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Welcome to WikiProject Trains on the English Wikipedia! We are a group of editors who aim to streamline and co-ordinate the expansion of train-related articles. If you would like to join the project, simply add your name to the list of participants. Please browse our resources at your leisure; we hope you find them useful.

Recent changes in rail transport-related articles (list)

  • To create the foremost reliable and accurate free-content encyclopedia of trains in the English language.
  • To improve coverage of trains by creating, expanding, and maintaining articles that describe all of its aspects.
  • To provide guidelines and recommendations for such articles, and to serve as the central point of discussion for issues related to trains in Wikipedia.
The project generally considers any article related to historical or contemporary train-related affairs to be within its scope. A more detailed description of the scope, and our primary areas of focus within it, may be found in the section on project scope.
The project aims solely to assist the authoring of reliable and accurate trains articles in accordance with our Goals [above]. Internally, the project had developed several structural features to assist in the management of our workload:
  • Task forces: informal groups for collaboration on specific train-related topics.
  • Departments: areas of the project which streamline work—such as article review and outside opinions—that "supports" the main body of article writers.

General discussion relating to this project takes place on Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Trains; suggestions or comments are welcome there.

Scope edit

The project is concerned primarily with train and railroad/railway subjects, and considers any article relating to those topics to be within its scope.

By extension, the scope of the project includes—but is not limited to—the following:

  1. Train—including passenger, metro, light rail, goods, and locomotive—units.
  2. Railroad engineering and technology.
  3. Railway stations and halts.
  4. Railway routes and lines.
  5. Railroad operators.
  6. Manufacturers of train units and of railroad apparatus.
  7. Organisations whose main business is with railroads.

Highlights of this project's output are listed on Portal:Trains

Project organization edit

Members edit

The current list of project participants is quite large and is located on the /Members page. You may add yourself to this list if you want.

Task forces edit

Task forces are informal collaboration groups of WikiProject Trains members focusing on certain subtopics of rail transport. The current task forces—and their respective focus and remit—include:

Task Force Scope and focus
Article maintenance task force Performing mundane tasks such as bypassing disambigs and monitoring the list of articles to write.
Assessment request backlog elimination drive To assess articles which are requested.
By country series task force Articles in the Rail transport by country and History of rail transport by country series.
Categories task force Standardize the categories under Category:Rail transport into a comprehensive system of categories.
Images task force Create and locate suitable images for use on rail transport articles and replace fair use images with free images where available and appropriate.
Locomotives task force Articles about locomotives throughout history, worldwide.
Maps task force Create and maintain standardized maps of railroad routes for rail transport articles.
Operations task force Articles about rail transport operations with particular attention to organization and inter-system generalization.
Passenger trains task force Articles about passenger trains and passenger train equipment.
Portal task force Maintenance and content updates of Portal:Trains.
Rail transport modelling task force Articles related to rail transport modelling.
Timelines task force Articles in Category:Rail transport timelines and the "Selected anniversaries" and "Trains news" sections of Portal:Trains

Coordination edit

The coordination of the project is undertaken in accordance with Wikipedia:WikiProject Trains/Strategy.

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Article quality edit

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Showcase edit

The following is a listing of articles (and other types of content) within the scope of the project that have been noted and recognized for their outstanding quality. Project members may peruse these at their leisure: they all serve as excellent examples of different writing and organizational styles that one may wish to emulate.

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