Federal Office of Police

The Federal Office of Police (Fedpol, German: Bundesamt für Polizei, French: Office fédéral de la police, Italian: Ufficio federale di polizia, Romansh: Uffizi federal da polizia) of Switzerland is subject to the Federal Department of Justice and Police. It is responsible for the coordination between cantonal police corps and between Swiss and foreign police forces. It also controls the Swiss internal intelligence agency, Dienst für Analyse und Prävention or DAP (Analysis and Prevention Service) and investigates organised crime, money laundering and terrorism.

Federal Office of Police
(in German) Bundesamt für Polizei
(in French) Office fédéral de la police
(in Italian) Ufficio federale di polizia
(in Romansh) Uffizi federal da polizia
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Agency overview
JurisdictionFederal administration of Switzerland
Minister responsible
Parent agencyFederal Department of Justice and Police

The fedpol publishes yearly report on domestic security. Its investigative arm is the Federal Criminal Police, which operates a small special operations unit — Task Force TIGRIS — whose existence was not made public until 2009.


  • Directorate and Staff
  • International Police Cooperation Bureau (INTERPOL Bureau)
  • Federal Criminal Police
  • Services
    • AFIS/DNA Services Division
    • Identity Documents and Special Tasks Division
    • ICT Management and Services Division
    • National Police Information Systems Division
  • Federal Security Service
    • Security of Persons Division ― Dignitary Protection and Security of Foreign Missions and Foreign Visitor Protection and Aviation Security.
    • Building Security Division - Property Security Section, Property Protection Section and Management Support Division.
  • Resources Group

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