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The UNIAN or Ukrainian Independent Information Agency of News (Ukrainian: Українське Незалежне Інформаційне Агентство Новин, УНІАН, romanizedUkrayins'ke Nezalezhne Informatsiyne Ahentstvo Novyn) is a Kyiv-based Ukrainian news agency. It produces and provides political, business and financial information, and a photo reporting service.

IndustryNews agency
FoundedMarch 1993
HeadquartersKyiv, Ukraine
Owner1+1 Media Group[1] (Ukrainian) (Russian) (English)

UNIAN is a part of 1+1 Media Group, related to oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi.[2][3] UNIAN was founded in March[citation needed] 1993 as the Ukrainian Independent Information Agency of News.[4]

The agency's offices are at 4 Khreshchatyk Street,[5] adjacent to European Square, in Kyiv. UNIAN offers its press conference hall to interested customers.[6][7]

UNIAN runs a TV channel, UNIAN TV, broadcasting news, analytical programs, documentaries, sport and movies. It is available on satellite, cable and IPTV networks. It broadcasts unencrypted from the AMOS-2 satellite (4.0 W), at 10722 Horizonal, 27500. The channel's General Producer is Vladyslav Svinchenko.[8]

On August 28, 2013, Oksana Romanyuk, executive director of the Institute of Mass Information, wrote on her Facebook page that the UNIAN leadership locked in a room "unpleasant" editors who had previously declared censorship, and several other employees, and kept them for several hours. They were forced to sign that they were aware of the order to "move" them from the site department to the "TV news monitoring" department located somewhere in Darnytsia."[9] Journalists called it revenge for the fact that they had previously reported on censorship: "We consider the decision of the administration as aimed at persecuting critics and citizens, as well as establishing total censorship on the UNIAN website."[10]

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