Aubenton is a commune in the department of Aisne in the Hauts-de-France region of northern France.

Jean Mermoz Museum and the Town Hall
Jean Mermoz Museum and the Town Hall
Coat of arms of Aubenton
Coat of arms
Location of Aubenton
Aubenton is located in France
Aubenton is located in Hauts-de-France
Coordinates: 49°50′12″N 4°12′17″E / 49.8367°N 4.2047°E / 49.8367; 4.2047Coordinates: 49°50′12″N 4°12′17″E / 49.8367°N 4.2047°E / 49.8367; 4.2047
IntercommunalityTrois Rivières
 • Mayor (2014-2020) Denise Charlier
23.7 km2 (9.2 sq mi)
 • Density28/km2 (72/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
INSEE/Postal code
02031 /02500
Elevation168–259 m (551–850 ft)
(avg. 182 m or 597 ft)
1 French Land Register data, which excludes lakes, ponds, glaciers > 1 km2 (0.386 sq mi or 247 acres) and river estuaries.

The inhabitants of the commune are known as Aubentonnais or Aubentonnaises[2]


Aubenton derives its name from its location near the confluence (in the commune of Hannappes to the east) of the Aube (Thon) and the Thon.

The commune is located some 70 km east of Saint Quentin and 40 km west by north-west of Charleville-Mézières. The D1043 (E44) road from Hirson to Charleville-Mézières runs along the northern border of the commune. The village can be accessed from this road by the D5 road running south-east or the D37 road running south-west. The D5 road continues through the commune and south, changing to the D977, and continuing to Rozoy-sur-Serre. The D37 road continues west from the village to Besmont. There is also the D38 road from Leuze in the west passing through the village and continuing to Hannappes in the east. The railway from Hirson to Charleville-Mézières also passes through the commune following the course of the Thon river but there is no station in the commune – the nearest being at Liart to the east. The commune is about 80% farmland with the rest extensive forests in the south. There are a number of hamlets other than the village. These are:

  • Bas Val La Caure
  • Buirefontaine
  • Haute Val la Caure
  • Hurtebise
  • La Rue Larcher
  • Le Bois Carbonnet
  • Ribeauville
  • Saint-Nicholas
Entrance to the village

The Thon River flows from east to west through the north of the commune eventually joining the Oise river at Etreaupont. The Ruisseau de Bois Carbonnet rises in the south of the commune and flows west then north joining other tributaries then the Ton river.[3]

Aubenton is surrounded by 7 communes: Brunehamel, Iviers, Beaumé, Leuze, Any-Martin-Rieux, Logny-lès-Aubenton, and Mont-Saint-Jean.[4]

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A drawing of the attack on the town walls by the Count of Hainaut

Second World WarEdit

The department of Aisne has 10 people designated "Righteous Among the Nations" (French people who helped Jews during the war), of whom 3 were from Aubenton:

  • Emile Fontaine[5] (a street bears his name)
  • Annette Pierron, his girlfriend at the time
  • Camille Pierron, mother of Annette and the owner of a farm at Buirefontaine

Shot by the Gestapo on the Aubenton-Besmont road (D37) on 30 March 1944, Emile Fontaine was recognized as a captain in the French Forces of the Interior (FFI) after the Liberation. All three had saved 10 escapees from the "Judenlager of Mazures" who hid for a time at Buirefontaine.[6]



Or, a Castle in gules masoned in sable with three ports open.


List of Successive Mayors of Aubenton[7]

Mayors from the 17th century to 1926
From To Name
1640 1648 Roland Dobsen
1848 1649 Dormet
1649 1688 Nicolas Deswatines
1688 1694 Dormet
1694 1704 Jean Grégoire de l'Etang-Neuf
1704 1708 Martin Brucelle
1708 1753 Louis Dambraine
1754 1763 Jacques Coyer
1763 1790 Jacques Pierre Coyer
1790 1800 Louis Antoine Sorlin
1800 1816 Nicolas de Villelongue
1816 1830 Joseph Petit
1830 1831 Edouard Marie Louis Ternaux
1831 1836 César Millet
1836 1840 Paul Emile Barbier
1840 1848 Célestin Landragin
1848 1849 Joseph Millet
1848 1850 Joseph Prud'homme
1850 1870 Célestin Landragin
1871 1902 Isidore Cabaret
1902 1909 Henri Cabaret
1908 1914 Juramie
1914 1919 Procureur
1919 1926 Fernand Dizy
Mayors from 1926
From To Name Party Position
1926 1946 Henri Bouxin
1946 1971 Charles Dejume
1971 1973 Marcel Ferraris
1973 1983 Guy Navaux
1983 1989 Christian Pillot
1989 2001 René Sablin PCF
2001 2013 Bernard Noé UMP General Council Member (2001-2013)
2013 Present Denise Charlier[8] DVD

(Not all data is known)



Culture and heritageEdit

The commune has a very large number of buildings and sites that are registered as historical monuments. For a complete list including links to descriptions (in French) and photos click here. An abridged list of the most prominent historical monuments is shown below.

Civil heritageEdit

  • The Girls' School (1876) [9]
  • The War memorial (1920) [10]
  • The Town Hall (1868). [11] The Town Hall contains two items that are registered as historical objects:
    • A Bust: Marianne (19th century) [12]
    • A Bust: Lieutenant André Bouxin (20th century) [13]
  • Le Chalet Industrial House (1906). [14] The house contains a Fountain (19th century)  which is registered as an historical object.[15]
  • The Railway Station (1885) [16]
  • The old Hotel Collin (13th century) [17] now the Jean Mermoz Museum. The Museum contains several items which are registered as historical objects:
    • A Bas-relief: Arms surmounted by lions (16th century) [18]
    • A Bust: Jean Mermoz (20th century) [19]
    • A Bas-relief: Jean Mermoz as an aviator (1937) [20]
    • A Bas-relief: Jean Mermoz (20th century) [21]
    • A Lamp called the Lampedaire of Jean Mermoz (1913) [22]
    • Jean Mermoz's Cradle (19th century) [23]
    • A Commemorative plaque for Jean Mermoz (1937) [24]
  • The old Flour Mill (18th century) [25]
  • The old City Walls (14th century) [26] of which only two remain of the original seven towers: the Tour de Chimay (in the Tower lane) has been transformed into a cottage managed by the commune. Another tower on private land is visible from the road along the Thon

Religious heritageEdit

  • The Fortified Parish Church of Notre-Dame (12th century) [27] There are also a very large number of registered historical objects contained in the Church. A complete list with links to descriptions (in French) can be seen by clicking here.
  • A Funeral Monument to André Bouxin (1884). [28] The monument is surmounted by a large Statue: André Bouxin in a lieutenant's uniform (1925)  which is registered as an historical object.[29]

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Notable people linked to the communeEdit

  • Jean Mermoz, aviator.
  • Joseph Nelson Soye, doctor and MP
  • Emile Fontaine, Annette Pierron, and Camille Pierron, resistance fighters and "Righteous Among the Nations"

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