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Additional superintendent of police

Insignia of an Indian Police Service officer with rank of additional superintendent of police

Additional Superintendent of Police (Addl. S.P) or Additional Deputy Commissioner of police is still in use in India where the officer holding this rank can be from Indian Police Service or from Indian States Police Services like West Bengal police Service (W.B.P.S.), Odisha Police Service (O.P.S.), Maharashtra Police Service (M.P.S.) etc.

The rank above it is Superintendent of police (S.P.) and the rank below it is Deputy superintendent of Police (Dy.S.P./D.S.P. ).

An Addl. SP is usually in charge of a large urban area within a District, or is a Deputy Commander of an Armed Police or Special Commando Battalion. Addl. SP can also be in charge of a subject matter area under a District SP, such as Traffic, Intelligence, Operations or Headquarters. In all appointments he reports to the District SP or to the Commandant of the Battalion.

IPS officers usually reach the rank of Adl. SP after 4 years of service, while State Service officers reach the rank after 7-12 years of service. If the SP is not in charge then the Addl.SP takes the responsibility over district.