List of people who disappeared mysteriously: 1910–1990

This is a list of people who disappeared mysteriously: 1910–1990 or whose deaths or exact circumstances thereof are not substantiated. Many people who disappear end up declared dead in absentia and some of these people were possibly subjected to forced disappearance.

This list is a general catch-all; for specialty lists, see Lists of people who disappeared.


Date Person(s) Age Missing from Circumstances Refs.
1910 Alexander Pfitzner 29 Marblehead, Massachusetts, U.S. Hungarian-American engineer and aviation pioneer who designed and flew the first monoplane to be built in the United States. Reported as suicidal due to his lack of commercial success, Pfitzner is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in the Marblehead Harbour. His body was never found, and there were reported sightings of him in New York City. [1]
12 December 1910 Dorothy Arnold 25 New York City, New York, U.S. Manhattan socialite and perfume heiress Dorothy Arnold vanished after buying a book in New York City. She intended to walk through Central Park, but was never seen again. [2]
23 August 1912 Bobby Dunbar 4 St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, U.S. Bobby Dunbar disappeared during a fishing trip. A child found in the custody of William Cantwell Walters of Mississippi eight months later was ruled to be Bobby Dunbar by a court-appointed arbiter, and Walters was found guilty of kidnapping. The child grew up as Bobby Dunbar, had four children of his own, and died in 1966. In 2004, DNA tests proved that the child found was not related to Bobby's brother, Alonzo. [3]
March 1912 Sebastiano DiGaetano 49–50 New York City, New York, U.S. DiGaetano disappeared shortly after stepping down as boss of a Brooklyn, New York crime family. It is believed he and his wife returned to Italy, but that is not known for certain. [4]
December 1913 Ambrose Bierce 71 Chihuahua, Mexico American writer known for "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" and The Devil's Dictionary was supposedly last heard from in a letter of December 1913 to his secretary and companion, Carrie Christiansen. Theories of his demise are plentiful; some claim that he perished in war-torn Mexico or perhaps was executed as a spy in the municipal cemetery of Sierra Mojada, Coahuila, where a gravestone bearing his name was erected in 2004. Joe Nickell, however, concluded that Bierce deliberately misled the public about his destination, and that Bierce actually went to the Grand Canyon where he committed suicide. [5][6][7][8]
16 January 1914 F. Lewis Clark 52 Santa Barbara, California, U.S. Clark, a businessman from the U.S. state of Idaho, disappeared while visiting Santa Barbara, California, and after getting on a train. [9]
September 1914 František Gellner 33 Galicia The Czech poet, short story writer, artist and anarchist was reported missing on 13 September 1914. [10]
c. 1914 Alejandro Bello Silva 27 Chile A lieutenant in the Chilean Army, Silva disappeared during a qualifying examination flight over central Chile that was to be his final flight. At some point during the flight, Bello became lost in the clouds and was never seen again. Although search efforts commenced within hours, no trace of him or his aircraft was ever found. [11]
25 January 1915 Arthur Lang 24 Cuinchy, France English first-class cricketer and serviceman of the Grenadier Guards who was reportedly killed in action during the First World War, with his body having never been found. [12]
12 August 1915 Frank Beck 54 Gallipoli, Turkey Land agent for the British royal family and volunteer leader of a company who was killed during the Gallipoli campaign. His remains have never been recovered. [13]
February 1916 David M. Kelly 75 Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. An American lawyer, politician, and Civil War veteran, earlier in his life he was the 29th speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly. He was last seen at his law office in Boston and was thought to be taking a train home to his residence in Sharon, Massachusetts. He was never found, despite a search conducted by hired detectives. [14]
8 August 1916 Oscar Linkson 28 Guillemont, France English footballer enlisted in the 1st Football Battalion to fight in France. He went missing during the Battle of the Somme during a battle to seize Guillemont, and his body was never found. [15]
14 September 1916 Luigi Forlano 32 Nova Vas nad Dragonjo, Slovenia Italian footballer and founding partner of the Juventus F.C. club who fought as a captain in the Bersaglieri during the First World War. He went missing in Novi Vas after combating Austrian forces, and his remains were never recovered. [16]
11 September 1917 Georges Guynemer 22 Belgium Georges Guynemer French pronunciation: ​[ʒɔʁʒ ɡinmɛːʁ], who mysteriously disappeared on 11 September 1917 in Poelcappelle was a French World War I flying ace. Reported missing in action on failing to return from a combat flying mission, Guynemer was never seen or heard from again. [17]
27 October 1917 Arthur Rhys-Davids 20 United Kingdom A British flying ace and veteran of the Third Battle of Ypres. Rhys-Davids was reported missing in action on 27 October 1917. His aircraft was last seen over the Belgian city of Roeselare. [18]
27 May 1918 William Fiske 32 Aisne, France English professional football goalkeeper and serviceman of the Border Regiment who was killed in action during the Third Battle of the Aisne. His remains were never recovered. [19]
June 1918 Knud Andersen 51 England Danish mammalogist Knud Andersen mysteriously disappeared in 1918. His colleague Oldfield Thomas submitted his final manuscript on his behalf, stating that Andersen expected "to be absent from his scientific work for some time." [20]
28 July 1918 Antoine Cordonnier 26 France French flying ace who scored five aerial victories during his tenure. After being transferred to Escadrille 15, he vanished without a trace. [21]
14 August 1918 Herbert Gould 26 United Kingdom Gould was a British World War I flying ace credited with six aerial victories. He and his gunner/observer, Second Lieutenant Ewart William Frederick Jinman, were reported missing in action near Douai, France, on 14 August 1918. [22]
3 September 1918 Arnaldo Berni 24 Punta San Matteo, Italy Royal Italian Army soldier noted for using his mountaineering skills to repel the Austro-Hungarian Army. He was declared missing in action during the Battle of San Matteo. [23]
15 May 1919 Aaron Aaronsohn 42 English Channel Jewish agronomist, botanist, Zionist activist, and spy for the British Forces in Egypt during World I. Romanian born and lived most of his life in the Land of Israel, then part of the Ottoman Empire. Aaronsohn was the discoverer of emmer (Triticum dicoccoides), believed to be "the mother of wheat."
2 June 1919 Mansell Richard James 25 Tyringham, Massachusetts, U.S. Canadian flying ace James was last seen in western Massachusetts on 2 June, just days after a record-setting flight between Atlantic City and Boston. [24]
2 December 1919 Ambrose Small 56 Toronto, Canada The Canadian millionaire disappeared from his office. He was last seen at 5:30 pm on 2 December 1919 at the Grand Opera House. [25]


Date Person(s) Age Missing from Circumstances Refs.
1920 Homer Lemay 6 Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S. Lemay disappeared in 1920, and on 8 March 1921 the body of an unidentified boy was found murdered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and nicknamed Little Lord Fauntleroy. Many years later authorities said that the body might have been that of Lemay. [26][non-primary source needed]
1 April 1920 Alexander Trishatny 50 Russia Russian politician and founding member of the Union of the Russian People who was detained and disappeared by Cheka authorities. [27]
21 April 1920 Sergei Trishatny 55 Saint Petersburg, Russia Founding member of the Union of the Russian People who was arrested and promptly disappeared Cheka authorities for his connection to the monarchist party, just 20 days after his younger brother Alexander. [28]
c. September 1920 Clayton Kratz 23 Molotschna, Ukraine The Mennonite relief worker from the U.S. state of Pennsylvania left the U.S. on 1 September 1920 to travel to Russia. He did not return from the trip and was never heard from again. [29]
28 September 1920 Victor Grayson 39 London, England The British former Member of parliament was not seen again after 28 September 1920 after telling friends he was going to the Queen's Hotel in Leicester Square and would be back, but did not return. He was also seen the same day by an artist who knew him entering a house in Thames Ditton belonging to Maundy Gregory, corrupt honours dealer, who is alleged to have murdered Grayson who had been investigating his activities. [30]
29 April 1921 ? Alexander Dubrovin 66 Moscow, Russia Russian politician and leader of the Union of the Russian People who was supposedly arrested and killed by Cheka authorities for organizing pogroms and murders in the mid-1900s. However, poor record keeping and claims from different historians place his last known sightings from 1918 to 1929, making it unclear when his actual disappearance occurred. [31]
22 September 1922 Alejandro Carrascosa 21 Buenos Aires, Argentina Carrascosa, an Argentine poet, writer and student, disappeared on 22 September and left hints that he was not going to be seen again, and was not. [32]
8 June 1924 Andrew Irvine 22 Northeast ridge, Mount Everest The English mountaineer, who took part in the 1924 British Mount Everest expedition, was last seen high on the mountain's northeast ridge on 8 June 1924 and his body has not been found. [33]
1924 Liu Menggeng unknown Republic of China Menggeng, a politician and physician of the Republic of China and Manchukuo, left office in 1924 and was never seen again. [34]
29 May 1925 Percy Fawcett 57 Mato Grosso, Brazil Fawcett, a British archaeologist and explorer, together with his eldest son Jack and friend Raleigh Rimell, was last seen traveling into the jungle of Mato Grosso in Brazil to search for a hidden city called the Lost City of Z. Several unconfirmed sightings and many conflicting reports and theories explaining their disappearance followed, but despite more than a dozen follow-up expeditions and the recovery of some of Fawcett's belongings, their fate remains a mystery. [35]
5 November 1925 Sidney Reilly 47–48 Moscow, Soviet Union British spy Sidney Reilly set off for the Soviet Union in an attempt to overthrow the Bolshevik regime and was said to have been captured and shot on 5 November 1925 but it is not known for sure since no location of his body is known. The photo of him seen dead was said to be alleged and it was even speculated that he was still alive, given that there were later sightings of him. [36][37]
13 November 1925 Alice Corbett 19 Northampton, Massachusetts, U.S. An American college student, Corbett was last seen leaving her residence on the campus of Smith College on the morning of 13 November. Extensive searches of urban and wilderness areas across Western Massachusetts failed to yield any evidence of her fate. Her case received wide publicity through regional newspapers and national wire services. [38]
April 1926 Frederick McDonald 53–54 Sydney, Australia An Australian politician, McDonald set off from Martin Place, Sydney, for a meeting with Jack Lang two blocks away but failed to arrive. He was possibly murdered by his political rival Thomas Ley. In 1947, Ley was convicted at the Old Bailey of the "Chalkpit Murder", that of a barman in England, and sentenced to hang, but was then declared insane and sent to Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital, where he died of a cerebral hemorrhage two months later. [39]
30 October 1926 Marvin Clark 75 Portland, Oregon, U.S. A retired American sheriff, Clark disappeared en route to visit his daughter by stagecoach during the Halloween weekend. His disappearance has the distinction of being the oldest active missing person case in the United States. [40]
6 August 1927 Włodzimierz Zagórski 45 Vilnius, Lithuania An Austro-Hungarian military intelligence officer, Polish brigadier general, staff officer and aviator disappeared. [41]
25 August 1927 Paul Redfern 25 Brazil An American musician and a pilot from Columbia, South Carolina, who became known during the summer of 1927 for attempting to fly from Brunswick, Georgia to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He disappeared after 25 August 1927. [42]
10 March 1928 Walter Collins 9 Los Angeles, California, U.S. Walter disappeared from his home in 1928. He was later determined to have been murdered by Gordon Stewart Northcott in what was known as the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders. His disappearance and the attempt by the Los Angeles police department to convince his mother that a different boy was her son formed the basis of the 2008 film Changeling. [43][44][45]
18 November 1928 Glen Hyde 29 Grand Canyon, Arizona, U.S. The American newlyweds Glen and Bessie Hyde were last seen 18 November 1928 and disappeared while attempting to raft the Colorado River rapids of the Grand Canyon. [46]
Bessie Hyde 22
15 April 1929 J. Steward Davis 38–39 Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. Davis, an American political activist and a lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland, disappeared under suspicious circumstances on 15 April 1929 and was never heard from again. [47]


Date Person(s) Age Missing from Circumstances Refs.
19 April 1930 Crosbie Garstin 42 Salcombe estuary, England Crosbie Garstin was a very successful novelist and a poet who on 19 April 1930 mysteriously disappeared in Salcombe estuary. Garstin's ultimate fate is unknown. [48]
6 May 1930 Tony Buccola 40 Los Angeles, California, U.S. Tony Buccola was Los Angeles crime family boss who "vanished"; the only trace of him was his wrecked car found two days after his disappearance in Venice, California. [49]
15 May 1930 Mary Agnes Moroney 2 Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Agnes went missing after her mother, a struggling 17-year-old mother of two, gave her to a stranger calling herself "Julia Otis" in exchange for $2 on the understanding that the woman would take care of the girl in California for a short time and then return her to the Moroneys' Chicago home when things were better. She never did, and the ensuing investigation attracted national media attention. The girl was never located, and the case remains the oldest unsolved missing-persons case of this nature in the files of the Chicago Missing Persons Bureau. A California woman's belief that she was Mary Agnes has subsequently been disproven by DNA testing. [50][51]
6 August 1930 Joseph Force Crater 41 New York City, New York, U.S. An associate justice of the New York Supreme Court, Crater was last seen after eating a meal at a restaurant. Crater was never seen or heard from again. His mistress, Sally Lou Ritz, 22, was falsely said to have disappeared a few weeks later, but was interviewed by police as late as July 1937. Crater's disappearance, which prompted one of the most sensational manhunts of the 20th century, was the subject of widespread media attention and a grand jury investigation. Crater was declared legally dead in 1939 and his missing persons file was officially closed in 1979; however, cold case squad detectives have investigated new leads as recently as 2005. [52][53][54]
24 October 1930 Emil Kauppi 55 Tampere, Finland Kauppi was a composer primarily known for his 1925 composition Päiväkummun pidot (The Feast at Solhaug). Following the premiere of his poorly reviewed Nummisuutarit (The Cobblers on the Heath), he disappeared in Tampere, and is thought to have committed suicide. [55]
15 October 1931 Joseph Ardizzone 46 California, U.S. Los Angeles crime family boss; vanished while driving from his home to pick up a relative; declared legally dead seven years later. No trace of him was ever found. [56]
1932 Jack Black c. 61 New York Harbor, U.S. Author Jack Black is believed to have committed suicide in 1932 by drowning as he reportedly told his friends that if life got too grim, he would row out into New York Harbor and, with weights tied to his feet, drop overboard. [57]
17 February 1933 Julien Torma 30 Tirol, Austria A French Dadaist writer, Torma never returned from a 17 February trip into the Austrian Tirol. [58]
1933 C. B. Johnston c. 38 Ohio, U.S. Johnston, American college athlete and coach, sent a postcard to his wife from Zanesville, Ohio, saying he was on his way to Chicago to publish a book after being fired as head football coach of what is now Appalachian State University. No one heard from him after that. [59]
1934 Wallace Fard Muhammad 56–57 Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Founder of the Nation of Islam, Muhammad left Detroit and was never heard from again. [60]
19 February 1934 Georg Baumann 42 Shanghai, China Estonian Greco-Roman wrestler who was erreneously reported as having died during the Second World War, but later reports claim that he had died sometime before February 19, 1934, while working as a wrestler and circus artist. [61]
November 1934 Everett Ruess 20 Escalante, Utah, U.S. Ruess, a young American artist, disappeared while traveling through the deserts of Utah. [62][63]
22 November 1934 Etta Riel 20 Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S. Riel was an American woman who vanished on the day of a scheduled paternity hearing against her former boyfriend. The case was complicated by anonymous telephone calls placed to a local train station the night of her disappearance and a telegram sent to her attorney weeks later from an unknown individual impersonating her. Extensive police searches across Central Massachusetts failed to locate her and the case was never solved. [64]
1935 Li Yuan 43–44 China Li Yuan was a politician of the Republic of China (and later Manchukuo) who disappeared in 1935. The circumstances of his later life and death are unknown. [65]
1936 Miguel Arcángel Roscigna 45 Argentina Argentine anarchist militant, politician and fugitive who fled the country after being released from prison, never to be seen again. [66]
19 August 1936 Federico García Lorca 38 Spain García Lorca was a Spanish poet, playwright, and theatre director. He is believed to have been killed by Nationalist forces at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. His remains have never been found. [67]
7 December 1936 Jean Mermoz 35 Aubenton, France French air pilot Jean Mermoz went missing on 7 December 1936 while flying his Latécoère 300 Croix-du-Sud near Aubenton, Aisne. It is assumed that the plane crashed in the sea, but it is unconfirmed since his body was never recovered. [68]
3 June 1937 Juliet Stuart Poyntz 50 New York City, New York, U.S. An American communist and ex-intelligence agent for the Soviet Union, Juliet Poyntz disappeared on 3 June 1937. A police investigation turned up no clues to her fate, and her belongings, all of her clothing and hand luggage in her room appeared to be untouched. [69][70]
17 April 1938 Andrew Carnegie Whitfield 28–29 New York City, New York, U.S. Whitfield, the nephew of wealthy steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, mysteriously disappeared shortly after he departed from Roosevelt Field on Long Island, New York on the morning of 17 April 1938. [71]
8 May 1938 Marjorie West 4 McKean County, Pennsylvania, U.S. Marjorie West was a missing American child who disappeared on May 8, 1938. [72]
Summer 1938 Willie McLean 34 Chicago, Illinois, U.S. A Scottish-born American soccer player, Willie McLean disappeared without a trace in the summer of 1938. [73]
2 July 1938 Alfred Beilhartz 4 Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, U.S. American child who disappeared after falling behind the group while hiking with his family during a vacation at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. [74]
19 March 1939 Lloyd L. Gaines 28 Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Gaines was a central figure in the legal case Missouri ex rel. Gaines v. Canada, which was an early success for the civil rights movement. One evening, he left his Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house in Chicago, having told the housekeeper he was going to buy some stamps, and was never seen or heard from again. Some accounts suggest he was living in New York or Mexico City in the late 1940s. [75]
3 September 1939 Rita Gorgonowa 38 Poland Gorgonowa, a governess who was convicted of murdering a child in her care, disappeared after being released from prison. [76]
7 December 1939 Barbara Newhall Follett 25 Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S. An American child prodigy novelist, Follett had enjoyed critical and commercial success with two novels published before she was 14 in the late 1920s. Her work suffered after that due to the collapse of her parents' marriage and changing popular tastes; she became increasingly despondent throughout the 1930s until in 1939, believing her husband had been involved with another woman, she walked out of her apartment with $30 ($589 in 2021) and was never seen again. [77]


Date Person(s) Age Missing from Circumstances Refs.
1940 Kou Yingjie unknown China Yingjie who was also known as "Bichen" had belonged to the Zhili clique was a military leader of the Republic of China that had existed in between 1912 and 1949. Yingjie disappeared sometime in the 1940s after he was promoted to a higher position in the General Staff Office and was never heard of again. [78]
28 November 1940 John Dundas 25 English Channel, England English RAF pilot and fighter ace credited shooting down Helmut Wick, Nazi Germany's deadliest flying ace. Dundas was purportedly shot down himself moments later, and his body was never found. [79]
22 June 1941 Wolfgang Schellmann 30 Grodno, Belarus German Luftwaffe aviator and fighter ace who went missing on the first day of Operation Barbarossa, presumably being killed in combat. [80]
25 June 1941 Dmitry Ivanyuk 41 Slawharad, Belarus Soviet Red Army colonel and leader of a 4th Army division who vanished without a trace during Operation Barbarossa. He was declared missing in action on July 17, 1941. [81]
July 1941 Thomas C. Latimore 51 Hawaii, U.S. American naval officer Thomas C. Latimore, who was captain of the USS Dobbin and the 24th (22nd unique) Governor of American Samoa, disappeared in Hawaii believed to be in July 1941. [82]
15–18 July 1941 Vasily Yevdokimov 43 Belarus Major general of the Red Army who commanded the 50th Rifle Division in the Byelorussian SSR during Operation Barbarossa. He was discharged and sent to a civilian hospital after he suffered a mental breakdown, but his further fate is unknown. [83]
1941 Jaan Tõnisson 72 Estonia As one of the foremost Estonian political leaders, Tõnisson was arrested during the Soviet occupation and was thought to have been shot but his exact whereabouts after that remain unknown. [84]
August 1941 Alter Rotmann 25–26 Odessa, Ukrainian SSR Rotmann, a Romanian, Moldovan and Soviet poet, was last seen in August 1941 in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR and is believed to have died after that. [85]
3 October 1941 Heinrich Hoffmann 28 Yelnya, Russian SSR German Luftwaffe flying ace who was presumably shot down by a Soviet aviation regiment. [86]
7 October 1941 Konstantin Rakutin 39 Semlyovo, Russian SSR Major general of the Red Army who led the Yelnya offensive during Operation Barbarossa. He never returned from the frontlines, and was declared killed in action in 1946. [87]
6 December 1941 Alexander Zatonski 26 Cyrenaica, Libya American RAF pilot and member of the No. 238 Squadron who disappeared while engaging a German Messerschmitt Bf 109. Neither his remains nor his plane were ever recovered. [88]
14 February 1942 Franz Eckerle 29 Velikiye Luki, Russia German Luftwaffe fighter ace and aerobatics pilot who was presumably shot down and killed while fighting in Soviet territory. [89]
22 March 1942 Arved Crüger 30 Near Malta German Luftwaffe Geschwaderkommodore who was reputedly shot down by British forces in Malta. [90]
16 August 1942 Lt. Ernest DeWitt Cody 27 Pacific Ocean United States Navy crewmen who disappeared during a routine antisubmarine patrol aboard the blimp L-8, off the coast of California. L-8 floated inland and crashed in Daly City, but no trace of the crewmen have ever been found. [91]
Ens. Charles Adams 35
November 1943 Vasily Bantsekin 20 Gomel Region, Byelorussian SSR Red Army soldier and recipient of the Hero of the Soviet Union medal who went missing during the Gomel-Rechitsa Offensive, and was presumably killed by German forces. [92]
20 November 1943 Dan Billany 30 Capistrello, Italy An English novelist, Billany was last heard from in 1943. He was last seen 20 November 1943 in Capistrello, Italy. [93]
1943 Abraham Gancwajch 41–42 Warsaw, Poland Gancwajch, a prominent Nazi collaborator in the Warsaw Ghetto during the occupation of Poland in World War II and a Jewish "kingpin" of the ghetto underworld, was last seen in 1943 and is rumored to have been killed. [94][95]
1943 Josef Jennewein 23 Oryol, Russia Josef Jennewein was a German world champion alpine skier from St Anton am Arlberg, Austria who mysteriously disappeared in Oryol on 27 July 1943, and was never seen or heard from again. [96]
1943 Endre Rudnyánszky 57–58 Russia A Hungarian lawyer, military officer, and communist Rudnyánszky was last seen in Russia in 1943. It is believed that he may have died that year. [97]
6 March 1943 Hans Beißwenger 26 Staraya Russa A German Luftwaffe fighter ace reported missing in action following an air battle close to Lake Ilmen in Staraya Russia on 6 March 1943. [98]
15 August 1943 Moriz Seeler 46 Riga, Latvia Seeler, a German poet, writer and film producer, disappeared in 1943 when he was said to have been deported by the Nazis to Latvia. He went missing from the capital city of Riga and is believed to have been murdered at Theresienstadt Ghetto. [99]
19 August 1943 Max Stotz 31 Kirov, Russia Austrian Luftwaffe military aviator and Staffelkapitän who was presumably shot down by opposing forces while on an aerial mission. His remains were never recovered. [100]
5 September 1943 Heinz Schmidt 23 Kotelva, Ukrainian SSR German Luftwaffe military aviator and fighter ace thought to have been accidentally shot down by allies while fighting in the Ukrainian SSR. [101]
27 November 1943 Lee Kizzire 27 Wewak, Papua New Guinea American football player and later USAAC pilot who was shot down over Papua New Guinea. His plane was found in a lagoon, but his remains were never recovered, and Kizzire was declared dead on January 22, 1946. [102]
26 December 1943 Edward Cragg 24 Cape Gloucester, New Britain A flying ace with fifteen confirmed kills reported missing in action close to Cape Gloucester, New Britain on 26 December 1943. His P-38 aircraft was last observed descending to the ground after being shot down in combat with enemy fighters. Minutes before Cragg's being shot down, he had claimed his 15th aerial victory, becoming a triple ace. He was declared legally dead in 1946. [103]
1943–1944 Herschel Grynszpan 22 Magdeburg, Germany Grynszpan was the Jewish exile from Germany whose 1938 assassination of diplomat Ernst vom Rath in Paris, France was the trigger for Kristallnacht in Germany. For various reasons, largely legal delays, a planned trial was never held in either France or (after 1940) Germany during which Grynszpan was held in various prisons and concentration camps. Adolf Eichmann testified at his 1961 trial in Jerusalem that he had interrogated Grynszpan in Magdeburg in either late 1943 or early 1944, but after that there is no record of his whereabouts or ultimate fate. The West German government had him declared legally dead in 1960. [104]
1944 Gustav Albrecht, 5th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg 36–37 Close to the Belarusian city of Orsha Gustav Albrecht, 5th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg was the head and prince of the House of Sayn-Wittgenstein whose father was Richard, 4th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg. He disappeared in 1944 while he was close to the Belarusian city of Orsha, and was never heard from or seen again. [105]
c. January 1944 Bonifacio Mencias 56 Philippines Filipino physician and guerilla sympathizer arrested by the Kenpeitai for his affiliation with the anti-Japanese forces. It is presumed that he was executed by them not long after his arrest, but his ultimate fate is unclear. [106]
c. January 1944 Ilya Timofeyevich Osipov 22 Soviet Union Red Army soldier who took part in numerous battles, most notably the Battle of the Dnieper. He would be awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, but disappeared mysteriously in January 1944. [107]
22 January 1944 Otto Gaiser 24 Berdychiv, Ukraine German Luftwaffe flying ace and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross who was presumably shot down by Soviet anti-aircraft forces while battling a Il-2 Sturmovik. [108]
23 April 1944 Rocco Perri 56 Hamilton, Canada An organized crime figure in Ontario, Perri was last seen alive in Hamilton, Ontario on 23 April 1944. His body has never been found and there was speculation that he was murdered by being thrown into Hamilton Harbour after he was fitted with cement shoes. [109]
7 August 1944 Horst Ademeit 32 Daugavpils, Latvia German Luftwaffe fighter ace and military aviator who disappeared while pursuing a Russian Ilyushin Il-2. He was declared missing in action, and has not been seen since. [110]
18 August 1944 Sheila Fox 6 Farnworth, England Fox disappeared in Farnworth, near Bolton, Lancashire. Witnesses claim they saw Sheila riding on the handlebars of a bike being pedalled by a 25–30-year-old man. In 2001 a witness came forward claiming he saw a local resident digging a hole on his property in the area where Sheila disappeared. The property owner was revealed to have been convicted of rape and child molestation but Sheila's remains were not found. [111]
26 August 1944 Toshio Kuroiwa 35 Malay Peninsula Japanese IJN warrant officer and fighter pilot who participated in one of the first official shootdowns of enemy aircraft during the January 28 incident in 1932. After retiring from service, he and the civilian aircraft he in vanished over the Malay Peninsula, never to be seen again. [112]
27 August 1944 Josefa Llanes Escoda 46 Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines Filipina civic leader, social worker and founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines who was arrested, tortured and presumably executed by the occupying Japanese forces on January 6, 1945. [113]
26 October 1944 Gertrude Tompkins Silver 33 Palm Springs, California, U.S. Silver is the only Women Airforce Service Pilots member to go missing during World War II. She departed from Mines Field (Los Angeles International Airport) for Palm Springs, on 26 October 1944, flying a P-51D Mustang destined for New Jersey. She never arrived at Palm Springs and due to reporting errors, a search for her was not started until three days later. Despite an extensive ground and water search no trace of Gertrude or the aircraft were found. [114][115]
3 November 1944 Ján Golian 39 Flossenbürg concentration camp, Germany Slovak general and organizer of an army during the Slovak National Uprising, fighting against the occupying Nazi forces. He and another general were captured in Pohronský Bukovec and transported to Flossenbürg, where both men were presumably tortured and killed. [116]
8 November 1944 Peter Deinboll 29 unknown Norwegian engineer and resistance fighter who took part in sabotage operations against German locomotives. He disappeared in transit between the United Kingdom and Norway, and he has never been seen since. [117]
15 December 1944 Glenn Miller 40 Clapham, England The American big-band musician and leader of the US Army Air Forces Band, Miller disappeared over the English Channel in a UC-64 Norseman during a flight from Clapham to Paris. [118]
1944 Erna Petermann 31–32 Germany Petermann was a high-ranking female overseer at two Nazi concentration camps during the closing of World War II. She was last seen in 1944. [119]
1944 Karla Mayer 35–36 Auschwitz, Germany Mayer was a German guard at three Nazi death camps during World War II. She disappeared in 1944 and her fate remains a mystery. [120]
17 January 1945 Raoul Wallenberg 32 Budapest, Hungary A Swedish diplomat credited with saving the lives of at least 20,000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, Wallenberg was arrested on espionage charges in Budapest following the arrival of the Soviet army. His fate remains a mystery despite hundreds of purported sightings in Soviet prisons, some as recent as the 1980s. In 2001, after 10 years of research, a Swedish-Russian panel concluded that Wallenberg probably died or was executed in Soviet custody on 17 July 1947, but to date no hard evidence has been found to confirm this. In 2010, evidence from Russian archives surfaced suggesting he was alive after the presumed execution date. [121][122]
31 January 1945 Eduard Deisenhofer 35 Arnswalde, Nazi Germany German Waffen-SS commander who served in several combat divisions on the Eastern and Western fronts, who disappeared while travelling to a new command post. [123]
23 February 1945 Rudolf Lange 34 Poznań, Poland (alleged) German Sicherheitsdienst member serving in Riga, Latvia, who ordered the mass extermination of numerous Jews in several ghettos. Shortly after being reasigned to Poland, he was surrounded by Soviet forces, and is thought to have either died or committed suicide during battle. [124]
26 February 1945 Millard Harmon 57 Marshall Islands One of the highest-ranking Americans to die in World War II, Harmon and several fellow high-ranking members of the American military disappeared while traveling between Kwajalein Atoll and Hawaii. His aircraft was never found. [125]
28 February 1945 Heinz Schubert 37 Oderbruch, Germany (alleged) Composer and kapellmeister who had a successful career in Nazi Germany, despite his reservations about the regime. Shortly after his draft into the Volkssturm as a gunner, Schubert disappeared and was allegedly killed in battle. [126]
April 1945 Aleksejs Anufrijevs 33 Courland Pocket, Latvia Latvian basketball player who become the first European champion after winning a gold medal at EuroBasket 1935. Following the Soviet occupation of Latvia, he was conscripted in the Red Army, and disappeared during service in April 1945. [127]
21 April 1945 Emil Stürtz 52 Düsseldorf, Germany Emil Stürtz was a German Nazi Party politician and official who went missing on 21 April 1945. Stürtz was never seen again and his ultimate fate is unknown. [128]
24 April 1945 Günther Lützow 32 Schrobenhausen, Germany German Luftwaffe aviator and flying ace credited with over 110 enemy aircraft shot down in various conflicts. While flying with the Jagdverband 44, he was shot down while attempting to intercept an enemy bomber plane, and his remains were never recovered. [129]
25 April 1945 Erich Hilgenfeldt 47 Berlin, Germany High-ranking Nazi Party official who is thought to have committed suicide to avoid capture by the Allies, but his body was never found. [130]
May 1945 Walter Julius Bloem 47 Berlin, Nazi Germany German writer and Waffen-SS soldier who disappeared during the fighting surrounding Berlin. [131]
1 May 1945 Heinrich Müller 45 Führerbunker, Germany Müller, a Nazi Gestapo chief, was last seen in the Führerbunker on the evening of 1 May 1945. While there he had stated that his intention was to avoid being taken into custody by the Soviet forces advancing on Berlin. His CIA file and related documents state that while the record is "...inconclusive on Müller's ultimate fate... [he] most likely died in Berlin in early May 1945." Other theories have suggested that he either escaped to South America like many other fugitive Nazis and lived out his life there (the Israelis continued to investigate his whereabouts into the 1960s) or was protected by U.S. or Soviet intelligence under a new identity. He is the most senior Nazi official whose fate is unknown. [132]
8 May 1945 Julius Hirsch 53 Auschwitz-Birkenau, Germany Olympian footballer who played for the Germany national football team during the 1912 Summer Olympics. In 1943, he was deported by the Nazis to the Auschwitz concentration camp, and has not been seen since. [133]
8 May 1945 Robert Byerly 29 Gross-Rosen, Germany American-born Canadian soldier and agent for the British Special Operations Executive. One of an estimated 40,000 individuals killed at the Gross-Rosen concentration camp. [134]
15 May 1945 Franjo Babić 37 Maribor, Slovenia Croatian writer and journalist who attempted to flee to the Allies, but was killed by Yugoslav Partisans near Dravograd. [135][better source needed]
May 1945 Hildegard Neumann 26 Germany Neumann, a chief overseer at several Nazi concentration camps, transition camps and detention camps, disappeared in May 1945 after she left the Ravensbrück concentration camp. It is claimed that she died in 2010. [136]
14 February 1945 Supriyadi 21 Blitar, East Java, Indonesia Supriyadi disappeared after the failed PETA revolt against Japanese occupation on 14 February 1945. Later that year, he was named Minister for People's Security in the first cabinet formed by the newly declaring-independence Indonesia. However, he failed to appear and was replaced on 20 October 1945 by ad interim minister Muhammad Soeljoadikusuma. To this day his fate remains unknown. [137][138]
August 1945 Genrikh Lyushkov 45 Manchukuo, Empire of Japan Lyushkov was a high-level Soviet defector and former Far East NKVD chief. A participant in the Great Purge he fled, to avoid what he believed would be arrest and execution, into the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. After his defection he became a military consultant and analyst for the Imperial Japanese Army. He disappeared during the Soviet invasion of Manchuria and was reported as being last seen in a crowded train station in Dairen (Dalian) in August 1945. Several theories exist about his fate, but he is presumed to have died in 1945, killed by either Soviet or Japanese forces. [139]
1 August 1945 Naoshi Kanno 23 Miyagi Prefecture, Empire of Japan A Japanese fighter ace with twenty-five confirmed kills. Kanno disappeared on August 1, 1945, off the island of Yakushima. His remains were never found. [140][141]
20 October 1945 Alfred Partikel 57 Darß, Germany A German painter, Partikel disappeared while picking mushrooms in the woods near Ahrenshoop. [142]
24 December 1945 Maurice Sodder 14 Fayetteville, West Virginia, U.S. Five of the nine Sodder children, aged 5 through 14, who lived in their parents' home, were presumed to have died in a fire that destroyed the house. However, no remains were found in the ashes the morning after the fire and some small bone fragments found during subsequent investigations turned out to have been planted. Later reported sightings of some of the children and suspicions that the fire had been arson rather than an accident led the family to believe that the children were still alive. The family kept a billboard offering a reward for information on their fate up at the house site until the late 1980s. [143]
Martha Sodder 12
Louis Sodder 9
Jennie Sodder 8
Betty Sodder 5
1945 Johnny Jebsen 28 Germany Jebsen was an anti-Nazi German intelligence officer and British double agent (code name Artist) during the Second World War. Jebsen recruited Dušan Popov (who became the British agent Tricycle) to the Abwehr and through him later joined the Allied cause. Kidnapped from Lisbon by the Germans shortly before D-Day, Jebsen was tortured in prison and spent time in a concentration camp before disappearing, presumed killed, at the end of the war. [144]
1 December 1946 Paula Jean Welden 18 Bennington, Vermont, U.S. The Bennington College sophomore disappeared while walking on the Long Trail near Glastenbury Mountain. [145][146]
16 January 1947 Daniel S. Voorhees 33–34 Los Angeles, California, U.S. Voorhees, a transient restaurant porter who confessed to the murder of Elizabeth Short, checked out of a hotel in Los Angeles, California, on the morning of 16 January 1947 and was never seen again. [147]
9 April 1947 Joan Gay Croft 4 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S. In the aftermath of the Glazier–Higgins–Woodward tornadoes, 4-year-old Joan Gay Croft and her sister Jerri were among refugees taking shelter in a basement hallway of the Woodward hospital. As officials sent the injured to different hospitals in the area, two men took Joan away saying they were taking her to Oklahoma City. She was never seen again. Over the years, several women have come forth saying they suspect they might be Joan, but none of their claims have been verified. [148][149]
6 March 1947 Lai Teck 45–46 Bangkok, Thailand Teck, a leader of the Communist Party of Malaya and Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army, disappeared in 1947 and is believed to have been killed. [150]
1 June 1948 Virginia Carpenter 21 Denton, Texas, U.S. Virginia Carpenter, a 21-year-old college student, disappeared on June 1, 1948. She was last seen by a taxi driver around 9:30 p.m, and despite extensive efforts to locate her and tips being submitted as late as 1998, Carpenter has never been found. [151]
28 December 1948 Airborne Transport DC-3's crew and passengers Various Off the coast of Florida, U.S. The Douglas DST airliner, registered NC16002, disappeared with three crew and twenty-nine passengers on board during a scheduled flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Miami. No discernible cause was uncovered, and it remains unsolved. [152]
7 October 1949 Jean Spangler 26 Los Angeles, California, U.S. Aspiring actress Spangler went missing under mysterious circumstances. She left her home in Los Angeles after telling her sister-in-law that she was going to meet with her ex-husband before going to work as an extra on a film set. She was last seen at a grocery store several blocks from her home at approximately 6:00 pm. Two days later Spangler's tattered purse was discovered in a remote area of Griffith Park approximately 5.5 miles (8.9 km) from her home. She left a note addressed to "Kirk". Police ruled out a connection to the actor Kirk Douglas. Also ruled out was her ex-husband, but other theories included an illegal abortion that resulted in her death and a connection with gangsters. [153][154]
18 October 1949 Dorothy Forstein 40 Pennsylvania, U.S. American housewife Forstein disappeared in Pennsylvania on 18 October 1949. Her two children reported that they witnessed an unknown man carrying Dorothy over his shoulder downstairs and she was never seen again. [155][156]
1949 Francis Hong Yong-ho 43 North Korea Hong Yong-ho, a Roman Catholic prelate, was imprisoned by the communist regime of Kim Il-sung in 1949. He has never been seen again. [157]


Date Person(s) Age Missing from Circumstances Refs.
14 January 1950 Richard Colvin Cox 21 West Point, New York, U.S. A second-year military cadet, Cox disappeared from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York after he met an unknown man, known as "George", three times over the course of a week. On the third occasion, Cox and "George" left the grounds of the academy and were never seen again. [158][159]
2 December 1950 James E. Johnson 24 Chosin Reservoir, Korea A sergeant in the United States Army and veteran of two campaigns in the Pacific, Johnson was presumably killed in combat while providing cover fire for his wounded comrades. His remains were never recovered, and he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his valiant actions. [160]
January 1951 Ram Prasad Rai 41–42 Tibet Rai was a major figure in the Nepali revolutionary of Revolution of 1951. After Rai fled to Tibet in January of that year he was never seen again and is presumed to have been killed by Government forces, while he was in the caves. [161]
19 April 1951 Vincent Mangano 63 New York, U.S. A mafia crime boss of the Mangano crime family (the future Gambino crime family), Vincent Mangano disappeared on the same day that his brother Philip Mangano was found murdered. They are believed to have been murdered on the orders of Albert Anastasia as part of a coup. [162][163]
25 April 1951 Charles L. Gilliland 17 Tongmang-ni, Korea United States Army soldier who was presumably killed in after providing covering fire for fellow soldiers from Chinese forces. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, the youngest recipient of the award. [164]
24 August 1951 Beverly Potts 10 Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. Potts, an American schoolgirl, disappeared while walking home from an entertainment event at Halloran Park. She is believed by police to have been abducted and murdered, possibly by someone she knew and trusted as she was shy and fearful of strangers. [165][166]
1953 Rudolf Mildner 51 Germany Mildner was an Austrian-German SS-Standartenführer who served as the chief of the Gestapo at Katowice and also was the head of the political department at Auschwitz. After the war Mildner testified at the Nuremberg Trials and remained in custody until 1949. It is believed that his disappearance was intentional, to avoid prosecution, and that he died in 1953. Adolf Eichmann claimed to have met Mildner in Argentina in 1958 but this claim has not been verified. [167]
15 March 1952 John Robert Baldwin 33 Korea RAF fighter pilot and top scoring flying ace who was presumably killed in action while fighting in the Korean War. [168]
19 April 1953 Ronald Tammen 19 Oxford, Ohio, U.S. Tammen, a student at Miami University, left his Fisher Hall room at approximately 8 p.m. on 19 April 1953 to get new bed sheets from the Hall manager because a prankster had put a fish in his bed. Tammen took the sheets and returned to his dorm room to study psychology, which was the last time he was definitely seen. At 10:30, Tammen's roommate returned to find Tammen's psychology book lying open on his desk and all the room lights on, but Tammen was not there. When Tammen failed to return the following day, a search began. To this day, Tammen's fate remains unknown. [169]
13 July 1953 Henry Borynski 42 Bradford, England Borynski, a Polish Catholic priest and outspoken anti-Communist, disappeared on 13 July 1953 in Bradford, Yorkshire when he left his residence following a phone call. [170]
24 October 1953 Evelyn Hartley 15 La Crosse, Wisconsin, U.S. Hartley disappeared from a neighbor's home while babysitting. [171][172]
23 November 1953 Felix Moncla 27 Lake Superior, U.S. Pilot First Lieutenant Felix Moncla along with Second Lieutenant Robert Wilson, radar operator, disappeared when their United States Air Force F-89 Scorpion was scrambled from Kincheloe Air Force Base, and subsequently went missing over Lake Superior, while intercepting an unknown aircraft in Canadian airspace close to the Canada–United States border. The USAF claimed the second aircraft was Royal Canadian Air Force C-47 Dakota VC-912, crossing Northern Lake Superior from west to east at 7,000 feet en route from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Sudbury, Ontario. The RCAF stated it had no record of such an incident. [173][174]
Robert Wilson 22
13 August 1954 Haji Sulong 58–59 Songkhla, Thailand Thai separatist who advocated for greater autonomy for the Jawi community in the country. He disappeared after he was ordered to go to the police station, and has not been seen since. [175]
1955 Stanley Mathenge 36 Kenya Mathenge, a Mau Mau leader who disappeared in 1955, was later alleged to be living in Ethiopia, but has not been seen since. [176]
20 May 1955 Herman Schultheis 55 Guatemala A Walt Disney Studios photographer and technician in the Special Effects Department, best known for his work on Fantasia, Pinocchio, Dumbo and Bambi, Herman Schultheis disappeared on 20 May 1955. He is believed to have perished in a Guatemalan jungle. [177][178]
19 July 1955 Weldon Kees 41 Marin County, California, U.S. Kees was an American poet, painter, literary critic, novelist, playwright, jazz pianist, short story writer, and filmmaker who went missing. On 19 July 1955 a car owned by Weldon Kees was discovered on the Marin County side of the Golden Gate Bridge. While Kees had talked about jumping over the railing of the bridge, he stated that he was physically unable to accomplish the task. [179]
31 October 1955 Steven Damman 2 East Meadow, New York, U.S. Steven Damman, a two-year-old boy, went missing outside a grocery store along with his seven-month old sister. His sister was found several blocks away unharmed, but Steven's whereabouts remain unknown. [180]
12 March 1956 Jesús Galíndez 41 Manhattan, New York City, U.S. Spanish politician and Basque nationalist who is thought to have been kidnapped and murdered by Dominican security agents on the orders of Rafael Trujillo. His body has never been located. [181]
1957 Bob Lymburne 48 Canada Lymburne represented Canada at the 1932 Winter Olympics in ski-jumping. Three years later, while training, he suffered a head injury. After 1957, he wandered into the woods and was not seen again. .[182]
7 December 1958 Kenneth Martin 58 Hood River, Oregon, U.S. The Martin family of Portland, Oregon disappeared in the Columbia River Gorge while on a drive. Six months later the bodies of the two youngest daughters were recovered on the Columbia River although the whereabouts of the mother, father and eldest daughter remains unsolved. [183]
Barbara Martin 48
Barbara "Barbie" Martin 15
31 December 1959 Mary Flanagan 16 London, England A London-Irish teenager who disappeared from her West Ham home on New Year's Eve, 1959, and the UK's longest missing persons' case. [184]


Date Person(s) Age Missing from Circumstances Refs.
1961 Masanobu Tsuji 59 Laos The Japanese army officer and politician disappeared on a trip to Laos. [185]
31 August 1961 Ann Marie Burr 8 Tacoma, Washington, U.S. Burr disappeared from her home in the middle of the night on 31 August 1961 while sleeping in an upstairs room with her 3-year-old sister. Law enforcement have theorized that serial killer Ted Bundy, then 14 years old, was responsible for her abduction, as he resided in the same neighborhood. Bundy denied involvement, however, and a 2011 DNA analysis was inconclusive. [186]
24 October 1961 Joan Risch 31 Lincoln, Massachusetts, U.S. Risch was last seen in her driveway by a neighbor, and several unconfirmed sightings were reported on local roads later that day. Evidence in her house at first suggested foul play, but that opinion was reassessed when a local newspaper found that she had checked out two dozen books about mysterious disappearances and unsolved murders from the library over the preceding summer. [187][188][189]
19 November 1961 Michael Rockefeller 23 Netherlands New Guinea (modern-day West Papua, Indonesia) Michael, the son of New York Governor and future Vice-president Nelson Rockefeller, disappeared during an expedition in the Asmat region of southwestern Netherlands New Guinea. [190][191]
30 May 1962 Archie E. Mitchell 44 Vietnam Mitchell, a minister, and Vietti, a doctor, working with the Christian and Missionary Alliance were taken captive by the Viet Cong on 30 May 1962. What became of them after that is unknown. [192][193]
Eleanor Ardel Vietti 34
1962 Sam Sary 45 Cambodia A Cambodian politician, Sam Sary disappeared in 1962 and may have been put to death. [194]
8 April 1962 Anthony Strollo 62 Fort Lee, New Jersey, U.S. A caporegime in the Genovese crime family, Strollo was last seen leaving his residence in Fort Lee, New Jersey. He is believed to have been murdered on the orders of Vito Genovese in retaliation for having conspired to have Genovese imprisoned for drug trafficking. No one was ever charged in his disappearance. [195]
12 August 1964 Charles Clifford Ogle 41 Oakland, California, U.S. Ogle took off from Oakland International Airport in his Cessna 210, a single-engine aircraft, and is believed to have been heading over the Sierra Nevada when he disappeared. [196][197]
11 October 1964 Reed Jeppson 15 Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S. Disappeared while walking his two dogs, but none of them ever returned. Jeppson was reported missing, with his sister believing that he had been kidnapped. [198]
8 May 1965 Carl R. Disch 26 Byrd Station, Antarctica American ionospheric scientist who vanished while travelling between radio noise building and the main station complex in Byrd Station. A search party was organized to locate him, but Disch has never been found. [199]
23 June 1965 Charles Rogers 43 Houston, Texas Rogers was an American seismologist, pilot, and a suspect in the murder of his parents Fred and Edwina Rogers, whom he was living with at the time. In what became known as the Icebox Murders, Fred and Edwina's remains were found butchered and stored in the refrigerator of their Houston home.[200] No trace of Rogers had ever been found, and he was declared dead in absentia in 1975. He was the only suspect in the murder of his parents. Police leads had led the authorities to theorize that Rogers eventually fled to Honduras, where he was killed in a wage dispute.[201]
29 October 1965 Mehdi Ben Barka 45 Paris, France Moroccan politician Mehdi Ben Barka disappeared while in exile in Paris where he is believed to have been killed and buried. [202][203]
1966 Kim Bong-han c. 50 North Korea The North Korean medical surgeon disappeared in 1966. [204]
26 January 1966 Jane Nartare Beaumont 9 Adelaide, Australia The Beaumont children – Jane Nartare, Arnna Kathleen, and Grant Ellis – disappeared from a beach near Adelaide and have not been seen since. [205][206]
Arnna Kathleen Beaumont 7
Grant Ellis Beaumont 4
13 March 1966 Susan Pearson 30 Missoula, Montana, U.S. A graduate student and instructor at the University of Montana, Pearson disappeared days before she was due to submit her doctoral thesis. Her abandoned car was discovered in downtown Missoula. Her whereabouts remain unknown. [207]
9 June 1966 Wikana 51 Jakarta, Indonesia Wikana, an Indonesian Communist Party leader, disappeared on 9 June. He was allegedly murdered as part of the Indonesian mass killings of 1965–1966. [208]
2 July 1966 Ann Miller 19 Indiana Dunes State Park, Indiana, U.S. Miller, Blough, and Bruhl, three young women from the Chicago suburbs, were last seen after leaving their blanket and personal effects behind on a crowded beach to get on a boat in Lake Michigan. Theories have ranged from an offshore illegal abortion gone wrong, resulting in the other two women being killed as witnesses, to a hit ordered by Silas Jayne, a Chicago-area horse breeder implicated after his 1987 death in a number of unsolved murders related to a bitter feud with his brother. [209][210][211]
Patricia Blough 19
Renee Bruhl 21
September 1966 Chu Anping 56 China Chinese scholar and liberal journalist Chu Anping disappeared in September 1966. [212]
26 March 1967 Jim Thompson 61 Cameron Highlands, Malaysia Thompson, a former U.S. military intelligence officer who once worked for the Office of Strategic Services (and later known as the "Thai Silk King" for his revival of the Thai silk industry), failed to return from an afternoon walk in the Cameron Highlands in Pahang, Malaysia, quickly prompting a huge manhunt. No trace of him has ever been found. [213][214]
7 June 1967 James P. Brady 59 Saskatchewan, Canada Brady, a Canadian Metis leader, and Cree friend Abraham Halkett disappeared while on a prospecting trip in northern Saskatchewan. An extensive land, air, and water search located their camp but failed to find any trace of either man. [215]
Abraham Halkett 40
10 December 1967 John Lake 37 New York City, New York, U.S. The sports editor of Newsweek, Lake mysteriously disappeared in December 1967, last seen heading for the subway after work. [216][217]
17 December 1967 Harold Holt 59 Portsea, Victoria, Australia. On 17 December 1967, Harold Holt, the Prime Minister of Australia, disappeared while swimming in the sea near Portsea, Victoria. An enormous search operation was mounted in and around Cheviot Beach, but his body was never recovered. [218]
1968 Eugene DeBruin 34 Pathet Lao, Laos DeBruin, a United States Air Force staff sergeant and member of Air America, while serving in Laos during the Second Indochina War was captured when his plane was shot down in 1963. After that he was a POW at a Pathet Lao prison camp in Laos until 1968 when he and other prisoners attempted to escape. Following the escape attempt he disappeared and it is not known if he succeeded or what became of him. [219]
November 1968 Hryhoriy Tymenko 22 Ukrainian SSR Ukrainian poet and Samizdat representative who disappeared under unclear circumstances in November 1968, and has not been seen since. [220]
8 April 1969 April Fabb 13 Metton, Norfolk, England Fabb was last seen near her home in Metton, Norfolk, United Kingdom when her abandoned bicycle was found in a field. No trace of her has been found since, although some theories have linked her case to known serial killers. [221][222]
14 June 1969 Dennis Martin 6 Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, U.S. Martin vanished in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and has not been seen since. [223]
31 October 1969 Patricia Spencer 16 Oscoda, Michigan, U.S. Spencer and Hobley were last seen leaving a Halloween party together. Police have continued to investigate and believe the two were murdered, and in 2013 they announced they had a person of interest in the case but did not have enough information to continue. [224][225]
Pamela Hobley 15


Date Person(s) Age when disappeared Missing from Circumstances Refs.
Early 1970 Akpan Utuk unknown Lagos, Nigeria Akpan Utuk was a colonel in the Biafran Army. Akpan Utuk was last seen at a party in Lagos in early 1970 and is presumed dead. [226]
12 January 1970 Cheryl Grimmer 3 Wollongong, Australia Cheryl Grimmer went missing from a beachside shower block. Initially, she had refused to leave the shower block, causing one of her brothers to go collect their mother to persuade Cheryl to come out. In the moments between his leaving the shower block and returning with his mother, Cheryl disappeared. Witnesses claim they saw a man in an orange swimsuit carrying a blonde-haired child wrapped up in a towel. On 23 March 2017, a man was arrested and charged with Grimmer's abduction and murder. However, the judge at the Supreme Court of New South Wales declared some of the evidence inadmissible in the case, and the charges against the suspect were dropped in February 2019. [227]
6 April 1970 Sean Flynn 28 Cambodia Sean Flynn, the son of Errol Flynn and Lili Damita, and his colleague Dana Stone, disappeared on 6 April 1970 while working as freelance photojournalists for Time. Neither man's remains were ever found and they are generally assumed to have been killed by Khmer Rouge guerrillas. After a decade-long search financed by his mother, Flynn was officially declared dead in 1984. In 2010, a British team uncovered the remains of a Western hostage in the Cambodian jungle, but DNA comparisons with samples from the Flynn family were negative. [228][229]
Dana Stone 30
15 May 1970 Edward Andrews 61 Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Edward Andrews and his wife Stephania disappeared after leaving a party in the Chicago Loop on 15 May 1970. Police theorized that the couple accidentally drove into the Chicago River, but multiple searches over a period of years failed to locate them or their vehicle. [230][231]
Stephania Andrews 61
18 June 1970 Muhammad Bassiri 28 El Aauin, Spanish Sahara Sahrawi nationalist leader and anti-colonialist activist who was detained and presumably executed by the Spanish Legion. [232]
16 September 1970 Mauro De Mauro 49 Palermo, Italy De Mauro, an Italian investigative journalist, disappeared on 16 September 1970 and has not been seen since. [233]
13 October 1970 Helen Claire Frost 17 Prince George, British Columbia, Canada Frost was reported missing by her sister on 15 October 1970, having failed to return home from a walk in Prince George, British Columbia two days earlier. Frost has not been seen since. [234]
15 November 1970 Robin Graham 18 Los Angeles, California, U.S. After running out of gas on the Hollywood Freeway, Graham was last seen by California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers on 15 November 1970. The officer directed her to a callbox and later saw her speaking with a man beside her car. The circumstances of her disappearance resulted in CHP policies being changed to ensure the safety of stranded female motorists. [235]
5 May 1971 A. B. M. Abdur Rahim 35 Pakistan Labour legal consultant, general secretary of the Pakistan Labor Federation and manager of a match factory who was abducted by Pakistani security forces, and has been missing ever since. [236]
14 October 1971 Jean Virginia Sampare 18 British Columbia, Canada Sampare was last seen by her cousin on the Highway of Tears outside Gitsegukla on 14 October 1971. He left her alone when he went home to get a jacket or his bike, and she was gone when he returned. [237]
6 December 1971 Peter Christy 37 Near Jamnagar, India PAF bomber pilot and navigator tasked with destroying an air station belonging to the Indian Air Force, but was presumably shot down by a Surface-to-air missile. [238]
10 December 1971 Lynne Schulze 17 Middlebury, Vermont, U.S. Schulze was a student at Middlebury College and was last seen by one of her college friends when she abruptly turned back on the way to a literature exam, claiming she had left her favorite pen in her dorm room. Her wallet, checkbook, and other belongings were found at the dorm. A subsequent report said that she was seen a short time later outside a health-food store co-owned and operated at that time by Robert Durst and his wife Kathleen, who a decade later also disappeared. Schulze had also been seen buying prunes from the same store earlier in the day. [239]
14 December 1971 Shahidullah Kaiser 44 Bangladesh Kaiser who disappeared 14 December 1971 was a Bangladeshi writer and novelist, who has been awarded multiple awards during different decades. Kaiser was never heard from or seen after his disappearance and is believed to have been killed. [240][241][242]
1972 Brendan Simbwaye 47–48 Caprivi Brendan Simbwaye was an anti-apartheid Namibian activist and high ranking politician, who mysteriously disappeared in Caprivi in 1972. It has been claimed that the South African security forces had murdered Simbwaye, but yet this has never been proven to be true. [243][244]
30 January 1972 Zahir Raihan 36 Bangladesh Zahir Raihan, a Bangladeshi novelist, writer, and filmmaker and the brother of Shahidullah Kaiser, disappeared on 30 January 1972, while looking for his brother, who had been abducted by Pakistani forces. [245][240]
12 June 1972 Adrien McNaughton 5 Arnprior, Ontario, Canada McNaughton wandered away from his family during a fishing trip on 12 June 1972 and has not been seen since. [246][247]
21 June 1972 Boanerges de Souza Massa 34 Formosa, Brazil Physician and field surgeon for the ALN who was captured, tortured and likely murdered shortly after his arrest by Brazilian authorities. His body has never been recovered. [248]
16 October 1972 Nick Begich 40 Alaska, U.S. Nick Begich and Hale Boggs were both Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives and disappeared when the airplane in which they were traveling presumably crashed in a remote area on 16 October 1972. No trace of the aircraft has ever been found. [249]
Hale Boggs 58
c. 1973 Renee Armbrust unknown Golden, Colorado, U.S Armbrust was the wife of a previously unidentified man found near Grant, Colorado, who was later identified as Anthony John Armbrust III. It is believed that Armbrust and her husband had signed a suicide pact, and authorities believe her to be deceased. [250]
25 April 1973 Ray Robinson 40 South Dakota, U.S. Robinson was an African-American civil rights activist who disappeared in April 1973 at the Wounded Knee Protests on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. In 2014, the FBI said it had concluded from witness statements that Robinson was killed by American Indian Movement militants and he was "buried in the hills". His body has never been located. [251]
25 August 1973 Joanne Ratcliffe 11 Adelaide, Australia Ratcliffe and Gordon are two Australian girls who went missing while attending an Australian rules football match at the Adelaide Oval on 25 August 1973. [252]
Kirste Gordon 4
26 January and 19 November 1974 Guðmundur Einarsson 18 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland Six people were convicted of their alleged murders on the basis of confessions extracted by the police. On 27 September 2018, 44 years later, the Supreme Court of Iceland acquitted five of the six original suspects. [253]
Geirfinnur Einarsson 32 Keflavík, Iceland
1 May 1974 Oscar Zeta Acosta 39 Mazatlán, Mexico Acosta was the Mexican-American attorney and friend of the American author Hunter S. Thompson. Acosta is referred to as "Dr Gonzo" in Thompson's 1971 roman à clef Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In May 1974, Acosta disappeared while traveling in Mexico after telling his son Marco he was about to leave Mazatlán on a "boat full of white snow" (presumably an allusion to cocaine). Marco later said, "The body was never found, but we surmise that probably, knowing the people he was involved with, he ended up mouthing off, getting into a fight, and getting killed." [254]
11 June 1974 Georgann Hawkins 18 Seattle, Washington, U.S. University of Washington student who vanished in an alleyway behind her sorority house. Notorious serial killer Ted Bundy admitted to her supposed murder and that her remains had been recovered along with those of other victims, but these claims have never been verified. [255]
24 June 1974 Margaret Ellen Fox 14 Burlington, New Jersey, U.S. Fox was a teenage girl who disappeared on 24 June 1974 from Burlington, New Jersey for unknown reasons and has not been seen since. It is believed by some people that she was kidnapped. [256]
22 July 1974 Pavlos Kouroupis 46–47 Bolu, Turkey Kouroupis was an officer in the Hellenic Army. At the time of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, he was a lieutenant colonel and commanding officer of the 251st Battalion of the Cypriot National Guard, the unit closest to the Turkish landing site. With his unit, he opposed the Turkish army at the Battle of Pentemili beachhead, stalling its advance for two days. Kouroupis was last seen on 22 July 1974. Following the conclusion of the battle, the fate of Kouroupis is unknown. [257]
1 August 1974 Connie Converse 50 New York City, U.S. Converse was a singer-songwriter who was active in the New York City folk-music scene of the 1950s. In 1974, two years after losing her job as managing editor of the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Converse wrote letters to friends and family expressing her intention to start a new life. In August 1974, she loaded her Volkswagen Beetle with her belongings, drove away, and was never heard from again. [258]
November 1974 Paul McGonagle 35 Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Irish-American mobster and leader of the Mullen Gang who disappeared in November 1974. It is supposed that he was killed on orders of rival mobster Whitey Bulger, but his remains have never been recovered. [259]
18 November 1974 Diana Arón 24 Villa Grimaldi, Chile Arón was a Chilean journalist and left-wing activist who was kidnapped on 18 November 1974 by agents of the DINA (the Chilean secret police during Pinochet's military dictatorship) and taken to Villa Grimaldi, where she was tortured by Miguel Krassnoff and presumably murdered. Her body was never recovered. [260]
29 November 1974 Carmen Bueno 24 Villa Grimaldi, Chile The actress Bueno and the cinematographer Müller, both Chilean, were interrogated and tortured by DINA agents at Villa Grimaldi shortly before they were forcibly disappeared on 29 November 1974. [261]
Jorge Müller 27
23 December 1974 Rachel Trlica 17 Fort Worth, Texas, U.S. Trlica took her friends, Wilson and Moseley, on a shopping trip to Fort Worth's Seminary South Shopping Center to do Christmas shopping. The girls' abandoned car was discovered in the Sears lot, but the three girls' whereabouts are unknown. [262]
Renee Wilson 14
Julie Ann Moseley 9
27 December 1974 Joanne Elaine Coughlin 21 Youngstown, Ohio, U.S. Coughlin, an American woman from Youngstown, Ohio, has been missing since 27 December 1974. She was declared legally dead in 1985. [263]
6 March 1975 Jim Sullivan 34 New Mexico, U.S. Sullivan, an American singer-songwriter, left Los Angeles on 4 March 1975 to drive to Nashville, Tennessee. His abandoned car was found at a remote ranch in New Mexico, and he was reportedly last seen walking away from it on 6 March. The car contained Sullivan's money, papers, guitar, clothes, and a box of his unsold records. [264]
31 May 1975 Mona Blades 18 North Island, New Zealand Blades disappeared on 31 May 1975 while hitchhiking on the North Island. She is believed to have been murdered, but no remains have ever been discovered. [265]
4 July 1975 Juanita Nielsen 38 Sydney, Australia Nielsen, an Australian publisher, activist, and heiress, disappeared in Kings Cross on 4 July 1975. She was presumed murdered and the people responsible for her disappearance have never been identified and no trace of her has ever been found. [266]
30 July 1975 Jimmy Hoffa 62 Bloomfield Township, Michigan, U.S. Hoffa, a U.S. trade union leader and president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, disappeared on 30 July 1975 from the parking lot of a restaurant. It is believed he was to meet with the Mafia leaders Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano. [267]
1 November 1975 Tish Pascual-Ladlad 25 Philippines Student journalist and the first female editor-in-chief of the Aggie Green and Gold who was abducted and presumably killed during the Marcos dictatorship. [268]
c. 1975–1976 Norodom Chantaraingsey unknown Cambodia Chantaraingsey, a member of the Cambodian royal family and a Cambodian nationalist, was initially a leader of the guerrilla resistance against the colonial French, but disappeared in 1975 and is believed to have been killed. [269]
1976 Norodom Naradipo 30 Cambodia Naradipo, a Cambodian prince, disappeared mysteriously in 1976. Many years later, however, there were rumors that he was still alive. Several people claimed to be the missing prince, but they were all later proven to be false. [270]
1976 Norodom Kantol 56 Cambodia Kantol, a former prime minister of Cambodia who was the first to rule for more than two years, disappeared in 1976, presumably killed by the Khmer Rouge. [271][272]
12 January 1976 Eloise Worledge 8 Beaumaris, Australia Worledge disappeared from her home and is thought to have been abducted from her bedroom. [273]
March 1976 Francisco Tenório Júnior 34 Buenos Aires, Argentina Brazilian musician and composer who disappeared mysteriously while on tour in Argentina. A decade after his disappearance, an Argentinian military colonel came forward and claimed that Tenório had been mistaken for a guerrilla, abducted, tortured and subsequently killed, yet this was never confirmed. [274]
23 April 1976 Sandy Davidson 3 Irvine, Scotland The Scottish boy Sandy Davidson disappeared while he was playing in the back garden of his house in the Bourtreehill housing estate. [275]
26 May 1976 Juan Maino unknown Ñuñoa, Chile Photographer, political activist and leader of the Popular Unitary Action Movement who was detained by DINA agents for opposing Augusto Pinochet's regime. He and several others were transported to a secret government facility, and have not been seen since. [276]
21 August 1976 Andy Puglisi 10 Lawrence, Massachusetts, U.S. Puglisi wandered away from a pool area near his home in Lawrence, Massachusetts and has not been seen since. [277][278]
27 September 1976 María Emilia Islas 23 Buenos Aires, Argentina Uruguayan political activist who disappeared together with her husband, after they were arrested for being suspected militants by Uruguayan intelligence services. Neither has been located, and both remains missing to this day. [279]
30 September 1976 Ana Teresa Diego 21–22 La Plata, Argentina Argentine astronomical student who was kidnapped and presumably killed by the military dictatorship due to her Communist political leanings.[280]
12 November 1976 Renee MacRae 35 Inverness, Scotland Renee MacRae and son Andrew were last seen on 12 November 1976. [281]
Andrew MacRae 3
15 December 1976 Jussi Kivimäki 91 Finland Professional Greco-Roman light heavyweight wrestler who competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics. After disappearing on 15 December 1976 he was declared dead in absentia, with his date of death being recorded as sometime around 1 January 1976. [282]
1977 Héctor Oesterheld 58 Buenos Aires, Argentina Oesterheld, an Argentine journalist and writer of comics as well as graphic novels, also known simply as "HGO", disappeared in 1977 and is believed to have been kidnapped and has not been seen since. [283][284]
17 February 1977 Helen Brach 65 Rochester, Minnesota, U.S. Brach, an heiress novelist, disappeared on 17 February 1977, and was thought to have been murdered. A man named Richard Bailey was charged more than a decade later with killing Brach, but not convicted. He eventually received a long sentence after being convicted of defrauding her. [285]
18 March 1977 Mary Boyle 6 Ballyshannon, Ireland Boyle disappeared while walking back to her grandparents' house. The investigation into her death has been criticized by some parts of her family and former police officers have stated that they believe Boyle was killed. Boyle is Ireland's longest-running missing child case. [286]
15 July 1977 Donald Mackay 43 New South Wales, Australia An Australian anti-drug campaigner, Mackay may have been murdered after providing information to police that resulted in what was then the biggest drug bust in Australian history. [287]
31 July 1977 Gerry Faustino 21 Philippines Filipino activists from the University of the Philippines Los Baños who were best known as some of the most prominent desaparecidos of the Marcos Martial Law era in the Philippines were abducted on 31 July 1977 and have not been seen since. [288]
Jessica Sales 26
Rizalina Ilagan 23
Cristina Catalla
15 November 1977 Megumi Yokota 13 Niigata Prefecture, Japan Yokota was reportedly abducted by a North Korean agent on 15 November 1977. She was thought to have been taken to a spy-training center. [289][290]
c. 1977 Don Taxay 43–44 India American numismatist and historian Taxay was last seen in 1977.[291] [292]
January 1978 Peter Winston 19 New York City, U.S. Winston, an American chess player, disappeared under mysterious circumstances in January 1978. [293]
24 February 1978 Gary Mathias 25 Chico, California U.S. Mathias, of Yuba City, California, is the only one of a group of five men who disappeared after buying junk food and snacks at a Chico market on the night of 24 February 1978, but who has not been found. Their car was found several days later on a winding dirt road high in the Sierra Nevada; why they were there, well off their route home, and why they abandoned a car that was apparently in good working order, is not known. In June of that year, the remains of three were found in the woods where they had died of exposure; a fourth was found in a trailer 20 miles (32 km) from the car, where he had starved to death after suffering severe frostbite, despite the availability of food, heat, and warmer clothing. Mathias, too, is believed to have made it to that trailer, but left it at some point. [294]
April 1978 John Brisker 30 Uganda Brisker, an American professional basketball player from Detroit, Michigan, disappeared in April 1978. [295]
21 May 1978 Anocha Panjoy 22–23 Macau Panjoy was a Thai national who was abducted by North Korean agents from Macau on 21 May 1978. Her case only became known after the release of the American Charles Robert Jenkins and his Japanese family in 2004. [296][297][298]
1 June 1978 Yaeko Taguchi 22 Tokyo, Japan Taguchi, a Japanese citizen, is said to have been kidnapped by North Korea in June 1978 and has not been seen since. [299]
25 June 1978 Trudie Adams 19 Newport, Australia Adams disappeared from Newport Surf Life Saving Club in the early hours of 25 June 1978 after attending a dance, and has not been seen since. [300]
19 August 1978 Genette Tate 13 Aylesbeare, England Tate, a teenage English girl, disappeared on 19 August 1978 while delivering newspapers. [301]
20 August 1978 Melvin "Ricky" Pittman 17 Newark, New Jersey, U.S. Collectively known as the "Clinton Avenue Five", they disappeared under unclear circumstances in 1978. In November 2008, Philander Hampton confessed that he and his cousin had killed them for supposedly stealing marijuana from his house, shooting them at gunpoint and then burning the bodies. Hampton was convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, but his victims' remains have never been found. [302]
Ernest Taylor 17
Alvin Turner 16
Randy Johnson 16
Michael McDowell 16
31 August 1978 Musa al-Sadr 50 Libya Musa al-Sadr and two aides, Mohammed Yaaqoub, and Abbas Badreddine disappeared six days after entering Libya on 31 August, during an official visit from Iranians from Lebanon at the invitation of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. [303][304]
Mohammed Yaaqoub unknown
Abbas Badreddine unknown
21 October 1978 Frederick Valentich 21 Bass Strait, Australia Frederick Valentich disappeared on 21 October 1978 during a solo flight near Bass Strait after reporting to an air traffic controller that his plane was being circled by an unknown craft. [305]
14 December 1978 Christie Farni 6 Medford, Oregon, U.S. Farni disappeared en route to her elementary school after testifying against her father before a grand jury regarding physical-abuse allegations against him. Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas at one point implicated himself in Farni's disappearance and alleged murder, but her whereabouts remain unknown. [306]
1978 Sattar Jabr Naser unknown Iraq Naser, an Iraqi writer, disappeared in 1978, and has not been seen since. [307]
c. 1979 Jim Robinson 54 Miami, Florida, U.S. Robinson, a former professional boxer notable for his bout with Cassius Clay (the future Muhammad Ali) in 1961, was last heard from in 1979, when he was living in the Overtown district of Miami, but has not been seen or heard from since. [308]
1979 J. C. P. Williams 47 London, England Williams, a New Zealand cardiologist who discovered Williams syndrome, went missing in London. He was declared "a missing person presumed to be dead from 1978" by the High Court of New Zealand, and Williams renewed his passport in Geneva in September 1979. He had possibly gone into hiding; reports of alleged and indirect contact with him were made as recently as 2000. [309][310]
14 January 1979 Thomas DeSimone 28 New York, U.S. DeSimone, an American mobster and associate of Henry Hill and the Lucchese crime family, was reported missing by his wife, Angela, on 14 January 1979. She said she had last seen DeSimone a few weeks earlier when he borrowed $60 from her. He was broadly considered to have been murdered in retaliation for any number of murders that DeSimone himself was involved in. However, no trace of him has ever been found. [311]
28 April 1979 Christina White 12 Asotin, Washington, U.S. On 28 April 1979, Christina Lee White attended a parade with a friend, then later returned to the friend's home feeling sick. She called her mother who advised her to return home on her bike. White was not seen again. Authorities link her disappearance with the unsolved Lewis Clark Valley murders. [312]
5 November 1979 Martin Allen 15 London, England Allen was last seen at King's Cross station at 3:50 pm on 5 November 1979, when he left his friends to go to his brother's house. A witness came forward to say that a 30-year-old male was seen at Gloucester Road tube station later that same afternoon in the company of a boy who looked like Martin. The man was heard to tell the boy not to try to run, and the witness stated that the boy looked scared. Theories exist that Martin fell prey to a paedophile gang operating in London and that he was murdered. [313][314]
11 November 1979 Ali Murad Davudi 57 Tehran, Iran Iranian Baháʼí professor and member of the Spiritual Assembly thought to have been kidnapped and executed by government agents as part of the ongoing persecution. [315]
17 December 1979 Nasser Al Saeed 56 Beirut, Lebanon Saudi Arabian writer and founder of the Arabian Peninsula People's Union most known for criticizing the Saudi royal family. While in Beirut to conduct interviews, he was abducted by Saudi agents and never seen again. [316]


Date Person(s) Age when disappeared Missing from Circumstances Refs.
26 April 1980 Louise Faulkner 43 St Kilda, Australia Louise Faulkner and her daughter Charmian went missing in April 1980 after Louise told a friend she was visiting her boyfriend in Gippsland. They were last seen getting into a white ute. Both were declared legally dead in 2006 at an inquest. No trace of them has been found. [317]
Charmian Faulkner 2
26 April 1980 Laureen Rahn 14 Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S. Fourteen-year-old Rahn disappeared from her apartment after spending an evening with two friends. Upon returning home in the early morning, her mother noticed the lightbulbs in the hallways of each floor in the apartment building had been unscrewed, leaving the halls dark. Upon entering the apartment, she saw the figure of a young girl in Rahn's bed; Judith assumed the figure was Rahn. However, several hours later, she discovered that she was in fact Rahn's friend, who had fallen asleep in the bed. Her friend claimed to have last seen Rahn during the night when she got up to go to sleep on the couch. In the years after Rahn's disappearance, her mother received various anonymous phone calls, several of which were traced to motels in Southern California. [318][319]
27 April 1980 Nicolas Jaeger 34 Lhotse Shar, Nepal French physicist and alpinist who disappeared while attempting to climb of the Lhotse Shar in Nepal. While his body has not been found, he is presumed dead. [320]
17 June 1980 Peng Jiamu 55 Lop Nur, China Chinese biologist Peng, who led an expedition to Lop Nur, disappeared after leaving a note saying he had gone to find water. He is presumed dead; a number of attempts have been made to find his remains, but nothing has ever been found. [321]
28 July 1980 John Favara 51 New York City, United States John Favara was the backyard neighbor of Gambino crime boss John Gotti, in Howard Beach, New York, who disappeared after he struck and killed Gotti's 12-year-old son, Frank, with his car as the boy darted into the street on a motorized minibike. After the killing, Favara's wife and two sons moved out of Howard Beach; John was declared legally dead in 1983. [322][323][324]
5 August 1980 Alan Addis 19 East Falkland, Falkland Islands The Royal Marine Alan Addis went missing on 5 August 1980. His small unit was on a patrol to North Arm in Lafonia on East Falkland. Addis was last seen at 1:30 a.m. after the marines had attended a local function in the social hall of the small, remote community. He was not missed until the other members of his team had set sail on a steamer to take them back to their base at Port Stanley. The official report assumes he drowned, but investigations and rumours have led to a belief that he was murdered. No body or trace has been found. [325]
6 October 1980 Thomas A. Mutch 49 Mount Nun, Jammu and Kashmir This American geologist and planetary scientist disappeared on 6 October during a descent from Mount Nun in the Kashmir Himalayas and is believed dead. [326]
16 October 1980 Irma Flaquer 42 Guatemala Guatemalan psychologist and reporter who was abducted and presumably executed by government agents for perceived anti-government activities. [327]
7 November 1980 Johan Asplund 11 Sundsvall, Sweden Asplund disappeared from his home in Sundsvall during the morning of 7 November 1980 and has not been seen since. [328]
9 December 1980 Alaíde Foppa 64 Guatemala Foppa disappeared on 9 December 1980 and is believed to have been murdered. [329]
28 November 1981 Katrice Lee 2 Schloß Neuhaus, West Germany Lee was a British girl who disappeared from a NAAFI shopping complex on 28 November 1981, her second birthday. [330]
December 1981 George Washington Hughes 81–85 Florida, United States George Washington "Bo" Hughes was a carver of hobo nickels until he disappeared from a hobo camp. [331]
9 January 1982 Lynette Dawson 33 Mona Vale, Australia Lynette Dawson was the wife of Chris Dawson, teacher and rugby league player. She disappeared on 9 January 1982, and has not been seen since. Her disappearance was the subject of intense public interest due to her husband's extramarital affair with a student of his who then was only 16. On 5 December 2018, Chris Dawson was charged with the murder of Lynette Dawson. In February 2020, he was committed to stand trial for the murder of Lynette. [332][333][334][335]
5 July 1982 Ahmad Motevaselian 29 Lebanon The Iranian military attache Ahmad Motevaselian was one of the four Iranian diplomats (with Seyed Mohsen Mousavi, Kazem Akhavan, and Taghi Rastegar Moghadam) who disappeared in Lebanon in 1982. On 5 July 1982, when the vehicle carrying the diplomats was passing through a checkpoint on its way to Beirut, it was intercepted by Phalange Party members. Three decades after the incident, the fate of the missing diplomats remains a mystery, and the search for Motevaselian and the other Iranian diplomats continues. [336][337]
5 September 1982 Johnny Gosch 12 Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. Gosch was reported missing by his parents after he disappeared on 5 September 1982, while delivering newspapers.[338] At that time, the custom was a three-day waiting period before police responded to missing-persons reports. Gosch was not heard from again, but his case prompted new laws for Iowa and other states resulting in missing-persons reports involving children being given immediate attention. [339]
12 September 1982 Stephen Pearsall 35 Lewiston, Idaho, U.S. On the night of 12 September 1982, Pearsall, an employee of the Lewiston Civic Theater, entered the building to use the laundry facilities and has not been seen since. His disappearance occurred on the same night as that of two women he was acquainted with, Kristina Diane Nelson and Jacqueline Ann "Brandy" Miller. Nelson and Miller were later found dead. Police believe Pearsall may have been a victim of the same killer. [340]
3 November 1982 Tony Jones 20 North Queensland, Australia Tony Jones disappeared while backpacking on 3 November 1982, and is believed to have been murdered. [341][342][343]
24 November 1982 Gwendolyn Clemons 23 Kansas City, Missouri Clemons disappeared from Kansas City on 24 November 1982 along with her daughter and an unnamed man, apparently to "start a new life" in Florida. On 3 December 1982, Clemons was seen walking on a bridge above the Escatawpa River on Interstate 10, near the Alabama/Mississippi border with her daughter, appearing distressed. When passing motorists tried to assist her, she refused any help. A motorist reported seeing the body of a woman, floating in the river on 5 December, however, when authorities responded, they found the body of her daughter instead. Subsequent searches did not find Clemons, however did uncover the body of another unidentified man, who was most likely unrelated to the case. Authorities still consider Clemons a missing person, but believe she is deceased. [344]
13 February 1983 Upali Wijewardene 44 Colombo, Sri Lanka Sri Lankan business magnate Upali Wijewardene's private Lear jet disappeared en route to Colombo on 13 February 1983. An extensive search operation by air and naval units failed to locate any evidence of a crash; his plane disappeared without a trace, and he is believed to be dead. [345]
19 February 1983 Joanne Pedersen 10 Chilliwack, Canada Kidnapped from a payphone by an unidentified man who cut her off from calling her parents. The man has never been caught, and Pedersen remains missing. [346]
17 March 1983 Ludovic Janvier 6 Grenoble, France Janvier disappeared on 17 March 1983 when he was believed to have been abducted along with his brothers by an unidentified white man. While his brothers escaped, Ludovic has not been located. [347]
7 May 1983 Mirella Gregori 15 Rome, Italy Gregori, a girl who disappeared from Rome on 7 May 1983, has not been seen since. [348]
1 June 1983 Ann Gotlib 12 Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. Russian immigrant Gotlib disappeared from the premises of a shopping mall on 1 June 1983. The police later found her bike, but her abductor has remained a mystery. [349]
22 June 1983 Emanuela Orlandi 15 Rome, Italy Orlandi, who was a citizen of Vatican City, disappeared on 22 June 1983 and has not been seen since. [350]
25 June 1983 Nyleen Kay Marshall 4 Helena, Montana, U.S. On 25 June 1983 in the Helena National Forest, four-year-old Nyleen Marshall disappeared from a large family picnic. Some children with whom she was playing claimed to have seen her talking to an unknown man in a jogging suit. In the years after Marshall's disappearance, an anonymous person placed phone calls and wrote letters to missing-person nonprofits, as well as to the Marshall family, detailing his apparent kidnapping of Marshall. The unknown writer/caller was traced to Wisconsin, and he claimed Marshall was alive and well, though some content of his letters indicated sexual abuse. The identity of the letter writer and caller remain unknown, as does Marshall's whereabouts. [351]
6 July 1983 Tammy Lynn Leppert 18 Rockledge, Florida, U.S. Model and actress Tammy Lynn Leppert disappeared on 6 July 1983 without a trace after leaving her family home. [352]
1 September 1983 Kirsa Jensen 14 Napier, New Zealand Kirsa Jensen disappeared on 1 September 1983 while riding her horse at a beach. [353]
2 September 1983 George Cogar 51 British Columbia, Canada The American computer scientist was last seen on 2 September 1983 aboard a private plane, a Britten-Norman Islander, with six other people to go on a hunting trip. The plane disappeared somewhere in British Columbia and was never found. [354]
c. 1984 Baalu Girma 45 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Ethiopian journalist and critic of the Derg who was presumably abducted and killed outside the capital, but his body has never been located. [355]
10 February 1984 Kevin Andrew Collins 10 San Francisco, California, U.S. Collins disappeared while en route to basketball practice. He was one of the first children to be featured on milk cartons and the cover of national publications. [356]
13 February 1984 Naomi Uemura 43 Denali, Alaska, U.S. Naomi Uemura, a Japanese adventurer who was particularly well known for doing alone what had previously been achieved only with large teams, disappeared on 13 February 1984 while descending Mount Denali after a solo climb. [357]
21 April 1984 Hristo Prodanov 41 Mount Everest Prodanov was a Bulgarian mountaineer and was also was the first Bulgarian to climb Mount Everest disappeared on 21 April 1984 while climbing Mount Everest and no one knows what became of him, and he is believed to have died. [358][359]
20 July 1984 John Patrick Kerrigan 58 Ronan, Montana, U.S. Kerrigan, a Roman Catholic priest, was last seen at a bakery in Ronan. His bloodied clothing and a blood-stained coat hanger was found along Flathead Lake days later. His vehicle was discovered shortly after, containing USD $1,200, along with a blood-stained pillowcase and shovel. Kerrigan was later implicated, along with 80 others, in sexual abuse of minors by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena. His remains have never been found. [360][361]
13 November 1984 Tammy Belanger 8 Exeter, New Hampshire, U.S. Tammy Belanger, an eight-year-old third-grade student, disappeared while walking from her home to the nearby elementary school. Police believe she was abducted; the one suspect in the case was never charged in connection with Belanger's disappearance, and he died in December 2012. [362][363]
1984 Ronald Jorgensen Unknown Remuera, New Zealand Jorgensen, a New Zealand criminal on parole after completing a prison sentence, vanished in mysterious circumstances in 1984 after his car was found wrecked at the bottom of a cliff. Police initially suspected he faked his death, but he was declared legally dead in 1998. Since his body was never found, rumors persisted that he became a police informant in Australia. [364][365][366]
1985 Boris Weisfeiler 43 Biobío Region, Chile U.S. mathematician Weisfeiler disappeared during a solo hiking trip in 1985. Chilean authorities originally concluded that he drowned, but documents released by the United States Department of State in 2000 included a 1986 memo suggesting he may be a captive "somewhere in Chile (probably Colonia Dignidad)", and a 1987 account by a CIA source claiming that Weisfeiler had been interrogated and fatally beaten by a Chilean army patrol. [367][368]
22 February 1985 Cherrie Mahan 8 Cabot, Pennsylvania, U.S. Mahan was last seen getting off her school bus a short distance from her house on 22 February 1985. Police focused on a van seen near the bus when she got off. Her face was the first to be put on mailers sent all around the country, a practice continued with age-progressed photos as time passed. She was declared legally dead in 1998. In 2011, police claimed they had received a promising new lead but would not discuss it. [369]
31 March 1985 Vladimir Alexandrov 47–48 Madrid, Spain Alexandrov, a Soviet physicist, disappeared on 31 March 1985 while attending a nuclear winter conference. [370]
6 July 1985 Andrew Fluegelman 41 San Francisco, California, U.S. Fluegelman, a publisher, photographer, programmer, and attorney, disappeared on 6 July 1985, and is believed to have committed suicide after his car was found abandoned at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. [371]
6 July 1985 Diane Suzuki 19 Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S. Suzuki was last seen on the evening of 6 July 1985 after leaving a dance studio where she worked as an instructor. Blood evidence found at the scene has not been matched to any suspect, nor can it be matched to Suzuki, since her blood type was not known. A photographer she knew was questioned by police and released without charge. [372]
30 July 1985 Nicole Morin 8 Toronto, Canada Morin disappeared from the Etobicoke borough after leaving her apartment to go on a swim date with a friend. She has not been seen since then, but her vanishing is still under investigation by local police and missing child organizations. [373]
15 October 1985 Cotah Ramaswami 89 Chennai, India Cotah Ramaswami, an Indian cricketer who played in two test matches in 1936, walked out of his home on 15 October 1985. No trace of him has ever been found. [374]
27 November 1985 Martha Jean Lambert 12 St. Augustine, Florida, U.S. Lambert was a girl who went missing on 27 November 1985. She has never been seen again and foul play is highly suspected in the case. [375]
1986 Bambi Woods 31 U.S. Former pornographic actress and exotic dancer, known for her titular role in the 1978 film Debbie Does Dallas, who disappeared from public view in 1986. While some have theorized she died of a drug overdose, private investigators claim that she retired and is now living an ordinary life. [376]
February 1986 Madame Max Adolphe 60 Haiti Adolphe, who was the right-hand woman of former Haitian president François Duvalier, was held prisoner in an army barracks next to the national palace in Haiti following Duvalier's overthrow, and left the country in February 1986. Her current whereabouts are unknown. [377]
6 April 1986 Anthonette Cayedito 9 Gallup, New Mexico, U.S. American girl Anthonette Cayedito disappeared from her home in the early-morning hours of 6 April 1986. Her mother went to look for her, but she could not be found. [378]
15 April 1986 Hana Gaddafi 5 months Libya The adopted daughter of Muammar Gaddafi (b. 11 November 1985). She is alleged to have died in the 1986 United States bombing of Libya; however, claims of her death in these bombings are disputed, with allegations including her having survived the raid and subsequently becoming a doctor as an adult, and of her mother fleeing to Algeria with her and her siblings, remaining. [379]
14 May 1986 Toh Hong Huat 12 Singapore Two students of Owen Primary School, best friends Keh Chin Ann and Toh Hong Huat, both 12 years old, went missing since 14 May 1986. Chin Ann, the youngest of three children and the only son of his family, was last seen by his classmate Wang Pi Wei to be running out of school to buy something after passing his bag to him. Hong Huat, the only child of a single-parent family, was last seen by his mother Tan Geok Kuan, who saw her son going out of the house to go to school, saying that his friend Chin Ann came to fetch him to go to school together (which took place after Chin Ann went out of school). The boys were generally well-behaved and had never played truant before, according to their families. The families of Hong Huat and Chin Ann, most notably Chin Ann's parents Keh Cheng Pan (who died in the 2010s) and Tay Mee Na (aged 80 in 2020, still alive as of 2020), and Hong Huat's mother, made public appeals for the whereabouts of their sons, and the police also stepped in to offer help and investigate the case. The case of the two boys' disappearance became known as the "McDonald's Boys Case" as the fast food restaurant chain McDonald's offered a hefty sum of S$100,000 as a reward for any information of the boys' whereabouts. There were many theories surrounding the disappearance of the boys, such as kidnapping or being sent to Thailand with their limbs and tongues cut off to work as beggars, but these were never proven. The boys remained missing till this day, and the case remains as one of Singapore's most mysterious missing persons cases ever encountered in the nation. The boys were since pronounced legally dead for years after their disappearance. [380][381][382]
Keh Chin Ann 12
21 July 1986 Agustín Feced 65 Argentina Feced, an Argentinian police official believed responsible for many tortures and extrajudicial executions during the country's Dirty War, was stated to have died in prison on 21 July 1986 while facing charges related to those activities. However, the records of his death and burial are incomplete and sometimes contradictory. Several sources doubt he was even imprisoned at the time. In 1986, the military hospital announced that Feced had died, but they did not offer any proof of it. [383]
28 July 1986 Suzy Lamplugh 25 London, England British estate agent Suzy Lamplugh disappeared from Fulham, London, on 28 July 1986. In 1994, she was declared dead and presumed murdered. Despite further police investigations in 1998 and 2000, no trace of her has been found. [384]
14 August 1986 Jeremy Bright 14 Myrtle Point, Oregon, U.S. Bright disappeared on 14 August 1986 while attending a county fair with his sister. The following day, his mother found his wallet, watch, and keys in his stepfather's house nearby, where he had been staying. Foul play has been suspected and police had a potential suspect who died in prison in 2007. While his family believes he is dead, and held a memorial service for him in 2011, they have not petitioned a court to make that declaration legal. [385]
23 October 1986 Philip Cairns 13 Dublin, Ireland Irish schoolboy Philip Cairns disappeared 23 October 1986 on his way back to school after going home for lunch. His schoolbag was found abandoned in a previously searched lane near his house a few days later but there has been no trace of Philip and no arrests have been made in connection with the case. [386]
12 December 1986 Simon Parkes 18 Gibraltar Leading seaman Simon Parkes, in the Royal Navy, went missing when the ship he was serving aboard was docked in Gibraltar. Parkes had gone into town and was last seen leaving the Horseshoe Bar on the peninsula. Because he disappeared on 12 December 1986, Allan Grimson (who favoured killing on that date and was serving aboard the same ship at that time) has been named as a suspect in Parkes' possible murder, though no trace of him or a body has been found. [387]
15 April 1987 Federico Caffè 73 Rome, Italy Italian economist Caffè left his home at dawn on 15 April 1987, shortly after quitting university teaching, and disappeared. He was declared dead on 30 October 1998, and the mystery of his disappearance has not been solved. [388]
16 September 1987 Julie Weflen 28 Spokane, Washington, U.S. Weflen, an operator for the Bonneville Power Administration, disappeared on 16 September 1987. Weflen was working at the Four Mounds substation in Spokane County. She vanished some time after 3:30 pm after going to check on a transformer. Her work truck was found with its door and back hatch open and her personal possessions inside and on the ground. The gravel in the vicinity showed signs of a struggle. [389]
3 December 1987 Sarinthip Siriwan 61 Thailand Siriwan whose real name was "Phailin Collin" was a female actress from Nakhon chaisri District, Nakhon Pathom who disappeared on 3 December 1987 while filming a movie in Thailand. Her disappearance remains a complete mystery. [390]
1988 Jasmin unknown India Indian actress who vanished under mysterious circumstances. Various theories about her fate exist, including that she might have committed suicide, but to this day, it is unknown what happened to her. [391]
1988 Azerbaijanis who went missing during the First Nagorno-Karabakh War Various Azerbaijan From the duration of the First Nagorno-Karabakh War, which lasted from February 1988 to May 1994, a total of 4,354 Azerbaijani citizens were reported missing due to various circumstances. A large proportion of them remain missing, with their fate unknown. [392]
1988 Louise Kay 18 Eastbourne, England Englishwoman who disappeared in the Beachy Head area, around the same time as Jessie Earl. Due to the similar circumstances, authorities believe the cases might be related, and that both women were victims of Scottish serial killer Peter Tobin. [393]
20 March 1988 Susan Smalley 18 Carrollton, Texas, U.S. Smalley and Madison disappeared on the morning of 20 March 1988. Police know the girls were at Smalley's house by midnight, but they later left. The car in which they rode was found parked and locked in Dallas, Texas. [394]
Stacie Madison 17
4 May 1988 Ron Arad 30 Lebanon Ron Arad, a jet-fighter navigator, was captured on 16 October 1986 by Amal Shi'ite forces in southern Lebanon after ejecting from his damaged F-4 Phantom II while on a bombing mission. Israeli intelligence officers reportedly knew his whereabouts until the early hours of 4 May 1988, his 30th birthday, when he abruptly vanished from the house where he was held, at the village of Nebbi Shiit. [395][396]
26 May 1988 Antonio Bardellino 43 Armação dos Búzios, Brazil Bardellino, a powerful Neapolitan camorrista and boss of the Casalesi clan, was said to have been murdered on 26 May 1988 by his right-hand man, Mario Iovine. Since his body was not found, he is rumored to still be alive. [397]
13 June 1988 Amber Swartz-Garcia 7 Pinole, California, U.S. Swartz–Garcia was kidnapped while playing jump rope in her front yard. [398]
10 September 1988 Lee Boxell 15 Cheam, England Lee Boxell disappeared near his home on 10 September 1988 on his way to a football match at Selhurst Park, and has not been seen since. [399]
20 September 1988 Tara Calico 19 Belen, New Mexico, U.S. Calico disappeared near her home after embarking on a bike ride. A Polaroid photo of a boy and girl, bound and gagged, surfaced on 15 June 1989 in Port St. Joe, Florida and speculation was that Calico might be the girl in the photo, but that was never confirmed. [400]
7 October 1988 Piia Ristikankare 15 Piikkiö, Finland 15-year old Piia Ristikankare disappeared following an argument with her little brothers at her home in Piikkiö, Southwestern Finland. She was never seen again. Ristikankare was declared dead in absentia on January 1, 2011. [401]
19 November 1988 Michaela Garecht 9 Hayward, California, U.S. Garecht was abducted by an unidentified white male in a grocery-store parking lot. [402]
9 February 1989 Tiffany Sessions 20 Gainesville, Florida, U.S. Sessions left her apartment and went out for an evening walk on 9 February 1989, but never returned. [403][404][405]
20 April 1989 Patricia Meehan 37 Circle, Montana, U.S. The night before she disappeared, Meehan, a ranch hand in Bozeman, Montana, told her father on the phone that she was feeling stressed and wanted to return home; her mother said she had been feeling depressed and had made an appointment to see a psychiatrist. The next day, her landlord reported that her demeanor was unusual. Meehan left for reasons unknown and drove 380 miles (610 km) to Circle, a small town in eastern Montana, where she got into a car accident and shortly afterward, walked away from the scene into nearby fields, leaving tracks that ended almost a mile from the accident site. There have been several possible sightings, but her whereabouts remain unknown. [406][407]
26 May 1989 Charles Horvath-Allan 20 Kelowna, Canada Horvath-Allan disappeared on 26 May 1989 from a campsite. A Canadian-born British national, he was hiking across Canada and had plans to meet up with his mother and stepfather in Hong Kong by August 1989, but never made it. [408]
June 1989 Reino Gikman 59 Vienna, Austria Gikman, an undercover agent for the Soviet KGB, disappeared in June 1989 and has not been seen since. [409]
27 October 1989 Melanie Melanson 14 Woburn, Massachusetts, U.S. Melanson went missing at a party near an industrial park and has not been seen since. [410][411]
3 December 1989 Melissa Brannen 5 Lorton, Virginia, U.S. A Virginia girl disappeared and has not been seen since. [412]

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