Art competitions at the 1936 Summer Olympics

Art competitions were held as part of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Medals were awarded in five categories (architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture), for works inspired by sport-related themes.[1]

The art exhibition was held in a hall of the Berlin Exhibition from 15 July to 16 August, and displayed 667 works of art from 22 different countries. Additionally, the literature competition attracted 40 entries from 12 countries, and the music competition had 33 entries from 9 countries.[2]

The art competitions at the 1936 Games were similar to the 1928 and 1932 Games, with medals being awarded in multiple subcategories for each of the five artistic categories.[3] The judges declined to award any medals for three subcategories, and no gold medals for another three subcategories. Art competitions were part of the Olympic program from 1912 to 1948.[4] At a meeting of the International Olympic Committee in 1949, it was decided to hold art exhibitions instead, as it was judged illogical to permit professionals to compete in the art competitions but only amateurs were permitted to compete in sporting events.[5] Since 1952, a non-competitive art and cultural festival has been associated with each Games.[6]


Category Gold Silver Bronze
Architectural design   Hermann Kutschera (AUT)
Skiing Stadium
  Werner March (GER)
Reich Sport Field
  Hermann Stiegholzer and Herbert Kastinger (AUT)
Sporting Centre in Vienna
Municipal planning   Werner March and Walter March (GER)
Reich Sport Field
  Charles Downing Lay (USA)
Marine Park, Brooklyn
  Theo Nußbaum (GER)
Municipal Planning and Sporting Centre in Cologne


Category Gold Silver Bronze
Lyric works   Felix Dhünen (GER)
"The Runner"
  Bruno Fattori (ITA)
"Profili Azzurri"
  Hans Stoiber (AUT)
"The Discus"
Dramatic works none awarded none awarded none awarded
Epic works   Urho Karhumäki (FIN)
  Wilhelm Ehmer (GER)
"For the Top of the World"
  Jan Parandowski (POL)
"Dysk Olimpijski"


Category Gold Silver Bronze
Solo and chorus   Paul Höffer (GER)
"Olympic Vow"
  Kurt Thomas (GER)
"Olympic Cantata, 1936"
  Harald Genzmer (GER)
"The Runner"
Instrumental none awarded none awarded none awarded
Orchestra   Werner Egk (GER)
"Olympic Festive Music"
  Lino Liviabella (ITA)
"The Victor"
  Jaroslav Křička (TCH)
"Mountain Suite"


Category Gold Silver Bronze
Paintings none awarded   Rudolf Eisenmenger (AUT)
"Runners at the Finishing Line"
  Ryuji Fujita (JPN)
"Ice Hockey"
Drawings and water colours none awarded   Romano Dazzi (ITA)
"Four Sketches for Frescoes"
  Sujaku Suzuki (JPN)
"Classical Horse Racing in Japan"
Graphic art none awarded none awarded none awarded
Commercial graphic art   Alex Diggelmann (SUI)
"Arosa I Placard"
  Alfred Hierl (GER)
"“International Automobile Race on the Avus"
  Stanisław Ostoja-Chrostowski (POL)
"Yachting Club Certificate"


Category Gold Silver Bronze
Statues   Farpi Vignoli (ITA)
"Sulky Driver"
  Arno Breker (GER)
"Decathlon Athlete"
  Stig Blomberg (SWE)
"Wrestling Youths"
Reliefs   Emil Sutor (GER)
  Józef Klukowski (POL)
none awarded
Medals none awarded   Luciano Mercante (ITA)
  Josuë Dupon (BEL)
"Equestrian Medals"

Medal tableEdit

At the time, medals were awarded to these artists, but art competitions are no longer regarded as official Olympic events by the International Olympic Committee. These events do not appear in the IOC medal database,[7] and these totals are not included in the IOC's medal table for the 1936 Games.[8]

1  Germany (GER)55212
2  Italy (ITA)1405
3  Austria (AUT)1124
4  Finland (FIN)1001
  Switzerland (SUI)1001
6  Poland (POL)0123
7  United States (USA)0101
8  Japan (JPN)0022
9  Belgium (BEL)0011
  Czechoslovakia (TCH)0011
  Sweden (SWE)0011
Totals (11 entries)9121132


Hitler wanted to add a further selection of artistic events that he believed would glorify the Nazis to the programme of the 1936 Games, including dance. The International Olympic Committee declined to approve any of the events, though dance had been among the original planned art events when they were first introduced. Still, dance was included as a demonstration event at the 1936 Games. Fourteen nations took part, and a festival with choreography and performance by Harald Kreutzberg and Mary Wigman was held. Rudolf von Laban had also been contracted to contribute, but his choreography was not deemed to be suitable propaganda and he was placed under house arrest. Kreutzberg and Wigman then also took part in the competitive part of the dance event, being among the (honorary) medalists.[9][10]

Events summaryEdit


Designs for Town Planning

The following architects took part:[11]

Rank Name Country
1 Werner March, Walter March   Germany
2 Charles Downing Lay   United States
3 Theodor Nußbaum   Germany
AC Erwin Ilz, Hans Pfann   Austria
AC Franz Peydl, Josef Schilhab   Austria

Architectural designs

The following architects took part:[12]

Rank Name Country
1 Hermann Kutschera   Austria
2 Werner March   Germany
3 Herbert Kastinger, Hermann Stiegholzer   Austria
AC Costantino Costantini   Italy
AC Johann Rezac   Austria

Further entries

The following architects took part:[13]

Rank Name Country
AC Nomen Nescio   Bolivia
AC Hermann Alker   Germany
AC Roderich Fick   Germany
AC Eduard Krüger   Germany
AC Werner March   Germany
AC Theodor Nußbaum   Germany
AC Dieter Oesterlen   Germany
AC Fred Otto   Germany
AC Erich zu Putlitz   Germany
AC Herbert Ruhl   Germany
AC Alfred Schmidt   Germany
AC Edmund Fabry   Germany
AC Wilhelm Hirsch   Germany
AC Franz Schuster   Germany
AC Konstantinos Doxiadis   Greece
AC Wolter Bakker   Netherlands
AC Jo Boer   Netherlands
AC Foeke Kuipers   Netherlands
AC Ben Moolhuysen   Netherlands
AC Sjraar Cuijpers   Netherlands
AC Daan Roodenburgh   Netherlands
AC Henri Zwiers   Netherlands
AC Giulio Arata   Italy
AC Enrico Bianchini   Italy
AC Raffaello Fagnoni   Italy
AC Dagoberto Ortensi   Italy
Rank Name Country
AC Paride Contri   Italy
AC Costantino Costantini   Italy
AC Amedeo D'Albora   Italy
AC Angelo Frisa   Italy
AC Guglielmo Giuliani   Italy
AC Luigi Moretti   Italy
AC Pier Luigi Nervi   Italy
AC Cesare Valle   Italy
AC Achille Pintonello   Italy
AC Junichiro Ishikawa   Japan
AC Hideto Kishida   Japan
AC Yoshikazu Uchida   Japan
AC Kosta Petrović   Yugoslavia
AC Ferdinand Andri   Austria
AC Hubert Matuschek   Austria
AC Paul Meissner   Austria
AC Leopold Bauer   Austria
AC Oswald Haerdtl   Austria
AC Hans Hofmann   Austria
AC Fritz Trautmann   Austria
AC Romuald Gutt   Poland
AC Aleksander Szniolis   Poland
AC Iuliu Hațieganu   Romania
AC Hanns Beyeler   Switzerland
AC Josef Kříž   Czechoslovakia
AC Jaroslav Nedvěd   Czechoslovakia
Rank Name Country
AC Josef Bauer   Czechoslovakia
AC Václav Houdek   Czechoslovakia
AC Hans Ruda   Czechoslovakia
AC Rudolf Procházka   Czechoslovakia
AC Karel Martínek   Czechoslovakia
AC Egon Plefka   Czechoslovakia
AC Václav Slavík   Czechoslovakia
AC Bohumil Kněžek   Czechoslovakia
AC Josef Václavík   Czechoslovakia
AC Béla Piros   Hungary
AC Dwight James Baum   United States
AC Archibald Brown   United States
AC Roland Coate   United States
AC F. L. Gregory   United States
AC Gordon Kaufmann   United States
AC Frederic King   United States
AC Frank Molther   United States
AC Alfred Poor   United States
AC John Russell Pope   United States
AC Oskar Reichert   United States
AC Bruno Biehler   Germany
AC Hans Schlottmann   Germany
AC Karl Wach   Germany
AC Jan Wils   Netherlands
AC Comune della Città di Torino   Italy


Epic works

The following writers took part:[14]

Rank Name Country
1 Urho Karhumäki   Finland
2 Wilhelm Ehmer   Germany
3 Jan Parandowski   Poland

Lyric works

The following writers took part:[15]

Rank Name Country
1 Felix Dhünen   Germany
2 Bruno Fattori   Italy
3 Hans Helmut Stoiber   Austria

Unknown event

The following writers took part:[16]

Rank Name Country
AC Anne Lindbergh   United States
AC Klára Marik   Hungary
AC Lina Galli   Italy
AC Jerry   Czechoslovakia
AC Alexander Roda Roda   Austria
AC Alba de Céspedes   Italy
AC Alexander Lernet-Holenia   Austria
AC Avery Brundage   United States
AC Ernst Udet   Germany
AC Eugenio Barisoni   Italy
AC Francis Magoun   United States
AC Franco Ciampitti   Italy
Rank Name Country
AC Fred Jent   Switzerland
AC Hans Domizlaff   Germany
AC Hans Schöchlin   Switzerland
AC Heinrich Rienössl   Austria
AC Hans Naderer   Austria
AC Hermann Stowasser   Austria
AC Jack Schumacher   Switzerland
AC László Tharnói-Kostyál   Hungary
AC Lino Businco   Italy
AC Louis Grivel   Switzerland
AC Hubertus von Beyer   Austria
AC MacKinlay Kantor   United States
Rank Name Country
AC Günter Oskar Dyhrenfurth   Switzerland
AC Ottó Misángyi   Hungary
AC Paul Dresse   Belgium
AC Paul Martin   Switzerland
AC Richard Augsten   Czechoslovakia
AC Rudolf von Eichthal   Austria
AC Takis Sakellariou   Greece
AC Teofil Marschalkó   Hungary
AC Theodor Mayer   Austria
AC Theron Newell   United States
AC Wilfried Strik-Strikfeldt   Latvia


Compositions for orchestra

The following composers took part:[17]

Rank Name Country
1 Werner Egk   Germany
2 Lino Liviabella   Italy
3 Jaroslav Křička   Czechoslovakia
AC Jiang Wen-Ye   Japan
AC Gian Luca Tocchi   Italy
AC Marius Monnikendam   Netherlands
AC Alexander Langeweg   Netherlands
AC Marc-César Scotto   Monaco
AC Robert Sanders   United States
AC Roy Harris   United States
AC Quincy Porter   United States

Compositions for solo or chorus

The following composers took part:[18]

Rank Name Country
1 Paul Höffer   Germany
2 Kurt Thomas   Germany
3 Harald Genzmer   Germany

Instrumental and chamber

The following composers took part:[19]

Rank Name Country
AC Gabriele Bianchi   Italy

Unknown event

The following composers took part:[20]

Rank Name Country
AC Chiffre   Yugoslavia
AC Noboru Ito   Japan
AC Dante D'Ambrosi   Italy
AC Demetrij Žebre   Yugoslavia
AC František Koubek   Czechoslovakia
AC Hans Luckasch   Austria
AC Heinrich Schmidt   Austria
AC Herbert Wieninger   Austria
AC Jan Pešta   Czechoslovakia
AC Karl Etti   Austria
AC Karl Pilß   Austria
AC Kosaku Yamada   Japan
AC Ludwig Miller   Austria
AC Renzo Massarani   Italy
AC Saburo Moroi   Japan
AC Shukichi Mitsukuri   Japan
AC Norbert Sprongl   Austria
AC Jaroslav Křička   Czechoslovakia


Drawings and water colours

The following painters took part:[21]

Rank Name Country
1 Not awarded
2 Romano Dazzi   Italy
3 Sujaku Suzuki   Japan
AC Jean Jacoby   Luxembourg
AC Rūdolfs Mazūrs   Latvia
AC Désiré Piryns   Belgium
AC Georg Lagerstedt   Sweden
AC Robert Lips   Switzerland

Graphic arts

The following painters took part:[22]

Rank Name Country
AC Robert Lips   Switzerland
AC Jean Jacoby   Luxembourg


The following painters took part:[23]

Rank Name Country
1 Not awarded
2 Rudolf Eisenmenger   Austria
3 Ryuji Fujita   Japan
AC Augusts Annuss   Latvia
AC Eugeniusz Arct   Poland
AC Georges Frédéric   Belgium
AC Gijs Kramer   Netherlands
AC Carl Otto Müller   Germany
AC Grace Browne   South Africa
AC Louise Bianchini   Sweden
AC Engelbert Bertel-Nordström   Sweden
AC Poul Bille-Holst   Denmark
Rank Name Country
AC Ossian Elgström   Sweden
AC Auguste Philippe Marocco   Monaco
AC Bengt Tandberg   Sweden
AC Carl Gunne   Sweden
AC Dechko Uzunov   Bulgaria
AC Folke Persson   Sweden
AC Frans Langeveld   Netherlands
AC Georg Lagerstedt   Sweden
AC Gerhard Gyllenhammar   Sweden
AC Gunnar Torhamn   Sweden
AC Gustav Fjæstad   Sweden
Rank Name Country
AC Helge Zandén   Sweden
AC John Sjösvärd   Sweden
AC Konstantīns Visotskis   Latvia
AC Olle Nordberg   Sweden
AC Stig Munthe-Sandberg   Sweden
AC Thorvald Hagedorn-Olsen   Denmark
AC Voldemārs Vimba   Latvia
AC Lodew Bosscke   Belgium
AC Anne Pierre de Kat   Belgium
AC Nikola Mikhaylov   Bulgaria
AC Leo von König   Germany

Unknown event

The following painters took part:[24]

Rank Name Country
AC Ann Graham   South Africa
AC Bertha Fanning Taylor   United States
AC Erika Hartig   South Africa
AC Maria Łunkiewicz-Rogoyska   Poland
AC Maria Rużycka   Poland
AC Monica MacIvor   South Africa
AC Patricia Saubert-Wetzel   United States
AC Sybilla Mittell Weber   United States
AC Wanda Telakowska   Poland
AC Toru Arai   Japan
AC Aldo Mario Aroldi   Italy
AC Armando Barabino   Italy
AC August Babberger   Germany
AC Carl Oscar Borg   United States
AC Ferdinand Andri   Austria
AC Frank Benson   United States
AC Gifford Beal   United States
AC Johannes Boehland   Germany
AC Karl Borschke   Austria
AC Ludwig Angerer   Germany
AC Michael Baxte   United States
AC Paul Bindel   Germany
AC Rudolf Böttger   Austria
AC Štefan Bednář   Czechoslovakia
AC Włodzimierz Bartoszewicz   Poland
AC Tsuruzo Ishii   Japan
AC Takamura Kodama   Japan
AC Thies Luijt   Netherlands
AC Adolf Dahle   Germany
AC Alan Gourley   South Africa
AC Albert Janesch   Austria
AC Aleksander Jędrzejewski   Poland
AC Aleksander Sołtan   Poland
AC Alexander Posch   Germany
AC Alfred Gerstenbrand   Austria
AC Angelo Canevari   Italy
AC Angelo Jank   Germany
AC Anton Velim   Austria
AC Arnold Ronnebeck   United States
AC Asaji Kobayashi   Japan
AC Ben Essers   Netherlands
AC Benton Spruance   United States
AC Bertold Löffler   Austria
AC Bogna Krasnodębska-Gardowska   Poland
AC Bunji Miura   Japan
AC Cornelis Kloos   Netherlands
AC Carl Reiser   Germany
AC Carlo Romagnoli   Italy
AC Carlo Vitale   Italy
AC Chosei Kawakami   Japan
AC Churchill Ettinger   United States
AC Corrado Mancioli   Italy
AC Dilvo Lotti   Italy
AC Egbert Schaap   Netherlands
AC Ed Gerdes   Netherlands
AC Edzard Koning   Netherlands
AC Eizo Kato   Japan
AC Eiho Sato   Japan
AC Ekke Ozlberger   Austria
AC Emil Flecken   Germany
AC Émile Lucien Salkin   Belgium
AC Émile-Florent Lecomte   Belgium
AC Enrico Prampolini   Italy
AC Erich Torggler   Austria
Rank Name Country
AC Ernst Ludwig Franke   Austria
AC Erwin Puchinger   Austria
AC Eugen Niederer   Switzerland
AC Freek Engel   Netherlands
AC Felicjan Kowarski   Poland
AC Ferdinand Kitt   Austria
AC Fernand Wéry   Belgium
AC Franz Rieger   Germany
AC Gerard Westermann   Netherlands
AC Gee Burcharth   South Africa
AC Genichiro Inokuma   Japan
AC Gé Hurkmans   Netherlands
AC Gerardo Dottori   Italy
AC Giulio Cisari   Italy
AC Gordon Stevenson   United States
AC Grete Kunz   Czechoslovakia
AC Han Krug   Netherlands
AC Hannes Neuner   Germany
AC Hans Spiegel   Germany
AC Haruo Nagasaka   Japan
AC Heinrich Krause   Austria
AC Henry Ziegler   United States
AC Herbert Dimmel   Austria
AC Herbert von Reyl   Austria
AC Hermann Teuber   Germany
AC Hironobu Kaneko   Japan
AC Hiroshi Tsuruta   Japan
AC Hoka Iwabuchi   Japan
AC Hugo Siegmüller   Czechoslovakia
AC Inosuke Hazama   Japan
AC Isamu Toyofuji   Japan
AC Ivanhoe Gambini   Italy
AC Jan Kleintjes   Netherlands
AC Jan Goedhart   Netherlands
AC Johan Pootjes   Netherlands
AC Jan Strube   Netherlands
AC Jang Thill   Luxembourg
AC Jean-Louis Clerc   Switzerland
AC Jean-Pierre Romuald   Belgium
AC Jeremi Kubicki   Poland
AC Jerzy Jełowicki   Poland
AC Johann Heinrich Höhl   Germany
AC Józef Oźmin   Poland
AC Josef Urbach   Germany
AC Joseph Webster Golinkin   United States
AC Józef Klukowski   Poland
AC Jules Jambers   Belgium
AC Kanjiro Namie   Japan
AC Karl-Maria May   Austria
AC Hajime Ishimaru   Japan
AC Kazu Wakita   Japan
AC Ken Tasaka   Japan
AC Jin Hwan   Japan
AC Kenneth Miller   United States
AC Kerr Eby   United States
AC Key Sato   Japan
AC Kinosuke Ebihara   Japan
AC Konrad Srzednicki   Poland
AC Konstanty Mackiewicz   Poland
AC Louis Szanto   United States
AC Mario Gamero   Italy
AC Masanobu Kofuchi   Japan
AC Masayoshi Ise   Japan
AC Max Ludwig   Germany
Rank Name Country
AC Michał Bylina   Poland
AC Morgan Dennis   United States
AC Naotake Yamamoto   Japan
AC Oswald Roux   Austria
AC Otto Scheffels   Germany
AC Ottorino Mancioli   Italy
AC Piet van der Hem   Netherlands
AC Piet van Egmond   Netherlands
AC Paul Bürck   Germany
AC Paul Daxhelet   Belgium
AC Paweł Dadlez   Poland
AC Percy Crosby   United States
AC Piero Fervelli   Italy
AC Pinetta Colonna-Gamero   Italy
AC Rafał Malczewski   Poland
AC Ralph Fabri   United States
AC Reginald Marsh   United States
AC Rikizo Takata   Japan
AC Ritsudo Kobayashi   Japan
AC Rob Graafland   Netherlands
AC Robert Lips   Switzerland
AC Rudolf Otto   Germany
AC Ryohei Koiso   Japan
AC Ryusei Furukawa   Japan
AC Saburo Kurata   Japan
AC Sakuichi Fukazawa   Japan
AC Salvatore Pinto   United States
AC Sanya Nakade   Japan
AC Seishi Takanezawa   Japan
AC Senpan Maekawa   Japan
AC Sergius Pauser   Austria
AC Shigeki Goto   Japan
AC Shigeko Ishida   Japan
AC Shigenobu Ito   Japan
AC Shiko Munakata   Japan
AC Shingo Yamada   Japan
AC Shinkichi Higashiyama   Japan
AC Shumin Ota   Japan
AC Shuzo Kanda   Japan
AC Stefan Mrożewski   Poland
AC Susumu Yamaguchi   Japan
AC Suzuko Ito   Japan
AC Tullio Crali   Italy
AC Tadao Harumura   Japan
AC Tadashi Mamiya   Japan
AC Takahisa Kato   Japan
AC Takuji Nakamura   Japan
AC Tensen Ogyu   Japan
AC Tenyo Ohta   Japan
AC Tokuo Yamamoto   Japan
AC Wim Dooijewaard   Netherlands
AC Wiktor Podoski   Poland
AC Willem van der Does   Netherlands
AC Willi Petzold   Germany
AC Willi Titze   Germany
AC Will Simmons   United States
AC Willy Sluiter   Netherlands
AC Yngve Soderberg   United States
AC Zygmunt Grabowski   Poland
AC Gijs Kramer   Netherlands
AC Jean Jacoby   Luxembourg
AC Nobushige Kusamitsu   Japan
AC Byrd Mock   United States

Applied arts

The following painters took part:[25]

Rank Name Country
1 Alex Walter Diggelmann   Switzerland
2 Alfred Hierl   Germany
3 Stanisław Ostoja-Chrostowski   Poland
AC Maria Jacoby   Luxembourg
AC Lucjan Kintopf   Poland
AC Ernst Böhm   Germany
AC Julius Engelhard   Germany
AC Ludwig Hohlwein   Germany
AC Dora Corty-Mönkemeyer   Germany
AC Eduard Sauer   Germany
AC Hartmuth Pfeil   Germany
AC Jobst Kuch   Germany
AC Paul Sinkwitz   Germany
AC Robert Lips   Switzerland
AC Alois Houba   Czechoslovakia
AC William Welsh   United States



The following sculptors took part:[26]

Rank Name Country
1 Not awarded
2 Luciano Mercante   Italy
3 Josuë Dupon   Belgium
AC Günther von Scheven   Germany
AC Omero Taddeini   Italy
AC Edward Hald   Sweden
AC Otto Placzek   Germany
AC Pietro Borsari   Switzerland
AC Mario Moschi   Italy
AC Tait McKenzie   Canada
AC Simon Gate   Sweden
AC Victor Demanet   Belgium
AC Vicke Lindstrand   Sweden
AC Joseph Witterwulghe   Belgium
AC Hermann Wandinger   Germany
AC Harold Winter   Germany
AC Ludwig Kunstmann   Germany
AC Publio Morbiducci   Italy


The following sculptors took part:[27]

Rank Name Country
1 Emil Sutor   Germany
2 Józef Klukowski   Poland
3 Not awarded
AC Otto Rost   Germany
AC Roberto Terracini   Italy
AC Robert Frank   Switzerland


The following sculptors took part:[28]

Rank Name Country
1 Farpi Vignoli   Italy
2 Arno Breker   Germany
3 Stig Blomberg   Sweden
AC Adolf Wamper   Germany
AC Ansgar Almquist   Sweden
AC Franciszek Masiak   Poland
AC Gerhard Marcks   Germany
AC Hans Stangl   Germany
AC Yoshioki Hasegawa   Japan
AC Josef Humplik   Austria
Rank Name Country
AC Fritz Klimsch   Germany
AC Karl Stemolak   Austria
AC Knud Gleerup   Denmark
AC Lajos Petri   Hungary
AC Mario Moschi   Italy
AC Otto Hofner   Austria
AC Richard Martin Werner   Germany
AC Bazyli Wójtowicz   Poland
AC Cecil de Blaquiere Howard   United States
AC Edward Bruce Douglas   United States
Rank Name Country
AC George Kratina   United States
AC Joseph Brown   United States
AC Raoul Josset   United States
AC Sándor Ambrózy   Hungary
AC Franciszek Masiak   Poland
AC Elizabeth Benson   South Africa
AC Krystyna Dąbrowska   Poland
AC Marian Wnuk   Poland
AC Olga Niewska   Poland

Unknown event

The following sculptors took part:[29]

Rank Name Country
AC Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen   Denmark
AC Olda Žák   Czechoslovakia
AC Robert Frank   Switzerland
AC Yuhachi Ikeda   Japan
AC Aage Nielsen-Edwin   Denmark
AC Alphons Magg   Switzerland
AC Alfons Riedel   Austria
AC Alfonso Bortolotti   Italy
AC Alois Houba   Czechoslovakia
AC Ladislav Toman   Czechoslovakia
AC Alphonse Huylebroeck   Belgium
AC Antonio Biggi   Italy
AC Aroldo Bellini   Italy
AC Arvid Källström   Sweden
AC August Peisker-Disler   Switzerland
AC Carl Fagerberg   Sweden
AC Carlo Lubelli   Italy
AC Eberhard Encke   Germany
AC Egon Gutmann   Germany
AC Erich Kuhn   Germany
AC Ernesto de Fiori   Germany
AC Ernesto Thayaht   Italy
AC Ernst Balz   Germany
AC Erwin Spuler   Germany
AC Ferdinand Opitz   Austria
AC Francesco Messina   Italy
AC Frans Lamberechts   Belgium
AC František Draškovič   Czechoslovakia
AC Fritz Röll   Germany
AC Georg Müller   Germany
Rank Name Country
AC Georges Vandevoorde   Belgium
AC Giandomenico De Marchis   Italy
AC Gustave Fischweiler   Belgium
AC Hendrik van den Eijnde   Netherlands
AC Hans Ruwoldt   Germany
AC Heinrich Karl Scholz   Austria
AC Hermann Geibel   Germany
AC Hermann Hahn   Germany
AC Jac Maris   Netherlands
AC Jean Dušek   Czechoslovakia
AC Jean Boedts   Belgium
AC Johann Vierthaler   Germany
AC Josef Müllner   Austria
AC Josef Riedl   Austria
AC Jules Bernaerts   Belgium
AC Jules Heyndrickx   Belgium
AC Julien Lefèvre   Luxembourg
AC Kamezo Shimizu   Japan
AC Kyushichi Miyajima   Japan
AC Louis Van Cutsem   Belgium
AC Luigi Velluti   Italy
AC Marcel Van de Perre   Belgium
AC Marian Gobius   Netherlands
AC Matti Büschmann   Netherlands
AC Maurice Jansegers   Belgium
AC Milly Steger   Germany
AC Orlando Paladino Orlandini   Italy
AC Oskar Thiede   Austria
AC Otakar Španiel   Czechoslovakia
AC Tait McKenzie   Canada
Rank Name Country
AC Rubens Pedrazzi   Italy
AC Rudolf Schmidt   Austria
AC Shokichi Hata   Japan
AC Tjipke Visser   Netherlands
AC Václav Nejtek   Czechoslovakia
AC Volterrano Volterrani   Italy
AC Wenzel Profant   Luxembourg
AC Werner Primm   Germany
AC Wilhelm Frass   Austria
AC Wilhelm Rietschel   Germany
AC Willy Kreitz   Belgium
AC Jitsuzo Hinago   Japan
AC Günther von Scheven   Germany
AC Emil Sutor   Germany
AC Otto Rost   Germany
AC Fritz Klimsch   Germany
AC Yoshioki Hasegawa   Japan
AC Josef Humplik   Austria
AC Karl Stemolak   Austria
AC Mario Moschi   Italy
AC Jean Collard   Belgium
AC Alphonse De Cuyper   Belgium
AC Godefroid Devreese   Belgium
AC Léandre Grandmoulin   Belgium
AC Charles Samuel   Belgium
AC Paul Wissaert   Belgium
AC Aldo Buttini   Italy
AC Silvio Canevari   Italy
AC Romano Romanelli   Italy


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