Jussi Kivimäki

Johan Richard "Jussi" Kivimäki (born 5 February 1885; dead in absentia 1 January 1976) was a Finnish wrestler, who competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics.[2]

Jussi Kivimäki
Jussi Kivimäki circa 1908.png
Jussi Kivimäki wearing the Helsinki championship belt[1]
Personal information
Full nameJohan Richard Kivimäki
Nickname(s)Juho, Jussi
National teamFinland
Born(1885-02-05)February 5, 1885
Längelmäki, Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire
ClubHelsingin Jyry


He won the Helsinki championship belt in 1907[3] and 1908.[4]

He participated the men's Greco-Roman light heavyweight event at the 1908 Olympics, where he was eliminated in his first match by Dutch Jacob van Westrop, tying for the 9th place.[5]

At the unofficial 1909 European Wrestling Championships he placed 6th in the 82.5+ kg Greco-Roman event.[6]

Later he became a professional.[7]


He was declared dead in absentia on 15 December 1976, with death date set to 1 January 1976.[7]

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