly known as Circle Inspector (CI).
three star on a blue background indicates DGP/ADGP rank.
Flags displayed on the official vehicles of senior IPS officers, indicating the officer's rank.

Police CommissioneratesEdit

Kochi City Police[14] and Thiruvananthapuram City Police are headed by Commissioner of Police of the rank of Inspector General of Police. Kozhikode City Police is headed by the Commissioner of Police of the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police. Thrissur City Police, Kannur City Police[15] and Kollam City Police are headed by Commissioner of Police of the rank of Superintendent of Police. The Commissioner of Police is assisted by Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) of the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police or Superintendent of Police and Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs) of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police.[3]

Post/Designation Abrv. Rank
Commissioner of Police, Thiruvananthapuram City CP IG
Commissioner of Police, Kochi City CP IG
Commissioner of Police, Kozhikode City CP DIG
Commissioner of Police, Kollam City, Thrissur City, Kannur City CP SP
Deputy Commissioner of Police, TVM City, Kochi City, Kozhikode City. DCP SP
Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police ADCP Addl.SP
Assistant Commissioner of Police ACP DySP
Station House Officer SHO IP

Crime BranchEdit

Crime Branch
ക്രൈം ബ്രാഞ്ച്
AgencyKerala Police
TypeCriminal Investigation Department
Investigation of:
  • Complex organized crimes
  • Complicated and serious offences
  • Financial frauds
  • Economic offences (with huge ramifications)
  • undetected or sensitive crime cases
  • cases with inter-state ramifications
  • cases assigned by govt, high court, state police chief
nodal agency of Interpol
Common nameCB-CID, CBCID
Additional Director General of Police (Crimes)

The Crime Branch is the specialized investigation wing of the Kerala police. It is headed by an officer of the rank of Additional Director General of Police.

Crime Branch investigates cases that are entrusted to it by the State Police Chief or the Government or the High Court of Kerala. The Cyber Crime Police Stations and Hi-Tech Crime Enquiry Cell of the Kerala Police are functioning under the Crime Branch. This department was earlier known as Crime Branch-Criminal Investigation Department (CBCID).

Crime Branch is the Nodal agency for Interpol related matters in the State and conducts verifications or enquiries on behalf of Interpol.

Crime Branch is specialized in investigation of complex organized crimes, financial frauds, economic offences with huge ramifications, undetected or sensitive crime cases, cases with inter-state ramifications, etc.

Apart from this, the District Crime Branch (C-Branch) functions under the respective District Police Chiefs. District C-Branch is headed by a Deputy Superintendent of Police. District C Branch acts as specialized investigating wing of District Police Chief which is mandated to help in investigating sensational cases at the district level.

Hierarchy of Crime BranchEdit

  • Addtl. Director General of Police (Crimes)
  • Inspector General of Police (CB IG)
  • Crime Branch, Superintendent of Police (CB SP)
  • Crime Branch, Deputy Superintendent of Police (CB DySP)
  • Detective Inspector
  • Detective Sub Inspector
  • Detective Assistant Sub Inspector
  • Detective Sr. Police Officer
  • Detective Police Officer

State Special BranchEdit

State Special Branch
സംസ്ഥാന സ്പെഷ്യൽ ബ്രാഞ്ച്
Typestate intelligence agency
intelligence gathering on:
  • political
  • communal
  • security
  • national security
  • labour activity
  • security concerns
  • matters affecting law and order
Common nameSBCID, SB-CID
Additional Director General of Police (Intelligence)

The State Special Branch is the intelligence wing of the Kerala police. This wing is headed by an officer of the rank of Additional Director General of Police. The ADGP (Intelligence) is assisted by Inspector Generals of Police, Deputy Inspector Generals of Police, Superintendents of Police and Subordinate officers. State Special Branch (SSB) is primarily concerned with the collection, collation and dissemination of intelligence on and about various political, communal, terrorist, national security, labour activities and with relation to various law and order issues like agitations, strikes, demonstrations, protests, etc. The SSB is functioning as the eyes and ears of the Government.

Armed police battalionsEdit

Bus of armed police battalions. TATA Bus

This wing is headed by an officer of the rank of Additional Director General of Police (ADGP APBn). There are eleven armed police battalions in the state, which serve as reserve forces to be deployed whenever and wherever district police fall short of manpower in the maintenance of law and order. Each battalion is headed by a Commandant of the rank of Superintendent of Police.[16] Malabar Special Police is the oldest paramilitary force of India after Assam Rifles.


Hierarchy of Armed PoliceEdit

  • Additional Director General of Police (APBn)
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police (APBn)
  • Commandant (equivalent to SP)
  • Deputy Commandant (equivalent to rank of Addl.SP)
  • Assistant Commandant (equivalent to rank of DySP)
  • Armed Police Inspector
  • Armed Police Sub Inspector
  • Armed Police Asst. Sub Inspector
  • Havildar
  • Armed Police Head Constable
  • Armed Police Constable

Specialized UnitsEdit

Tourism PoliceEdit

Tourism Police wing has been functioning in the state for maintaining law and order, preventing attack and harassment on tourists. They also assist the tourists for getting tourist related information, guidance, etc.[17] The uniform of Tourism Police Officers is sky blue shirt and khakee pants. International Tourism Police Station and Police Museum at Mattancherry in Ernakulam district is the first of its kind in the country which not only addresses grievances of tourists but also showcases the history of the Kerala Police. The primary aim of the station is to make the state of Kerala more tourist-friendly.[18]

Traffic PoliceEdit

Traffic Police is a unit set up to control traffic in major cities. Police officers from the General Executive wing (Kerala Civil Police cadre) are appointed in this units. But the uniform is different from local police. White shirt is used as uniform instead of khaki shirt. Apart from traffic control, they do accident verification of motor vehicles. All cities have traffic enforcement units. Traffic Enforcement Unit is a unit specially set up for traffic regulation and prevention and enforcement of traffic violations. It is the responsibility of the District Police Chiefs to evaluate the activities of the traffic police very responsibly. The Inspector General of Police (Traffic) will coordinate and supervise the work of the Traffic Police.

Coastal PoliceEdit

The Kerala Coastal Police is headed by an officer of the rank of Inspector General of Police. The headquarters of Kerala Coastal Police is situated at Kochi.

Coastal Police Stations handle the security of the coasts and carry out the patrolling in the sea up to 12 nautical miles. The cases reported on the sea (in the Territorial Waters) will be investigated by the Coastal Police.

Railway PoliceEdit

The responsibility of the Kerala Railway Police is to maintain law and order, prevent and detect crime on the railways and railway stations in Kerala.[19]

The Superintendent of Police (Railways) is under supervision of A.D.G.P (Intelligence & Railways). There are 13 Railway Police Stations in Kerala. They are located in the main Railway station premises at Trivandrum Central, Parassala, Kollam, Punalur, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Ernakulam Junction, Thrissur, Shornur, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kasargod.[20]

Mounted PoliceEdit

The Present Mounted Police Unit was established in the year 1961. During British regime, it was known as Palace Guard. The Sanctioned Strength of Horses is 25 and the present strength is 25. There are 28 stables in Mounted Police Unit. Republic day parade, Independence Day Parade, Processions of Government, Law and order duties like Night Patrol duty,Morning and Evening Patrol duties etc. are the main duties of this unit.

Pink Police PatrolEdit

The main objectives of Pink Patrol are to prevent violence and crimes against women and children.[21] As part of improving women safety in public places, Kerala Police has rolled out a special patrol team called pink patrol with all women police officers, patrolling across all the busy areas of the various cities of Kerala. The team has been allotted pink Maruti Suzuki sedan cars. The Pink patrol vehicles are fitted with GPS and other smart equipments for faster response and assistance as well as has on-board cameras and scanning systems to identify potential offenders.

Police Control RoomEdit

A control room or emergency response unit is functioning in all police districts, Distress and emergency calls from the public are reported to the concerned police stations and police vehicles and ensuring immediate police assistance. ERSS is an emergency response system wherein the citizen can seek support from police in cases of emergency. All they need is to call 112. State Emergency Response Center functioning at Police Headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram.

This is the first response team of Kerala Police, who rushes to the spot when someone calls the Emergency Number. They are previously known as Flying Squad. A team consisting of an officer of the rank of Sub-Inspector of Police and civil police officers will be present in the Control Room vehicles (CRVs).

Narcotic CellEdit

Narcotic Cell collects intelligence on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) and pass it on to concerned police stations according to the gravity of cases. Monitoring and Supervising cases registered under NDPS Act is also done by this wing. Abkari raids are being conducted by Narcotic Cell on information. District Narcotic Cell is functioning in all police districts, headed by an officer of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police, and under supervision of District Police Chiefs. The District Anti-Narcotics Special Action Force (DANSAF) is a special unit for confiscation of drugs and other intoxicants.

Women CellEdit

State Women Cell is headed by the Lady Superintendent of Police. In addition, One District Women Cell is also functioning in all Police Districts, each headed by a Woman Inspector. The State Women Cell is functioning at the Police Headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram. The first Woman Police Station started at Kozhikode in 1973.[22]


Thunderbolts is the elite commando unit of Kerala Police. It performs perilous counter-terrorism, jungle-warfare, and hostage-rescue operations. Thunderbolts are a form of SPG and NSG, which are trained to take on air, water and land attacks.

K9 SquadEdit

the dog squads have been set up in all 14 revenue districts. AtAt present, kerala police has 82 dogs. Out of these, 41 dogs are sniffer dogs and others are trackers.

Motor Transport WingEdit

Forensic DivisionEdit

A well equipped Forensic Science Lab was functioning in the Kerala Police Headquarters campus since 1961.

The Forensic Lab at Thiruvananthapuram has 11 divisions such as Ballistics, Biology, Serology, Chemistry, Explosives, DNA, Documents, Cyber Forensics, Documents-Civil, Physics and Polygraph.

Finger Print BureauEdit

Kerala state Finger Print Bureau of the Police Department is headed by a Director and functions directly under the ADGP, SCRB. The Bureau comprises the State Finger Print Bureau at Thiruvananthapuram, and twenty district/city finger print bureaus (known as Single Digit Finger Print Bureau) at district/ city levels. The Finger Print Bureau is the scientific backbone of Kerala Police.

Police TelecommunicationEdit

This wing is responsible for maintaining the wireless network of the department. Kerala Police Telecommunication is the communication backbone of the Police force in the State. Presently their wireless communication is based on VHF, HF and satellite. The unit also maintains their a dedicated Wide Area Network.

State Crime Records BeauroEdit

The SCRB is headed by an officer of the rank of ADGP. The SCRB maintains and analyzes crime statistics in the state. This is the statistical wing of kerala police.

  • The Criminal Intelligence Bureau, also called as SCRB manages and study crime statistics in kerala.

Information and Communication Technology wingEdit

ICT wing is responsible for computerization of the department and development of analytical software for special requirements of Kerala Police. This unit is headed by a Superintendent of Police (ICT) under supervision of Additional Director General of Police (SCRB).


Vehicle Image Type Note
Mahindra Bolero
Common police vehicle
SUV Station vehicle, regular patrolling, squad vehicle, Traffic Enforcement
Force Gurkha
4×4 SUVs, newly inducted to fleets.
SUV Patrol vehicle for rough terrain, hill station and rural areas. Special Ops.
Tata Sumo SUV Station vehicle, for regular policing duties.
Mahindra TUV 300
Mahindra TUV 300+
Mini SUV First responding unit, Control Room Vehicle, K9 Unit, Mobile Finger Print Bureau
Mahindra Thar SUV Station mobile for Rural, Hilly region PSs.
Chevrolet Tavera
Control Room Vehicle, (being phased out)
MPV First responding vehicle branded as Rural Control Room Vehicle.
Isuzu D-Max SUV special purpose vehicle.
Toyota Innova
Highway Police vehicle (Toyota Innova)
MPV Highway Patrol vehicle, Interceptor vehicle, official vehicle, staff car
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga MPV senior officials vehicle
Tata Safari SUV security purpose vehicle
Innova Crysta MPV VIP Escort and Pilot, Senior officials vehicle
Maruti Suzuki Dizire Sedan Pink Police Patrol vehicle
Toyota Etios Liva Sedan Pink Patrol vehicle
Ashok Leyland MBPV Armoured Vehicle Bulletproof vehicle, special operations, Thunderbolts
Polaris Ranger All-terrain vehicle Beach patrolling,


Utility / special purpose vehiclesEdit

  • Vans : Force Traveller
  • Buses: Mainly with Tata, Ashok Leyland and Eicher chassis. For transportation of armed police, prisoners and staffs,etc.
  • "Varun" Riot control water cannon, built on tata chassis.
  • Armored vehicles: Ashok Leyland Medium bulletproof vehicle (MBPV), For Thunderbolt's special operations, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism related duties.
    "Varun" riot control vehicle, water cannon built in Tata chassis
    Police bus
    Tata Mini bus
    Kerala coastal police's speed boats on patrolling


IPS officers are recruited from Civil Services Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). They are also promoted from State Police Service. The first posting of a direct recruit IPS officer is to the post of Assistant Superintendent of Police.

According to the Indian Police Service (Appointment by Promotion) Regulations, 1955, Kerala Police Service officers are eligible for promotion to IPS after completion of eight years of service. But in reality, officers are generally promoted to the IPS after two and half decades in service. KPS or State Police Service officers are inducted into IPS by promotion from the rank of Superintendent of Police (Non-IPS). After completion of two decades of service, KPS officers get promoted to the Indian Police Service, after confirmation by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Government of India and the Union Public Service Commission. One-third of the total IPS strength in Kerala is reserved for KPS officers (SPS quota).

Unlike other state police forces, there is no direct recruitment for the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police in the Kerala Police. The recruitment to Kerala Police Service is by Promotion from the rank of Inspector of Police.

Recruitment to the post of Sub Inspector of Police (Trainee) to the Kerala Civil Police cadre is done through the competitive exam and departmental promotion tests conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission. Recruitment to the post of Sub Inspector (GE) is done through direct and promotion in the ratio of 3:1.

Recruitment to the cadre of Civil Police Officer is conducted by the Kerala PSC. Apart from this, Kerala PSC conducts direct recruitment for various technical and special category posts like Police Constable (Driver), Armed Police Constable, Police Constable (Commando wing) and Police Constable (Telecommunication) Finger Print Expert and Forensic Expert, etc.[23]


The training wing of state police is headed by an officer of the rank of Additional Director General of Police (Training).

Logo of Kerala Police Academy (KEPA)

Kerala Police AcademyEdit

The Kerala Police Academy is headed by the Director of the rank of Additional Director General of Police. The Director is assisted by Joint Directors, Assistant Directors, HODs,etc. The academy is situated at Thrissur. The Academy will cater to the training needs of all officers of police department including IPS officers.

Police Training CollegeEdit

The head of Police Training College is Principal in the rank of Superintendent of Police. It is situated in Thiruvananthapuram. The Basic Training and In-service courses are key Training programmes carried out in PTC. Apart from giving Basic Training, many In-Service Courses such as Refresher courses, Re-orientation courses, Familiarization courses, Cader courses are also being undertaken at PTC. Basic training for Excise Inspectors, Forest Officers are also now being conducted. Training of Probationary Officers is carried out in PTC.

Positions (Ranks)Edit

The ranks in the Kerala Police range from Civil Police Officer (CPO) to DGP.

The Government of Kerala has decided to give Grade Senior Civil Police Officer (SCPO Grade) Rank to Civil Police Officers who have completed 12 years of service from 2020, Senior Civil Police Officers who have completed 20 years of service will be given the rank of Grade Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI Grade) and Assistant Sub Inspectors who have completed 25 years of service from 2019 will be given the rank of Grade Sub Inspector (SI Grade). They will continue to carry the duties and responsibilities of the rank when they receive the honorary grade.[24]


Designation Abrv. Rank note;
State Police Chief SPC DGP Head of the police department.
Additional Director General of Police ADGP ADGP head of particular function/wing. eg:- Training, Intelligence, Law and Order, Crimes, SCRB, Armed Police Battalion, Headquarters etc.
Inspector General of Police Zonal IGP IG Head of an police zone. Zones: South Zone, North Zone
Deputy Inspector General of Police, Range Range DIG DIG head of an police range. Ranges: Thiruvananthapuramam Range, Ernakulam Range, Thrissur Range, Kannur Range.
Assistant Inspector General of Police AIG SP it is an administrative position.
District Police Chief DPC SP head of district police. IPS officers are holding this position.
Additional Superintendent Of Police, Administration (Addl.SP, Admin) Addl.SP Officials in Additional SP Post were assigned to assist district police chief. KPS officers are holding this post.[25]
Sub Divisional Police Officer SDPO DySP/ASP officer in charge of a Police Subdivision. The Sub Division is headed by SDPO in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police [KPS] or Assistant Superintendent Of Police [IPS].
Station House Officer SHO Inspector of police Officer incharge of a Police Station.

before 2017 the station house officer is an officer of the rank of sub inspector (SI).[26] Since 2017 Circle Inspectors (CIs) take charge as station house officer.[27] the nomenclature of Circle Inspector has been changed to Inspector/SHO or simply IP (Inspector of Police).

In Popular CultureEdit

Members of the Kerala Police have been frequently portrayed in Malayalam films. Some of the prominent ones are:

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  1. ^ Rank insignia of DGP is similar to additional DGP.
  2. ^ The newly created Additional SP post is held by state police service [KPS] officers.
  3. ^ Police Circles have been abolished and Circle Inspectors have been appointed as Inspector / Station House Officer. Nomenclature of CI is changed to IP/SHO.
  4. ^ The Senior Civil Police Officer rank is informally known as Head Constable and Civil Police Officer rank is informally known as Constable.


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