Cycling at the 1936 Summer Olympics – Men's individual road race

The men's individual road race cycling event at the 1936 Summer Olympics took place on 10 August over 100 km. Ninety-nine cyclists from 28 nations competed.[1] This was the first time that the cycling road race was conducted as a mass start event since 1896 and was one of six cycling events at the 1936 Olympics.[2] The men's team road race was held in conjunction with this event, with teams having four riders and the team time taken as sum of the team's three best finishers.[2] The individual event was won by Robert Charpentier of France, with his teammate Guy Lapébie in second. Ernst Nievergelt of Switzerland took bronze. They were the first men's mass-start road race medals for both nations, which had not competed in 1896.

Cycling – Men's individual road race
at the Games of the XI Olympiad
Robert Charpentier, Guy Lapébie, Jean Goujon, Roger-Jean Le Nizerhy.jpg
The French team: Robert Charpentier, Guy Lapébie, Jean Goujon, Robert Dorgebray
VenueAvus North Curve, Berlin
Date10 August 1936
Competitors99 from 28 nations
Winning time2:33:05.0
1st place, gold medalist(s) Robert Charpentier
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Guy Lapébie
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Ernst Nievergelt
← 1896
1948 →


This was the second appearance of the event, previously held in 1896; it would be held at every Summer Olympics after 1936. It replaced the individual time trial event that had been held from 1912 to 1932 (and which would be reintroduced alongside the road race in 1996). French cyclist Robert Charpentier was the runner-up in the 1935 UCI Road World Championships. Three-speed bikes were innovative at the time, with many riders adopting them.[1]

Germany and Great Britain made their second appearances in the event; the other 26 nations competing in 1936 each made their debut.

Competition format and courseEdit

The race was on a course that covered 100 kilometres, starting and finishing at the North Curve of the Avus motor racing circuit. It followed "relatively flat roads," with elevation shifts limited to between 32 and 80 metres above sea level and the steepest grade at 46.1 metres per kilometre.[1][3]


Date Time Round
Monday, 10 August 1936 8:00 Final


Some of the cyclists with unknown times may not have finished.[1]

Rank Cyclist National Time
  Robert Charpentier   France 2:33:05.0
  Guy Lapébie   France 2:33:05.2
  Ernst Nievergelt   Switzerland 2:33:05.8
4 Fritz Scheller   Germany 2:33:06.0
Charles Holland   Great Britain 2:33:06.0
Robert Dorgebray   France 2:33:06.0
7 Pierino Favalli   Italy 2:33:06.2
8 Auguste Garrebeek   Belgium 2:33:06.6
Armand Putzeyse   Belgium 2:33:06.6
Talat Tunçalp   Turkey 2:33:06.6
11 Edgar Buchwalder   Switzerland 2:33:07.0
12 Frode Sørensen   Denmark 2:33:07.2
August Prosenik   Yugoslavia 2:33:07.2
14 Kurt Ott   Switzerland 2:33:07.6
15 Glauco Servadei   Italy 2:33:07.8
16 Tassy Johnson   Australia 2:33:08.0
Virgilius Altmann   Austria 2:33:08.0
Hans Höfner   Austria 2:33:08.0
Eugen Schnalek   Austria 2:33:08.0
Jean-François Van Der Motte   Belgium 2:33:08.0
Kanyo Dzhambazov   Bulgaria 2:33:08.0
Arne Petersen   Denmark 2:33:08.0
Thor Porko   Finland 2:33:08.0
Jean Goujon   France 2:33:08.0
János Bognár   Hungary 2:33:08.0
István Liszkay   Hungary 2:33:08.0
Corrado Ardizzoni   Italy 2:33:08.0
Jacques Majerus   Luxembourg 2:33:08.0
Franz Neuens   Luxembourg 2:33:08.0
Nico van Gageldonk   Netherlands 2:33:08.0
Wacław Starzyński   Poland 2:33:08.0
Stanisław Zieliński   Poland 2:33:08.0
Hennie Binneman   South Africa 2:33:08.0
Gottlieb Weber   Switzerland 2:33:08.0
Arne Berg   Sweden 2:33:08.0
Josef Lošek   Czechoslovakia 2:33:08.0
Franc Gartner   Yugoslavia 2:33:08.0
39–94 Mārtiņš Mazūrs   Latvia 2:37:08.0
Arvīds Immermanis   Latvia 2:52:08.0
Aleksejs Jurjevs   Latvia 2:52:08.0
Jānis Vītols   Latvia 2:52:08.0
Chris Wheeler   Australia Unknown
Karl Kühn   Austria Unknown
Jef Lowagie   Belgium Unknown
Dertônio Ferrer   Brazil Unknown
José Magnani   Brazil Unknown
Hermógenes Netto   Brazil Unknown
Nikola Nenov   Bulgaria Unknown
Aleksandar Nikolov   Bulgaria Unknown
Gennadi Simov   Bulgaria Unknown
Lionel Coleman   Canada Unknown
George Crompton   Canada Unknown
Rusty Peden   Canada Unknown
George Turner   Canada Unknown
Jesús Chousal   Chile Unknown
Jorge Guerra   Chile Unknown
Rafael Montero   Chile Unknown
Manuel Riquelme   Chile Unknown
Knud Jacobsen   Denmark Unknown
Tage Møller   Denmark Unknown
Tauno Lindgren   Finland Unknown
Jackie Bone   Great Britain Unknown
Willi Meurer   Germany Unknown
Fritz Ruland   Germany Unknown
Emil Schöpflin   Germany Unknown
István Adorján   Hungary Unknown
Károly Nemes-Nótás   Hungary Unknown
Elio Bavutti   Italy Unknown
Adolf Schreiber   Liechtenstein Unknown
Paul Frantz   Luxembourg Unknown
Rudy Houtsch   Luxembourg Unknown
René van Hove   Netherlands Unknown
George Giles   New Zealand Unknown
Manuel Bacigalupo   Peru Unknown
Gregorio Caloggero   Peru Unknown
José Mazzini   Peru Unknown
César Peñaranda   Peru Unknown
Mieczysław Kapiak   Poland Unknown
Wiktor Olecki   Poland Unknown
Ted Clayton   South Africa Unknown
Berndt Carlsson   Sweden Unknown
Ingvar Ericsson   Sweden Unknown
Vilém Jakl   Czechoslovakia Unknown
Hans Leutelt   Czechoslovakia Unknown
Miloslav Loos   Czechoslovakia Unknown
Kirkor Canbazyan   Turkey Unknown
Kazım Bingen   Turkey Unknown
Orhan Suda   Turkey Unknown
Albert Byrd   United States Unknown
Charles Morton   United States Unknown
Paul Nixon   United States Unknown
John Sinibaldi   United States Unknown
Josip Pokupec   Yugoslavia Unknown
Ivan Valant   Yugoslavia Unknown
Bill Messer   Great Britain DNF
Alick Bevan   Great Britain DNF
Gerrit Schulte   Netherlands DNF
Philippus Vethaak   Netherlands DNF
Sven Johansson   Sweden DNF


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