Rosebank station

Rosebank is a demolished station in the Rosebank neighborhood along the abandoned South Beach Branch of the Staten Island Railway. It had two tracks and two side platforms, and was located along Tilson Place between Virginia Avenue and St. Mary's Avenue.[2]

Former Staten Island Railway station
Chestnut Av overpass SIRR jeh.jpg
Approximate site of former Rosebank station, with ramp for former bridge across former track
Station statistics
BoroughStaten Island
Coordinates40°36′53″N 74°04′13″W / 40.614639°N 74.070278°W / 40.614639; -74.070278 (Rosebank Station)Coordinates: 40°36′53″N 74°04′13″W / 40.614639°N 74.070278°W / 40.614639; -74.070278 (Rosebank Station)
LineSouth Beach Branch
Platforms2 side platforms
Other information
OpenedMarch 8, 1886; 135 years ago (1886-03-08)
ClosedMarch 31, 1953; 68 years ago (1953-03-31)
Station succession
Next northBachmann
Next southBelair Road
Rosebank station is located in New York City Subway
Rosebank station
Rosebank station is located in New York City
Rosebank station
Rosebank station is located in New York
Rosebank station
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As part of a grade crossing elimination project on the South Beach Branch, the grade crossing at St. Mary's Avenue was eliminated, and the station was rebuilt in the fall of 1937. This structure remained in place until well after the branch's abandonment in 1953. There was an overpass at the new station connecting the two platforms. At Clifton Avenue, there was a pedestrian underpass which ran underground beneath the tracks that was built in 1937. This underpass was frequently used by students from Public School 13. The two buildings of P.S. 13 were later on replaced with one building, which stands on the South Beach Branch right-of-way.[2]

This station was abandoned when the SIRT discontinued passenger service on the South Beach Branch to Wentworth Avenue at midnight on March 31, 1953 because of city-operated bus competition.[3][4][5][6]

Previously, south of the station at Hylan Boulevard, there was an overpass, that has been filled in since the line was abandoned. The Virginia Avenue trestle was demolished in 1999.[2]

There is also discussion of rebuilding a station on the SIR Main Line, which would bridge the longest gap between two stations (Grasmere and Clifton). This proposed station could be named Rosebank.[7]


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