Municipal police (Italy)

Paletta segnaletica della polizia municipale.png
Cosenza Polizia municipale in dress uniform.
Mounted Polizia municipale in Piazza della Signoria in Florence
Municipal police headquarter with bilingual Italian-French signs, Mont Émilius st, Aosta.

In Italy, municipal police (Italian: polizia municipale) are police of the various municipalities of Italy.

Some municipal police forces in Italy trace historical origins to the vigili urbani and comes stabili of ancient Rome.[1] Urban policing emerged in the 13th to 14th centuries in the Italian comunes (such as Bologna); although police forces have been assumed to be a modern innovation, these medieval forces had some similarities to modern police forces.[2] Today, Italian municipal forces go by various names, such as polizia communa (comune police), policia urbana (urban police), and polizia locale (local police).[3]

The central functions of municipal police are administrative in character, including traffic control and responsibilities relating to licenses and urban regulations.[4] The municipal police also serve as auxiliaries to security police forces and have responsibilities for local crime prevention and community policing.[4] The competence (jurisdiction) of municipal police are limited to their specific municipality.[4] Prior to the 1990s, municipal policing in Italy has a marginal role and was viewed as low-level in comparison to the Carabinieri, Polizia di Stato, and other police forces; since that time, the strength and reputation of the municipal policy has been enhanced, particularly in central and northern Italy.[4] There are roughly 60,000 municipal police officers in Italy; since 2011, the Italian regions have been exclusively responsible for coordinating, organizing, and training municipal police.[4]

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