List of intelligence agencies

This is a list of intelligence agencies by country. It includes only currently operational institutions.

An intelligence agency is a government agency responsible for the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information in support of law enforcement, national security, military, and foreign policy objectives.[1]

Afghanistan edit

Albania edit

Argentina edit

Armenia edit

Australia edit

Austria edit

Azerbaijan edit

Bahamas edit

National Crime Intelligence Agency (NCIA)

Bahrain edit

Bangladesh edit

Barbados edit

Belarus edit

Belgium edit

  • VSSE (State Security Service)
  • ADIV / SGRS (ADIV/SGRS) (General Intelligence and Security Service, military intelligence)

Bosnia and Herzegovina edit

Botswana edit

Brazil edit

Brunei edit

Bulgaria edit

  • State Intelligence Agency (Държавна агенция „Разузнаване“ (DAR)) – overseas intelligence gathering service under the supervision of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria
  • State Agency for National Security (Държавна агенция за национална сигурност (DANS)) – national security service under the supervision of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria

Burundi edit

Canada edit

Chad edit

Chile edit

People's Republic of China edit

Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCCPC)

People's Liberation Army (PLA)

State Council of the People's Republic of China

Colombia edit

Democratic Republic of the Congo edit

Croatia edit

Internal and Foreign Intelligence

Military Intelligence

Cuba edit

Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) Ministry of the FAR (MINFAR)

Ministry of the Interior

Cyprus edit

  • Cyprus Intelligence Service (CIS) (Κυπριακή Υπηρεσία Πληροφοριών)(ΚΥΠ), (former Central Intelligence Service-KYP)

Czech Republic edit

Denmark edit

Egypt edit

Eritrea edit

Estonia edit

Ethiopia edit

Finland edit

France edit

Gambia edit

State Intelligence Services (the Gambia) (SIS)

Georgia edit

Germany edit

Federal edit

State edit

  • Landesministerium des Innern: State Ministry of the Interior (different denominations from state to state)

Ghana edit

Greece edit

Guyana edit

Haiti edit

Hungary edit

Iceland edit

India edit

Military Intelligence

Indonesia edit

Iran edit

  • Oghab 2 – Nuclear facilities security
    • Intelligence org
  • Judicial system of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Iraq edit

Ireland edit

Foreign & Domestic Military Intelligence (Defence Forces)

Domestic Police Intelligence (Garda Síochána)

Israel edit

  • Mossad (Foreign Intelligence and Special Operations)
  • Shin Bet (Internal Security Service)
  • Aman (Military intelligence)
  • Lahav 433 (Police intelligence)

Italy edit

Dipartimento delle Informazioni per la Sicurezza (DIS) - Department of Information for Security


  • Ministry of Finance and the Public Service[14]
    • Financial Investigations Division (FID)[15]

Japan edit

Jordan edit

Kenya edit

Kyrgyzstan edit

Lebanon edit

Liberia edit

Lithuania edit

Luxembourg edit

Madagascar edit

  • Central Intelligence Service (CIS)[16]

Malaysia edit

Mexico edit

Moldova edit

Mongolia edit

Montenegro edit

Morocco edit

Myanmar edit

Namibia edit

Nepal edit

Netherlands edit

New Zealand edit

Nigeria edit

North Korea edit

North Macedonia edit

Norway edit

Oman edit

Pakistan edit

National Intelligence Coordination Committee (NICC)

Palestine edit

Panama edit

Papua New Guinea edit

Peru edit

Philippines edit

Poland edit

Portugal edit

Qatar edit

Romania edit

Russia edit

Rwanda edit

Saudi Arabia edit

Serbia edit

Civil Security and Intelligence

Military Security and Intelligence

Singapore edit

Ministry of Defense (MINDEF)

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)

Slovakia edit

Slovenia edit

  • Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency - Slovenska Obveščevalno-Varnostna Agencija (SOVA)
  • Intelligence and Security Service of Slovenian Ministry of Defence - Obveščevalno Varnostna Služba (OVS)[27]
  • General Staff SAF – Section for intelligence matters – J2 - General štab SV – Sektor za obveščevalne zadeve – J2 (GŠSV-J2)[28]

Somalia edit

South Africa edit

South Korea edit

Spain edit

Sri Lanka edit

Sudan edit

Sweden edit

Switzerland edit

Syria edit

National Security Bureau

Taiwan edit

Tajikistan edit

  • State Committee for National Security (SCNS) – Кумитаи давлатии амнияти милли (КДАМ)/Государственный комитет национальной безопасности (ГКНБ)

Tanzania edit

Thailand edit

Trinidad & Tobago edit

Turkey edit

Turkmenistan edit

Ukraine edit

United Arab Emirates edit

United Kingdom edit

Domestic intelligence

Foreign intelligence

Signals intelligence

Criminal Intelligence and Protected Persons

United States edit

Uruguay edit

Uzbekistan edit

  • State Security Service - Davlat Xavfsizlik Xizmati (DXX)/ Служба государственной безопасности (СГБ)

Venezuela edit

Vietnam edit

Yemen edit

Zimbabwe edit

European Union edit

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation edit

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References edit

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