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WikiProject New York City Public Transportation is a project to better organize information in articles dealing with mass transit in New York City and its surrounding areas. This page and its subpages contain the suggestions and opinions of interested contributors; it is hoped that this project will help to focus and coordinate the efforts of all.

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This WikiProject aims primarily to coordinate, organize, and develop all Wikipedia activities concerning all public transportation in the New York metropolitan area. This includes various operations overseen by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New Jersey Transit, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Coach USA in Greater New York.:

It also includes various ferries and other connecting services, as well as historic services. In short, any article linked in a template below is in the scope of this WikiProject.


The talk pages of articles that are part of this WikiProject are categorized in Category:New York City public transportation articles by quality and Category:New York City public transportation articles by importance. Visit the assessment department for information about the quality and importance ratings.



The parents of this WikiProject are WikiProject New York City, WikiProject Trains, and WikiProject buses.

Similar WikiProjectsEdit

Other WikiProjects covering individual cities can be a good source of mutual inspiration:

See WikiProject New York City for other city-related WikiProjects.
See WikiProject Washington Metro for another subway-related Wikiproject, which was inspired by this Wikiproject.


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No classification of this project has been defined.

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New York City SubwayEdit

Commuter railEdit

These follow the same naming conventions as WikiProject Trains



For articles on the New York City Subway and Staten Island RailwayEdit
For other rail servicesEdit


These navboxes have been developed for use in articles in this project, and are organized by region.

Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityEdit
Name Example
{{MTA (New York)}}
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{{Long Island Rail Road}}
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{{LIRR stations navbox}}
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{{MNRR stations navbox}}
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{{New York City Subway}}
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{{NYCS lines navbox}}
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{{NYCS rolling stock}}
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{{NYCS stations navbox by line}}
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{{NYCS stations navbox by service}}
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{{Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority}}
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{{Manhattan bus routes}}
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{{Queens bus routes}}
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{{Brooklyn bus routes}}
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{{Bronx bus routes}}
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{{Staten Island bus routes}}
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Port Authority of New York and New JerseyEdit
Name Example
{{PANYNJ navbox}}
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{{PATH (rail system)}}
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General navboxes for all major operators in the tri-state areaEdit
Name Example
{{Transportation in New York City}}
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{{NYC surface transit}}
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{{NYC streetcar transit}}
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{{New York metro area rail}}
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{{BMT companies}}
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Transit in ConnecticutEdit
Name Example
{{Connecticut transit}}
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New Jersey TransitEdit
Name Example
{{New Jersey Transit}}
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{{New Jersey Transit Bus}}
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{{New Jersey Transit Rail}}
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{{NJT stations navbox}}
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{{New Jersey Transit Light Rail}}
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Notice about adding pictures to these templatesEdit

Please note that there are free-use pictures included with most of the templates in this category to represent the various services. If you wish to add more pictures, please make sure that they are added carefully, and always PREVIEW before saving to ensure the integrity of the navbox. Only add free-use pictures from the Wikimedia Commons.


Accessibility and stubs:

Name Example
{{Access icon}}
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See Wikipedia:WikiProject New York City Public Transportation/New York City Subway/Services and lines for templates used to display the services that operate on a line. These should be used almost every time an article refers to services. That way, if services change, only the templates have to be updated (as well as the page for the specific service and lines it operates over) so all the pages remain correct. Specifically, use the templates in the following places:

  • station listings, both in a 'services' column showing all services that stop at the station, and for transfers to other lines
  • line descriptions, when referring to another line, in most cases
  • infoboxes on station pages
  • anywhere else where it fits with the flow of the article

Also, if you want to remove the parenthetical portion of a wikilink when you link to articles, you can use the pipe trick. For example, instead of typing:

[[Van Cortlandt Park–242nd Street (IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line)|Van Cortlandt Park–242nd Street]]

you can type

[[Van Cortlandt Park–242nd Street (IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line)|]]

Both methods will produce the wikilink Van Cortlandt Park–242nd Street.


The New York City Subway articles show ADA-accessibility in a variety of places. Whenever a station becomes newly accessible, a number of related edits are required:

  1. The correct sub-article of List of New York City Subway stations needs to be updated
  2. In the article for the line on which the station resides, the station needs to be shown as accessible in the tabular station listing.
  3. In the line template on which the station resides, the station needs to be shown as accessible with the correct icon.
  4. In the article for each service that visits the station, the station needs to be shown as accessible in the tabular station listing.
  5. In the article for the station, "accessible = yes" needs to be set in the infobox
    1. The ADA station succession needs to be added to the infobox
  6. In the successive stations; the "next ADA station" needs to be updated in the infobox
  7. If the station is a terminal station; List of New York City Subway terminals also needs to be updated

(Note: For every infobox parameter that accepts "yes" for accessibility, there is also the option of entering "northbound" or "southbound" if the station is accessible in only one direction.)


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