Grand Street Shuttle

The Grand Street Shuttle was a New York City Subway service that operated during the long Manhattan Bridge rehabilitation project while the north tracks (connecting to the IND Sixth Avenue Line via the Chrystie Street Connection) were closed. It usually ran between Broadway–Lafayette Street and Grand Street, picking up the slack from rerouted or suspended B and D service.

"S" train symbol
Grand Street Shuttle
Northern endWest Fourth Street
Southern endGrand Street


Service disruptions that took the Manhattan Bridge north tracks out of service, with the shuttle running between Broadway–Lafayette Street and Grand Street, included the following:

During the first phase of the Manhattan Bridge rehabilitation, from April 26, 1986 to December 11, 1988,[3] the shuttle was extended to 57th Street/Sixth Avenue, running via the Sixth Avenue local tracks, and was called the Sixth Avenue Shuttle while the B and D terminated at 34th Street–Herald Square. Regular service had been expected to resume on October 26, 1986.[4]

The final Grand Street Shuttle service began on July 22, 2001, again between Broadway–Lafayette Street and Grand Street, while the B and D services were truncated to 34th Street–Herald Square. The Sixth Avenue Shuttle (which also ended at Broadway–Lafayette Street) was ended on December 16, 2001 with the rerouting of F trains to the 63rd Street Tunnel and introduction of the V train, and the Grand Street Shuttle was extended north to West Fourth Street–Washington Square. The rehabilitation was finished on February 22, 2004, and the shuttle was discontinued. Also during this time, a shuttle bus ran between Canal Street and Grand Street.[5][6][7]


Station service legend
  Stops all times
  Stops all times except late nights
  Stops late nights only
  Stops rush hours in the peak direction only
Time period details
  Station is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  ↑ Station is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act
in the indicated direction only
  Elevator access to mezzanine only
  Stations   Subway transfers Connections
  West Fourth Street–Washington Square   F   <F>  
A  C  E   (IND Eighth Avenue Line)
PATH at 9th Street
  Broadway–Lafayette Street   F   <F>  
4  6   <6>   (IRT Lexington Avenue Line at Bleecker Street[8])
  Grand Street


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