Ministry of Public Security (Vietnam)

The Ministry of Public Security is a public agency directly under the Government of Vietnam, performing the function of state management of security, order and social safety; counterintelligence; crime prevention investigation; fire prevention and rescue; execution of criminal judgments, judgment enforcement not subject to imprisonment, custody or temporary detention; legal protection and support; State management of public services in sectors and fields under the Ministry's state management.

Ministry of Public Security of Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Bộ Công an
Vietnam People's Public Security insignia.jpg
Ministry overview
Formed19 August 1945 (de facto)
29 August 1953 (official)
Preceding Ministry
  • Bureau of Integrity in Northern Vietnam (1945-1946)
    • Bureau of Scout in Central Vietnam (1945-1946)
    • Bureau of National Self-Defence Force in Southern Vietnam (1945-1946)
    • Office of Public Security of Ministry of Home Affairs (1946-1953)
    • Deputy Ministry of Public Security (1953)
    • Ministry of Public Security (1953-1975)
    • Ministry of Home Affairs (1975-1998)
JurisdictionGovernment of Vietnam
Headquarters47 Pham Van Dong Street, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • Regular: Not disclosed.
  • Semi-specialized force: 2,000,000 persons
  • Number of generals on payroll: 199 (2019)
Annual budget4,19 billions USD (2021)
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible

The Ministry of Public Security is the agency that manages the Vietnam People's Public Security Force. The Ministry of Public Security received many titles such as Hero of the People's Armed Forces 13 times, Gold Star Order (Vietnam) and 88 Ho Chi Minh Orders. In 2019, the Ministry had 199 police generals.