State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS; Ukrainian: Державна Прикордонна Служба України, Derzhavna Prykordonna Sluzhba Ukrayiny; abbr. ДПСУ, DPSU) is the border guard of Ukraine. It is an independent law enforcement agency of special assignment, organized by the Constitution of Ukraine as a military formation, the head of which is subordinated to the President of Ukraine.[4]

State Border Guard Service
Державна прикордонна служба
Service emblem
Service emblem
Service flag
Service flag
AbbreviationSBGS / ДПСУ
Agency overview
FormedJuly 31, 2003
Preceding agency
  • State Committee for Protection of the State Border of Ukraine
Employees42,000 (2016)[1]
Jurisdictional structure
National agencyUkraine
Operations jurisdictionUkraine
General nature
Specialist jurisdiction
  • National border patrol, security, and integrity.
Operational structure
Headquarters26, Volodymyrska st, Kyiv[2]
Agency executive
  • Serhiy Deyneko[3], Head of the SBGS
Parent agencyMinistry of Internal Affairs
Child agency
Significant operations
The State Border Guard Service's headquarters in Kyiv

The Service was created on July 31, 2003, after the reorganization of the State Committee for Protection of the State Border. During wartime, units of the State Border Guard Service fall under the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The State Border Guard Service includes the Ukrainian Sea Guard, which is the country's coast guard. It is also responsible for running Temporary Detention Centres, in which refugees are held.


Ukrainian border guards are the national successors of the Soviet Border Troops. They were formed from the approximately 17,000 Border Troops located in Ukraine in 1991. The organization was first titled the "Ukrainian Border Troops", which was later subordinated to the "Ukraine's State Committee for State Border Guarding".

Border Guards at the Belarus–Ukraine border, 2021.
State Border Guard armored vehicle

From 1991 to at least 1993, the new borders with Russia and Belarus were not guarded; the Border Troops were only deployed along the western borders (minus Moldova) and on the Black Sea.[5] Another 9,000 personnel were added to the Border Troops at the expense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and, by the end of 1993, border posts were established in the north along the Russian and Belarusian borders. In 1999, the authorized strength of the force was again increased to 50,000.

In 2003, new legislation was adopted, and this somewhat changed the legal status of the institution. In March 2003, the Border Troops became the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, and its status was legally changed from 'military formation' to 'special law-enforcement body.' The force was legally granted 50,000 personnel, including 8,000 civilian employees.

Ukrainian Border Guard post in Kyiv Oblast shelled by Russian missiles in the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 24 February 2022.

On 4 July 2012, a State Border Guard Service Diamond DA42 aircraft failed to make its scheduled radio contact with ground units. A Search and rescue mission revealed that the plane had crashed into a wooded mountainous area in Velykyi Bereznyi Raion, killing all 3 crew members on board. A further investigation was launched.[6]

During The War in Donbas on August 31, 2014, two Sea Guard Zhuk class patrol boats were struck by land-based artillery. In June 2, a border base in the outskirts of Luhansk was besieged by a troop of Luhansk People's Republic separatists. The Siege of the Luhansk Border Base resulted in 10 wounded Border Guards until they surrendered and withdrew.[7][8]

In 2022, during the Battle of Snake Island 13 Border Troops were attacked and captured by Russian warships. A unit of Border Guards was stationed in Mariupol and fought during the Siege of Mariupol. In 20 April, the Border Guards were stranded in an encircled pocket at the Mariupol sea port together with National Police of Ukraine, until they were rescued by the Azov Regiment and retreated into the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works.[9]



  • Ground Forces
  • Sea Guard
  • Aerial support

Directors (Commanders) of the Border Guard Service (Border Troops)Edit


A Ukrainian border guard post on the Ukrainian-Polish border
A Ukrainian border control exit stamp from Kyiv's Boryspil Airport
Typical border marker of Ukraine
Border guard with a service dog
Main Administrations
  • West Region (Lviv)
    • Lviv border detachment
    • Mostyska border detachment
    • Mukacheve border detachment
    • Chop border detachment
    • Chernivtsi border detachment
    • Clinic-hospital (Lviv)
    • Canine Training Center (Velyki mosty)
  • North Region (Zhytomyr)
    • Chernihiv border detachment
    • Zhytomyr border detachment
    • Lutsk border detachment
  • East Region (Kharkiv)
    • Luhansk border detachment
    • Donetsk border detachment
    • Kharkiv border detachment
    • Sumy border detachment
    • Kharkiv separate aviation squadron
    • Mariupol Sea Guard detachment (created in response to fears of Russian aggression in 2014)
  • South Region (Odessa)
    • Odessa border detachment
    • Kotovsk border detachment
    • Mohyliv-Podilsky border detachment
    • Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky border detachment
    • Izmail border detachment
    • Odessa Sea Guard detachment
    • Odessa separate aviation squadron
    • Izmail training detachment of Sea Guard
    • Clinic-hospital (Odessa)
  • Azov-Black Sea Region (Simferopol), reorganized due to the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea
    • Simferopol border detachment (moved to Kherson)
    • Berdiansk border detachment
    • Kerch Sea Guard detachment (moved to Mariupol)
    • Yalta Sea Guard detachment (disbanded)
    • Sevastopol Sea Guard detachment (moved to Odessa)
  • Separate controlled border checkpoint "Kyiv"
  • 10th Mobile border detachment

Supporting institutionsEdit

  • Separate Guard and Support Command
  • Main center of Communication, Automatization, and Information Protection
  • Information Agency
  • Main center of supporting development programs
  • Main Forensic Centre
  • State Archives
  • Training center
  • Science research institute
  • Khmelnytskyi National Academy
  • Central museum
  • Central hospital
  • Clinical sanatoriums: Prykordonyk, Arkadia
  • Children health center Pryberezhny
  • Center of health and recreation Pishchane
  • Academic ensemble of song and dance
  • Sports Committee

Temporary Detention CentresEdit

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Long Service MedalEdit


Model Image Origin Variant Number Details
  Kozak   Ukraine
Kozak-2 80 Ukraine is unable to produce the V-shape hull required so it will purchase them from Iveco Corporation.[clarification needed]
  KRAZ Cougar   Canada
9 Built under license at the KrAZ factory in Kremenchuk.
  KrAZ-6322 «Солдат»   Ukraine Truck 50
  KrAZ-255Б   Soviet Union Truck
  КАMAZ 43114   Russia Truck
  Ural-4320   Soviet Union Truck
  ZIL-131   Soviet Union Truck
  ZIL-130   Soviet Union Truck
  GAZ-66   Soviet Union Truck
  GAZ-3307   Russia Truck
  MAZ-5337   Soviet Union Truck
  MAZ-5335   Soviet Union Truck
  UAZ-3151   Russia Off-road vehicle 100
  UAZ-3163   Russia Off-road vehicle [15]
  Land Rover Defender   UK Off-road vehicle 55[16][17]
  Chevrolet Niva   Russia Off-road vehicle 100
  Volkswagen Amarok   Germany Off-road vehicle 20[18]
  Toyota Land Cruiser 200   Japan Off-road vehicle 20[19]
  Dacia Duster   France
Off-road vehicle 10[20]
  UAZ-3303   Russia Off-road vehicle [21]
  UAZ-3962   Russia
  GAZ-3221   Russia Bus
  Volkswagen Transporter   Germany Bus 10[20][22]
  Volkswagen Crafter   Germany Bus 31
  Ford Transit   USA Bus 10[23]
  Peugeot Boxer   France Bus
  Mercedes-Benz Vito   Germany
  Богдан А092   Ukraine Bus
  Toyota Coaster   Japan Bus
  ЛАЗ-695   Soviet Union Bus [24][25]
Other vehicles
  Bombardier Outlander 400 MAX   Canada 100[26]
  Polaris 600 IQ Touring   Canada 50[27]
  Minsk (motorcycle)   Belarus 183
  Diamond DA40   Austria TDI 5
  Diamond DA42   Austria M-NG 4
  Antonov An-24   Soviet Union RV 1
  Airbus H125   France 7 In total 24 helicopters to be received.[28]
  Antonov An-26   Soviet Union 1
  Mil Mi-8   Soviet Union T/MT/MTV 5

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