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This DYK STATS/Archive 2018 page is an archive of the monthly DYKSTATS leaders for each month in 2018, recognizing the DYK entries that have received the most page views while being featured on DYK.

On an important note: Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most effective DYK hooks.

2018 DYK page view leaders by month (over 5,000 views)

January 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
KA2N Gorgon IIA
CTV-N-2 Gorgon IIC
  26,948 + 11,536 = 38,484 1,603 ...that the United States Navy placed orders for the Gorgon IIA (pictured) and Gorgon IIC missiles with the Singer Manufacturing Company, better known for its sewing machines?
Shu Xiuwen   29,252 1,218 ... that Shu Xiuwen (pictured) became an escort dancing girl after her father tried to sell her to repay debts, but later supported him when she became a movie star?
Brilliant Pebbles 21,772 907 ... that after dismissing the basic concept as "outlandish", Edward Teller later supported Brilliant Pebbles as a way to shoot down Soviet ICBMs?
Radioplane OQ-17 18,832 784 ... that the Radioplane OQ-17 target drone was claimed to be able to match the maneuverability of any fighter aircraft of the mid-1940s?
Victoria Hughes   17,670 1,472 ... that Bristol "loo lady" Victoria Hughes (workplace pictured) provided tea and sympathy to local prostitutes?
Kaman K-16B   16,873 1,406 ... that the Kaman K-16B (pictured) tiltwing aircraft was built from an existing Grumman Goose to save time and money?
Rabeprazole   15,946 1,328 ... that people of Japanese ancestry may have trouble metabolizing rabeprazole (3D representation pictured)?
Yanmen Pass   13,726 ... that the inconvenience of getting to Yanmen Pass (pictured) makes it one of the less crowded AAAAA-rated sites along the Great Wall of China?
Republic SD-3 Snooper   10,450 + 2,546 = 12,996 1,083 ... that the Republic SD-3 Snooper (pictured) reconnaissance drone used airbags to cushion its landings?
Pascual Abaj   12,986 541 ... that Pascual Abaj (pictured), near Chichicastenango in Guatemala, is a sculpted stone idol that survived the Spanish conquest but was badly damaged in the 1950s by religious activists?
Cabaret du Néant   12,029 1,002 ... that patrons of the Cabaret du Néant (Cabaret of Nothingness) drank beverages in the "Intoxication Hall" (pictured), which had chandeliers made of human bones and coffin-shaped tables?
Gay Kindersley 11,966 498 ... that in 1985 Gay Kindersley naively introduced himself and Graham Lord to the Australian cricket team with, "Hallo folks, I'm Gay and this is my friend Graham"?
He Siyuan   11,647 971 ... that Professor He Siyuan (pictured) became an anti-Japanese guerrilla leader during World War II and later survived two assassination attempts, one of which killed his young daughter?
APEC China 2001
  2136 + 8723= 10859
(add'l 770 at photo)
... that the "silly shirt" chosen for the 2001 APEC forum—the tangzhuang (pictured)—launched a fashion craze in China?
Muroc Maru 10,783 899 ... that a "Japanese cruiser" was built in Southern California in 1943?
β-Hydroxy β-methylbutyric acid 10499
... that in healthy adults, HMB has been shown to increase exercise-induced gains in muscle size, muscle strength, and lean body mass, reduce muscle damage, and speed recovery from exercise?
He Luli 8,255 + 2,175 = 10,430 869 ... that when He Luli was 14, an assassin's bombs killed her younger sister?
WS-124A Flying Cloud 9,869 822 ... that Project Flying Cloud was expected to affect an area "comparable in size to that affected by a low-yield nuclear weapon"?
Grizzly Flats Railroad 8,013 + 1,731 = 9,744 812 ... that the Grizzly Flats Railroad, owned by Disney animator Ward Kimball, was the first full-size backyard railroad in the United States?
PTV-N-2 Gorgon IV   9,635 803 ... that the Gorgon IV (pictured) was the first ramjet-powered aircraft to successfully fly in the United States?
Jagdgeschwader II 9,301 775 ... that the engines of Jagdgeschwader II could not tolerate artificial castor oil?
Fugitive dust 9,020 751 ... that fugitive dust escapes?
Galco's Soda Pop Stop 8,647 716 ... that Galco's Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles carries more than 700 different soft drinks?
Naval Research Laboratory Flyrt 8,599 720 ... that the United States Navy tested a Flyrt for distracting radar-guided missiles from its ships?
Ovulatory shift hypothesis 8,116 676 ... that women's sexual preferences and attractiveness may shift across their ovulatory cycles?
Ping-Pong (rocket) 8,047 670 ... that Ping-Pong was believed to be "the free world's only round-trip ballistic missile"?
Lei Jieqiong   8,034 669 ... that US-educated sociologist Lei Jieqiong (pictured) served as vice-mayor of Beijing and taught at Peking University until the age of 100?
Ramize Erer 8,023 668 ... that Ramize Erer said that when she published a cartoon of a masturbating girl, "all hell broke loose"?
Labrus viridis   7,352 612 ... that the green wrasse (pictured) has big eyes, a small mouth, and fleshy lips?
Queens Building, Heathrow   7,291 ... that the Queens Building (pictured) at Heathrow Airport was one of the most visited London attractions in 1956?
Margaret Cooper (Wren) 7,188 599 ... that a 1942 letter addressed to "the blonde Wren from Argentina on the platform at Bletchley station" led to marriage in 1945?
Art of Uruk 6,393 533 ... that the art of Uruk includes the 5,000-year-old Mask of Warka, probably one of the earliest known near life-size sculptures?
ASM-N-6 Omar 4673 + 1585 = 6,258 447 ... that targets for the ASM-N-6 Omar missile were put in a spotlight?
Glomb 5852 + 304 = 6,156 473 ... that during World War II, the United States Navy's Glomb project evaluated the use of gliders as flying bombs?
Jie Zhitui 6,132 ... that Jie Zhitui, who loyally followed Prince Chong'er in exile for almost 20 years, was supposedly burned alive because he did not want to ask for any reward once his lord was restored to power?
IFF Mark III 5,109 + 437 = 5,546 ... that the RAF pushed to introduce IFF Mark III after a Short Stirling was shot down by a Bristol Beaufighter, which was in turn shot down by another Beaufighter?

February 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Disappearance of Gary Mathias 268,739 11,197 ... that 40 years ago, Gary Mathias disappeared after leaving a working automobile, to walk into California's Plumas National Forest without winter clothing or food, along with four men later found dead?
General George Washington Resigning His Commission, George Washington's resignation as commander-in-chief   10,546 + 22,649 = 33,195 1,383 ... that John Trumbull, the painter of General George Washington Resigning His Commission (pictured), considered Washington's resignation "one of the highest moral lessons ever given to the world"?
Fannie Lou Hamer 31,109 1,296 ... that African-American civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer (pictured) was brutally beaten on the orders of police in Mississippi for standing up against racial segregation?
Xenoturbella bocki 13,448 ... that the marine paradox worm may resemble the common ancestor of humans and mollusks?
Treaty of Waitangi   22,171 (includes hits from OTD) ... that New Zealand's founding document, the Treaty of Waitangi (pictured), barely escaped burning in a fire, was lost for decades, and then was found in a damp basement heavily water damaged and chewed by rodents?
SSK 90 helmet 19,277 + 1,353 = 20,630 ... that an archaeological find identified as a 10th-century Viking helmet has been alleged to actually be a World War II Luftwaffe helmet?
City of London swords 18,902 + 1,344 = 20,246 843 ... that Queen Elizabeth II planned to hit Idi Amin with the Pearl Sword if he came to her Silver Jubilee, according to Lord Mountbatten?
Mikhail Popkov 16,090 + 836 = 16,926 705 ... that Russian serial killer Mikhail Popkov has confessed to murdering more people than either Andrei Chikatilo or Alexander Pichushkin?
Summer Lake Hot Springs   16,474 686 ... that the Summer Lake Hot Springs bathhouse (pictured), built in 1928, is a timber and tin structure with a 15-by-30-foot (4.6 m × 9.1 m) bathing pool inside?
Searchlight Control radar 15,626 686 ... that British Army researchers developed SLC radar in their spare time after they grew tired of watching how "searchlight beams swung wildly about the sky but rarely found and held a target"?
Euclid Avenue (IND Fulton Street Line) 15,150 631 ... that there is a conspiracy theory about the presence of an abandoned subway station in New York City east of Euclid Avenue?
Ollagüe   13,310 729 ... that Ollagüe (pictured) has a vigorous steam plume that is visible from more than 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) away?
Disappearance of Marilyn Bergeron 13,838 577 ... that before a distraught Marilyn Bergeron disappeared ten years ago today, a friend says she told him what was bothering her was worse than witnessing a murder or being raped, but would not say what?
AAM-N-10 Eagle   11,391 + 502 = 12,432 518 ... that the AAM-N-10 Eagle air-to-air missile was intended to be tested using an aircraft (pictured) nicknamed "Snoopy"?
Valentine (Maurice Chevalier song) 12,138 505 ... that the original lyrics of Maurice Chevalier's song "Valentine" were changed so as not to shock the American public?
The Unknown Soldier (2017 film) 12,040 501 ... that the 2017 Finnish film The Unknown Soldier set the Guinness World Record for most high explosives detonated in a single film take?
Jagdgeschwader III 11,822 ... that in July 1918, Jagdgeschwader III faced the problem of self-igniting ammunition?
Ronin (film) 10,958 456 ... that despite director John Frankenheimer's preference for the first ending he had shot for Ronin, the test audience "hated it"?
2018 EFL Cup Final 10,461 ... that Arsenal reached today's 2018 EFL Cup Final against Manchester City without playing a game outside London?
Amazon Spheres 10,358 432 ... that Amazon's spherical employee lounge in Seattle was opened with an Alexa voice command?
Su Bai   10,220 426 ... that Su Bai (pictured), the first head of Peking University's archaeology department, is considered a pioneer in the archaeology of Buddhism?
William Chaney 9,940 414 ... that American historian William Chaney would pretend to shiver and look the other way whenever he walked by a statue of General Sherman?
National Coalition Party   9,224 384 ... that in 2011, the National Coalition Party (poster pictured) became the largest political party in the Finnish parliament for the first time in its history?
Brian Robertson, 1st Baron Robertson of Oakridge 7,933 + 510 = 8,443 ... that General Sir Brian Robertson said: "General Montgomery does not cheat – whether that is due to his innate honesty or the fact that I watch him like a cat does not matter"?
Aileen Hernandez 7,510 + 458 = 7,968 ... that Aileen Hernandez was once told that she would have to hire a "black" taxi if she was going to travel to the traditionally African-American Howard University?
Church of St. Lambertus, Immerath 7,061 + 392 = 7,453 ... that the Church of St. Lambertus in Immerath, Germany, withstood artillery fire in World War II, but not the expansion of a lignite mine in 2018?
Rick Kirby   7,286 306 ... that Rick Kirby's Sutton Hoo Helmet (pictured) is 360 times heavier than the original?
Natalie Grams 6,656 + 476 = 7,132 ... that German author Natalie Grams set out to write a scientific defense of homeopathy, but instead discontinued her homeopathic practice and wrote a book called Homeopathy Reconsidered?
William Villiers, 2nd Viscount Grandison   6,936 ... that a portrait (pictured) of the Cavalier Viscount Grandison caused a sensation at Detroit, but later turned out to be that of another man?
Away (luggage) 6,610 ... that People described a carry-on manufactured by Away as "the little black dress of luggage"?
Carolwood Pacific Railroad   6,490 270 ... that the Carolwood Pacific Railroad was a ridable miniature railroad run by Walt Disney in his backyard (locomotive pictured)?
Zhang Wendan 5,587+495 = 6,082 253 ... that Chinese naval commander Zhang Wendan boarded a Japanese warship to exchange information on pirate activity, in a rare occasion of military cooperation between the two countries?
Blueford v. Arkansas 5,869 ... that in Blueford v. Arkansas, the US Supreme Court allowed a man to be retried on murder charges after a jury unanimously voted to acquit him of those same charges?
AMES Type 82 5,837 ... that the AMES Type 82 3D radar got a job with Archie, then tended Bloodhounds, and finally found steady work in air traffic control?
Abdullah II of Jordan 5,828 243 ... that King Abdullah II of Jordan, who claims to be a 41st-generation direct descendant of Muhammad, funded the restoration of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 2017?
London, Huron and Bruce Railway 5,842 243 ... that traffic on the London, Huron and Bruce Railway was so dominated by farm produce that it was nicknamed the "Butter and Egg Special"?
Memorial of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea 5,820 243 ... that the Memorial of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea has collected the names of 183,108 Chinese soldiers killed in the Korean War?
Zhengzhou Airport riot 5,693 237 ... that four years ago today, 2,000 passengers stranded in China's Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport during a snowstorm rioted over delayed flights, destroying check-in desks and assaulting staff?
List of women members of the House of Commons of Northern Ireland 5,485 229 ... that the longest-serving woman in the House of Commons of Northern Ireland was also the grandmother of two prime ministers?
Asa Miller 6,556 – (1,400 + 852) / 2 = 5,430 226 ... that Asa Miller, one of only two athletes competing for the Philippines at the 2018 Winter Olympics, was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and still lives there?
The Emperor of Ocean Park   5,378 224 ... that Yale law professor Stephen L. Carter (pictured) received one of the largest-ever advances from Knopf to secure the rights to publish his debut novel The Emperor of Ocean Park?

March 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Catherine Lynch   37,237 1,551 ... that at the inquest into the death of Catherine Lynch (pictured), the presiding coroner described her as "one of a class who were a nuisance to themselves, their husbands and everybody else"?
Female urinal   25,899 1,126 ... that female urinals available today (example pictured) are typically used in a "skiing" position?
Zofia Posmysz   25,808 1,075 ... that Zofia Posmysz (pictured), Auschwitz inmate No. 7566, wrote an audio play on her memories, which became the basis for her 1962 novel Passenger, a 1963 film, and a 1968 opera?
Camilla Nylund   25,129 1,047 ... that Camilla Nylund (pictured) appeared as the Countess in Capriccio by Richard Strauss at the Frankfurt Opera, staged by Brigitte Fassbaender, who set the opera in Occupied France?
Construction of Rockefeller Center   23,002 958 ... that in preparation for the construction of Rockefeller Center (pictured) in Midtown Manhattan, 4,000 tenants were evicted from 228 properties?
Yampa (yacht)   21,995 916 ... that Kaiser Wilhelm II was so charmed with the American yacht Yampa (pictured) that he purchased her himself and had another larger yacht built in America based on her design?
SS Princess Anne   20,889 870 ... that when it entered service in 1936, the ferry SS Princess Anne (pictured) was considered "svelte" and "ultra-modern"?
Near-Earth object   19,513 813 ... that the search for near-Earth asteroids large enough to cause a global catastrophe (example pictured) is almost complete, and efforts now focus on smaller asteroids?
Hanging Sword Alley 16,955 706 ... that Hanging Sword Alley was also known as "Blood Bowl Alley" after its infamous night life?
Lake Manly 16,211 ... that a large lake formerly covered California's Death Valley, and occasionally reappears?
Nijmegen Helmet 15,840 660 ... that the two-millennia-old Nijmegen Helmet was found in a river bank?
Norah Schuster   15,734 655 ... that in 1896, Arthur Schuster illustrated his lectures on the newly-discovered X-rays with images of his daughter Norah Schuster (hands pictured) that required a 10-minute exposure?
World Trade Center (2001–present) 15,335 638 ... that the new World Trade Center was once projected for completion in 36 years, longer than the original complex had existed?
Droxford railway station   14,857 619 ... that Droxford railway station (pictured) served as Winston Churchill's base of operations during preparations for the Normandy landings?
Innocent Victims   13,612 567 ... that Innocent Victims (pictured) is a memorial sculpture to Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed?
Meteor III 13,357 556 ...that the American-made schooner Meteor III (pictured) was the largest yacht in the world when built for German Emperor Wilhelm II?
Lady Camilla Bloch 13,238 ... that Lady Camilla Bloch has spoken out against those who call her father a murderer?
Alhambra Nievas   13,168 ... that Alhambra Nievas (pictured) became the first woman to referee a men's international rugby union match in Europe?
1900 English beer poisoning 13,017 542 ... that the 1900 English beer poisoning, in which more than 6,000 drinkers were poisoned by arsenic, was misdiagnosed for months as alcoholic neuritis?
Danielle Herrington 12,861 536 ... that Danielle Herrington, cover model for the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, booked her first swimsuit shoot four months after moving to New York City to pursue modelling?
J.E. Rhoads & Sons 11,871 494 ... that until it closed in 2009, J.E. Rhoads & Sons was the longest continually-operating company in the United States, having been in business for more than three centuries?
Van Veghten House 11,696 487 ... that during the American Revolutionary War, George Washington participated in "a pretty little frisk" at the Van Veghten House?
Missed call 11,510 479 ... that deliberately stopping a phone call before it is answered can be a form of communication in its own right?
Jessie Ace and Margaret Wright   11,226 467 ... that Welsh sisters Jessie Ace and Margaret Wright (pictured) used their shawls as a rope to rescue lifeboat crew who had fallen overboard during the rescue of a German barque in 1883?
Suffragetto   11,121 463 ... that the board game Suffragetto (pictured) featured suffragettes trying to storm the House of Commons?
Smashburger 10,976 457 ... that the founders of Smashburger sampled 300 kinds of beef before settling on Angus for their restaurant's burgers?
American conger 10,937 455 ... that American congers cross the Gulf Stream twice during their lives?
Emma Jane Gay 10,683 445 ... that Emma Jane Gay, known for her photographs of the Nez Perce people in the late 19th century, is identified as the first American lesbian photographer?
Major League Baseball Authentication Program 10,662 ... that Major League Baseball has authenticated a smashed telephone and some dirt?
Anthony Acevedo 9,940 414 ... that Mexican-American Holocaust survivor Anthony Acevedo mixed snow and urine with the ink of his pen to ensure he could maintain his concentration-camp diary?
Operation Gotham Shield 9,774 407 ... that last year, there was a simulated nuclear weapons attack against the New York metropolitan area?
Dirt Candy 9,503 395 ... that Manhattan vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy is "waging war on the 'eat your vegetables' mind-set"?
Henry Liebman 9,246 385 ... that Henry Liebman hates "Henry Liebman's Noodle Soup"?
Prow house 8,750 364 ... that a prow house is named after a ship's prow?
San Junipero 13708-(5244+4705)/2 = 8,733 364 ... that Black Mirror episode "San Junipero" was set in California as a "fuck you" to people complaining that the show would become Americanised?
Captain Marvel (film) 22720-(15824+12901)/2 = 8,357 348 ... that Captain Marvel is expected to be Marvel Studios' first female-led film?
Yalu River Broken Bridge 8,100 337 ... that the Yalu River Broken Bridge, which connected China and North Korea, was built by Japan and destroyed by the United States?
Comet Ping Pong 7,986 332 ... that the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria's name comes from a sign that one of the co-founders discovered at a liquor shop?
Stephen Court fire 7,670 319 ... that the Stephen Court fire, which killed 43 people, was caused by a short-circuit?
Doreen Simmons 7,620 317 ... that Doreen Simmons was awarded Japan's Order of the Rising Sun for her sumo television commentaries?
Disappearance of Suzanne Lyall 7,476 312 ... that the disappearance of Suzanne Lyall from the SUNY Albany campus 20 years ago led to changes in federal and state laws on how campus police departments handle major investigations?
Tomasz Mackiewicz 7,454 310 ... that Polish mountain climber Tomasz Mackiewicz went missing on January 27 during his seventh attempt to reach the summit of the 8,126-metre (26,660 ft) high Nanga Parbat in Pakistan?
Enlil 7,104 296 ... that Enlil, the chief god of the Sumerian pantheon, was regarded as so glorious that not even the other deities could look upon him?
Candia massacre 6,964 290 ... that two months after the Candia massacre, the last Ottoman soldiers left Crete, ending 253 years of Ottoman rule?
Da He ding   6,876 ... that the Da He ding (pictured), the only known ancient Chinese bronze decorated with human faces, was sold as scrap metal?
Bullpen car 6,797 283 ... that Opening Day for the Seattle Mariners in 1982 was delayed when a player hid the keys to the bullpen car?
Huang Xuhua 6,219 259 ... that Huang Xuhua, the "father of China's nuclear submarines", spent two years raising pigs?
WestJet Encore 5,853 243 ... that WestJet Encore, a Canadian airline which began flights in 2013, deactivates water lines in the lavatory sinks to prevent freezing on cold nights?
Barney Prine 5,733 239 ... that during the American Civil War, Barney Prine made money by running races against fellow soldiers in the 1st Oregon Volunteer Infantry Regiment?
United States federal government shutdown of 1980 5,589 ... that during the first U.S. government shutdown in 1980, the Carter administration dispatched U.S. Marshals to Federal Trade Commission facilities to enforce the shutdown?
Second Purim 5,536 230 ... that hundreds of Jewish communities used to celebrate more than one Purim a year?
Chandra Khonnokyoong 5,371 223 ... that an illiterate Thai nun became a highly revered spiritual leader in her community, and more than 250,000 people attended her funeral?
Jackie Wallace 5,266 ... that Jackie Wallace told the coach of the Los Angeles Rams to "kiss his ass" for failing to field him in Super Bowl XIV, his final NFL game?

April 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Laura Kamhuber   36,131 1,505 ... that Laura Kamhuber's (pictured) rendition of "I Will Always Love You" at The Voice Kids Germany is the most-watched YouTube video by an Austrian artist?
Hussein of Jordan   28,275 1,178 ... that Hussein (pictured) started his 46-year reign as King of Jordan in 1952 when he was a 17-year-old schoolboy?
Brian Wilson is a genius 24,812 1,033 ... that Brian Wilson is a genius?
Min fanglei   23,441 977 ... that the 3,000-year-old Min fanglei (pictured) set a world-record auction price for a piece of Asian artwork?
Razing of Friesoythe 21,843 910 ... that on 14 April 1945, the German town of Friesoythe was deliberately burnt down by the 4th Canadian (Armoured) Division and the ruins bulldozed on the orders of its commander?
Große Kirche Aplerbeck   17,413 ... that on 12 April 1945, a white flag was hung from the tower of the Große Kirche Aplerbeck (pictured), one of two churches after the same design by Christian Heyden, to signal capitulation?
The Daleks (Doctor Who)   16,817 725 ... that the budget for the Doctor Who serial The Daleks allowed for only four Daleks (one pictured) to be made?
Sarah Frey   16,786 1,398 ... that Sarah Frey (pictured) is the United States' most prolific pumpkin grower?
Shapira Scroll 15,517 646 ... that although its discoverer committed suicide after it was declared a forgery in 1883, the Shapira Scroll may be a Dead Sea Scroll after all?
R. Stevie Moore   14,869 619 ... that R. Stevie Moore (pictured) pioneered modern indie music, earning him the sobriquet "the godfather of home recording"?
Parable of the Polygons   14,697 1,224 ... that Parable of the Polygons (pictured), an interactive blog post based on game theory, shows that even a slight demand for diversity can reverse residential segregation?
Project Kingfisher, AUM-N-2 Petrel, AUM-N-4 Diver, SUM-N-2 Grebe, AUM-N-6 Puffin   5,828 + 4,500 + 1,318 + 1,336 + 1,691 = 14,673 611 ... that aerial torpedo-carrying missiles developed for the US Navy under Project Kingfisher included the Petrel (pictured), Diver, Grebe, and Puffin?
Rector v. MLB 13,942 580 ... that a fan brought a $10 million defamation suit against Major League Baseball after he was filmed sleeping at a game and the announcers allegedly made unflattering comments about him?
Murder of Harry and Harriette Moore   13,880 578 ... that Harry T. Moore and his wife Harriette were the only married couple to be assassinated (bombed house pictured) during the civil rights movement era?
A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, Gerald Kelley, Marlon Bundo's A Day in the Life of the Vice President, Charlotte Pence, Marlon Bundo   5,389 + 842 + 1,894 + 1,917 + 3,505 = 13,547 1,129 ... that a children's book illustrated by Gerald Kelley parodies another children's book written by Charlotte Pence about her pet rabbit Marlon Bundo (pictured) by portraying him as gay?
I'm a Good Ol' Rebel 7,304 + 6,194 = 13,496 ... that upon hearing the Confederate song "I'm a Good Ol' Rebel", the future King Edward VII requested a repeat performance of "that fine American song with the cuss words in it"?
Laura Barney Harding 13,453 560 ... that Laura Barney Harding once declared she was Katharine Hepburn's husband?
William Bliss Baker   13,444 560 ... that William Bliss Baker, a promising Hudson River School landscape painter (work pictured), died a week before his twenty-seventh birthday after being injured while ice skating?
United States v. Forty-Three Gallons of Whiskey
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
12,019 1,001 ... that the United States once sued 43 gallons of whiskey?
Duan Yihe 11,698 487 ... that congressman Duan Yihe was executed for blowing up his mistress, in one of the most shocking crimes involving a Chinese official?
Electrical disruptions caused by squirrels
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
  11,620 968 ... that squirrels may be a major cybersecurity threat (suspect pictured)?
Lin Hu (general) 11,561 482 ... that Lin Hu, a half-Russian orphan, joined the army at age 10 and grew up to become deputy commander of the Chinese Air Force?
Edmund Hillary
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
11,447 953 ... that Hillary's portrait is now being printed on the $5 bill?
Bob Nygaard 11,127 463 ... that Bob Nygaard, a private investigator specializing in psychic fraud, has been instrumental in the return of millions of dollars to victims of this crime?
Van Horne House   11,018 459 ... that at the Van Horne House (pictured) following the Battle of Bound Brook, the owner hosted British General Cornwallis for breakfast and American Generals Lincoln and Greene for supper?
Jōkō Obama
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
9,667 805 ... that Obama was born in Japan?
Fly Fishing: Memories of Angling Days
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
9,619 801 ... that Fly Fishing by J. R. Hartley, a non-existent book by a non-existent author, became a number one bestseller and had two sequels?
Trump Street
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
9,577 798 ... that Trump is directly connected to Russia?
9,506 ... that the robot CISBOT once found a baseball under New York City??
Woodside, Old Windsor
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
  9,389 782 ... that Daisy the dinosaur (relative pictured) lives with Elton John?
Disappearance of Jamie Fraley
(April 8, 2018)
9,168 382 ... that a person of interest in Jamie Fraley's disappearance 10 years ago today was later found dead of heat stroke in the trunk of his ex-girlfriend's car?
Macrobiotus shonaicus
(April 16, 2018)
9,023 376 ... that Macrobiotus shonaicus, a Japanese water bear, was first found in the parking lot of the apartment building where one of the researchers lived?
François de Vendôme, Vidame de Chartres   8,966 374 that François de Vendôme (pictured) lost favour at court by declining to marry brides chosen for him, including a second-generation royal bastard, and was eventually imprisoned in the Bastille?
Yao Xian (general) 8,364 349 ... that generals Yao Xian and Lin Hu were born in the same year, went to the same school, fought in the same war, held the same rank, and died on the same day?
Florence (video game)
(April 16, 2018)
8,300 346 ... that Florence shows the awkwardness of a first date through a puzzle minigame, which becomes easier as the main character becomes more comfortable?"
Strangers' Home for Asiatics, Africans and South Sea Islanders   8,072 672 ... that in 19th-century London, residents of the Strangers' Home (pictured) were "undefiled by even the shadow of an infidel"?
Peter Newton (winemaker) 8,015 333 ... that Peter Newton founded Sterling Vineyards and Newton Vineyard, and was very proud of his eight-year-old granddaughter, who "discovered" Harry Potter?
Jordan Poole
(Apr. 3, 2018)
8,167 ... that Jordan Poole's game-winning buzzer beater three point shot in the 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament was nearly identical to his shot in the 2017 Dick's National High School Championship Game?
Diogenes pugilator,
Paguristes eremita,
Pagurus forbesii
  5,043 + 1,687 + 1,235 = 7,965 331 ... that the hermit crab Diogenes pugilator (pictured) has to make do with the empty shells that Paguristes eremita and Pagurus forbesii don't want?
SAM-N-8 Zeus
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
7,915 659 ... that the United States Navy considered calling on Zeus to defend a battleship?
The Bible and humor 7,776 ... that it has been proposed that there are more than 1,000 examples of humor in the Bible?
Jigsaw (ransomware)
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
7,626 635 ... that Jigsaw wants to play a game with your computer?
East German balloon escape 7205 ... that in 1979, eight people escaped from East Germany to the West in a homemade hot air balloon?
Burgabo 6,840 285 ... that the UN Security Council has banned exports of charcoal from the Somali port town of Burgabo?
Gothic-arch barn   6,703 ... that an entire Gothic-arch barn (example pictured) could be ordered from the Sears & Roebuck catalog?
116th Infantry Regiment (United States) 6,478 997 .... that the US Army's 116th Infantry Regiment has battle honors for fighting against the United States?
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
6,283 523 ... that some people know Christ the Lord is risen today from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
6,197 516 ... that Hitler's demands for mobile phone gift cards may have upset some Nazis?
Emanuel Moravec 6,014 ... that in 1938, Emanuel Moravec called for Czechoslovakia to declare war against Germany?
Lafler v. Cooper
(Apr. 12, 2018)
5,939 247 ... that when dissenting from the US Supreme Court decision in Lafler v. Cooper, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote that the Court had elevated "plea bargaining from a necessary evil to a constitutional entitlement"?
(Apr. 1, 2018 – April Fools Day)
5,634 469 ... that some extinct ants were simply terrible?

May 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Wang Danfeng   32,488 1,354 ... that "legendary" Chinese actress Wang Danfeng‎ (pictured) was invited to attend the inauguration of US President Ronald Reagan?
Mary Greyeyes   20,283 845 ... that World War II servicewoman Mary Greyeyes (pictured, left) was incorrectly labeled as an "unidentified Indian princess" in a famous Canadian Women's Army Corps publicity photo?
2018 FA Cup Final 26,426 – (6,075 + 9,647)/2 = 18,565 773 ... that Manchester United are looking to match Arsenal's FA Cup winner's record in today's 2018 FA Cup Final against Chelsea?
Lynching of Amos Miller   18,783 ... that 23-year-old African-American Amos Miller was lynched in 1888 in Franklin, Tennessee, on the balcony of the Williamson County Courthouse (pictured)?
Anne Beaumanoir   17,356 723 ... that Anne Beaumanoir (pictured) and her parents were recognised as Righteous Among the Nations for saving two Jewish children in France during the Second World War?
Trident (UK nuclear programme)   17,010 708 ... that the UK's Trident nuclear missile submarines (HMS Victorious pictured) use a control system which the media have nicknamed "Windows for Submarines", because it is based on Windows XP?
This Is America (Childish Gambino song) 30,701 - (7,781 + 20,291)/2 = 16,665 694 ... that "This Is America" by Childish Gambino addresses the themes of being black in America and gun violence in the United States?
Iveta Mukuchyan,
Swallow Music Awards
  13,861 + 2,683 = 16,544 689 ... that Armenian singer-songwriter Iveta Mukuchyan (pictured) was named Best Female Singer of the Year at the 2018 Swallow Music Awards?
Stephen J. Herben Jr., George Foster Herben, Grace Foster Herben, Stephen J. Herben 4,576 = 3,743 + 3,002 + 1,718 = 13,039 543 ... that after a future philologist's older brother reportedly shot their missionary mother, their reverend father said he would not let the facts be known?
Erich Hoepner 12,592 ... that German World War II general Erich Hoepner was a member of the military resistance to Adolf Hitler, but was also implicated in crimes of the Wehrmacht?
West Ridge (ship) 10,977 457 ... that the wreck of a merchant ship thought to be West Ridge was found while searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?
Lynching of Samuel Smith 10,873 ... that no one was ever convicted of the 1924 lynching of 15-year-old African-American Samuel Smith in Nolensville, Tennessee?
Danzig Street shooting 10,824 451 ... that Toronto's worst mass shooting was committed by teenagers at a block party?
John C. H. Lee 10,746 447 ... that during World War II, Lieutenant General John C. H. Lee had his own railroad train?
William Norcott (satirist) 10,524 438 ... that the Irish lawyer and satirist William Norcott ended his life in poverty in Constantinople where he was reportedly decapitated and his body thrown into the sea?
Bisexual lighting   8,955 746 ... that bisexual lighting (colours pictured) has been criticized for contributing to the perpetuation of bisexual stereotypes?
The Black Book of Polish Jewry 8,878 369 ... that The Black Book of Polish Jewry, published in the United States in 1943 during World War II, downplayed the true scale of the Holocaust?
SS Otsego,
SS Bulgaria (1898)
  4,755 + 3,851 = 8,606 717 ... that prior to their naval service, USS Otsego (pictured in later army service) escaped destruction in an earthquake, and USS Philippines survived three weeks of storms at sea without a rudder?
The Emerald (building) 7,547 629 ... that the upper floors of a new high-rise building in Seattle will cantilever over an adjacent building?
Baron Kilkeel 35,693 - (42,358 + 14,006)/2 = 7,511 312 ... that the title Baron Kilkeel was given to Prince Harry as a gift from Queen Elizabeth II on his wedding day?
Disappearance of Brandon Swanson 7,389 616 ... that after police told Brandon Swanson's mother he had "a right to be missing" ten years ago today, she successfully lobbied for a state law requiring that such investigations start promptly?
Conquest of Murcia (1265–66) 7325 = 4,598 + 2,727 152 ... that James I of Aragon undertook the conquest of Murcia after a request for assistance from his daughter?
Ruby Boye   7,307 608 ... that Ruby Boye (pictured) was Australia's only female coastwatcher?
Corinne Foxx 9,848 - (2,891 + 2,646)/2 = 7,080 296 ... that Corinne Foxx changed her surname from Bishop as her father, Jamie Foxx, had done?
Duck Donuts 6,964 580 ... that Duck Donuts is named after Duck?
Queen Mamea 6,890 574 ... that in 1896, Queen Mamea offered her South Pacific island nation to the United States?
Hugh Mackenzie (Royal Navy officer)   6,808 567 ... that the British submariner Hugh Mackenzie (pictured) was credited with sinking over 40,000 gross register tons of enemy shipping, including Mussolini's yacht Diana?
Death of Ms Dhu 6,759 ... that a coroner's inquest into the death of Ms Dhu found that she suffered "unprofessional and inhumane" treatment by police and "deficient" treatment by hospital staff?
Cross in the Mountains   6,223 + 337 = 6,560 ... that the German painter Caspar David Friedrich's Cross in the Mountains (pictured) marked a "decisive break" in the history of landscape painting?
State communications in the Neo-Assyrian Empire 526 6,318 ... that the state communication system developed in the Neo-Assyrian Empire enabled communication speed unsurpassed in the Middle East until the advent of telegraphy?
Frederick Gilbreath   6,304 525 ... that Frederick Gilbreath (pictured) commanded the 7th Cavalry?
Triangular corner flags in English football   5,928 + 313 = 6,241 ... that contrary to popular belief, the use of triangular corner flags in English football (pictured) is not a right reserved only for FA Cup winners?
Katherine Keating 5,979 249 ... that in 1953, US Navy pharmacist Katherine Keating was an official witness for a prisoner of war exchange aboard the hospital ship USS Haven?
Lynching of Ephraim Grizzard 5,137 + 463 = 5,600 466 ... that Ephraim Grizzard was lynched in front of a mob of 10,000 in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 30, 1892?
Riot shield   5,212 434 ... that riot shields (example pictured) may actually encourage protesters to throw things at police?
Bai Xiangguo 5,180 432 ... that Bai Xiangguo, China's Minister of Foreign Trade, was dismissed because he "failed to withstand the poisonous snake that took the form of a beautiful woman"?
Persian column   5,034 420 ... that the ancient Persian columns of the Achaemenid Empire (example at Persepolis pictured) were revived by 19th-century Parsis in India, and in Iran in the 20th century?

June 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Bill Brown (rancher) 121,886 + 62,806 = 184,692 7,695 ... that Oregon rancher Bill Brown, known as the "Horse King of the West", often wrote checks on newspaper margins and soup can labels—which bankers would cash without question?
Moritz Wagner (basketball) 43,692 1,820 ... that Moritz Wagner was the first player to post 20 points and 15 rebounds in a NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament semifinal in over 30 years?
Gilgamesh   20,955 – (2,127 + 2,310)/2 = 18,737 780 ... that historians generally agree that Gilgamesh (pictured) was a historical king of the Sumerian city-state of Uruk?
Tony Appleton,
Prince Louis of Cambridge
  15,031 + 6,292 - (3,504 + 3,755)/2 = 2,663 = 17,694 737 ... that despite having no official role, the British town crier Tony Appleton (pictured) is internationally famous for his announcements of royal events such as the birth of Prince Louis of Cambridge?
Alma M. Grocki   16,103 670 ... that U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Alma M. Grocki (pictured) played a key role in the creation of breast insignia for the engineering duty officer role?
Death of Alloura Wells, Murder of Tess Richey, 2010–2017 Toronto serial homicides 4,140 + 3,824 + 7,646 = 15,610 650 ... that the deaths of Alloura Wells and Tess Richey, reported one day apart, renewed fears of a serial killer in Toronto's gay village?
Alfred Zech 11,823 + 3,188 = 15,011 623 ... that Alfred Zech received the Iron Cross when he was 12 years old?
Harry Buckwalter   14,491 604 ... that an experiment (pictured) by Harry Buckwalter led to a landmark decision allowing the first admission of X-ray evidence into a court of law?
Maria Bengtsson (soprano)   14,470 ... that a reviewer found Maria Bengtsson (pictured) believable and expressive when she first performed the title role of Arabella by Richard Strauss? (hook changed mid-day)
Low-key photography   14,124 588 ... that low-key photography (example pictured) consists of shooting dark-colored scenes while emphasizing light only on specific areas in the frame?
Wolfgang Straßmann 11,163 + 1,948 = 13,111 ... that Wolfgang Straßmann hid in the bed of a servant girl in Meno Burg's house in Berlin while his comrades were executed by Prussian troops?
Vickers Valiant   12,913 538 .. that Vickers Valiant XD818 (pictured) dropped the first British hydrogen bomb as part of Operation Grapple?
Ojos Locos 9,869 + 2,772 = 12,641 427 ... that Ojos Locos has waitresses called "chicas" and has been described as a "Mexican Hooters"?
Cockroach farming 12,553 523 ... that over a million cockroaches escaped when an unregulated cockroach farm building was bulldozed while the owner was out to lunch?
Vera Gedroits   11,584 482 ... that Princess Vera Gedroits (pictured)—good author but indifferent poet, lesbian but married a man—was a Russian military surgeon who pioneered battlefield laparotomy?
Endangered river   10,294 + 1,277 = 11,571 482 ... that the Rio Grande sometimes runs dry (pictured) and has been labelled an endangered river?
Lakewood station 11,054 ... that an allegedly phallic sculpture at Lakewood station attracted controversy because the area around the station had once been home to sex businesses?
Sfenj 9,847 410 ... that bakers of sfenj, a Maghrebi doughnut, are often nicknamed "Hitler"?
9:05 9,524 ... that 9:05 takes only five minutes to finish?
City of New York (1885 ship)   8,841 368 ... that the barque City of New York (pictured) was Richard E. Byrd's flagship on his first Antarctic expedition?
Raufarhólshellir 7,756 ... that the Icelandic lava tube Raufarhólshellir was temporarily closed in 2016 to remove several tonnes of garbage left by visitors?
Elza Polak 7,726 321 ... that after she was fired by fascists for being a Jew, agronomist Elza Polak ran a network of gardens to feed the Yugoslav Partisan resistance movement during World War II?
Petronius Maximus 7588 316 ... that after Petronius Maximus angered their king, the Vandals sacked Rome so thoroughly that their name is still used as a synonym for wanton destruction?
Potato production in Zimbabwe 7,413 309 ... that Robert Mugabe said that hunger in Zimbabwe might occur because Zimbabweans are "not potato eaters"?
Goat Canyon (Tijuana River Valley) 5,920 + 1,201 = 7,121 ... that sewage from Canon de los Laureles flows into the United States?
Rantzen v Mirror Group Newspapers (1986) Ltd and others 6,954 ... that the winner in Rantzen v Mirror Group Newspapers was awarded "Mickey Mouse money" by the jury, which was reduced on appeal for being disproportionate?
Edna Loftus 6,873 ... that actress Edna Loftus freed her fiancé from an asylum after his mother had him committed?
Li Qiang (minister) 6,699 ... that Li Qiang, the communications head of the Chinese Communist Party's intelligence agency, was forced to take refuge in the Soviet Union after the defection of his friend, the head assassin?
Potato production in China 6,578 ... that China is the world's largest producer of potatoes?
Flag of the British South Africa Company   5,769 + 808 = 6,577 ... that several different versions of the flag of the British South Africa Company (example pictured) were used in Rhodesia under Company rule?
2018–19 EFL Cup 6,256 ... that the 2018–19 EFL Cup will not feature ABBA and will have no extra time to ensure the winner takes it all?
Pierre Boulez   6,193 ... that a decade after suggesting that opera houses should all be "blown up", the French composer Pierre Boulez (pictured) conducted the centenary production of Wagner's Ring cycle at the Bayreuth Festival?
Mississippi's 4th congressional district special election, 1981 6,187 ... that a candidate in a 1981 congressional special election in Mississippi was kicked out of his leadership position with the Ku Klux Klan after going to a house party attended by neo-Nazis?
Goat Canyon (Tijuana River Valley) 5,920 ... that sewage from Canon de los Laureles flows into the United States?
Elias Polk 5,709 ... that Elias Polk, one of U.S. President James K. Polk's slaves, became a conservative political activist after the Civil War?
2018 Osaka earthquake 5,704 ... that the 2018 Osaka earthquake disrupted train services during the morning rush hour, forcing passengers to walk between the tracks?
(Is This the Way to) The World Cup 5,695 ... that Tony Christie asked whether this was the way to The World Cup and then declared it "crap"?
Leyla Express and Johnny Express incidents 5648 ... that after Cuba seized the freighter Johnny Express, Manuel Noriega helped negotiate the release of the captain?
Eunice Lam 5,565 ... that Eunice Lam, called the "prodigal daughter" of Hong Kong, was the sister-in-law of Bruce Lee?
Gil Cisneros 5,383 ... that after winning a USD$260 million Mega Millions jackpot, Gil Cisneros became a philanthropist?

July 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Tammie Jo Shults, Southwest Airlines Flight 1380   26,176 + 13,505 = 39,681 1,653 ... that Tammie Jo Shults (pictured), captain of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, was one of the first female fighter pilots in the US Navy?
Tina Strobos   30,903 + 3,213 = 34,116 1,421 ... that Dutch psychiatrist Tina Strobos (pictured), who rescued over 100 Jewish refugees during World War II, said that her grandmother was the only person she knew who scared the Gestapo?
Rene Strange   32,967 1,373 ... that the puppets of Rene Strange (pictured) included Annie Pride of the Rockies, Mr Bertram, and Samoa the Hula Hula Girl?
Donald Trump baby balloon 20,171 840 ... that the Donald Trump baby balloon (pictured) was flown over London's Parliament Square and Edinburgh's the Meadows?
Zoë Porphyrogenita   19,401 808 that the same day her husband was murdered, 55-year-old Byzantine Empress Zoë Porphyrogenita (pictured) married her young lover and had him crowned emperor the next day?
Death of Mustafa Tamimi   18,832 784 ... that the Israel Defense Forces exonerated the soldier who killed Mustafa Tamimi with a tear-gas canister (incident pictured), saying the soldier had not seen "any people in the line of fire"?
Operation Black Buck   18,777 782 ... that during Operation Black Buck, Avro Vulcan bomber XM607 (pictured) flew for nearly 15 hours to drop 21 bombs on the Falkland Islands?
Fanjingshan   17,901 746 ... that Fanjingshan (pictured), a sacred Buddhist mountain, was recently designated a UNESCO World Heritage site?
Castle Lake (Washington)   15,638 + 1,238 = 16,876 703 ... that Castle Lake (pictured) was created by the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens?
Brett Cantor 12,701 529 ... that since Brett Cantor's fatal stab wounds 25 years ago today were similar to those of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, O. J. Simpson's defense team was allowed to review the police case file?
Hailey Dawson   12,421 517 ... that 8-year-old Hailey Dawson (pictured) wants to throw out the first pitch in all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums using her 3D-printed robotic hand?
Female Red Guards of the Finnish Civil War 12,106 504 ... that over 400 female Red Guards were shot after being captured during the 1918 Finnish Civil War, with some being raped before execution?
Imperial German plans for the invasion of the United Kingdom 10,057 + 898 = 10,955 ... that a German plan for the invasion of the United Kingdom became part of the plot for a best-selling novel?
Zhu Yunming   10,417 434 ... that Zhu Yunming, an iconoclast known for his "wild-cursive" calligraphy (example pictured), was born with eleven fingers?
Dee Booher 10,380 433 ... that before she became a star in Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Dee Booher's first professional match was against a 700-pound (320 kg) bear?"
Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus 9,761 + 400 = 10,161 423 ... that when Marcus Bibulus opposed a law proposed by Julius Caesar, he was publicly soaked with excrement?
Youssef Obama 9,929 413 .. that footballer Youssef "Obama" Ibrahim was given his nickname due to his likeness to Barack Obama?
Li Lin (physicist)   9,871 ... that Li Lin, her husband, and her father (pictured together with her mother) were all academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences?
Theodora Porphyrogenita (11th century) 9,735 406 ... that Theodora was dragged from a monastery and forced to become Empress of the Byzantine Empire against her will?
Petticoat Revolution 9,545 398 ... that during the Petticoat Revolution, Laura Starcher became mayor of Umatilla, Oregon, while keeping her candidacy a secret from her husband—the current mayor—until the afternoon of election day?
Gothic War (535–554) 9,381 391 ... that during the 6th-century Gothic War, Rome was besieged three times by the Goths, falling and being sacked twice?
Qabaniso Malewezi 9,025 376 ... that Q wrote "Wikipedia"?
Michael IV the Paphlagonian 8,641 360 ... that before becoming Emperor of Byzantium, the young Michael IV was the previous emperor's body servant and his wife's lover?
Septimius Severus 7,767 324 ... that the Roman Empire reached its greatest extent under Emperor Septimius Severus?
List of Green Bay Packers retired numbers 7,187 299 ... that since their founding in 1919, the Green Bay Packers have retired the uniform numbers of only six players?
Macuahuitl 7,023 293 ... that there are accounts of a macuahuitl, a Mesoamerican weapon made from wood and stone, decapitating a horse?
Anastasius I Dicorus 6,717 280 ... that when Byzantine emperor Anastasius I died, he left a treasury with over 23 million gold solidi, equivalent to 420 long tons of gold?
Constantine III (Western Roman Emperor) 6,681 278 ... that the head of Constantine III was presented to his co-emperor Honorius on the end of a pole?
Ofir Ben Shitrit 5,939 247 ... that Ofir Ben Shitrit was suspended from her religious girls' high school after singing on The Voice Israel?
HMS Sultan (1775) 5,568 232 ... that at the Battle of Negapatam, when most of the fleet turned away from the action, HMS Sultan was one of four British ships that turned into it?
Seattle head tax 5,273 219 ... that Amazon responded to the proposed Seattle head tax by threatening to halt development of a downtown office tower?
Packers sweep 5,127 216 ... that Vince Lombardi's Packers sweep has been called one of the most famous American football plays in history?
Innocenzo Leonelli 5,069 211 ... that Innocenzo Leonelli gave his wealth to the poor and renounced his name to become a hermit?
Jean-Pierre Saint-Ours   5,020 209 ... that the five versions of Jean-Pierre Saint-Ours' painting Earthquake show his growing disillusion with politics after the French Revolution?

August 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan   36,118 1,504 ... that the painting Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan has been attacked and damaged twice (damage pictured)?
Chang and Eng Bunker   27,567 + (1,074 + 1,169)/2 = 26,446 1,101 ... that the conjoined liver of the Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker (pictured) is on display at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia?
Zheng Pingru   22,052 919 ... that Chinese spy Zheng Pingru (pictured), who was executed after an assassination attempt on a Japanese collaborator, is believed to have inspired the novella Lust, Caution, and its film adaptation?
Lernaeenicus sprattae, European sprat   14,631 + 3,919 = 18,550 772 ... that the parasitic sprat eye-maggot (pictured) attaches to its sprat host through its eye?
Alfons Tracki   18,190 758 ... that Alfons Tracki (pictured), a German-Albanian Christian martyr, worked to eradicate Gjakmarrja (blood feuds) from Northern Albania?
Maurice (emperor) 15,838 660 ... that the deposed Byzantine emperor Maurice was forced to watch his six sons executed before he was beheaded himself?
SMS Admiral Spaun   15,585 ... that after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Austro-Hungarian cruiser SMS Admiral Spaun (pictured) escorted his body back to Trieste?
John/Eleanor Rykener 12,625 526 ... that in 1394, John "Eleanor" Rykener was apprehended for committing a "detestable unmentionable and ignominious vice" in Cheapside and later confessed to having had sex with both friars and nuns?
Coeloplana astericola,
Echinaster luzonicus,
  9,719 + 1,360 + 546 = 11,625 484 ... that the creeping comb jelly lives on the surface of a starfish (pictured) in the family Echinasteridae?
Benjamin Goodwin Seielstad   11,013 458 ... that in 1939, Benjamin Seielstad drew four different versions of the end of the world ("giant meteor" collision pictured) for Popular Science Monthly?
Siege of Berwick (1333) 10,903 454 ... that when the besieged town of Berwick-upon-Tweed refused to surrender, the governor's son was hanged outside the town gates?
Jorge Luis Mendoza Cárdenas 10,632 443 that the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is looking for a man known as The Claw?
Brugada syndrome 10,485 437 ... that Brugada syndrome is known in the Philippines as Bangungut, or "a scream followed by sudden death during sleep"?
World Trade Center station (PATH) 10,422 434 ... that the $4 billion World Trade Center Transportation Hub, built after the September 11 attacks, was described as the world's most expensive train station?
Dee Booher 10,380 432 ... that before she became a star in Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Dee Booher's first professional match was against a 700-pound (320 kg) bear?
King Oak 10,337 430 ... that the trunk of the King Oak is more than 8 metres (26 ft) in girth?
Anastasia Soare 10,146 422 ... that Anastasia Soare is the "Eyebrow Queen"?
Torrance Barrens   10,118 421 ... that the Torrance Barrens (pictured) is Canada's first dark-sky preserve?
Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus 9,761 406 ... that when Marcus Bibulus opposed a law proposed by Julius Caesar, he was publicly soaked with excrement?
El Tatio   9,436 393 ... that El Tatio (pictured) is the largest geyser field in the southern hemisphere and one of two worldwide with the highest elevation?
Interstate 78 in New York 9,436 393 ... that a 156-foot (48 m) tunnel for the Lower Manhattan Expressway was built in New York City in the 1960s, but was never used?
Bratislava Working Group 9,152 381 ... that an illegal Jewish organization in an Axis puppet state proposed an ambitious scheme to bribe Heinrich Himmler into halting the systematic extermination of European Jews?
Takuyo-Daisan 9024 ... that Takuyo-Daisan was once an island in the South Pacific but is now a seamount off Japan?
Duck netting 8,977 374 ... that the sport of duck netting may be unique to the Imperial House of Japan?
Vampyr (video game) 8,137 339 ... that the developers of Vampyr chose to only include one save slot, so that the player's actions would have "real, meaningful impact"?
Atlantis (commune) 7,593 316 ... that Atlantis moved from Ireland to Colombia?
ContraPoints 7,293 304 ... that the YouTube channel ContraPoints releases humorous, left-leaning educational videos responding to the arguments of the growing community of right-wing YouTubers?
Take a Knee, My Ass (I Won't Take a Knee) 7,104 ... that Neal McCoy wanted his anti-protest song "Take a Knee, My Ass (I Won't Take a Knee)" to "bring people together"?
Tahlequah (orca) 6,633 ... that the killer whale Tahlequah carried her dead calf for over two weeks in an apparent showing of grief?
Incendiary balloon 7,168 298 ... that incendiary balloons made from condoms and party balloons, and incendiary kites, have been launched from the Gaza Strip and started hundreds of fires in Israel in 2018?
Averroes' theory of the unity of the intellect   6,343 ... that Andalusian philosopher Averroes (pictured) theorized that all human beings share a single intellect, and Thomas Aquinas wrote a treatise to refute this theory?
Aṅgulimāla   5.898 246 ... that in the midst of being chased by the brigand and serial killer Aṅgulimāla, the Buddha states "I am standing still, you are not standing still" (scene pictured)?
Capodimonte porcelain   5,379 224 ... that the factory producing Capodimonte porcelain (snuffbox pictured), including forty workers and nearly five tons of material, was moved from Naples to Madrid in 1759?
Franz Schubert   5,245 ... that Franz Schubert (pictured), a prolific composer of songs, symphonies and other works, gave only one public concert presenting his own works?
Fisher Ridge Cave System 5126 ... that the Fisher Ridge Cave System is the fifth-longest cave in the United States and one of the longest in the world?
Mary Fenton 5,078 ... that Mary Fenton, the first Anglo-Indian actress of the Parsi, Gujarati, and Urdu theatre, was introduced to acting by her husband, Kavasji Palanji Khatau?

September 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Bestwood Country Park   74,731 3,113 ... that one account has it that King Charles II offered his mistress Nell Gwyn (pictured) "all the land she could ride around before breakfast"—and the next morning she rode out early and encircled what would become Bestwood Park?
Paper car wheel   31,839 1,326 ... that paper wheels (pictured) provided a quiet and smooth ride in Pullman dining and sleeping cars?
Raindrop cake   28,185 1,178 ... that raindrop cake (pictured) is a dessert made of water and agar, and has practically no calories?
Disappearance of Tiffany Whitton 24,167 1,009 ... that five years ago today, Tiffany Whitton left her handbag and flip-flops behind when she ran out of a Walmart at 2 a.m., and has not been seen since?
Big Tips Texas, Redneck Heaven 9,614 + 11,561 = 21,175 882 ... that Big Tips Texas features scantily-clad waitresses from Redneck Heaven, a breastaurant whose body-paint events led to nudity law changes in at least three Texas municipalities?
Escape of Viktor Pestek and Siegfried Lederer from Auschwitz 21,134 880 ... that a Jewish prisoner at the Auschwitz concentration camp escaped disguised as an SS guard along with an SS-Rottenführer?
Fredy Hirsch 17,493 728 ... that Fredy Hirsch saved the lives of children at Auschwitz by impressing SS guards, even though he was Jewish and openly gay?
Seder-Masochism 15,410 642 ... that the 2018 animated film Seder-Masochism was said to turn parts of the Exodus (God figure pictured) "into Busby Berkeley-style song-and-dance numbers"?
Exocoetus volitans   13,541 564 ... that while attempting to escape from underwater predators, the tropical two-wing flyingfish (pictured) may find other hazards above the waves?
Helen Woodrow Bones   12,366 515 ... that Helen Woodrow Bones (pictured), US President Woodrow Wilson's first cousin, became a "surrogate First Lady" for 16 months between the death of his first wife and his second marriage?
Reginald St John Battersby 12,287 511 ... that Reginald St John Battersby joined the British Army aged 14, was commissioned at 15, and lost a leg at 17?
The Mass Extermination of Jews in German Occupied Poland 11,494 478 ... that The Mass Extermination of Jews in German Occupied Poland was the first official document to inform the Western Allies about the Holocaust?
Battle of Westerplatte 10,114 421 ... that the surrender of the Polish garrison at the Battle of Westerplatte on 7 September 1939 ended what has been described as the opening battle of World War II?
Mount Cayley massif   9,895 412 ... that the Mount Cayley massif (pictured) in British Columbia has been investigated as a potential geothermal energy resource?
Godfrey's Cordial 9,838 409 ... that Godfrey's Cordial, a popular infant sedative in Victorian Britain, led to numerous fatalities?
Luna moth   9,109 379 ... that the long tails on the hindwings of the Luna moth (pictured) are thought to interfere with echolocation detection used by predatory bats?
Elizabeth Kekaʻaniau   8,934 372 ... that Elizabeth Kekaʻaniau (pictured) was the last surviving royal student from the Chiefs' Children's School, a select school for the nobles and rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaii?
RX12874 8,811 367 ... that the Royal Air Force's "Winkle" system tracked aircraft by listening for their radar jammers?
Munafri Arifuddin 8,691 362 ... that Munafri Arifuddin ran unopposed for mayor of Makassar, Indonesia, won more than 250,000 votes, and lost?
Hamdi Kayapınar 8,671 361 ... that the first victim of the Turkish serial killer Hamdi Kayapınar was his sibling?
The Great God Pan 8,617 359 ... that Arthur Machen's novella The Great God Pan has influenced such writers as H. P. Lovecraft, Peter Straub, and Stephen King?
I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration 8,441 351 ... that The New York Times published the anonymous essay "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration" despite its history of publishing few such works?
It Came Out of the Sky 8,299 346 ... that Creedence Clearwater Revival's 1969 song "It Came Out of the Sky" was one of the first to criticize Ronald Reagan?
Tosia Altman 8,255 343 ... that Tosia Altman's blonde hair and fluency in Polish enabled her to pass as a gentile and travel between Jewish ghettos in German-occupied Poland to organize armed resistance to the Holocaust?
Ybor Stadium 8,244 343 ... that the proposed Ybor Stadium would be the smallest in Major League Baseball by seating capacity?
IranPride Day   8,227 342 ... that despite homosexuality being punishable by death, Iranian LGBT activists celebrate IranPride Day (logo pictured) by secretly photographing themselves holding rainbow flags in Tehran and other cities?
Chaim Topol 8,136 339 ... that the Israeli actor Topol, who won a Golden Globe for his performance as Tevye in the 1971 film Fiddler on the Roof, played the role in shows and revivals about 3,500 times?
Kimberley death adder 7,468 311 ... that one of the scientific names in use for the Kimberley death adder was given in honour of actor Burt Lancaster?
Mitsu Dan 7,204 300 ... that Japanese erotic film star Mitsu Dan writes fiction for literary magazines?
MIT Guyot 6,959 ... that a former island is named after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology?
Killing of Mollie Tibbetts 6,584 274 ... that a record reward was raised by the local Crime Stoppers in the month-long search for missing University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts, who was found dead in a cornfield?
Murder of April Tinsley 6,474 269 ... that Indiana police believe that the person who murdered 8-year-old April Tinsley in 1988 also left threatening notes with used condoms on girls' bicycles in 2004?
Leleiohoku II   6,416 267 ... that Prince William Pitt Leleiohoku II (pictured) formed the Kawaihau Glee Club, said to be composed of the "very purest and sweetest male voices to be found amongst the Native Hawaiians"?
Israa al-Ghomgham 6,300 262 ... that Israa al-Ghomgham could become the first Saudi woman to be beheaded as punishment for defending human rights?
Bombing of Wieluń   6,020 + 203 = 6,223 ... that Wieluń, Poland, became the first city to sustain major damage and casualties from German bombing (pictured) in World War II?
Vanessa Delgado 5,952 248 ... that Vanessa Delgado's 112-day term in the California State Senate will be the shortest tenure since 1903?
Parliamentary Entitlements Act 1990 5,845 ... that every Australian has the right to a free portrait of the Queen?
Kloster Gnadenthal, Hesse   5,734 ... that Kloster Gnadenthal (building pictured) was a Cistercian nunnery from 1235, a Protestant women's Stift from 1564, and became an ecumenical community in 1969?
Vienna porcelain   5,695 237 ... that exports of Vienna porcelain to the Ottoman Empire reached 120,000 pieces a year in the 18th century?
Petros Lantzas 5,004 208 ... that in 1608, Greek spy Petros Lantzas devised a plan to assassinate the Ottoman Sultan by placing a present containing explosives in front of him?
SpongeBob SquarePants (season 9) 5,003 208 ... that season 9 is the longest-running of SpongeBob SquarePants seasons, airing for four and a half years?

October 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Ronald J. Shurer   40,011 1,667 ... that US Army combat medic Ronald J. Shurer's (pictured) Silver Star commendation for service in Afghanistan is being upgraded to a Medal of Honor today?
No Bra Day 33,200 1,383 ... that today is No Bra Day, on which women are encouraged to go braless to promote breast cancer awareness and gender equality?
Hungry Tree   30,126 1,255 ... that the Hungry Tree in Dublin is "eating" a park bench (pictured)?
Boelcke-Kaserne concentration camp   18,484 770 ... that Nordhausen concentration camp (survivors pictured), where more than a thousand corpses were found, was described as "the most horrifying example of Nazi terrorism imaginable"?
Sturm Cigarette Company 15,827 659 ... that despite the party's anti-smoking faction, the Sturmabteilung was funded by a Nazi cigarette company (advertisement pictured)?
Frogmore Paper Mill   15,479 644 ... that Frogmore Paper Mill (pictured) is the oldest surviving mechanical paper mill in the world?
HMS Duke of Kent 13,857 577 .. that the designs for the 170-gun HMS Duke of Kent may have been fabricated in an attempt to claim credit for several ship-building innovations?
Salton Buttes 13,834 ... that as the Salton Sea dries up, the gryphons are multiplying?
May'n   13,805 575 ... that Japanese musician May'n (pictured) adopted her stage name because she wanted her fans to consider her their "main" singer?
Transport of Białystok children   13,064 544 ... that children from the Białystok Ghetto (pictured) panicked when told to undress and shower upon arriving at the Nazi concentration camp Theresienstadt, because they knew about gas chambers?
Ana María Campos   12,960 540 ... that Ana María Campos, who died 190 years ago today as a result of injuries from torture, is celebrated (monument pictured) as a heroine of the Venezuelan War of Independence?
Satyr   12,774 532 ... that satyrs (example pictured) are male nature spirits in Greek mythology known for their mischievous and bawdy behavior?
Spyridon Louis   12,638 526 ... that Greek water-carrier Spyridon Louis (pictured) became a national hero as a result of winning the inaugural modern Olympic men's marathon?
Raúl Meza Torres 12,527 522 ... that pictures of suspected 18-year-old assassin Raúl Meza Torres inspired other teenagers in Mexico to join organized crime?
Roderick Stephen Hall 12,401 516 ... that OSS agent Roderick Stephen Hall was betrayed and captured during a one-man mission in northern Italy in January 1945, and murdered by the SS?
Renee Rabinowitz 12,070 502 ... that in 2017, Renee Rabinowitz successfully sued El Al after the airline forced her to move at the request of a Haredi Jewish man who refused to sit beside her?
Beerbohm (cat) 11,862 494 ... that Beerbohm, a cat owned by the Gielgud Theatre, became famous for entering actors' dressing rooms, attacking props, and wandering across the stage during performances?
Sunday Bloody Sunday (John Lennon and Yoko Ono song) 11,839 493 .... that John Lennon was inspired to write the song "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by his anger over the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre?
Jill Janus 11,307 471 ... that heavy metal vocalist Jill Janus performed at the World Trade Center the night before the September 11 attacks?
Landing of the first Filipinos 9,887+1,333=11,220 467 ... that Filipinos became the first Asians to have a documented presence in the Americas when they landed in what is now California on 18 October 1587?
The Hexer 10,856 452 ... that The Hexer, the first attempt to portray The Witcher universe in film, was "crushed by the reviewers and laughed out by fans", and has since been described as "the film we all want to forget"?
Luitpoldpark   10,634 443 ... that passersby in Munich's Luitpoldpark may get soaked when a figure on the Pumuckl fountain (pictured) spits intermittently?
George G. Eitel   10,479 436 ... that Minneapolis surgeon George G. Eitel (pictured) was falsely rumored to have been shot at sunrise at Fort Snelling?
Madeleine Thompson   10,045 418 ... that at the age of 13, Madeleine Thompson (pictured) was the youngest wheelchair basketball player ever to represent Great Britain?
Padule di Fucecchio massacre 9,928 ... that the Padule di Fucecchio massacre, in which at least 174 Italian civilians were murdered, has been described as "one of the worst Nazi atrocities in Italy"?
Galán 9,893 412 ... that Galán, one of the largest exposed calderas in the world, contains the Laguna Diamante lake, where life has to tolerate extreme environmental conditions?
Justin I 9,836 409 ... that Justin I arrived at Constantinople as an illiterate teenage peasant and died as Emperor of Byzantium?
Raid of the Ghetto of Rome 9,599 399 ... that Pope Pius XII did not condemn the roundup and deportation of more than a thousand Jews "under his very windows" 75 years ago today?
Doom Island 9,561 398 ... that Doom was Dutch?
Led Zeppelin III 9,528 389 ... that the release of Led Zeppelin III was held up for two months because of its volvelle-based sleeve design?
Chen family homicides 9,346 397 ... that the unsolved killing of a Chinese immigrant family in Guilderland, New York, four years ago today was the first quadruple homicide in the state's Capital District?
Selangor silvered langur   9,309 388 ... that wild Selangor silvered langur monkeys (pictured) at Bukit Melawati in Malaysia sometimes touch or even climb onto human visitors?
Schloss Weilburg   9,188 382 ... that Schloss Weilburg, a Baroque garden palace, contains a Renaissance palace (engraving pictured)?
Pennsylvania Station (1910–1963) 8,675 361 ... that pieces of the original New York Penn Station have been found at a recycling center in the Bronx, underneath the New Jersey Meadowlands, and in other U.S. states?
Aglantha digitale   8,666 361 ... that Aglantha digitale (pictured) has a slow swimming action but a rapid escape response?
Max Troll 8,512 354 ... that between 1933 and 1936, Max Troll betrayed hundreds of fellow communists to the Bavarian Political Police, a forerunner of the Gestapo?
Caiazzo massacre 8,388 349 ... that the leader of the Caiazzo massacre on 13 October 1943 eluded arrest for nearly 50 years because authorities were searching for him under the wrong name?
Chaophraya Phrasadet Surentharathibodi   8,214 342 ... that Chao­phraya Phra­sadet Suren­thara­thibodi (pictured) wrote a manual on etiquette in order to teach proper manners to Siam's newly educated class?
Opener (baseball) 7,648 314 ... that several Major League Baseball teams adopted the "opener" strategy during the 2018 season?
Red porgy 7,472 311 ... that most red porgies change sex from female to male at some point during their lives?
George FitzGeorge Hamilton 7,400 308 ... that according to family lore, George FitzGeorge Hamilton, a godson of George V, was killed in a World War I bombing raid while retrieving his leave pass?
Wally Schirra 7,330 305 ... that Wally Schirra, one of the original seven astronauts in NASA's first manned spaceflight program, was Walter Cronkite's co-anchor during the seven Moon landings?
Pets of Imran Khan 7,294 303 .. that one of the dogs belonging to Imran Khan, the Pakistan prime minister, accompanies him on his daily helicopter ride to the office and in official meetings at his home?
Woman-Ochre 7,067 295 ... that in 2017, Willem de Kooning's Woman-Ochre was found for sale in a New Mexico antique store, 32 years after it was stolen from the University of Arizona Museum of Art?
Érick Valencia Salazar 7,008 292 ... that after the arrest of suspected drug lord El 85, shootouts, burning vehicles, and roadblocks were staged in Guadalajara, Mexico, possibly to allow his allies to escape undetected?
Vesteris Seamount 6,698 279 ... that an underwater mountain between Greenland and Norway has been compared to a coral reef?
Mary Jane Reoch 6,684 279 ... that Mary Jane Reoch rode 12 miles (19 km) to the hospital on her racing bike to give birth to her daughter?
Marco Polo (Doctor Who) 6,534 272 ... that the entire fourth serial of Doctor Who is missing after being erased by the BBC in 1967?
Don't Look Now (It Ain't You or Me) 6,308 263 ... that despite John Fogerty's agreement with hippie generation political concerns, his lyrics for Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Don't Look Now (It Ain't You or Me)" were critical of hippie attitudes?
Pensionado Act 6,121 255 ... that upon their return to the Philippines after attending college in the United States, pensionados were referred to as "American boys" and faced discrimination?
Imaqtpie 5,978 249 ... that professional League of Legends player Imaqtpie was married in a T-shirt and shorts?
Mako (roller coaster) 5,776 240 ... that upon its completion in 2016 at SeaWorld Orlando, Mako became the tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster in the Orlando area?
Schlosstheater Schönbrunn   5,635 234 ... that the palace theatre Schlosstheater Schönbrunn (hall pictured), commissioned by Maria Theresa, opened on 4 October 1747, the emperor's name day?
Chelsea porcelain factory   5,479 228 ... that in the mid-18th century, small "Toys" inscribed with "amorous suggestions" were made in Chelsea?

November 2018Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Warsaw Ghetto boy   26,455 1,102 ... that this photograph (pictured) was taken to glorify the SS men who suppressed the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, but helped convict them of murder?
Ivanhorod Einsatzgruppen photograph   24,820 1,034 ... that a right-wing West German newspaper claimed that a Holocaust photograph (pictured) depicting the murder of Jews in Ivanhorod, Ukraine, was a Communist forgery?
Avis Crocombe   20,727 863 ... that Victorian cook Avis Crocombe (pictured, right) prepared "dead man's leg" for the servants' hall at Audley End House?
Lady Angela Forbes   20,180 897 ... that the poet Edith Sitwell described Lady Angela Forbes (pictured) as "an elderly gorilla affected with sex appeal"?
Whose Boat Is This Boat? 19,682 786 ... that Donald Trump "accidentally" contributed to a children's book?
Ha! Ha! Pyramid   19,106 796 .. that the Ha! Ha! Pyramid (pictured), a monument commemorating a flood in La Baie, Quebec, is covered in 3,000 yield signs because the French words for "to yield" and "to help" have the same pronunciation?
Violet Friend   13,678+232 = 13,910 ... that the UK's Violet Friend anti-ballistic missile system was designed to use Bloodhound anti-aircraft missiles (example pictured) and radars to lower its cost?
Chalfont Viaduct   13,431 559 ... that the Chalfont Viaduct (pictured in 2009) on the M25 motorway was famous for its graffiti slogan "Give Peas A Chance"?
Schoharie limousine crash 12,949 540 ... that the stretch limousine involved in the recent crash near Schoharie, New York, killing 20, appeared at two vehicle inspections earlier this year with different license plates?
Catherine Kerrison   12,477 519 ... that historian Catherine Kerrison (pictured) thinks beauty is still important for any woman in the public eye?
German torpedo boat T24 11,175 467 ... that after being damaged twice by Allied ships, escorting a blockade runner, and hitting two mines, the German torpedo boat T24 was sunk by air-launched rockets
Lonely Tree, Tree of the Year (United Kingdom) 11,828 = 9,499 + 2,329 492 ... that the Lonely Tree was named Welsh Tree of the Year in 2014 despite having been blown over during a storm?
German torpedo boat T24 11,071 ... that after being damaged twice by Allied ships, escorting a blockade runner, and hitting two mines, the German torpedo boat T24 was sunk by air-launched rockets?
Dick Megugorac 11,071 461 ... that the custom cars built by Dick Megugorac were described as having "bomb-proof reliability" and "could be driven anywhere, anytime"?
Battle of Meligalas 10,700 445 ... that after the withdrawal of German forces, left-wing partisans defeated and summarily executed some 700 to 1,100 Nazi collaborators in Meligalas, Greece?
Dorsey Crowe 10,626 442 ... that Chicago alderman Dorsey Crowe survived falling 800 feet (240 m) from a plane and being thrown through the roof of a car?
Eir Aoi 10,223 425 ... that Japanese singer Eir Aoi initially did not show her mouth in promotional images as she wanted to have a "mysterious aura" and emphasize her "powerful" eyes?
Gilling sword 10,073 419 ... that in 1976, the Gilling sword was found in a river by a nine-year old boy, and was subsequently awarded its own Blue Peter badge?
Purple poppy   9,690 403 ... that the purple remembrance poppy was created to commemorate animals that served during wartime, but is not endorsed by The Royal British Legion which sells the official red remembrance poppy (pictured)?
Mount Judd (Nuneaton)   9,298 387 ... that Mount Judd (pictured) is also known as the "Nuneaton Nipple"?
Apotheosis (film) 9,169 382 ... that John Lennon and Yoko Ono were heckled for not riding in a hot air balloon?
René Velázquez Valenzuela 8,983 374 ... that Mexican suspected hitman René Velázquez Valenzuela shaved his head and grew his beard as a sign of loyalty to his boss?
Andy Stapp 8,795 366 ... that activist Andy Stapp joined the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War to build an anti-war movement within the military?
Kauhakō Crater 7,698 321 ... that the lake at the bottom of Kauhakō Crater has a greater depth-to-surface-area ratio than any other lake in the world?
Alfred George Pither   7,414 308 ... that Wing Commander Alfred George Pither established a network of radar stations (example pictured) in northern Australia?
Marcy Tigner 5,980 249 ... that as an adult, Marcy Tigner sold more than two million albums featuring her natural child-like voice?
Lula Mysz-Gmeiner   5,953 248 ... that Lula Mysz-Gmeiner (pictured), a contralto and influential voice teacher from Transylvania, performed lieder written for her by Max Reger and other prominent contemporaries?
Statue of Liberty (Seattle) 5,925 246 ... that Seattle's replica of the Statue of Liberty stands at around five percent of the original's height?
O'Byrne-class submarine 5,413 226 ... that when the O'Byrne-class submarines were seized by France before their sale to Romania, the Romanian Navy had to wait 15 more years to get its first submarine?
You're a Big Boy Now (novel) 5,151 ... that David Benedictus dedicated his 1963 satirical novel You're a Big Boy Now to "the only girl I've ever loved—wherever they may be"?
University of Reading War Memorial   4,951 + 60 = 5,011 ... that the University of Reading War Memorial (pictured), designed by Herbert Maryon in memory of fatalities from World War I, serves now as a memorial to servicemen who died in World War II and Afghanistan?

December 2018Edit

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Comparative illusion 127,304 10,609 ... that Escher sentences like "More people have been to Russia than I have" may initially be perceived as meaningful despite being ungrammatical nonsense?
Martin Hellinger   23,503 1,958 ... that the Nazi dentist Martin Hellinger (pictured), convicted of removing dental gold from victims at Ravensbrück, was released in 1955 and given a special grant to reopen his dental practice?
Li Minhua   16,128 1,344 ... that while raising two young children, Li Minhua (pictured) became the first woman to earn a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at MIT?
MLS Cup 2018 14,438 1,203 ... that in only its second season, Atlanta United FC has reached the MLS Cup, which will be played tonight?
Disappearance of Heather Elvis 13,365 1,114 ... that in the five years since the disappearance of Heather Elvis, there have been several trials related to the case but her whereabouts are still unknown?
1939 American Karakoram expedition to K2   12,507 1,042 ... that on the 1939 American K2 expedition, Dudley Wolfe and three Sherpas died high on the mountain (K2 pictured) after the Sherpas had climbed from base camp to rescue Wolfe but he would not come down?
Waffen-SS veterans in post-war Germany, Schnez-Truppe 1,667 + 9,057 = 10,724 893 ... that Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS veterans formed a 40,000-strong secret army in West Germany in 1949?
Throne Hall of Dongola   9,113 759 ... that the Throne Hall of Dongola (pictured) is the oldest preserved mosque in Sudan?
Anton Schmid 8,816 734 ... that Anton Schmid was one of only three German soldiers executed for rescuing Jews during the Holocaust?
The Death of General Montgomery in the Attack on Quebec, December 31, 1775   8,744 364 ... that American John Trumbull's The Death of General Montgomery in the Attack on Quebec, December 31, 1775 (pictured) was painted in the London studio of Benjamin West?
Pwllpriddog Oak 8,090 674 ... that the hollow Pwllpriddog Oak is said to have been used as the hiding place of a king, a meeting spot for lovers, a pig sty, a duck roost, and a music venue?
Victoria line   7,645 637 ... that the London Underground Victoria line (train pictured) was so named because it "sounded just right"?
German torpedo boat T22 7,497 312 ... that the German torpedo boat T22, along with two other torpedo boats, was blown up by naval mines while laying a minefield?
Provisional Army of the United States 7,273 606 ... that the Provisional Army of the United States had only seven officers?
Irritator   7,050 587 ... that Irritator (model pictured), a spinosaurid dinosaur, was named due to the frustration of palaeontologists who discovered that its skull had been covered with plaster by fossil dealers?
Stichopus herrmanni   6,813 567 ... that historically, curryfish (example pictured) was not commercially harvested because it disintegrated too easily when handled?
Gants Hill tube station   6,420 535 ... that the design of Gants Hill tube station concourse (pictured) was inspired by stations on the Moscow Metro?
Dan Crenshaw 5,998 500 ... that U.S. Representative-elect Dan Crenshaw lost an eye to an improvised explosive device while serving with SEAL Team Three in Afghanistan?
Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts 5,763 ... that after its defeat in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, Pakistan formulated a military doctrine designed to "Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts"?
Dawn Mabalon   5,694 .. that professor Dawn Mabalon's (pictured) proofs of discrimination against Filipino Americans led to the neighborhood of Little Manila being listed as one of America's Most Endangered Places?
Operation Totem   5,666 472 ... that The Atomic Tank (pictured) was subjected to the Operation Totem nuclear tests, but remained operational for another 23 years, including 15 months in the Vietnam War?
When Megan Went Away 5,633 469 ... that the publisher of the first picture book with lesbian characters wanted to change the names of Megan and Shannon, lest readers believe that "only women with Irish heritage were lesbians"?
Lackawanna Limited wreck 5,587 465 ... that an airplane carrying an emergency shipment of blood plasma for victims of the Lackawanna Limited wreck landed on a runway illuminated by automobile headlights?
LOL (2006 film) 5,478 ... that the entirety of the film LOL was improvised?
German torpedo boat T23 5,322 443 ... that instead of meeting the blockade runner MV Alsterufer at a fixed rendezvous point in the Atlantic Ocean, the German torpedo boat T23 encountered two British cruisers?
Molly Morgan 5,274 439 ... that Molly Morgan became the mistress of a ship captain so that she could escape from the colony where she lived?
Eight Li brothers   5,148 429 ... that of the eight Li brothers (pictured), the eldest taught Mao Zedong, the second became the "father of Chinese popular music", and the youngest wrote a novel that was adapted into an Oscar-nominated film?